Book 3 Module 1 1. because of…=as a result of… 2. become/be known/famous as… for… to sb 3. ever since 4. in terms of… 5. on the other hand 6. little by little/gradually/step by step 7. look like 8. on the coast off the coast 9. be covered with/by 10. in front of in the middle of 11. be located/situated in/on/to… 12. work on 13. the birthplace of western civilization 14. at the moment 15. have…in common with 16. refer to 17. sign an agreement 18. in/during the 1950’s=in/during the 1950s 19. have a population of 20. have some control over 21. of all time 22. in different ways 23. range from…to… 24. Paris is the capital and largest city of France, situated on the River Seine. 25. France is Europe’s third largest country and faces the United Kingdom across the English Channel.

26. Italy is/lies in the south of Europe on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. 27. Spain is/lies to the south of France. 28. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and is visited by more than eight million tourists every year. 29. About two-thirds of France’s artists and writers live in Paris. 30. Gaudi worked on the project from 1882 until his death in 1926. 31. Florence is an Italian city which became famous because of the Renaissance, a great artistic movement which began in the 1300s and lasted for three hundred years. 32. Athens, the capital of Greece, is known as the birthplace of western civilization. 33. Their work has influenced other writers ever since (then). 34. France and England face each other across the English Channel. 35. In terms of size and population, how big is the European Union compared with China. 36. Each of them sends representatives to the European Parliament, which has some control over what happens in each of the member countries. 37. The expanded European Union has a population of more than half a billion people, twice as big as the population of the United States. 38. We are faced with a difficult situation.

Faced with a difficult situation, we should take measures. 39. All the house were built facing south. 40. Taiwan lies in the southeast of China. Japan is to the northeast of China. Shanghai is to the southeast of Jinan. Nanjing lies on the Yangtze River. 41. comparing the newly-built buildings with the old ones, we can find the differences. Compared with the old buildings, the new ones are much stronger. 42. The price of the shoes range from $25 to $100. Book 3 Module 1
1. 2. 因为……,由于…… 作为/以……而著名 因为……而著名 对于 sb 来说是著名的 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 自从……一直 据……依照……在……方面 另一方面,反过来说 一点点地逐渐地 看起来像 在海岸线上 在海岸线附近 被覆盖着 在中心 11. 位于 12. 从事 10. 在前面

13. 欧洲文明的诞生地 14. 此刻,正当那时 15. 与有共同之处 16. 提及; 参考; 查阅 17. 签署协议 18. 在 20 世纪 50 年代 19. 有……人口 20. 控制 21. 有史以来 22. 以不同的方式 23. 从……到……变化 24. 位于塞纳河上,巴黎是法国的首都和 最大城市。 25. 法国是欧洲第三大国,与英国隔英吉 利海峡相望。 26. 意大利位于地中海沿岸的欧洲南部。 27. 西班牙在法国的南部 28. 他是世界上最美丽的城市之一,并且 每年有 800 多万游客来此参观。 29. 法国大约三分之二的艺术家合作家住 在巴黎。 30. 从 1882 开始到 1926 年去世,高迪一 直从事这项工程。 31. 佛罗伦萨之所以成为意大利的一座著 名的城市,是由于一场开始于十四世 纪,历经 300 年的艺术运动—文艺复 兴运动。 32. 希腊首都雅典,是作为西方文明的发 源地而著名。 33. 从那时起,他们的工作就影响了其他 的作家。 34. 英法隔着英吉利海峡相面对着。 35. 从大小和人口方面来说,和中国相比, 欧盟有多大.

36. 每个国家在欧盟都有代表,欧盟则能控 制每一 个成员国发生的事情. 37. 扩大了的欧盟人口超过五亿,相当于 美国人口的两倍。 38. 我们面临着困难的形势。 面临着困难的形势,我们应该采取措 施。 39. 所有的房子都朝南而建。 40. 台湾位于中国的东南部 日本在中国的东北方 上海在济南的东南面 南京位于长江之滨。 41. 把新建成的大楼与旧楼相比,我们能 够发现差异。 与旧楼相比,新楼更坚固。 42. 鞋价在 25 到 1000 变化.

