广东省肇庆市田家炳中学 2011-2012 学年八年级英语上学期期中试题 (答案不全)
(考试时间:90 分钟,满分:80 分,附加题 20 分) 笔试部分 题号 I 得分 I、 单项选择 (每题 1 分,共 15 分) 1、You must stop _______. My father is sleeping. A. talk A. of A. What it. A.to A.lot of A. travel,to read A. laughs B. for B. many C. of C. plenty of C. travelling,reading C. to laugh C. take the place of C. will visit C. three thousand of C. the most beautiful 5、All animals need _______ water. 6、Michael is fond of _______, but I prefer _______. B. training,to read B. laugh B. instead of B. visited B. thousands of 7、Jake is very funny and he often makes his classmates _______. 8、I think robots can _______ humans in some places. A. take place A. was visiting A. thousand of 9、I _______ a museum with my friends at this time yesterday. 10、There were _______ animals in the forest many years ago. 11、—Wow, your school is great! —It is _______ school in the city. A. much more beautiful A. toward A. little A. are danger B. more beautiful C. over C. too C. in danger —No, nothing. C. anything important




B. talking B. with B. why

C. to talk C. to C. Which

2、As we know, water is very important _______ us. 3、—_______ do you think of the story? —Just so-so. 4、Anhui is famous ____ Mount Huang. Many visitors all over the world come to visit

12、The students feel excited. The boat is coming _______ them. B. in B. a little B. danger 13、This book is _______ lighter than that one. 14、Robots can save the people ___ ___. 15、—Do you have _______ to say today? A. something important

B. important something

Ⅱ、情景交际。 (5 分) 选择方框中的句子完成对话,其中有两项多余。 A: Hi, Jim. How was your weekend? B: Wonderful. 16 17 18 A: Not bad. I phoned you at five o’clock yesterday afternoon. B: I was playing ping-pong with my friend at that time. the ways of learning English. B: Sounds great! A: Yes. I phoned you and wanted you to join us. B: 19 What did they say about that? A: One of my friends thinks: first we should practice listening English a lot. Then you speak it out. B: I quite agree. Please let me know next time. A: 20 Bye! B: Bye-bye! A. What a pity! B. What about yours? C. But nobody answered. D. What did you do yesterday afternoon? E. What were you doing yesterday afternoon? F. That’s great! G. No problem. Ⅲ. 阅读理解(共 30 分) (A) A hobby is not a job or a school subject. A hobby is something you enjoy doing in your spare time. It’s not something you need to do. It’s just fun. Some peop le make model ships, keep pets, plant flowers, play computer games or chat on the Internet. Some paint pictures or dance to music. Some collect everything from stamps to seashells (海贝壳) ... People take up hobbies because they think these activities can bring them many things like happiness, friendship and knowledge. Anyone, rich or poor, old or young, sick or well, can have a hobby. A hobby will make your life colorful. ( ) 21. What is a hobby? A. A job. ( B. A school subject. C. Something interesting. D. Something you enjoy doing in your spare time. )22.How many hobbies are mentioned(提到) in this pas sage? A.7. B.8. C.9. D.10.

A: I was chatting with my friends on the Internet. We talked a lot about


( ( (

)23. Hobbies can bring people _______. B. health )24. What kind of people can have a hobby? A . Rich or poor. B. Old or young.

A. much money

C. happiness, friendship and knowledge D. lots of trouble C. Sick or well. D.A、B and C.

)25. When do people often take up hobbies? A. In their work time. C. In their free time. B. In the daytime. D. In the holiday.

(B) When Abraham Lincoln was just a boy, he had to help his father to look after their farm. It was hard work and there wasn’t anything interesting for him. Abraham wanted to go to school, but there was no school there. He was sad most of the time. Mrs. Lincoln loved the boy very much. She tried her best to make Abraham happy. One morning she got up early and went to the town. It was a long way so it took her a long time to get there. She bought something there and went back. It was late in the evening when she got home. The next morning Mrs. Lincoln said to Abraham,“Today is your birthday, so we’re going to have a party.”She put some food on the table, and then brought out a present. “A book!”Abraham cried. It was an old book, but he liked it. A smile came on his face. He looked up at Mrs. Lincoln and said,“Thank you, Mom.” ( ( )26. Abraham Lincoln’s father was a _______. A. farmer B. soldier C. worker D. teacher )27. Abraham Lincoln couldn’t go to school because _______. A. his family had no money C. he didn’t like school ( ( A. happy A. a whole day ( B. sad B. his mother wanted to teach him herself D. there was no school near his home C. worried B. a quarter of a day D. angry

)28. On the farm most of the time little Lincoln was _______. )29. It took Mrs. Lincoln _______ to make a trip to the town. C. three hours D. two days )30. What was the present for Abraham’s birthday? A. A mooncake. B. A new book. C. An old book. D. A school bag. Tom has the most beautiful garden in our town. Many people take part in“The Nicest

(C) Garden Competition”each year, and Tom wins every time. Mike’s garden is larger than Tom’s. Mike works harder than Tom and grows more flowers and vegetables, but Tom’s garden is more interesting. He has made clean paths (小径) and built a wooden bridge (桥) over a pool. I like gardens, too, but I do not like hard work. Every year, I take part in the garden competition, too, and I always win a little prize (奖励) for the worst garden in our town.

