2017 年 12 月大学英语六级真题解析

天津新东方 李蒙

本次六级听力,再次延续我之前所推断的四六级听力定理,即“视听者得天下”。包括 长对话、短文、讲座在内的一共 25 道六级听力题目,只有 4 道题是需要考生进行词义理解 与替换,剩余 21 道题目的正确答案,全都与原文保持听音上的视听匹配。 以下是本次听力的详细解析与对应我在新东方课堂上所讲的技巧:

Section A


Q1. C) They facilitate the donation of unsold foods to the needy. 方法:视听一致,语序调整,同根替换 原文:New laws have been put into place that would make it easier for farms and supermarkets to donate unsold foods to those who are in need. Q2. B) It passed a law aiming to stop overproduction. 方法:视听一致,语序调整 原文:Just earlier this year, the European Parliament voted in favor of legislation that would stop grocery giants from unfair trading practices that result in overproduction, thus creating waste. Q3. D) It has banned supermarkets from dumping edible foods. 方法:视听一致 原文:In France, the government has banned supermarkets from throwing away edible foods and imposed harsh penalties on businesses that fail to comply with the regulations. Q4. A) The confusion over food expiration labels. 方法:视听完全一致 原文:one major cause of this problem is the confusion over food expiration labels, which are currently not regulated by the government.


Q5. B) It has just launched its annual anniversary sales.

方法:视听完全一致 原文:Yesterday, my friend told me that the annual anniversary sales had begun. Q6. D) Price adjustments within seven days of purchase. 方法:视听完全一致 原文:We do offer price adjustments within seven days of purchase to ensure our customer satisfaction. Q7. C) Credit it to her account. 方法:视听一致,重复 原文:We can credit your account directly with the difference if you wish. Crediting my account would be wonderful. Q8. D) Complimentary tailoring. 方法:视听完全一致 原文:In addition to the sale, we're running a promotion for complimentary tailoring if you need it.

Section B

Passage 1

Q9. A. They are thin, tall, and unlike real human beings. 方法:视听完全一致 原文:They’re thin, tall, long-legged and virtually unlike any real human being. Q10. D. Their body shapes have not changed much. 方法:视听完全一致 原文:her body shape hasn’t changed much. Q11. C. On the Internet. 方法:同义替换 原文:but they will be sold online at the Barbie website.

Passage 2

Q12. A) Movable metal type began to be used in printing. 方法:视听一致,语序调整 原文: but it was in Germany around the year 1450 that a printing press using movable metal type was invented. Q13. B) It was the biggest printer in the 16th century.

方法:视听完全一致 原文:The biggest sixteenth-century printer Q14. B) It boosted the circulation of popular works. 方法:视听一致,语序调整 原文:while less popular works went out of circulation. Q15. D) It promoted the growth of national languages. 方法:视听完全一致 原文:that it facilitated the growth of national languages.

Section C

Recording One

16. D) They choose a job without thinking it through. 方法:同义替换 原文:Many people graduate from school or college not knowing what they want to do with their lives and get a job without really thinking about it. 17. B) Find out what job choices are available. 方法:视听完全一致 原文:Find out what jobs are available and what your options are. 18. A) The qualifications you have. 方法:同义替换 原文:Do you have any extra certificates at your degree?

Recording Two

19. B) It is a cultural festival founded for African-Americans. 方法:视听一致,语序调整 原文:Kwanzaa is a cultural festival, during which African-American celebrate and reflect upon their rich heritage as the products of the two worlds. 20. C) To help African-Americans to realize their goals. 方法:视听完全一致 原文:who believed that a special holiday could help African Americans meet their goals of building strong families. 21. B) The fruits of the harvest.

方法:视听一致,重复 原文: he decided that the new holiday should be a harvest or first fruit’s celebration. In cooperating ideas from many different harvest traditions. Kwanzaa is a … word meaning the first fruits of the harvest. 22. A) They recite a principle. 方法:视听一致,重复,语序调整 原文:While the candles is being lit, a principal is recited then each person present takes turn to speak about the importance that the principle has to himself or herself.

Recording Three

23. D) It is one of the world’s most healthy diets. 方法:视听一致,语序调整 原文:Several noted nutritionists in research projects have concluded that this diet is one of the most healthful in the world in terms of preventing such illnesses as heart disease and cancer and increasing life expectancy. 24. A) It is regarded as one of the greatest researches of its kind. 方法:同义替换 原文: In titled of the seven countries study, it is considered one of the greatest studies of its kind ever performed. 25. B) They have lower mortality rates. 方法:视听完全一致 原文: The Mediterranean groups have lower mortality rates in all age brackets in form of all causes particularly from heart disease.