Book 3 Module 2 1. at the top of at the bottom of in the middle of 2. make efforts to do 3. be connected with 4. close to 5. die of hunger 6. go hungry 7. with the development of… 8. take measures to do 9. developing countries developed countries 10. for a long period of time 11. have/receive an education 12. up to 13. improve the environment

14. drinking water 15. encourage...to do 16. give more help to 17. give examples 18. in the past ten years 19. move out of poverty 20. go to primary school 21. get medical care 22. in particular 23. collect money 24. for oneself 25. be willing to do 26. in recent years 27. be useful for 28. run through the town 29. increase …by 30. make some progress 31. cities of similar size and age 32. How do you find it? =What do you think of it? =What is your opinion about it? 33. It is totally fascinating! 34. I didn’t get that. 35. From the agreement came the Human Development Report. 36. The index measures a country’s achievements in three ways: life expectancy, education and income. 37. The index has some surprises. Norway is at the top of the list, while China is in the middle of the list. 38. The bottom ten countries are all African countries, with Sierra Leone(in West Africa) at the bottom

39. 40.

41. 42.


44. 45.




of the list. Make sure that all children have education up to the age of 11. For example, in nine years(1953-1962), China increased life expectancy by 13 years. Water is now mostly safe to drink. Although developed countries give some financial help, they need to give much more These are among the five richest countries in the world, so it is right that they should do so. Beijing is less dangerous than Sydney. Tourism is important to both of them, and they are both close to some of the most beautiful countryside in the region. Town twinning agreements encourage people from the two towns to visit each other. Town twinning agreements are perhaps most useful for students and people who want to practise speaking another language. This is because living with a foreign family for one or two weeks means that you have to speak their languages, and as a result you improve fast.

在中间 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 努力做 和有联系 靠近 死于饥饿 挨饿 随着的发展 采取措施做 发展中国家 发达国家 10. 很长一段时间 11. 受教育 12. 直到(……数目) 13. 改善环境 14. 饮用水 15. 鼓励某人做 16. 给与更多的帮助 17. 举例子 18. 在过去的十年里 19. 脱贫 20. 上小学 21. 享受医疗保健 22. 尤其是 23. 筹款,募捐 24. 亲自为自己 25. 愿意做 26. 近年来 27. 对有用 28. 流经小城 29. 增加了 30. 取得进步 31. 你认为它怎么样? 32. 它太有吸引力了 33. 我们听见。 34. 大小和年龄相似的城市

Book 3 Module 2
1. 在顶部 在底部

35. 人类发展报告就出自这一项协议 36. 这个指数从三种方面衡量了一个国家 的成就:寿命,教育和收入。 37. 该指数展示了一些让人惊奇的事。挪 威位于名单之首, 而中国居于名单的 中间。 38. 倒数的十个国家都来自非洲,塞拉利 昂(西非)位居倒数第一。 39. 确保孩子直到 11 岁都接受教育 40. 例如:9 年的时间(1953-1962), 中国 人的寿命增长了 13 年。 41. 大部分水喝起来是健康的 42. 发达国家提供了一些经济援助,但他 们应提供更多的援助。 43. 他 们 是 世 界 上 最 富 裕 的 五个 国 家 之 一,所以他们这样做是理所应该的。 44. 北京没有悉尼那么危险。 45. 旅 游 业 对 于 他 们 两 个 来 说都 是 重 要 的,他们都靠近地区最美丽的乡下 46. 姐妹城市协议鼓励 2 个城市的人们互 相访问。 47. 姐妹城市协议对于想练习讲另一种语 言的学生和人或许是最有用的。 48. 这是因为跟一家外国人在一起生活一 两个星期意味着你得讲他们的语言, 所以你就会进步地很快。

Book 3 Module 3 1. pick up 2. put down 3. take off 4. leave…where it is 5. affect the east coast of the US from Texas to Maine 6. five-meter high waves

7. hit/strike the city 8. end up in end up with 9. move to 10. come out of… 11. set fire to 12. catch fire 13. manage to do=succeed in doing 区分 try to do 14. put out 15. according to… 16. fall down 17. turn over 18. pour down 19. a plane crash 20. cover (an area of) 800 square kilometers 21. in all 22. lose one’s life 23. do damage to…=do … damage 24. make …homeless 25. cause …deaths // injuries cause problems 26. Collect all the words that you find out that refer to the same thing. 27. The most violent (tornadoes) have winds of more than 400 kilometers per hour. 28. They can take the fur off the back of a cat and the feathers off a chicken. 29. On average, there are 800 tornados in the US each year, causing about 80 deaths and 1500 injuries. 30. The worst tornado of all time occurred in 1925, affecting three US







37. 38.