根据短文内容,填写下列表格。 Garden Tom’s Mike’s The writer’s Nice or not The 31._______ 33._______than Tom’s the 35._______ Why There are 32._______ paths and a wooden bridge. He works harder than Tom. There are 34.___________ . I dislike hard work.

Ⅳ. 词汇 (每小题 1 分,共 15 分) (A)根据句意及汉语提示填空。 36. I can lend you some _______ (磁带) of her songs. 37. I have many musical instruments. I can play the _______(小提琴). 38. I called you yesterday evening. _______(没有人) answered. 39. I’m not sure _______(是否) he will come or not tomorrow. 40. He is very funny and often makes us _______(笑). 41. I felt very _______(难过), because he hurt my dog. 42. Here’s some _______(有用的) information about travel in Canada. 43. —Do you wash _______(碟子) at home? —Yes, but not often. 44. Robots can _______ (修理) machines easily. 45. My grandparents keep a lot of _______ (绵羊) in the countryside. (B) 把下列的词组译成英语。 46. 做鬼脸 48. 以……为食 50. 听收音机 Ⅴ.书面表达。 (15 分) 现在学生在网吧上网(get on-line)成风, 你们班在下周班会上将谈论有关问题。请你根据 表格中提示的内容用英语写一篇 60 词左右的讲话稿, 要点必须齐全。 1.学会使用现代设备——电脑; 益处 2.学会更多知识; 3.玩游戏,使人更加聪明。 坏处 1.过于沉迷游戏,对学习有害; 2.网上交友,通信频繁,学习成绩下降。 1.在学校学习时不上网; 2.寒暑假时可以上网。 47. 同意某人的看法 49. 淋浴



__________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________

附加题: Ⅵ. 句型转换。 (共 10 分) 51. He read a story-book last night.(改为过去进行时) He _______ _______ a story-book at eight o’clock last night. 52. He wasn’t old enough to go to school. (同义句转换) He was _______ young_______ go to school. 53. He is the tallest in his class.(同义句转换) He is _______ _______ any other student in his class. 54. It took them about five hours to finish the work. (同义句转换) They He about five hours English. the work. 55. He learned English by myself. (同义句转换)

Ⅶ. 综合填空。 (每空格 2 分,共 10 分) 填上适当的单词,使文章通顺,合理。 There are a lot of trees around us. The trees can help to make the air cleaner. They can also help to 57 58 , medicine and other things. Because of the trees, many animals can live 60 than before, so we should protect them well. 57._______ 58._______ 59._______ 60._______ 56 59 and the the weather. They provide(提供) humans with food,

earth. But people often cut trees down in large numbers. The forests are becoming much 56._______


2011-2012 年度第一学期八年级英语期中考试 听力部分(共 20 分) 一、 听句子,将下列图片按正确的顺序排列(每小题 1 分,共 5 分)

———————————————————————— 二、 听短对话,选择最佳答案(每小题 1 分,共 5 分) ( )6. What are they talking about? A. Rainforests. ( B. Water. C. Animals.

)7. What does the girl think of the country life? A. Boring. B. Poor. C. Fun.

)8. What kind of pets does the girl have? A. A dog. B. A cat. C. She has no pets.

)9. What does Jenny mean? A. She feels sorry. B. She doesn’t think she is wrong. C. She thinks it’s important to save water.

)10. What is happening to butterflies(蝴蝶)? A. The number of them is becoming smaller and smaller. B. They are dangerous. C. They are increasing (增长)in number.

三、 听长对话,选择最佳答案(每小题 1 分,共 5 分) ( )11. Where did Dave go last week?

A. To a forest. (

B. To a farm.

C. To a park.

)12. How long did he stay there? A. Seven days. B. Five days. C. Two days.

)13. What does Dave think it wa s like there? A. Boring. B. Hard. C. Interesting.

)14. What animals do Dave’s grandparents have? A. Wolves, foxes and chickens. B. Chickens, pigs, sheep and ducks. C. Only horses.

)15. What do people think of wolves and foxes? A. They are usefu l. C. They are dangerous. B. They are friendly.

四、 听短文,选择最佳答案(每小题 1 分,共 5 分) ( )16. Who was Killer? A. A dog. ( B. A fox. C. A baby.

)17. What did Killer’s first owner do to her? A. Walked her on the grass. C. Made her run up and down stairs. B. Kept her in a room.

)18. How old was Killer when the speaker got her ? A. Ten weeks old. C. Ten years old. B. Ten months old.

)19. How did Killer die? A. She was too old. B. She was killed by a big dog.

C. She got a terrible disease(病). ( )20. How did the speaker feel after Killer died? A. Angry. B. Afraid. C. Sad.



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