Wine Culture
——France: Wine kingdom

French red wine

The wine can be used with any vegetables, but the French people, wine is used in conjunction with life!
——Ander·L· Simon(法国美酒作家)

French wine history
French wine is the world regarded as the best wine the world. It is so loved by the people, not only is it with perfume, fashion, like a symbol of French romance, more importantly, it has a unique history and culture. Mention the origin of French red wine, can be traced back to the 1st century AD. The first grapes planted in the Rhone valley of southern France, arrived at the Bordeaux region in the 2nd century. The long history of traditional viticulture and brewing process to create a noble French red wine; strive for perfection in winemaking methods to stimulate the most gorgeous vitality of French wine. French red wine because of its strict production process, as well as unique natural conditions, from birth to become the king of red wine. After thousands of years of evolution, the red wine from a religious height gradually integrated into the life and become a part of the French food culture. People and then the wine and art, good and beauty, brotherhood combination was considered to be fertile ground for nourishing the love and joy. The writer, Victor Hugo, Dumas, Balzac, and so handed down to posterity works in praise of wine brings intoxication and inspiration.

10 large producing areas of the French wine
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Bordeaux(波尔多) Rhone Valley(罗纳河谷) Burgundy(勃艮第 ) Champagne(香槟区 ) Beaujolais(薄若莱 ) Loire Valley( 卢瓦河谷 ) Alsace( 阿尔萨斯 ) South-West(西南产区 ) Provence(普罗旺斯 ) Languedoc-Roussillon (朗格多克-鲁西荣 )





The White


Red wine's fine varieties French Lan French Lan alias Mary neuroglobin, Country of Origin Austria. Brewing with treasure Stone, red, pure taste fragrant. The adaptability of varieties, cultivation performance ,Yield Yi tube, is one of China's brewing red wine seed. Carignan) Carignan alias French red, origin Spain. Brewing for deep,Ruby red color, pure flavor, full bodied. The adaptability of the varieties,Salinity, high yield, is one of the varieties of brewed red wine Muscat Hamburg Hamburg musk alias Rose, musk, is a Eurasian species of origin United Kingdom. The brewing reddish brown, soft and tasty, thick musk gas. The adaptability of the species, all over the cultivation

Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Cabernet Sauvignon alias, is a Eurasian species, origin France. Brewing was a ruby ?red color, alcohol and coordination bodied, with typical. The varieties of drought-tolerant cold is one of the rare species of traditional brewing red wine. Cabernet Gernischt Gernischt is a Eurasian species, origin France. The brewing ruby ?red, wine, fine and smooth and refreshing. Adaptability of the species, the results of late, with high yields. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, said Red wine varieties. Cabernet Franc Cabernet Franc alias Carmen Knight, is a Eurasian species, origin France. Is a fine red wine varieties 。

Tasting wines need to use three senses: sight, smell and taste.


And watch the color evaluation is the first step in a wine is simple watching it, pouring

Has already begun; after paternity wine tasting should be hand-held cup feet to a 45 degree angle, the right distance From under observation; and then shake the glass observation of the flow of liquor in the cup wall (wine column) like

2 Use smell the fragrant sense of smell is very important in the tasting, the capture of its aroma than flavor Sleep also. After the wine poured into a glass still and can be carried out the initial smell the incense, and then Shakers smells again (with visual). Good taste in carrying out the sight and smell of the wine.

3, its taste in order to confirm the sight and smell, but also in order to get the full feeling, we need to To use the tongue and mouth to savor the wine. Into the amount of wine tasting when you drink, it is best covered the whole mouth with his tongue on

Wine and stir to fully appreciate the structure and aroma of the wine; the middle through the nose inhale the characteristics of the wine can be more obvious. The last will spit out the wine or drink, and then savor the length of the after taste. From the wine into the mouth to drink this process takes about 10-12 seconds. Mouth movements wine to drink entrance, tongue stir in the slow movement, full wine liquid in contact with the tongue, jaw, inside of the cheek and tongue root position. Wine after tongue chewing, swallowing one or two small mouth, and inhale some air into the mouth, so that the aroma of the wine more intense. (As you inhale, the shape of the mouth of the similar issue letters of the alphabet "F", gentle suction, can not be excessive, so as not to choke to the throat.) Play a role when the wine in the oral cavity taste sensing area should focus on to understand and The record structure of the wine (alcohol, acid, tannin, etc.), as well as the real taste. The retention time of wine in the mouth to drink the quantity and quality of the wine in the entrance. The experts recommended wine indwelling the mouth for about 15-20 seconds. Wine containing too long in the mouth of the time, then the wine will gradually be saliva dilution.

Drinking etiquette
Pouring Up to pour the wine, pour the wine to onethird of the cup, about The maximum in the diameter of the cup body. To leave enough space in the shaking glass when To make the wine overflow to the outside; left sufficient space within the cup, may retain from the wine

For wine, temperature is the most important toast of The position of the side glass is particularly important. The correct posture fingers pinching the cup body Under the rod of the cup, even with the thumb and index finger pinching the bottom of the cup is correct, the reason Is correct, because this regard to avoid the conduction of body temperature to wine, on the other hand to avoid finger prints remain in the cup body, affecting the viewing of wine. Some people may know, drinking brandy elegant and romantic posture of the grip cup is the cup rod sandwiched between the middle and ring fingers, Lift up the cup of cup holding posture of the body with the palm of your hand. It is best not to use, but drinking wine. If you think wine temperature is too Low, you can also use this posture of wine heated, rather than mechanical, dogmatic way mentioned above toast.

Western toast will hold high the cup at eye, and watching each other, at least drink a little to show respect.

Round and round

Not immediately drink the wine into the cup, the front of the entrance there is a shake cup action. The Akira cup to release the aroma of the wine,
Is also given to much wine, leaving plenty of oxidation time, wine has a soft process. Akira cup liquor bottom-up and spin direction of rotation along the cup. Good shake cup action will make a cup of wine to the formation of larger concave, thus speeding up the release and oxidation of the aroma; while another beautiful spiral trajectory. Akira Cup, do not wine .Of course, the glass on the table, and then pressing the bottom of the cup with your fingers on the desktop "circled" wildly move to play the role of Akira Cup.

Open a bottle of French red wine,

Like opening a book .
Full, plump, Thick, fragrant, Exudes the fragrance of melted tannins

Merci ( Thank you )



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