40. 41. 42.

states. By the time it ended, more than 700 people had been killed and 2700 had been injured. There are on average six Atlantic hurricanes each year and they usually affect the east of the Us from Texas to Maine By the late 1890s, he had moved to Galveston where he died in 1899, a year before the hurricane struck. The cemetery where Coghlan was buried was destroyed by the hurricane and Coghlan’s coffin ended up in the sea. The Gulf Stream had carried it 3000 kilometers up the eastern US coast to Prince Edward Island. There had been several problems with the volcano over the previous hundred years. There was the possibility of a huge tidal wave Ash and lava poured down the mountain, setting fire to hundreds of houses. China is situated in one of the most active earthquake regions in the world. In some communities, 60 percent of the population were killed. However, it caused the worst natural disaster in the nation’s history. Fires caused by the California earthquake did the most damage.

43. The fires burned for three days, destroying a total of 25,000 buildings. 44. When did the accident occur. An idea occurred to me. It suddenly occurred to me that I should leave. Book 3 Module 3
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 捡起,无意中得到/学会,接某人上车 放下;写下,记下;镇压 使掉下来,飞机起飞,脱下,休息休 假 使位于原处 影响了从德克萨斯到缅因的美国东部 海岸 6. 7. 8. 9. 五米高的大浪 袭击了这个城市 以…(形式)结束//而告终 以…做为结束 搬到,移居到 10. 从中出来 11. 放火烧 12. 着火了 13. 设法做成…(成功了), 尽力做…(不一定成功) 14. 扑灭 15. 根据 16. 落下; 倒塌 17. 翻身,翻过来 18. 倾盆而下 19. 一起飞机失事(事故) 20. 占地面积是 800 平方公里 21. 合计; 总共

22. 丧命, 牺牲生命 23. 造成伤害 24. 使…无家可归 25. 导致…死亡// 受伤 造成// 引起问题 26. 搜集所有的你认为指同一种东西的词 汇。 27. 最强的龙卷风风速超过每小时 400 公 里。 28. 龙卷风能拨掉猫背上的皮和鸡身上的 毛。 29. 在美国,平均每年有 800 次龙卷风, 造成大约 80 人死亡,1500 人受伤。 30. 有史以来最严重的龙卷风发生在 1925 年,影响了美国的 3 个州。 31. 到它结束时, 已有 700 多人丧生, 2700 人受伤。 32. 平均每年有六次大西洋飓风,通常危 及 从 德 克 萨 斯 到 缅 因 州 的美 国 东 海 岸。 33. 到 19 世纪 90 年代后期,他迁居加尔 维斯顿,直到 1899 年在那里去世,也 就是飓风袭击的前一年。 34. 掩埋科格伦的公墓被飓风摧毁,他的 棺材最后被卷入了大海。 35. 墨西哥湾流沿着美国东海岸把它(棺材) 一直带到爱德华王子岛,行程 3000 公 里。 36. 在先前的几百年里,关于火山一直有 许多问题。 37. 有大巨浪的可能性(有可能出现巨大的 浪潮)。 38. 灰和岩浆倾盆而下冲下山来,使数百 房屋着火。 39. 中国位于世界上最活跃的地震带/区之

一。 40. 一些地区,60%的人失去了生命。 41. 然而他给这个国家造成了历史上最严 重的自然灾害。 42. 加利福尼亚地震引起的火灾造成了最 大的损失。 43. 大火持续了 3 天,摧毁了 25000 幢大 楼。 44. 事故是什么时候发生的? 我有了一个主意(我想出了一个主意)。 我突然想到我应该离开了。

