Unit 2 Getting a job Reading :Tips for job interview success

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1. From the title, can you predict what this lecture transcript (演讲稿) is about?
2. If you are supposed to (被要求干某事) give tips for an interviewee, what will you suggest?

? land an interview ? off the top of one’s head ? have butterflies in one’s stomach ? quake with fear ? body language ? look sb. in the eye/ make eye contact ? nod one’s head ? politeness

Fast reading
1. What is an interview? 2. What is the purpose of an interview? 3. How many parts does the interview
process have ?

1. What is an interview?
It is a talk between an employer and a potential (潜在的) employee.

2. What is the purpose of an interview?
? 1)The interviewer can assess (评 估)the interviewee and see if he or she is suitable for the position.
? 2)It also provides an opportunity for the job candidates(候选人) to find out more about the job and the company, and to ask themselves , ‘is it right for me?’

3. How many parts does the interview process have ?
We can split it into three parts: first , preparation second, the interview itself finally, what you should do after the interview.

Careful reading
Task 1 Choose the best answer
1. When you are going for an interview, you should do the following except_______.
A. wear smart clothes B. give yourself a good shave C. wearing a pair of shorts and vest to make
you look athletic D. Put some styling wax in your hair

2 .According to the writer, which is NOT the reason for writing a thank-you letter to the company?
A. It shows that you are polite.
B. It gives you a final chance to sell yourself to the company.
C. It makes you have a small advantage over the other candidates.
D. It can help check your spelling, punctuation and grammar.

3. What does “landing the interview” in the last paragraph mean?
A.Conducting an interview.
B.Achieving an success in an interview.
C.Managing to attending an interview.
D.Getting the result of the interview from the company.

Task 2

Fill in the table. (Write no more than 3 words for each answer.

1.A_d_v_ic_e_o_n_/__Tips for / Suggestions for Job interview success

2 _I_n_t_r_oduction 3 _D_e_f_i_nition

A talk between an employer and a potential employee.

of the interview


4. __P_u_r_poses

Interviewer can assess the interviewee.
Job candidates can find out more about the job and the interview.

(para3- 11)
Conclusion 11._/_S_u_m_mary

Before the interview

6._C_o_l_le_ct information
Prepare for possible question. Be dressed smartly.

During the interview
7. _____

8B._e__o_n_ time or a little earlier.
Be confident. Be enthusiastic
9._M__a_k_e eye contact

Use body language. Listen carefully.

Show your interest in your job a thankAfter the interview Sell yourself by sending 10___y_o_u letter

Follow the advice given above ,and it will be 12._v_e_r_y_ easyfor you to
land an interview.

Consolidation finish the cloze text
When your application is successful you’re asked to go for 1an
interview. The purpose of the interview is not 2onlyto find the
suitable person for the position, but also provides opportunity for job
candidates to find out more about the job. Interview process can split
into three parts: 3first, preparation, the key 4to getting the job;
second, the interview itself; and finally, what you should do after the
interview. Next, think about some questions you might be asked.
Don’t worry about having butterflies 5instomach during the interview. First impressions are important, so wearing smart clothes6wheynou’re
going for an interview. When you arrive for interview, make sure you
are 7ontime . During the interview, remember to be enthusiastic.
Using body language to express yourself in perfect time. Listen
closely and answer carefully. After interview you should follow 8upby
writing to the company to express thanks.

Observe the pictures and discuss what wrong things they have done.
keep hair neat and tidy

be dressed smartly

use right body language

1. Practice an interview with your partner. 2. Please read the text again, and find the
language points.