Job and Job Interview_图文

A New English Course 3/4


Reading for Text I My First Job

Pre-reading activities 1. Oral work: 1. Have you ever had a a part job? Can you describe your own experience in doing your first job? 2. What job do you want to take when you graduate? Do you think hunting a job is easy for you? Why or why not? 3. What do you know about job interview?

? 2.Reading skill: Skimming for main idea ? 1.Run the eyes over the text rapidly, read only the familiar words and phrases and ignore the unfamiliar ones. Try to piece together the bits of information.

? 2. Try to recognize the key words and phrases that are closely related to the title of the text, and ignore the supporting details.
? 3. Read carefully (only) the first and last sentence of each paragraph, and the first and last paragraph of the text.

While-reading activities 1. Key words and phrased for main idea in each para. ? 1: A teaching post, very short of money, I applied ? 2: an interview ? 3: school (many words here can be ignored because they are used to describe the school as supporting details) ? 4: the headmaster himself (ignore the description) ? 5; an air of disapproval, proceeded to as me questions ? 6: one class of 24 boys, teach all subjects except art ? 7: teaching set-up appalled me, I was dismayed, worse ? 8: my salary ? 9: the last straw

1. Questions for detailed information 1. What did the writer fear when he applied for the teaching post? 2. How was his journey for the interview like? 3. Describe the appearance of the headmaster in your own words. 4. What impression did the hall give the writer? 5. What was the implied meaning of “He grunted.”? 6. Why was the writer appalled by the teaching set-up? 7. What is meant by “This was the last straw” in the text?

2.Main idea: Choose the statement which best sums up the text. The writer was interviewed by the headmaster of a school and was offered a job that was none too pleasant.
3. Detailed study on the development of the theme (the unpleasant experience of his first job) Can you find the

supporting ideas?

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school being a long way from his home inconvenient transportation—an awkward journey hot weather poor surroundings: outside the school building—busy main road, dusty and full of fumes; inside the school building—dirty and untidy unfavorable impression of the headmaster—his untidy study and suit, his strange, distasteful appearance terrible teaching set-up—a class of 24 boys from 7 to 13, three different levels; compelled to teach two subject the writer was not good at; required to take the pupils to the Park a mile away to play cricket on Saturday afternoons. meager salary working under a woman

4.Text analysis and language points
1.Slim : attractively thin 身材苗条 a slim figure a slim book 引申:(成功)机会不大 There is a slim chance that …… Chances of success are quite slim. 练习:飞机因雾大撞到山头上,飞行员幸存的机会很小。 The plane crashed against the mountain top, and there was a slim chance that the pilot has survived. 2. Awkward: 使笨拙的,尴尬的,不方便的 focus on the inconvenience for lack of skills ? e.g. She seemed quite awkward at the dinner because she had never been to a western restaurant.

He can always respond well when in awkward situation. 比较: clumsy 是强调人固有的做事毛糙属性 ? The clumsy waiter has dropped 4 plates this week. ? You are /I am such a clumse ! (口语:你真是毛糙啊!) 3. Summon: fml. 传唤,召唤 summons (这是原形)法庭传票 1). Republican leaders were summoned to the White House for a brief meeting. (= to formally order or ask someone to come to a particular place) 2). I finally summoned the courage to ask my father to lend me the car. (= to make a great effort to use one’s strength, courage, energy, etc.)

4. Dreary: gloomy, cheerless 暗淡阴沉、无聊 a dreary day, 练习:明天我还得出席另一场沉闷的会议,然后处理那些已成 不变的繁文缛节. ? Tomorrow I will have got to attend another dreary meeting and deal with the same old dreary routine. 5. Rotund : 圆胖的 (幽默说法) 6. ample: more than enough in size or scope or capacity, abundant ? Ample stomach 大肚子 ample chest 宽阔的胸膛 ? 程度:Ample/sufficient> enough > adequate

7. Air : …态度、神情、样子 with an air of … / With a … air e.g. She smiled with an air of triumph. ? He looked at me with a knowing air.(他一副会意的神情) ? He assumes an air of superiority. 补充: put on airs with sb: 对…摆架子 8. Stale : nor fresh 走味儿, 陈腐的 ? stale cabbage stale bread stale air ? Running water is never stale, and an active mind is always sound. 流水不腐,跃心无疾。 ? 比喻用法: a stale joke 老调重弹 In the meeting the manager always repeats some stale points.

9. dingy: (a place,sth) dirty-looking 肮脏、退色的、暗淡 ? 10. vital: very necessary, even for life e.g. Government support is vital to the success of the project. ? Students’ participation and cooperation are of vital necessity in an English class. 补充: Vital → vitalize → revitalize ? 11. attach great importance to … 重视、重点放在… ? e.g. We should attach importance to the problem of global warming. 翻译:中国一向重视同邻国的关系。 ? China always attached importance to the relations with its neighbors.

12.appall: shock deeply, 使人惊骇 (高程度) ? pale→ appall 使吓得脸色苍白 ? Appalled, appalling 13.dismay: be discouraged and depressed ? I was dismayed at the possible troubles in the plan. ? To my dismay, I had to teach algebra and geometry to the students. 14. the prospect of sth or doing sh:期望,前景,预测到,想到就 ? There is no prospect of settlement of the dispute.

? 15. 趣味解释:a crocodile of … ? This is the last straw.

