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第一节 语法和词汇知识(共 15 题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 21. I can't believe that the housing prices should be ten times ________height of those in________1990s. A.a; the B.the; a C.the; 不填 D.the; the 22. A teacher's________to education deserves great respect of the whole public because it brings benefits to the development of society. A.identity B.devotion C.distribution D.guidance 23. They don't come to the book club any more, for ________ reasons or other. A.some B.all C.either D.both 24. Samuel can't help having a big nose—it is ________ of him to be curious about others' affairs. A.typical B.constant C.considerate D.unique 25. No one expected house prices to fall,but ________that's exactly what happened. A.moreover B.thus C.anyway D.however 26. ________hearing the news that Shenzhou Ⅶ was sent into space, we shouted ________joy. A.At; by B.At; with C.On; with D.On; by 27. His excellent performance ________an audience of over 700 children, which was out of expectation. A.drew B.counted C.puzzled D.included 28. —Most people believe that difficult situations can often ________the best in a person. —I can't agree more. A.bring out B.bring up C.bring about D.bring in 29. The number of New Yorkers ________ the two wheeled means of transport has doubled. A.takes B.taken C.to take D.taking 30. Haven't I repeated that you ________have a holiday on Saturday if you work hard? A.should B.shall C.must D.have to 31. The family as well as their dog ________on the roof by the flood. A.was trapped B.trapped C.were trapped D.trapping 32. —I lost my cell phone yesterday. Can you tell me ________ I can buy one? —Well,there is a department store just around the corner. A.whether B.what C.where D.when 33. “________Libya's oil production returns to normal, I guess, it will be fifteen months,” said a UN expert. A. After B.That C.Before D.Since 34. The Great Wall is the place ________ almost all tourists would like to visit when they come to Beijing. A.why B.which C.when D.where 35. —Do you like Jiang Wen's movie Let Bullets Fly? —________. I just watch it for fun. A.Of course B.Not really C.Not likely D.Not a little 第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 l 5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项 A、B、C、D 中,选出可以填人空白处 的最佳选项。 One afternoon I was sitting at my favorite table in a restaurant, waiting for the food I had ordered to arrive. Suddenly I ___36___ that a man sitting at a table near the window kept glancing in my direction, ___37___ he knew me. The man had a newspaper ___38___ in front of him, which he was ___39___ to read, but I could ___40___ that he was keeping an eye on me. When the waiter brought my ___41___the man was clearly puzzled (困惑) by the ___42___ way in which the waiter and I ___43___each other. He seemed even more puzzled as ___44___went on and it became ___45___that all the waiters in the restaurant knew me. Finally he got up and

went into the ___46___. When he came out, he paid his bill and ___47___without another glance in my direction. I called the owner of the restaurant and asked what the man had ___48___. “Well,” he said, “that man was a detective (侦探). He ___49___ you here because he thought you were the man he ___50___. ” “What? ” I said, showing my ___51___. The owner continued, “He came into the kitchen and showed me a photo of the wanted man. I ___52___ say he looked very much like you! Of course, since we know you, we told him that he had made a ___53___. ” “Well, it’s really ___54___I came to a restaurant where I’m known, ” I said. “___55___, I might have been in trouble. ” 36. A. knew B. understood C. noticed D. recognized 37. A. since B. even if C. though D. as if 38. A. flat B. open C. cut D. fixed 39. A. hoping B. thinking C. pretending D. continuing 40. A. see B. find C. guess D. learn 41. A. menu B. bill C. paper D. food 42. A. direct B. familiar C. strange D. funny 43. A. chatted with B. looked at C. laughed at D. talked about 44. A. the waiter B. time C. I D. the dinner 45. A. true B. hopeful C. clear D. possible 46. A. restaurant B. washroom C. office D. kitchen 47. A. left B. acted C. sat down D. calmed down 48. A. wanted B. tried C. ordered D. wished 49. A. met B. caught C. followed D. discovered 50. A. was to beat B. was dealing with C. was to meet D. was looking for 51. A. care B. surprise C. worry D. regret 52. A. must B. can C. need D. may 53. A. discovery B. mistake C. decision D. fortune 54. A. a pity B. natural C. a chance D. lucky 55. A. Thus B. However C. Otherwise D. Therefore 第三部分:阅读理解(共 15 小题,每题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项 A、B、c、D 中,选出最佳选项。 A When Sara and Nathan Jones were training to become foster parents(养父母),their son, Noah, learned a tough thing or two about foster care. For instance, nearly 600 local foster kids changed families every year, and they carried their belongings from one home to the next in black garbage bags. Noah, then ten, couldn?t imagine squeezing his clothes, favorite toy, and soccer ball into a trash bag and dragging it to a new house in the middle of the night.“packing kids? belongings into garbage bags is like telling them that their stuff has no more worth than trash,” says Noah. So with help from his parents and younger sisters, Macy, then nine, and Molly, then seven, Noah began to collect suitcases and duffel bags from friends and extended family; he received more than 100 bags in less than two weeks. He then sent letters to churches and put ads in local newspapers and on radio stations asking for donations. Within a few months, the family was collecting about 500 bags a week, which they stored briefly in their spare bathroom and

