熟记并在写作中活用下列高级词汇 1.important:essential/vital/significant 2.be interested in:show great interest in/take an in/be fascinated by 3.develop a sense/habit/an awareness of 4.very difficult:challenging 5.so:consequently/therefore/thus 6.finally:eventually/ultimately 7.go home in a hurry:hurry home 8.be made up of:be composed of/consist of 9.because of:thanks to/owing to/due to interest

10.if:on condition that/supposing/suppose 11.as a result:turn out to/in consequence of 12.in order to:for the purpose of/in an effort to 13.hear:at the news of/on hearing the news 14.can’t do sth.:have trouble/difficulty in doing sth./be unable to do 15.cause:lead to/result in 16.a lot of homework:endless homework/assignment 17.don’t like:care nothing for/hate/dislike 18.be being built:be under construction 19.be angry with:be annoyed with/at

20.on time:on schedule 21.be busy with:be occupied with/bury oneself in 22.make people’s lives dangerous:threaten people’s lives 23 . in one’s opinion : personally speaking /based on one’s personal idea/from one’s angle alone 24.apologize to sb.: make an apology to sb. 25.attend:be involved in/participate in/take part in 26.face sb./sth.:be faced with 27.hold:offer/organize 28.more and more people:an increasing number of people

29.many different sizes of rooms: rooms of many different sizes 30. watch the performance given by the students from: enjoy the performance given by the students from 31.live happily:live/lead a happy life 32.see suddenly:catch sight of/get glimpse of 33.suddenly:all of a sudden 34.want to learn everything:have a strong appetite/desire for knowledge 35.hurriedly:in a hurry 36.try to do:attempt to do/manage to do

37.immediately:without hesitation/delay 38.because:for the reason that/on account of 39.tired:exhausted 40.be surprised at:be astonished at 41.very quickly:in no time 42.rapidly: quickly/swiftly 43.decide to do:be determined to do/determine to do 44.good:outstanding/distinguished 45.be addicted to:be crazy about/be absorbed in 46.use:make use of 47.visit:pay a visit to/go (come)for a visit

48.should:be supposed to/ought to/be meant to 49.lie in:be located in/be situated in 50.hope:be expected to 51.fear:be scared/be afraid 52.and:as well as 53.send:deliver 54.spend the time with:share the time with 55.very:extremely 56.tend:have a tendency to do sth. 57.in fact:as a matter of fact 58.master:have a good command of

59.fail:meet with failure 60.like:love/prefer/enjoy 61.hate:dislike/be tired of/lose interest in/be disappointed in/with 62.happy:excited/pleased/satisfied 63.terrified:frightened 64.consider:take...into consideration/give consideration to 65.considering:in view of



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