2013 中考英语短文填词精编 1,We can't stop an earthquake(地震), but we can do things to make sure they don't destroy(毁坏) whole cities. First, it is not a 1 .g________ idea to build houses along lines where 2. t________ of the earth's plates(板块) join together. Second, if you think there 3. m________ be an earthquake, it is better to build houses on rocks , not on 4. s________. Third, you must make the houses as 5. s________ as possible. Weak buildings will6 f_______ down in an earthquake, but strong ones may stayup Scientists are 7.a ________ that one day an even bigger earthquake will hit the part around San Francisco(旧金山) . They call it " The Big One ". However, people today are still building more 8. h________ . The population in and around San Francisco is 9. n________ ten times more than it was in 1906. This means that 10. i________ there is another earthquake, a great many houses and buildings will be destroyed. 2, Mr. Brown had an umbrella shop in a small town. People sometimes 1 b________ him broken umbrellas, and then he took them to a big shop in London. They were 2 m________ there. One day Mr. Brown went to London by train. He 3 f________ to take an umbrella with him that day. Sitting in front of him was a man with an umbrella standing 4 b_______ the seat. When the train arrived in London, Mr. Brown 5 p________ up the umbrella as he often did during his journey by train. Just as he was getting off, he was 6 s________ by the man. He said angrily, "That's 7m________ !" Mr. Brown' s face turned red and he gave it back to the man at once. When Mr Brown got to the big shop, the shopkeeper had got his six umbrellas ready. After a good look at 8 e________ of them, he said, "You've mended them very well." In the afternoon he got into the train again. The 9 s________ man was in the same seat. He looked at Mr Brown and his six umbrellas, "You've had a 10 l________ day," he said., 3,Light travels at a speed(速度) which is about a million times 1 . f________ than that of sound. 2.I________ one second, light travels about 300,000 kilometers, but sound travels only 340 meters. You can get some idea of this difference by 3. w________ the start of a running match. If you stand far away from the starter(发 令员), you can see smoke 4.c________ from his gun 5.b________ the sound reaches your ears. The fast speed of light produces some strange facts. The nearest star is 6. s________ far away that light which you can see from it tonight started to travel to you four years 7. a________ at a speed of nearly two million kilometers every minute. The light from some of tonight's started on 8. i________ journey towards you even before you were born. So, if we want to be honest(诚实), we 9. c________ say , " The stars are shining

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brightly tonight." We have to say, " The stars look nice. They were 10. s________ four years ago but their light has just reached our earth. " 4,You may think there is nothing but sand in the desert of the world, but it is not true. In the desert we can 1.f_______ stones. We can see hills, too. There is a little rain in the 2.d________, but it is not 3. e______ for most plants. The animals are 4. u_______ to the desert people in many ways. The desert people eat the meat and drink the milk of the animals. They use their skins to 5. m________ shoes, water bags and even tents(帐篷). They use the camels(骆驼) for 6. c_______ things. The people of the desert have to keep 7. m_______ from places to place. They must always look for grass or desert plants for their animals. They usually live in the tents. When there is mo more food for their animals, they take down their tents, put them on the camels and move to 8. a_______ place. The desert people are very 9. f_______. No man in the desert would ever refuse to help the people in 10.t_______ and give them food and water. 5,The world of the out-of doors is full of secrets. And 1. t________ are so interesting that quite a lot of people are busy studying them. All around us are birds, animals, trees and flowers. The facts about 2.h________ they live and grow are as interesting as anything could be. Do you know that one of the great presidents of the United States 3 s________ hours and hours studying birds? A businessman who lives near New York City became so interested in insects(昆虫) that he began to collect them. He now has more than one thousand different kinds 4. c________ kept in the glass boxes. Come then with me, and I will help you find some of Nature's secrets. Let us go quietly through the woods and fields. Here we shall find how a rabbit tells the other rabbits that there is danger. We shall follow a mother bear and her young ones as they search for food and get ready for 5. w________ sleep. We shall watch bees 6. d________ in the air to let other bees know where they can find food. I will 7.s________ you many other interesting things, but the 8. b________ thing that I can teach you is to keep your eyes and ears 9.o________ when you go out of doors. Nature tells her secrets 10.o________ to people who look and listen carefully. 6, Mr Hill arrives at London Airport, at the end of a three-week holiday in 1. F________. Usually he wears a beard(蓄着胡须). Since it has been 2.h________ there, he has taken it off (剃掉). But his passport photo shows him with his 3. b________. An officer looks at the 4. p________for a moment, and says,"Will you excuse me? Please sit down. I shan't keep you long." With this, he walks away, shows the photo to a second 5.________, and says: "I know that face." The second officer looks at the 6. p________ and asks where Mr Hill has come from. When he hears that Mr

