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LS-07 Lean Thinking Visual Management

Lean Thinking Visual Management

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Learning Objectives Section I. Introduction to visual management Section II. Visual Controls Section III. Visual Management Summary

Lean Thinking Visual Management
Learning Objectives

At the end of the session, you will be able to: ? Associate visual management with the elimination of waste. ? Implement visual controls to ensure process standardization and commitment from everyone.

Section I. Introduction to Visual Management



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Introduction to Visual Management
The Purpose of Visual Management
? ? ? ? See Abnormalities and Respond in a timely fashion. Management at a Glance. Real time displays of how the process is functioning. Ensures sustainability of the improvements.

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Introduction to Visual Management
Visual Management -Objectives
? Translates critical organizational requirements into visual stimuli that cannot be ignored. ? Uses these visual stimuli to highlight, report, clarify, and integrate mission, vision, values and culture into an organization's operating systems and performance requirements. ? Creates an environment that enhances employee commitment to the success of the organization by ensuring that the work environment and culture directly support the mission and values of that organization. ? Addresses performance issues and keeps people focused on the real mission and goals ? Helps people feel, see, hear, and touch mission, vision, core values, and results required to gain competitive advantage and improve performance. ? Simplifies and improves the means of delivery of information and results. ? Cuts through information overload so employees can see their results.

? Self-explaining ? Self-regulating ? Self-controlling

Section II. Visual Controls

Visual Controls
Visual Controls - Definition

Visual Controls are methods for making information about processes and fundamental daily activities visually available in a coherent, timely, and regular manner.

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Visual Controls
Visual Management - Features
To achieve its objectives, Visual Management must be: ? Goal oriented ? Obvious ? Self Directing

Visual Controls
Visual Management is Goal Oriented
? Goal oriented (expectations well defined) Floor
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Production targets Performance goals Path to goals Quality targets 5S standards Kaizen events display Value Stream management Business goals

Clear and appropriate goals motivate people

Visual Controls
Goal oriented example

Visual Controls
Visual Management is Obvious

? Obvious (Defined, identified and clear) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Work areas Work flow path All material status Production readiness Production ahead or behind Achievement of Takt Awareness of opportunities Execution of opportunities 5S performance Pitch scheduling Clearly visible to all that need to see it

If you have to ask, we are not there yet

Visual Controls

Visual Controls
Not obvious
If we have a visual factory, we can know without consulting anyone: 1. Which units are good and which aren't. 2. Which units have already passed previous processes. 3. Which units need to pass through the same process again.

What is the status of this board

Which are the failed units and which the accepted ones?

Visual Controls
Obvious and clear vision

Visual Controls
Visual Management is Self Directing

? Self Directing ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? What by When with Pitch Problem correction path Escalation path Andon Actionable information Easy to learn Easily show good/bad Designed for independent action

Empowerment is about taking action when it matters

Visual Controls
Visually Self directing control
? Keeps aspects of management localized ? Helps maintain decision making where it belongs

Visual Controls
ANDON in our sites


Why A rejection in OBA or 3-5-10 rule application in workstations. Corrective action in validation phase. Abnormality with equipment, machines and tools. Abnormality with material. (Raw material defects, lack of material)

Who activates it? Any line operator

Who turns it off?

Red Green

OBA OBA Any line operator OBA Operator who reported the problem Operator who reported the problem



Any line operator

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Section III. Summary of Visual Management

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Visual Management Summary
Screen Printer Supplies – Best Practice
It’s easy to tell right away what is missing when the work area is properly set up using Visual management.

If you look closely, you can see that there is a white strip that tells what is supposed to be in the box/space. There can only be a small amount of items in the space provided which eliminates excess MRO items on the floor. Ideally the space dedicated to the tool/item would be outlined in the shape of the tool/item.

Visual Management Summary
Solder Paste FIFO – Best Practice
Many sites have started using these cylinders to hold solder paste jars. The idea is to place them in the top and pull them from the bottom. This helps control FIFO and minimizes the amount of jars on the floor. The same principle can be used for storing the jars in refrigerators.

How do you store your jars of paste?


Visual Management Summary
? 5S is the foundation of a visual managed workplace ? The main objective of 5S and visual controls is to expose, eliminate and prevent waste ? Visual controls envision, empower and enable all employees to own the process and make it better, continually ? Visual controls are the most effective way to standardize improvement implementations derived from Kaizen events, 5S standards, etc

Meeting your expectations
Now that you have completed this training module, we would like you help us improve your learning experience. Click below for an short anonymous survey: Link to Survey here Thanks, Global Lean Six Sigma Team
How to maintain what works?

Did happen as planned?

What to reach? How to do it?

Do what was planned

This completes the module. We encourage you to spend some time with your manager or mentor to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding this topic.

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