高考英语书面表达对文章的逻辑和结构要求比较低, 只要按照写作要点完整表达就可以, 但 是在选词和选句部分有较高的要求, 尤其是对于想要拿到高分的学生。 所以针对历年高考书 面表达各个考区的高频考点,给大家总结了相应的话题词汇,希望大家能熟练掌握。 话题一:中学生的兴趣爱好 Spare time, hobby, entertainment, be interested in, have special favor to, be fond of, be keen on, have a taste in, read novels, surf the internet, chat online, collect stamps, doing sports, develop an interest in, play musical instrument 话题二:劳动、求职与就业 Offer service to, heart and soul, physical labor, mental labor, honorable, earn pocket money, part-time job, full-time job, steel one’s mind, enlarge one’s knowledge, get working experience, apply for, major in, graduate from, degree, scholarship, be skilled in, confident, experienced, perform well in school, leadership, communicative, cooperative, competitive, diligent 话题三:中学生健康 Physical health, mental health, overweighted, ,slim, thin, loose weight, near\short sighted, energetic, be on diet, keep healthy, build up one’s body, take regular exercise, good living habit, get into the habit of, nutrition, nutritious, eat snacks, skip breakfast, lose appetite, catch cold\flu, suffer from serious disease, pass out, runny nose, toothache, dentist, homesick, depressed, stay up all night, relaxation, reduce pressure 话题四:环境保护 Pollution, protect the environment, give off a bad smell, send out smoke and poisonous gases into the air, pour waste water into the river, cut down trees, throw litter, sandstorm, global warming-up, Green House Effect, live in

harmony with, take proper measures to, improve the environment, pose a great threat to, be endangered, die out, become extinct, species, be from bad to worse, Spring up like mushrooms, Flood into 话题五:校园文明与安全 School rules and regulations, obey, be neatly dressed, respect one’s teachers and parents, be on time, keep the environment clean, break the rules, spit, cheat in exam, get in line, punish sb for, it’s shameful to, library card, student ID, bicycle-permit, be absent from, play truant, 话题六:友谊 Make friends with, friendship, friendly, trust each other, righteous, honesty, knowledgeable, standard, precious, be loyal to, keep in touch with, keep company with sb, have a lot in common, share happiness and bitterness with each other, treasure, good-tempered A friend is a present which you give yourself. A life without a friend is a life without a sun.


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