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Hill has arrived back from Paris, the 7.s________ officer smiles and says: "An Englishman with a beard stole a painting in Paris on Friday, And that man looks just the kind of man..." 8.S________ it comes to the first officer who Mr Hill is. He returns to him, and asks: "Did you 9. t________ at the No.2. High School?" When Mr Hill answers, 10. i________, that he did, the first officer smiles and says: "I thought so. I'm Jack Smith. You taught me French. You haven't changed a bit." 7. Thomas Edison was a great American 1.i________ . When he was a child, he was always 2.a________ questions and trying out new ideas. No matter 3.h________ hard it was, he never gave up. Young Tom was in school for only three months. His teacher didn't understand why he had 4.s________ many strange questions. Most of them were not about his lessons. The teacher didn't want to teach Tom any 5.m________ . He asked Tom's mother to take the boy home. Tom's mother taught him to read and write, and she found him 6.t________ a very good pupil. He learnt very fast and became very 7.i________ in science. One day , he saw a little boy 8.p________ on the railway tracks at a station. A train was coming near quiclly, and the boy was too frightened to move. Edison rushed out and carried the boy to 9 .s________. The boy's father was so 10.t________ that he taught Edison to send messages by telegraph. 8,"Dreams (梦 ) may be more important than sleep. We all need to dream," some scientists say. Dreams take up about one quarter of our 1 .s________ time. People have several 2.d ________each night. Dreams are like short films. They are usually in colour. Some dreams are 3. l________ old films. They come to us over and over 4. a________. That may be because the dreamer is worrying about something. Dreaming may be a way of trying to find an answer. Some people get new ideas 5. a________ their work from dreams. They may have been 6. t________ about their work all day. These thoughts can carry over into dreams. Sometimes we 7. w________up with a good feeling from a dream. But often we can't remember the dream. Dreams can disappear (消失) 8. q________ from memory (记忆). Too much dreaming can be harmful (有害的). The 9. m________ we sleep, the longer we dream. The mind is hard at work when we dream. That is 10. w________ we may have a long sleep and still wake up tired. 9,More than seven hundred years ago, the Prince of Wales had a very big and brave dog 1.c_____Gelert. One day the Prince wanted to go hunting with his men. He told his 2. d________ to stay at home and look after his baby son. The baby was in a wooden cradle (摇

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篮), which was like a small bed. When the Prince came back from hunting, Gelert ran out to meet his master. He wagged his tail and jumped up to put his paws (前爪)on the Prince's chest. Then the Prince saw the blood on Gelert's jaws and head. "What have you done?" the Prince said. He rushed into his house and 3.l ________for his baby son. The cradle was lying on its side on the floor. The clothes were torn and there was blood on them. "So you have killed my son?" the Prince said angrily. "You unfaithful dog!" He took out his sword (剑) and 4. k________ the dog. Just as Gelert was 5. d________ , he managed to bark. Then the Prince heard a baby call to the dog. The Prince ran out of the house and saw his son lying on the ground unhurt. Near him was a dead 6. w________. Then the Prince knew that Gelert had defended(保 卫) the baby and killed the wolf. The Prince ran 7. b________ into the house but he was too late. Gelert was dead. The Prince was very sad indeed. 8.T ________ ran down his face when he realized 'he had killed 9. h________faithful friend. The Prince carried the body of his brave dog to the top of a mountain and buried him there. After this, the Prince never smiled again. Every morning at dawn, he walked up the mountain and stood by the dog's grave for a few minutes. If you go to Mount Snowdon in Wales, people will show you where Gelert is buried. There is a sign by his grave. It 10. r________people of a brave and faithful dog. 10, One day, tha manager of a well-known hotel received a visit from an angry guest. “I can’t s_____ here any more,” she shouted. “You must tell the man in the room next to mine to stop making that terrible n_____ on the piano.” Then seeing the look of the surprise on the manager’s face, she a_____, “If you don’t m_____ him stop, I shall have to leave the hotel.” “I’m t_____ sorry it troubles you, madam,” said the manager, “But that’s Paderewski, the great pianist.” Now it was the lady’s t_____ to look surprised, “What did you say?” she asked, “Did you say it was Paderewski, the great pianist?” The manager nodded, and the lady was s_____ for a moment. “Well, of course, that’s d_____,” she said at last, “If so, don’t say a w______ to him.” A few days later, the manager overheard the lady talking to another guest in the entrance hall. “It’s wonderful,” she was saying, “I can open the door every morning and hear the great pianist Paderewski p______.” 11 One day, a child took some paper from a box. He made a paper ball and p_____ it up into his nose. He couldn’t get it out. He was a_____ and ran crying to his mother. His mother couldn’t get the paper out, either. Two days later, the paper was still in his nose. His nose began to have a bad s_____.

