Tips for job interview 公开课_图文


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A Job Fair(招聘会)



Fast reading
1. What is an interview?
An interview is a talk between an employer and a potential interviewee.

2.Why is it arranged?
It is arranged for the interviewer to assess the applicant
and find a suitable person for the position and it also

provide an opportunity for the interviewee to find more
about the job to see whether the job is right for him or her.

How many parts does the interview process have ? And what are they?
(three) preparation the interview itself what you should do after the interview

before the interview _____ during _____ the interview

_____ the interview after

Please write out what you should do at three different stages.
Before the interview (Paras 3-7) During the interview (Paras 8-10) After the interview (Para11)

Please write out what you should do at three different stages.
Before the interview (Paras 3-7)
1. Find out as much as you Do your homework can about the company.

During the interview (Paras 8-10)
1. Be on time. 2. Remember to be Make a bond enthusiastic. 3. Use body language to express yourself. 4. Listen to the questions the interviewer asks and answer them well.

After the interview (Para11)

2. Think about some Won’t have to questionsquestions you might be answer off asked and how to best the topthem. of your head answer 3. Feel confident. Don’t worry about

Write a thank-you Give you the edge letter.

over other candidates

having butterflies in your stomach
4. Leave good first impression.

Further reading
Choose the best answer

1. When you are going for an interview, you should do the following except_______. A. wear smart clothes B. give yourself a good shave C. wearing a pair of shorts and vest to make you look athletic D. Put some styling wax in your hair

2 .According to the writer, which is NOT the reason for writing a thank-you letter to the company? A. It shows that you are polite. B. It gives you a final chance to sell yourself to the company. C. It makes you have a small advantage over the other candidates. D. It can help check your spelling, punctuation and grammar.

3. What does “landing a job should be as easy as pie” in the last paragraph mean? A.Conducting an interview.

B.Achieving an success in an interview.
C.Managing to attending an interview.

D.Getting the result of the interview from the company.

Discussion(Group work) Suppose you the are pictures the human resource manager, the Observe and discuss what wrong things are theyinterviewees, have done. will you give them the following job? Why? keep hair neat and tidy




use right body language


be dressed smartly

How could Chris Gardner succeed in the interview?

Further thinking
How could Chris Gardner succeed in the interview?

More tips
In an interview, an interviewee is expected to display the best of himself, inner and outer; An interviewer is supposed to identify the most promising candidate, on an unbiased basis.


假如你是李华,你的朋友汤姆大学即将毕业, 正为下周的一场面试做准备。他在邮件里向你 询问如何在面试中脱颖而出。请根据今天所学 给他写封回信。注意:词数100词左右

1.Practice an interview with your partner. 2.Finish the exercise on your handout.