初中英语冠词强化练习题两套 附答案与详解

第一套 1. When Linda was a child, her mother always let her have ______ bed. A. the breakfast in C. breakfast in A. the, 不填 C. 不填,不填 A. 不填 B. a B. the breakfast in the D. breakfast in the B. 不填,the D. the, the C. the B. the, the D. 不填,the B. 不填,不填 C. the, 不填 D. 不填,the D. one

2. Beyond ______ stars the astronaut saw nothing but ______ space.

3. Alexander Graham Bell invented ________ telephone in 1876. 4. After watching ____ TV, she played _____ violin for an hour. A. 不填,不填 C. the, 不填 A. the, the

5. Many people are still in ____ habit of writing silly things in ____ public places. 6. Paper money was in ____ use in China when Marco Polo visited the country in ____ thirteenth century. A. the, 不填 C. 不填,the B. the, the D. 不填,不填

7. Have you seen ______ pen? I left it here this morning. Is it ____ black one? I think I saw it somewhere. A. a, the B. the, the C. the, a D. a, a 8. She is _____ newcomer to ____ chemistry but she has already made some important discoveries. A. the, the trade today. A. a, 不填 C. the, the A. The Brown A. an hour B. the, an D. 不填,the B. A Brown B. one hour C. Browns C. the hour D. The Browns D. a hour B. the, 不填 C. a, 不填 D. a, the 9. Many people agree that ___ knowledge of English is a must in ____ international

10. ______ usually go to church every Sunday. 11. The train is running fifty miles ______.

12. ___ earth we live on is bigger than___ moon. A. The, a B. The, the C. An, a D. An, the 13. — What’s the matter with you ? —I caught ___ bad cold and had to stay in ___bed. A. a, / B. a, the C. a, a D. the, the 14. —Do you know ___ lady in blue? —Yes. She is a teacher of a university. A. the B. a C. an D. / 15. —Where’s ___ nearest supermarket? —It’s over there, just around the corner. A. a A. the B. an B. a C. the C. an D. / D. / 16. The young man will work in ___ school as a maths teacher. 17. Most of the representatives think that ______ the meeting was very successful. A. on whole of B. on a whole C. on the whole D.on the whole that 18. The investigators found that more should be done for ______ in India. A. those poor A. a arm B. a poor C. poor D. the poor 19. He grabbed me ______ and pulled me onto the bus. B. an arm C. the arm D. by the arm 20. “How did you pay the workers?” “As a rule, they are paid ______.” A. by an your A. a A. the,不填 three years old. A. A, a A. The, a B. The, a C. The, the D. A. the B. A, / C. A, the D. An, an 24. ______ new bridge has been built over ______ Huangpu River. 25. -What colour is ______ orange? -It’s _____ orange. A. an, an B. an, the C. an, / D. /, an B. by the hour B. an B. the, a C. the C. by a hour D. / C. 不填, the D. a, 不填 D. by hours 21. What _____ exciting football match! Our team beat Tom’s team at last. 22. In the United States, Father’s Day falls on _____ third Sunday in _____ June. 23. I have two dogs. ______ black one is two years old and ______ yellow one is

答案与解析(部分) 1. C 2. A。太空中的星体或世界上独一无二的东西前应加定冠词。Space 作“宇宙空间”解时,也是抽象名词,通常不加冠词 3. C。作 invent 宾语的名词只能用“the+单数可数名词” ,表示发明的某类东 西。 4. D。watch TV 是习惯搭配,不必用冠词。表示乐器的名词前应用定冠词。 5. C。 in the habit of 是习惯用语, 正如 in the morning, on the other hand 一样, 其中的定冠词不可或缺。Public places 是复数名词短语,表示泛指概念,其前面 不必用定冠词。 6. C。be in use 是习语,在这习语中没有任何冠词。 Thirteenth 是序数词, 在序数词前应用定冠词。 7. D。问句和答语中的 pen 均非特指,而是泛指,故应用不定冠词。 8. C。newcomer 是单数可数名词,泛指某类人中的一个,要用不定冠词。抽 象名词或学科名称前不加任何冠词,chemistry 是表示学科的抽象名词,因此前 面不加 the。 9. A。 虽然 knowledge 是不可数名词,但有 of English 修饰,故用不定冠词。 Trade 是抽象名词,前面不应加 the。 10. D 个夫人” 。 15. C。考查“the 用在形容词的最高级前”的用法。题意为“最近的超市在 哪里?” 16-20 ADDDB 21-25 BACCC 11. A 12. B 13. A 14. A。考查 the 表示特指的用法。根据题意知道是特指“穿蓝色衣服的那