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So his mother took the child to the hospital. The doctor looked up at the child’ s nose. “Yes, I can see it,” But it was so d______ that she couldn’t get it out. The boy began to cry because he felt a great deal of p______. The doctor said to the boy that she would have to c______ his nose to take the paper out if he cried again. The boy didn’t want to have his nose cut. So he stopped crying. Then the doctor said, “It’ll be out soon.” As she spoke, she shook a bottle of black pepper on the child’s nose. The child gave a s______ sneeze and the paper f______ out. His mother was surprised. The doctor told his mother to take the boy to the sea for a s______. She said the s_____ water would go up his nose and it was good for his nose. 12 About ten years ago when I was a student in college, I had a part-time job at my University’s Museum of Natural History. One day while w_____ in the gift shop, I saw an elderly couple come in with a little girl in a wheelchair. As I looked c_____ at this girl, I then realized she had no arms or legs, just a head, neck and torso(躯干). She was wearing a little white dress with red dots(圆 点). As the couple p_____ her up to me, I was looking down at the register. I turned my head toward the girl and gave her a wink(眨眼). As I took the money from her g______, I looked back at the girl, who was giving me the cutest,largest smile I have ever seen. All of a sudden her handicap was gone and all I s_____ was this beautiful girl, whose smile just melted me and almost g______ me a completely new sense of what life is all about. She took me from a poor, u_____ college student and brought me into her world: a world of smiles, love and warmth.That was ten years ago. I’m a s_______ business person now and whenever I get down and think about the t____ of the world, I think about that little girl and the remarkable(非凡的) lesson about life that she t_______ me. 13 Maybe you are more interested in sports than in history. You probably think you will never be a t_____ student. In fact, anyone can become a better student if he or she wants to. If you can use your time well, you may i______ your study without much work. Here is how: Plan your time carefully. When you plan your week time, you should make a l______ of things you have to do. First write down the time for eating, sleeping, dressing,etc. Then decide on a good time for studying. Of course, studying shouldn’t t_____ all of your time. Don’t forget to l______ yourself enough time for hobbies. Find a good place to study. Look around the house for a good study place. Keep this space,which maybe a desk or just a c______ of your room. No games, radio or television. When you sit down to work, think only about the subject! Make good use of your time in class. Listen c______ to what the teachers say. Careful listening in class means l_____ work later. You also need to take notes in

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class, because it can make it e______ for you to learn well. There are only a few ways mentioned here to h_____ you with your studies. I believe you can find many other ways besides these. 14 Fred didn’t like to use his head. He never put his heart into his studies when he was at school. So he f______ behind his classmates and couldn’t pass the exams. Before long he l_____ school and stayed at home. With his father’s help,he found a job in a factory. At first he worked in an office,but he was u______to do his job well. So he was sent to a workshop. He had to do some heavy work there. He was always tired when he got home and went to bed as soon as he finished s_____. One day, he went to have his long hair cut. He found the work clean and l_____. He decided to be a barber,too. So he left the factory. He took a barber as his teacher. Three month passed, but he didn’t learn anything and the barber l____ his patience. The young man had to go home. His father helped him to o_____ a barber’s shop in their town, but nobody would have their hair cut in his shop. His father wanted others to b______ Fred and decided to be the first customer. However, the young man was so c_____ that he hurt his father’s ear. His father s_____ his head sadly and said, “Have you ever done something nicely?” “Oh, Dad, I’m dreaming of it.” 15 We’ve got two children:Jack is seven,and his little brother, Wendy is four. They’re quite c______ ,and play a lot together. They quarrel quite a lot too, but they e________ each other’s company( 相伴). Unluckily, we live quite a long way from the others of the family. It’s an eighthour d_____ to get to their grandparents, but we usually visit them during the school holidays. Jack reads well, but he hasn’t shouted to read for f____ yet—he thinks reading is only something to do at home for you. I think the main p____ is that he watches far too much television. He a_____ likes playing cards and computer and riding his bike. I don’t let him ride it on the streets, but we often go to the park, where it is s_____. He doesn’t eat too many sweets, because he is g_____ his adult teeth(恒牙) now,and he knows they have got to l______ him for life. He seems more interested in s____ his pocket money and counting it than spending it. 16 Sarah Davis lives in Dalton, Australia, where her parents have a sheep farm. Dalton is a small country town with one hundred people. The n______ city is over one hundred and fifty kilometers away, so Sarah doesn’t o______ go there. She likes her l_______ on the farm. She has a brother called Jeff. They b_____ go to school. In summer it’s usually very hot, so the school day starts early at half past seven and e______ at midday. At the moment Jeff Davis is working in the woolshed(羊圈). He is p______ the good wool from the bad wool and is putting it into boxes. Sarah is taking the good wool to the woolstore. The work in the woolshed is hard, but Sarah and Jeff don’