Book 3 Module 4 1. cut down 2. dig up 3. look through 4. the inland/coastal region 5. try many ways to solve this problem 6. start a mass campaign 7. as a child 8. be caught // stuck in 9. wake up to… 10. advise sb. to do 11. put down a mask wear a mask take off a mask 12. prevent/stop…(from) doing 13. continue doing/ to do 14. one after another 15. in a week’s time/in a week 16. sweep…away (sweep, swept, swept) 17. take in=absorb 18. give out 19. feel frightened/terrified/scared 20. do nothing but do/can’t (help) but do/

have nothing to do but do/ have no choice but to do 21. in a nutshell/in a word 22. do/try one’s best 23. take away 24. if possible 25. allow sb. to do … allow doing … 26. spread all over Europe 27. think seriously about… 28. have difficulty (in) doing 29. protect/damage the environment 30. I couldn’t agree (with you) more. It couldn’t be worse. I have never heard a more interesting story. 31. 32. 33. 34. I think you are absolutely right. I have no idea. There is a problem with… There has been a sandstorm. It has lasted for ten hours and is very frightening. Sandstorms from Asia have blown across the Pacific Ocean to America. They are often so thick that you cannot see the sun, and the wind is sometimes strong enough to move sand dunes. Ren jianbo, from Inner Mongolia, described a terrible sandstorm he experienced as a child in the desert. To have been caught in a sandstorm was a terrible experience. It was the most frightening and the





44. 45. 46.

35. 36.


most dangerous situation (that)I’ve ever been in. Sandstorms in China appear to have increased in recent years as a result of desertification. This is a process that happens when land becomes desert because of climate change and because people cut down trees and dig up grass. The storms sometimes continue all day and traffic moves very slowly because the thick dust makes it difficult to see. The Chinese Central Weather Station can forecast a sandstorm some weeks before it arrives in Beijing, but the strength of the storm sometimes surprises people. To be cycling in a sandstorm is frightening Trees take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. Are there any organizations in China whose aim is to protect the environment? Some countries are better than others at looking after the environment.

Book 3 Module 4
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 砍倒 挖出挖掘 浏览 内陆/ 沿海地区 尝试了许多方式来解决这个问题 开始了一个大规模的运动


38. 39.

7. 8. 9.

还是一个孩子的时候/ 作为一个孩子 被困在……中 醒来时发现,认识到意识到

35. 来自亚洲的沙尘暴越过太平洋一直 吹到了美国。 36. 他们(沙尘暴)非常密集以至于人们都 无法看到太阳;而且有时风会很大, 足以能够移动沙丘。 37. 出生于内蒙古的任建波描述了他小 时候在沙漠中经历过的一场可怕的 沙尘暴。 38. 曾被困于沙尘暴是一次可怕的经历。 39. 那是最令人害怕的,也是我曾经经历 的最危险的情形。 40. 由于沙漠化, 中国近年来发生沙尘暴 的次数明显增加了。 41. 当土地由于气候的变化以及人们对于 树木的砍伐和对草木的挖掘而变成 沙漠时,这一过程就会发生。 42. 暴风有时持续一整天,车辆开得很慢, 因为浓浓的尘埃使得人们很难看得 清。 43. 中国中央气象中心能在沙尘暴到达北 京前几周预报沙尘暴,但沙尘暴威力 有时大得惊人。 44. 在沙尘暴中骑车是很吓人/ 令人恐怖 的。 45. 树木吸入二氧化碳排出氧气。 46. 在中国有以保护环境为目的的组织 吗? 47. 有些国家在关爱环境方面比其他国家 做得好 Book 3 Module 5

10. 建议某人做 11. 戴上面具 带着面具 脱下面具 12. 阻止做 13. 继续做 14. 一个接一个地 15. 一个周之后 16. 卷走 17. 吸收 18. 放出;发出,分发,泄路 19. 感到害怕 20. (别无选择)只能做某事 21. 简言之一句话 22. 尽力 23. 带走 24. 如果可能的话 25. 允许某人做 允许做… 26. 传遍整个欧洲 27. 认真考虑 28. 做……有困难 29. 保护/ 破坏环境 30. 我完全赞同/ 我再同意你不过了。 它是最糟糕的// 它再糟糕不过了。 这是我看过的最有趣的电影/ 我从来 没看过一个更有趣的电影。 31. 我认为你是非常正确的。 32. 我也不知道 33. 关于…有一个问题 34. 有一场沙尘暴。他持续了十个小时, 非常令人害怕。

1. 2. 3. 4.

be at war (with…) bring up become/get/be interested in… be proud of=take pride in

