Book4Unit2 Working the land Reading(1) A Pioneer For All People
高一二部 田丹丹

【Teaching goals】
1. Know about agriculture, countryside and farmers. 2. Learn about Yuan Longping and his achievements. 3. Train students’reading ability.

【Teaching important and difficult points】
1. How to help students realize the importance of agriculture. 2. How to help students improve their ability and understand the passage better.

【课型】新授课 【回顾预习】
查字典,寻词义 hunger n. ________ → adj.__________ output n. ________ input n._________ equip v. _______→n. ________ circulate v._________ therefore adv.____________ export n./v.___________ import n./v._________ expand v.__________
相信自己, 我能行!

agricultural adj.__________ →n. __________ be satisfied with___________ super hybrid rice_____________ the past five decades __________ rid….of__________ struggle for__________ thanks to__________

Step 1. Greetings and lead-in:
Greet the whole class as usual. Show some pictures.

Step 2 Fast reading:
Read the text silently and quickly and then do the exercises. 1. Which of the following statements tells the main idea of the text?

The text is about________ A. a farmer named Yuan Longping B. how Yuan Longping became rich and famous C. an pioneer named Yuan Longping who worked hard to produce a new strain(品种) of rice D. a new strain of rice which is called super hybrid rice 2. Match the following main ideas with the right paragraphs. Para1 Para2 Para3 Para4 A. Yuan Longping’s dreams. B. Yuan Longping’s personality(性格). C. Yuan Longping’s birth, education and research. D. Yuan Longping’s appearance and his achievements.
我展示! 我精彩!

Step 3 Careful reading
Read the passage carefully and finish the following activities. Para.1 Yuan Longping’s appearance and his achievement: 1).What does Yuan Longping look like? ________________________________________________________ 2). What is his achievement? ________________________________________________________ Para.2 Yuan Longping’s birth, education and research: Put Yuan Longping’s biography in right order. a. He was born into a poor farmer’s family. b. He graduated from Southwest Agriculture College. c. In 1950, Chinese farmers produced fifty million tons of rice. d. two hundred million tons of rice was produced by growing his hybrid rice. e. He searched a way to increase rice outputs without expanding the area of fields. f. He is now circulating his knowledge in less developed countries. The right order:___________________________________________ Para.3 Yuan Longping’s personality: 1).Read paragraph3 and then decide which of the following

descriptions about Yuan Longping’s personality is NOT TRUE? A. He is satisfied with his life because he is now rich and famous. B. He cares little about money and fame. C. He would rather work than lead a comfortable life. D. He enjoys a simpler life than most rich and famous people. 2).His hobbies: (1) ___________________________________________ (2) ___________________________________________ (3) ___________________________________________ (4) ___________________________________________ Para.4 Yuan Longping’s dreams: 1.The first dream: To produce a kind of rice that could_______ plants: as tall as_________ ear: as big as ear of_________ grain: as huge as a_________ 2.The second dream: To______ his rice ______ _______ it can be grown around the globe. ________ ________.
我展示! 我精彩!

Step 4 summary (总结---当堂达标) Post Reading: fill in the following blanks according to the text.
Famous scientist as he is, Yuan Longping considers himself a farmer. As a young man, Yuan Longping saw the great need for ①__________(increase) the rice output. At the time, hunger was ②______ disturbing problem in China. He wanted to increase rice harvests without ③___________(expand) the area of the field. In 根据课文内 1973, a special strain of rice made ④ ___________ possible to 容填空并注 produce one-third more of the crop in the same fields. Thanks to ⑤ 意正确形式 ___________ research, the UN has more tools in the battle to rid the world of ⑥___________(hungry). He is now circulating his rice knowledge in less developed countries to increase their rice harvest ⑦____________ he wants to export his rice so ⑧__________ it can

be grown around the globe. Though he has ⑨ ___________ (struggle) for the past five decades, Yuan Longping is quite satisfied with his life. He gives millions of yuan to equip others for their research in ⑩_____________(agricultural).

Read the passage carefully and try to find as many useful language points as you can.

In this period, how well do you think while you’re finishing these tasks? 1= Badly 2=Need Improvement The things I can do I know Yuan Longping’s work. I can describe his achievements, education and dreams. I can understand the text and what the teacher said. I am active in group activities. Reflection(反思) I did well in ______________________________________ I would try to do better in _____________________________ I need to put more effort in ____________________________ 5 5 5 5 3=Well 4=Wonderfully 5=Perfect

Evaluation 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1



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