第二套 1.We’ll be traveling by ________ camel across the desert before we go to ________university. A. /; the B. the; / C. /; / D. the; a 2. Richard Powers’ The Echo Maker, ____ novel set in ___ small t own of Kearney, Nebraska, US, has won the 57th US National Book Award for fiction. A. the; the him. A. the; / A. a;a B. /; the B. /;a C. the; the C. a;/ D. /;/ D. /; / 4.Now that Tom hates_______ school, the school becomes_______ prison to him 5.In _____ preparation for the launching of Shenzhou Ⅶ, scientists need ______ knowledge of weather changes. A.the; the B.a; ∕ usually limited. A. the; the A. 不填;a A. a; an A. a; the B. 不填; 不填 B. 不填;the B. the; a B. a; a C. an; a C. the; a C. 不填; the C. the; the D. an; the D. the; the D. a; the D. a; a 7.The sign reads “In case of ____ fire, break the glass and push ____ red button. ” 8.I earn 10 dollars ____ hour as ____ supermarket cashier on Saturdays. 9.There’s ____ dicti onary on ____ desk by your side. 10.—Where is my blue shirt? — It’s in the washing machine. You have to wear ____ different one. A. any have caught HINl. A the;the;不填 C.a;the;the B a;a;不填 D a:a:the major concern for the future of our planet , gmen living practices to help save it for future B. the C. a D. other bed .Don’t think that you h ave got 11. If you have got temperature without coughing and headache,perhaps you cold.Just stay in C.∕; a D.the; a 6.Because of ______ high demand for Type AB blood, ______ supplies of it are B. a; a; C. a; the D. /; the 3.He is in ____ control of the company. I mean, the company is in _ ___ control of

12 As global warming continues to be people are starting to turn to

generations. A. a:the 13.Every A.the:a society. A the;不填 15 He has English which is A the:a must die. A the:the 17 一 Was A a:the 18.I am in A.不填:the 19 While A the:the B。 ;a C 不填;the D 不填;不填 problem solved? way out,but it was impossible to find one. C.the;不填 D。 ; 。 charge of my wife. C the;不填 D the;the story in this TV play is quite moving D 不填;the C.the;a B the;a 16 Throughout B.a;the C.不填;the D the;a good knowledge of many foreign languages,and one of them is language spoken by many people in the world. C.a;a D.the;the fact that all living things history nan has had to accept B.a;the B.a;不填 C 不填;the D.the;the new one second day he went to the library for some books to read. But after a B 不填;龇 C th。 ;the D 不填;a hot and serious topic in the present

page or two,he would put the book down and pick up 14 The education of young has become

一 We were trying to think of

charge of the class which was in B 不填;不填 music is just so-so, B 不填;不填

20. According to big cities to prevent A the:the 21 Nowadays A。a;the

World Health Organization, health care plans are needed in all spread of AIDS C.a;a D 不填;the new high Intenet is becoming increasingly popular and

B.th。 ;不填

speed broadband network has recently started. B the;a C a;a D the;the monitor 22. We made Xiao Ming A our;不填 B 不填;the monitor at the class meeting last Saturday, since ten C.the;the D.a;our

students have been looking after the old man by turns,including

23 It was reposed by the foreign media that the 29th Beijing Olympic Games was unique and successful event in A a;不填 B.the;the Olympic history. C.不填;the D.a;the presidem in our nation,who gave

24 As is known,it was Hu Jintao,

lecture at the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics。 A the;a 25 Love is A.the;the make B the;不填 B.a;the C;the D 不填;a aim of it D.the;an balanced diet and C a;all way of life,but not

26 Many people have come to realize that they should go on room in heir day for exercise. B the;a B 不填;the C the;the D 不填;a early train,but couldn’t get C an;不填 D the;a churc h C;不填 D 不填:a sea ice,which they useas D the;不填 A.the;不填 A an;the