? 16.补充一个:mumble: 喃喃,咕哝 ? mutter: 轻声低语 ? murmur: 小声细声说 ? 联系:grunt

Post-reading activities ? 1. Summary of description of a person ? 1)Forehead:A person's forehead can be large,high, low,broad,narrow,domed or re-treating/receding (going back). ? 2)Moustache:A man may grow a moustache,which can be close-cropped,drooping (bending downward) or pointed. ? 3)Eyes:A person may have bloodshot eyes,bulging (curve outward) eyes,prominent eyes,close-set eyes, dark eyes,deep-set eyes,or sunken (to a lower level) eyes.

? 4) Hair:Hair may be short,long,thin,thick,straight, curled,curly,wavy,sparse (thinly scattered),unkempt (untidy) , disheveled (uncombed),luxuriant (strong In growth), permed (short for permanent waves). ? The color of hair can be:black,dark,red,grey,silver, chestnut,white,brown, fair, blond(e),golden,jetblack (dark-black),dyed. ? Some men lose their hair and go bald. ? 5) Figure:A person's figure may be:slender,stout(fat, plump),stooping (bending),thin(lean)slim. ? 6)Height:A person may be:tall,short,of medium (average)height.

2. Comments on the text The writer organized this passage in the order of the occurrence of the happenings of the episode. The chronological development of the story is: 1. Seeing the advertisement and applying for the job 2. The journey to Croydon 3. The interview with the headmaster


Though text I is primarily a narration, description predominates. The purpose of description is to create a dominant impression in the reader’s mind. The writer uses both subjective and objective description to prepare the readers for the unpleasantness of the job interview.

Reading for Text II The Interview

Pre-reading activities
1.Key Questions in a job interview 1. What can you tell me about yourself? 2. Why do you want to work for us? 3. Why should I hire you? 4. How do you feel about your progress to date? 5. What would you like to be doing five years from now? 6. What is your greatest weakness? 7. What is your greatest strength ? 8. What goals have you set and how did you meet them?

2. Suggestions for Reading ? ? 1. Pay attention to the expressions and questions often used in an interview. 2. Analysis of the facial expressions, manners and tone of the interviewers so as to know their impression on you. 3. Pay attention to the detailed description of the interviewee’s feeing.


While-reading activities
1. Find out from the text description about the appearance and the expressions of the interviewers. (answer: like a terrier, frowned, a thickset heavy-jawed man, oddly querulous, on a note of somber improbability, tormentor, a tight, impatient smile, persecutor, a wintry smile etc.)

? 2. Find out words showing unpleasantness. (answer: like a terrier, feeling anything but well, startled, incurable disease, oddly querulous, hesitated, tormentor, a tight, impatient smile, a sense of guilt, a cross-examination, a crime, persecutor, stung, a sense of inadequacy, a wintry smile, like a threat. )

3.Text analysis and language points 1. prompt: prompt sb to do sth = cause sb to do 敦促、激励… 去做 The little girl was prompted by her curiosity to open the closet. 2. temperament: disposition (a person’s nature or character) ? To be a good teacher, knowledge and teaching skills are not enough, you have to have the right temperament. 3. clear one’s throat: 清清嗓子 4. reckon: v. consider sb to be , guess, ? I reckon that there are at least 200 people present at the meeting. ? We reckon him to be the best worker this year. ?

? v. to calculate, estimate ? reckon (up) the cost before going shopping 补充:reckon on: depend on = count on 5. an incurable disease 6.querulous: fml. habitually complaining 贬义 来自query 询问 7. somber: gloomy 暗淡阴沉、 忧郁 Be in a somber mood

8. resent: feel angry or upset about 对。。。怀恨, 憎恨 ? Resent doing sth ? ↓ ? Resentful be resentful of sb/sth → resentment 识记: bear sb resentment/ harbor a deep resentment toward sb Antonym: consent agreement, permission赞同 ? Consent to do sth/ consent to sh ? Give one’s consent to sh/for sth ?

9.instill: instill sh into sb = cause sb gradually to acquire sth ? Nowadays parents should instill a sense of responsibility into children. 练习: 好的教师能将求知欲逐渐灌输给青年人。 ? A good teacher can instill the desire to learn in young people. ? 联想记忆: distill: 蒸馏、提取精华

Extended exercises
Keys---WB Translation ? 1. They all believe that he has a slim chance of success. ? 2. I don’t know why she has an air of sadness all the time. ? 3. It was after all the students had taken their seats that the president of the students’ union proceeded to announce the camping itinerary. ? 4. The stomach is a vital organ of the human body; please take good care of it. ? 5. He considered it ridiculous for the general manager to attach so much importance to those routine trifles.

? 6. Her study, which ranged over many languages and cultures, was full of challenge. ? 7. As is scheduled, all the members of the staff take turns to go on night duty. ? 8. She was greatly upset at the thought of leaving her parents and living on her own in a remote area. ? 9. We don’t worry so much about her qualifications for the job as about her health. ? 10. He was very excited at the prospect of having a cruise around the world.

Sight interpretation
? ACME Atlantic is a well-known and respected trading company. We handle imports directly from manufacturers in 35 different countries, often to our own specifications, and currently export to 46 different countries worldwide. ? We are looking for enthusiastic people to work in our office in Bermuda on temporary 3-, 6-, and 9- month contracts. Applicants must be able to speak and write at least one foreign language fluently and can be nationals of any country.


Experience in import/export will be an advantage, but as special training will be available this is not essential. The main requirements are a willingness to work as a member of a team, to cope with pressure, to use the telephone in a foreign language and in English and to be prepared occasionally to work long hours when necessary. ? There are several posts available and long-term prospects are good, though initially all successful applicant will be contracted for a maximum of 9 months. ? The salary we will offer is excellent. We will pay your return air fare and provide adequate accommodation at nominal rent. ? Please apply in your own handwriting, enclosing your resume to us.