导语 : 春节是中国最热闹的一个节日了 , 下面是小编为 还在备考的同学整理的优秀英语作文 , 欢迎阅读与借鉴 , 谢 谢! 篇一、最新春节英语的作文 This year I have a happy spring featival with my family. On New Year's Eve,all the family people get together to have a big dinner in the a small talk and play some games. Thanks to this spring festival,it make our family people get fighting. 篇二、最新春节英语的作文 The Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. It is on January 1st according to the Chinese lunar calendar(中国的农历). It’s China’s New Year’ s Day. So usually a month before the festival people begin to buy food clothes and decorations( 装饰 ) for houses. About a week before the festival housewives are enjoy ourselves and in the new year we all the dinner we have

busy preparing the new year dinner. And they will do a lot of washing and cleaning in the houses. People who are far away on business are hurrying to return home for the new year’s family reunion. On New Year Eve each family will gather tighter eating talking and watching TV for almost the whole night. And there will be some interesting programmes on TV. The children are the happiest of all because they can get presents from parents or grandparents. On Lunar New Year’s Day after getting up people will eat dumplings. When they meet their neighbours or friends they’ll say: “Happy New Year!” I am ready to spend with together my family on the Spring Festival I’am going to see my grandparents and friengs . I ’m going to Diseyland in HONGKONG with my parents I will revise lessinos do exercise every day help the old and children . 篇三、最新春节英语的作文 Let's me tell you how Chinese spend time on the Spring Spring Festivail has a long history in festival is from

China ,and it's so important for

January 1st to January 15st .The first day of new

year,people usualiy stay at home to

few also can clean

home hardly stick couplets ,Hanging pictures and post 'fu' that night,everyone doesn't go to bed to wait for first few days,we

is popular way with celebrate the

can see many person visit relatives and friends each Spring Festival has been a Chinese traditional culture festival,what do you think of it? 篇四、最新春节英语的作文 New Year PartyOn New Year's Eve, our class had a party. The atmosphere was good. It was out of the ordinary from the very begining. The boy student from one bedroom gave an unusual performance. We saw a boy named Li Xinmin turn off all the lights in a sudden snap. Then with three resounding crow of a cock echoing in the hall, the hall was again brightly lit in a , the representative of the bedroom Zhu Guozhang asked us to guess a line of a poem related to the above situation. He added that Li Xinmin alone was born in the year of the dog and the other three were all born in the year of the chicken. They left us all in confusion. And it was our monitor who was quickwitted. He shouted our, The day breaks as the cock crows three times at dawn.

The hall After that, they had another item. This time Li Xinmin was placed in the middle of the circle. While he was standing there, the other three stood around him, each bowing down to him at an angle of 120 degrees. It was an idiom. This time I got it right:The dog stands out among a group of chickens.


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