27 1 wanted to catch

ride to the station

28 Gorge couldn’t remember when he first met Mr Anderson.but he was sure it was Sunday because everybody was at A 不填;the hunting seals。 A.a;a 30. A.A;a B.a;the C 不填;a waIk is expected to last all day,so bring B.The;不填 C.The;a packed lunch D.A;不填 B the;不填 29 Polar bears live mostly on

platform for

——答案与解析—— 1.C 【解析】 by +camel 表示乘坐交通工具, 中间不用任何冠词; go to university 上 大学固定搭配。 2 C【解析】一本小说,可数;特指某个城镇,用定冠词。 3 B【解析】in control of 人控制某事某物;in the control of 某事某物在人的控制 下。 4 B【解析】学校专有名词这个时候不加,泛指;像一座监狱,可数名词。 5 C【解析】in preparation for 固定搭配;a knowledge of 某一门知识,这个时候 可数。 6D【解析】a demand for 固定搭配一个?需求;专指前面 AB 血型的供给。 7 . B【解析】fire 表示火,抽象不可数,那个红色的按钮特指。 8 C【解析】一个小时可数,而且读音开头是元音,所以用 an;作为一个超市收银 员也是泛指可数. 9. A【解析】桌子上有一本词典,不具体所指;你身边的桌子特指。 10. C【解析】泛指另外一件 T 恤。

11 B。 【解析】 第一空和第二空是抽象名词具体化。 此时 temperature 表示发烧,cold 表示感冒,应加不定冠词。第三空 in bed 是固定短语,意为躺在床上。 12 B。 【解析】第一空用不定冠词,表示人们关心的事情之一;第二窄空后而是 复数名词,前面不加冠词。 13.D。 【解析】 .Every second day 每隔一天,中间不加冠词;第二空表示泛指, 用不定冠词 a,所以答案选 D。 14 D。 【解析】第一空 the young 是定冠词加形容词可表示一类人;第二空表示泛 指一个,此处意为已经成为一个热门而义严肃的话题。 15 B。 【解析】have a good knowledge of 对??很了解;第二空表示特指,因为 后面有定语修饰。 16 C。 【解析】history 为抽象名词,其前不加冠词;fact 后带有同位语.应表示 特指,所以答案选 C。 17 B。 【解析】第一空指说话双方都知道的事情,所以用定冠词;第二空的意思 是想出一个好方法,way 是可数名词,所以应该用不定冠词,因此答案选 B。 18 A. 【解析】句意:我在管理由我妻子管理的班级。in charge of 负责,管理, 其主语通常是人,in the charge of 由??负责或管理,其主语通常是物。故答案 选 A。 19 A。 【解析】本题的两个设空之处都指的是说话双方都明白的事情,应该用定 冠词,所以答案选 A。 20 A。 【解析】世界卫生组织前应该用定冠词;第二空特指疾病的传播,也应该 用定冠词。故答案为 A。 21 B, 【解析】Intenet 为专有名词,成用 the 来修饰;而一条新的高速宽带网为 泛指,用不定冠词 a 来修饰。 22 B。 【解析】动词 make 之后用作补语的名词 monitor (班长)表示职位,故不加 冠词。第二空用定冠词 the,表特指(即上文提到的我们选出的班长)。 23 D。 【解析】考查冠词的特指与泛指用法。第一空表示某类事物中的一个用不 定冠词,第二空特指奥林匹克历史,用定冠词。 24 D。 【解析】表示职位的名词 president 作同位语,其前不加冠词;give a lecture 为固定用法,意思是做演讲。 25 B。 【解析】第一个空为 a way of life 一种生活方式,表泛指;第二个空用 the, 特指生活的目的。故选 B。 26 A。 【解析】考查固定搭配中冠词的用法。get ona diet 节食,make room for 抽 出时间或空间,room 是不可数名词。 27 D。 【解析】the early train 早班车,为习惯说法。后半句的意思是:但是却没

有赶上去火车站的车。get a ride 搭便车。 28 C。 【解析】此处意为但是他确信那是一个星期天,因为大家都在做礼拜。be at chutch 做礼拜。 29 C。 【解析】 ice 是不可数名词, 表泛指时不需要用冠词; platform 是可数名词, 用 a 表示泛指。 30 C。 【解析】第一空用 the 表示说话双方都知道的事情;第二空用 a,表泛指。

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