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t mind because it’s f______. Jeff e_____ working with the animals. When he doesn’ t help his father, he reads books about farming. He is going to c_______ next year to study farming. When they finish in the shed, Sarah and Jeff are going for a swim in the river. They sometimes p_____ a visit to their old friends. There was a little man sitting inside a bar, just looking at his drink. He s ___ like that for half an hour.Then , a big trouble-making truck driver stepped next to him, took the drink from the man, and just drank it a ___ down. The poor man s______ crying. The truck driver said: “ Come on, man, I was j joking. Here , I’ll buy you a______ drink. I just can’ t see a man crying.” “No, it’s not that. Today it is the w_____ day of my life. First , I overslept and was late to an important meeting. My boss got very angry and fired me. When I left the b ____ to my car, I found out it was stolen. The police said they could do n . I got a cab to return home, and after I p the cab driver and the cab had gone, I found that I left my whole wallet in the cab. So I came to this bar. And when I was thinking about putting an e to my life, you show up and drink my poison(毒药) ---” 17

A girl named Liz was suffering from a strange and serious illness. Her o chance of being well appeared to be a blood transfusion (输血) from her 5-year-old brother, who had survived (生存) from the s___ disease and had developed the antibodies (抗体). The doctor told the situation to her little brother, and a______ the boy if he would be willing to give his blood to his sister. The boy t for only a moment before taking a deep breath and saying, “Yes, I’ll do it if it will save Liz.” During the transfusion, he l in bed next to his sister and smiled, as all the other people did. He saw the c returning to her cheek (面颊). Then his face became pale (苍白) and his smile d______. He looked up at the doctor and asked with a shaking v __ , “Will I start to die right away?” Being y ____ , he boy had misunderstood the doctor. He thought he was going to have to give his sister all his blood. But after all, his action s ______ everything. 19 In Britain, people often invite friends for a meal, a party or just coffee. People who know each other very well —c friends, family or neighbors—visit each other’s houses w an invitation, but usually an invitation is n_______. When people invite someone to their homes, they often say:“Would you like to come for dinner on Saturday?”Answers are: “ Thanks. We’d love to. What time?” or “I’m sorry. We’d love to but we have t for the concert.” However, it is not p to say “No, we wouldn’ t”!


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Sometimes, the British use expressions that s like invitations but which are not invitations. For example: “You must come over for a drink sometime.” or “Let’s go out for a meal one of these days.” These are u just polite ways of ending a talk. They are not real invitations because they don’t m an exact time or day. They just show that the person is t______ to be friendly and the answers are: “Yes, that would be n .” or “OK, yes, thanks.” So next time you hear an invitation, listen carefully. Is it a real invitation or is the person just being friendly?

20We live in the computer age. People like scientists, teachers, writers and even students use computers to do m ____(1) of their work. But more than 30 years ago, c ____(2) couldn't do much. They were very big and expensive. Very few people were i____ (3) in them and knew how to use them. Today computers are smaller and c____ (4) . B ____(5) they can do a lot of work, many people like to use them. Some people even have them at home. Computers become very important because they can work f ____(6) than men and make fewer m____ (7). Computers can help people do a lot of work. Writers now use computers to write . Teachers use them to help t____ ( 8 ) . Students use them to study and children use them to play g____ ( 9 ) . Computers can also remember what you put into them. Computers are very u____ (10) and helpful. They are our good friends. much computers interested cheaper Because faster mistakes teaching games useful

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