5. in conclusion=in a word=in nutshell 6. for the first time 7. from…to … 8. believe in 9. be similar to 10. cause trouble 11. give advice 12. be related to… 13. follow one’s advice 14. as a result 15. be different from=differ from 16. stress the importance of 17. order in society 18. be given a position 19. travel from state to state 20. spend time (in) doing 21. treat… badly 22. in some way(s) 23. look after=take care of=care for 24. a sense of responsibility 25. put… in order of importance 26. at the beginning/end of 27. up to five people 28. to give an example=for example 29. if so 30. tell the time 31. mass production 32. energy source 33. in poor and crowded conditions 34. spread to… spread through Europe =spread all over Europe


35. In ancient China, private teachers traveled from state to state, explaining their philosophy. 36. Mencius ideas were similar to those of Confucius. 37. Treat others in the way that/in which/不填 you want to be treated. 38. Ancient China was a place where states were often at war with each other. 39. It was also a time/period when there were many great philosophers. 40. Mencius was a thinker whose teachings were very similar to those of Confucius. 41. Mencius believed that the reason why man is different from animals is that man is good. 42. Born in 476 BC, he came from a family which was very poor. 43. He considered the government was most important. As a result, he spent many years (in) trying to find a state where people would follow his teachings. 44. Mozi taught that we should love all human beings and look after those who are weaker than ourselves. 45. Cars were first used at the end of the nineteenth century, and were no faster than a horse. 46. You could just get in your car and go 〔wherever you want.〕

47. Up to five people can travel in a car, so it is cheaper to go by car than to take a train. 48. Sometimes you cannot get into a city because there are so many cars on the

16. 强调……重要性 17. 社会秩序 18. 得到一个职位 19. 周游列国 20. 花费时间做 21. 虐待 22. 以某种方式在某些方面 23. 照料照顾 24. 责任感 25. 把……按重要性顺序排列 26. 在……开始/末尾 27. 达到五个人 28. 例如 29. 如果这样的话 30. 断定时间 31. 批量生产,大规模生产 32. 能量来源 33. 在贫穷和拥挤的条件下 34. 传播到 传遍整个欧洲 35. 在古代中国, 私人教师周游列国 , 解释 他们自己的哲学. 36. 孟子的观点和孔子很相似 37. 己所不欲勿施于人 38. 古代中国是一个政权经常交战的地方 39. 他也是一个时代在这一时代有许多伟 大的哲学家 40. 孟子是一个思想家他的教义和孔子很 相似 41. 孟子认为任何动物不一样的原因是人 性本善 42. 她出生于 476 年,出身贫寒. 43. 他认为政府很重要 , 因此 , 他花了许 多年的时间,力图找到一个人们愿意遵 从他思想的国家.

44. 墨子告诫人们要博爱要帮助弱者. 45. 汽车在 19 世纪末被使用, 和马一样慢. 46. 你可以上车去你想去的任何地方. 47. 五个人可乘汽车旅行,所以乘汽车比坐 火车要便宜. 48. 有时你很难进入一个城市,因为路上有 太多的汽车. 49. 目的是成为一个发明家,你需要有点疯 狂. 50. 随着工业革命的来临 , 工厂出现了 ,从 而使大规模的生产首次成为可能. 51. 我第一次看到她,我就爱上了她. 52. 那是我第一次看到她 53. 那是我第一次看到她

supply sth to/for sb, supply sb with sth, offer sth to sb = offer sb sth 16. (hydro-electric) power station 17. suggest/com up with/put forward an idea 18. use…for + n/doing 19. generate/make/produce electricity 20. increase global warming 21. be equal to 22. cause serious pollution 23. lead/live/ have a happy life 24. historical sites/relics 25. at the time = then 26. at the top 27. on a foggy day, on a clear day 28. crash into, run into, knock into 29. a (large) amount of 30. in the construction of… 31. How far is…from…to… 32. The Great War of China is the longest man-made structure ever built. The original wall was 6300 kilometers long/in length. Most of the Great Wall dates from the Ming Dynasty. 33. It took six years to build and cost US$20 billion. 34. The valley is now part of the reservoir (which was) created by the Three Gorges Dam. 35. The people (who were) living in the village have moved to other places. 36. They were on a visit organized by the government.

