The history of the American education Introduction Nowadays, many people like to learn more about the educational systems of the America, as they do really innovative and benefit a lot for the children. What is more, by the new kinds of teaching methods, the American created many successful educational systems to the whole world, which can be a new page for the educational systems. Thus, by making some analysis about the common school activities with the public school today, people can know how the American develops its educational systems. The history of the Common School Movement The common school movement is one of the biggest educational revolutions, which change the educational systems a lot (Urban & Wagoner, 2004). As everyone knows, nowadays, all the American public schools are free to the citizens, without any religions and so on. But in the past, it is not free. All of these are due to the Common School Movement in 1940s, which benefits the whole world a lot in the later time (Bowles, 2014). In the colonial period, if the children want to go to schools, they should pay money. At that time, the American educations are not free and compulsory and sometimes it even has some discriminations (Reese, 2011). For example, the girls are not allowed to go to school or just can take some easy courses and so on. However, for the Americans, they did not give up, as they know the knowledge can be the only way to develop themselves and the country. Therefore, many people still send their children to go to schools in certain time. After the 18 century, the Americans defeated the England, which was called the American Revolution. Manly people thought that they should take some actions to change the educational systems. In 1786, Thomas Jefferson gave out a proposal that they wanted to set the public school for the citizens and the citizens should have the right to take the free educations in some period.

However, it did encounter a lot of troubles at that time. For example, some rich people may want their children to take better educations while the public school is fair to everyone, no matter rich or the poor. Therefore, at that time, there were still some schools which charged people money, which may be called the private school later. But for the whole country, the public school should be free for the whole citizens and it later became compulsory, as for the children, they should have the rights to take the learning courses. The similarities and the differences about the public school in the past and nowadays When talking about the similarities, both the public school from the past or now is compulsory and no charge for the children. What is more, for the government, they do provide a lot of supports to the public school. As the time passed by, the public school is developing better and better in the 21st century. And it shows many difference and improvements when comparing with the old educational systems in the America.

Old educational systems

New educational systems

1. The public school teaches the students 1. The American public schools do not basic knowledge. only focus on the development of the basic knowledge, instead, they pay more attentions to the individual skills.

According to different students’ abilities, the schools use different kinds of teaching methods (Thelin, 2011). 2. Teachers pay more attentions to the 2. Nowadays, the public school focuses learning courses and theory. more on the practice, without which the

students may find it difficult to combine the theory which they learn from books to the actual situations. Thus, many schools now cooperate with some corporations, which can provide some internship chances for the students. 3. Most of them are free. 3. Even in the public schools, nowadays some of them may charge a little money for some special courses. As some students may want to explore some issues more, thus, the school will provide them some chances for further researches. 4. The learning environment is simple. 4. Comparing with the past, the public schools have developed a lot, especially the teaching tools, as the teachers think that with the good tools, they will find it easier to deliver the knowledge to the students, such as the computers and so on. Moreover, many campuses pay more attentions to the environment, as it can provide the better study atmosphere for the students. 5. The teachers use the simple teaching 5. Not only the schools develop a lot, but methods. also the teaching methods have changed a lot. Nowadays, the innovations do really important for the education systems. Thus, many teachers like to use different







knowledge to the students, such as competitions and so on. Conclusion In a word, the Common School movement does really change the American educational systems a lot, which benefits the whole world. And nowadays, all of the American citizens can be able to take the school courses for free. To some extents, it gives people a good chance to change their lives and it is fair to the American citizens. What is more, as the time passed by, it does changes a lot. For example, the teaching methods are not as simple as it used to be. Moreover, people know how to make good use of the new teaching methods to develop the students’ talents. All of these give a lot of guidance for the educational systems of many countries. Besides, the students also have their freedom to explore the knowledge more. And not like the other countries, the American educational systems focus more on the development of the actual skills not just the theory, which should be learnt by many countries. Reference Bowles, S. (2014). Schooling in capitalist America: Educational reform and the contradictions of economic life. Haymarket Books. Reese, W. J. (2011). America's public schools: from the common school to" No child left behind". JHU Press. Thelin, J. R. (2011). A history of American higher education. JHU Press. Urban, W. J., & Wagoner, J. L. (2004). American education: A history. Boston: McGraw Hill.