B5U1 Great scientists


Retell the passage

Who was John Snow? What happened?

What did Snow want to do?
How did he solve the problem? What did he suggest?


He is a great Chinese scientist. He once studied in America.

Who is he?

He is known as Father of the Chinese space program

Qian Xuesen 1911-2009

?He was born in Hangzhou, China. ?He lived and studied for many years in the USA but returned to China in 1955. ?He helped Zhou Enlai begin a program to build China’s first rockets and missiles in 1956. ?He was in charge of China’s missile and rocket programs as well as its spacecraft program. ?He died in 2009.

1.Can you predict the content of the listening? 2.Read the new words in the material:
astronomer (天文学家) astronaut (宇航员) institute (研究所)


Yu Ping is talking to her friend Steve Smith about Qian Xuesen and his work as a rocket scientist.

Listen to Parts 1 and 2 of the tape for the first time and write down the main idea.

… role of Qian Xuesen It is about the in the development of space technology in China.

1. first studied to be an engineer. 1. He What did Qian Xuesen study first?

2. experience did he get in America that 2. What His experience of studying on space rockets was useful for China? was useful. 3. What He set up a space institute in China to was Qian Xuesen’s main achievement design and build rockets to go into space. when he returned to China?


Part 1

YP: What do you want to be when you _____ grow _____, up Steve? SS: I want to be an astronomer and visit stars. I wish to visit Mars one day. YP: I think I’d like to work in the space _____ industry too. I’d like to be a rocketscientist _______ like Qian Xuesen. SS: What did he have to do to become a rocket scientist? YP: Well, he first studied at university to be an engineer. Later he went to America to study for his ________ doctor’s degree. It was then he began to work on rockets _______ there.

space__________ program that he came back to SS: So it was lucky for our _____ China.
YP: Very much so. There was no work on space rockets in China before he began his institute to design ______ and build rockets to go into space.

Part 2
SS: Do you think he wanted to travel into space in one of his rockets? YP: I have no idea but I believe helooked ____ _______ ___ forward to the first space flight by a Chinese astronaut. SS: Yes. Now that China has sent ________ satellitesinto space. I hope we’ll be the ___ first ___ to land on Mars. That would really be something special and if I were that astronaut I would put Qian Xuesen’s picture on Mars to show how much we admire ______ his work. YP: Indeed. He is rightfully calledthe ___father _____ of the Chinese space program. He is my hero and he is why I want to be a rocket scientist. SS: Well, we’d betterget ___on __ with ____our homework. We need good grades to get into university. YP: Right you are. See you, then.

SS: See you.


If you want to become a would-be scientist like Qian Xuesen, what personality will be needed? Can you give us some examples to support your idea?

Useful expressions
You may begin like this: I think a would-be scientist must be …. Let me give you an example about the great scientist…

Patient creative brave confident positive Pleasant intelligent energetic







Speak out

intelligent strict
positive brave patient

perseverant energetic careful devoted


determined modest

confident creative

hard-working co-operative



In groups discuss a scientific job you might choose in the future.
These questions may help you: ? What kind of scientific job do you want to do? ? Why are you so interested in this job?

? What education will you need?
? What work experience would be useful?


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