49. You need to be a bit mad to be an inventor. 50. With the industrial Revolution, factories appeared and mass production became possible for the first time. 51. The first time I saw her, I fell in love with her. 52. It is the first time (that) I have seen her. 53. It was the first time that I had seen her.
Book 3 Module 5
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. (与……)交战 ①抚养养育=raise②呕吐③提出,提起 对……感兴趣 对……自豪 总之,简言之 第一次 从……到…… 信任,信仰 与……相似

10. 导致麻烦 11. 给……建议 12. 与…\有关 13. 遵循某人的建议 14. 结果是 15. 与……不同

Book 3 Module 6 1. date from=date back to 2. hold back (hold, held, held) 3. come true = be realized 4. make sense make sense of 5. bring an end to…= end 6. be under construction = be being constructed 7. freezing point, freezing weather 8. how far… 9. accommodate/hold…passengers 10. work out=figure out 11. of all time 12. a place of importance = an important place 13. dream of n/doing 14. construction project 15. provide sth for sb, provide sb with sth,

37. Mao Zedong wrote a poem in which he dreamed of “walls of stone to hold back clouds and rain until a smooth lake rises in the narrow gorges.” 38. The Three Gorges Dam, which is the biggest construction project in China since the building of the Great Wall and the Grand Canal, has been built to control flooding and provide hydro-electric power for the central region of China. 39. It cost more than any other construction project in history. 40. Sun Yat-sen, who was the leader of the 1911 Revolution, first suggested the idea of a dam across the Yangze River in 1919. 41. Three quarters of China’s energy is produced by burning coal 42. The dam will generate electricity (which is) equal to about 40 million tons of coal without causing so much air pollution. 43. Some are being removed and some are being put into museums 44. The world Trade Centre twin towers, which were destroyed in September

2001, were 417 and 415 metres high/in height. 45. In 1945, a US military plane, which was flying over Manhattan on a foggy day, crashed into the building just above the 78th building. 46. He realized his dream = His dream came true. = His dream was realized. 47. His explanation didn’t make (any) sense. Book 3 Module 6
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 开始于,追溯于 阻止 实现,成为现实 有意义,讲得通 理解的…意思 结束...... 正在被建 凝固点,极冷的天气 有多远,到……程度 容纳…乘客

15. 向某人提供某物 向某人提供某物 向某人提供某物 16. (水力)发电站 17. 18. 提出一个想法 把……用于……

表达了 “ 更立西江石壁,截断巫山云 雨,高峡出平湖”的梦想 38. 继长城和大运河之后,最大的建筑工 程 —三峡大坝被建造以控制洪灾并为 华中地区提供电力。 39. 他 比 历 史 上 任 何 建 筑 工 程耗 费 都 要 多。 40. 早在 1911 年领导了辛亥革命的孙中山 先生就提出了修建横跨长江大坝的想 法。 41. 中国四分之三的能量是 通过 燃煤获得 的 42. 大坝将要产生相当于燃烧 4000 万吨煤 所产生的电量,但却不会造成那么严 重的空气污染。 43. 一些正被移走 一些正被博物馆收藏 44. 2001 年被摧毁的世贸中心双子楼,分 别有 417 和 415 米高。 45. 1945 年,美国的一架军用飞机在一个 雾天飞过曼哈顿上空时撞到了大厦, (撞击的)位置略高于第 78 层楼。 46. 他实现了他的梦想。 47. 他的解释无意义。

19. 发电 20. 加剧全球变暖 21. 等于 22. 导致严重污染 23. 过着幸福的生活 24. 历史遗迹 25. 在那时; 当时 26. 在顶部 27. 在一个雾天,在晴朗的一天 28. 撞上,碰上, 29. 大量的(饰不可数名词) 30. 在…的建设过程中 31. 从…到…有多远 32. 长城是有史以来修建的最长的人造工 程, 原始城墙有 6300 公里长, 大部分 长城开始于明朝。 33. 建造它花费了 6 年时间 200 亿美元。 34. 这个山谷现在是由大坝围成的水库的 一部分 35. 住在村子里的人都搬到了别的地方. 36. 他们正在参加由政府组织的参观。 37. 毛泽东写过一首词,在这首词中,他

10. 计算出, 演算出 11. 有史以来 12. 一个重要的地方 13. 梦想(做)… 14. 建筑工程



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