downstairs hallway before giving them to foster care caseworkers at the Department for Community Based Services. In addition to suitcases, Noah now provides foster kids with backpacks containing shampoo, soap, a journal, and a toy—all donated.“My hope is that by giving the children things that are just theirs, they will feel a little control in the midst of the chaos,”says Noah. Noah?s group, A Case for Dignity, collects and distributes hundreds of bags a year. He recently convinced foster care managers from 15 Kentucky counties to pledge to use his bags instead of trash bags.“I?ve been so inspired by him,” says his mom.“If a ten—year—old can see a problem and create a solution, how much more can we do as adults?” 56.What might be the purpose in writing the text? A. To show the problems of foster parents. B. To give a warning to foster parents. C. To tell us a story about Noah. D. To blame foster parents. 57.What is Noah like based on the text? A. Poor and active. B. Outgoing and peaceful C. Straightforward and crazy. D. Considerate and helpful. 58.Noah?s solution to the problem resulted from . A. the suffering from foster parents B. the belongings he owns C. packing kids? belongings into garbage bags D. donating belongings to children 59.Noah?s group, A Case for Dignity . A. helps foster kids carry belongings B. provide foster kids with only backpacks C. aims at helping foster kids with their belongings D. consists of only children from foster families B You can?t buy happiness but it looks like you can at least inherit it, British and Austialian researchers said. A study of nearly l,000 pairs of identical(同卵双生的)and non—identical twins found genes control half the personality traits that make people happy while factors such as relationships, health and careers are responsible for the rest of our well-being. “We found that around half the differences in happiness were genetic,”said Tim Bates,a researcher at the University of Edinburgh who led the study“ It is really quite surprising?? The researchers asked the volunteers ranging in age from 25 to 75 一 a series of questions about their personality,how much they worried and how satisfied they were with their lives. Because identical twins share the same genes and fraternal(异卵双生的)twins do not,the researchers could identify common genes that result in certain personality traits and predispose(使 偏向于 )people to happiness . People who are sociable , active , stable , hardworking and conscientious(有责任心的)tend the happier.the researchers reported in the journal Psychological Science. “What this study showed was that the identical twins in a family were very similar in personality and in wall—being,and by contrast,the fraternal twins were only around half as similar,”Bates said“ That strongly implicates genes.” The findings are an important piece of the puzzle for researchers trying to better understand depression and what makes different people happy or unhappy,Bates said People with positive inherited personality traits may, in effect, also have a reserve of happiness to draw on in stressful times,he said.

“An important implication is that personality traits of being outgoing, calm and reliable provide a resource.We called it ?effective reserve? that drives future happiness.”Bates said. 60.According to the study,the key to happiness is half determined by______ A.genes B.relationships C.health D.careers 61.Which of the following is true about identical twins and fraternal twins? A.Identical twins share different genes. B.Fraternal twins share the same genes C.Identical twins share the same genes. D.Fratermal twins share more genes 62.Happy people are more likely to have all the following personality traits except______ A.hardworking B.conscientious C.reliable D.passive 63.The study is helpful for researchers to______ A. 1earn more about“ effective reserve ” B. better understand depression and happiness C. further study in psychological science D. identify more genes that result in happiness C Lightning flashed through the darkness over Donald Lubeck?s bedroom skylight. The 80-year-old retired worker was shaken by a blast of thunder. It was 11 p.m. The storm had moved directly over his two-story wood home in the rural town of Belchertown, Massachusetts. Then he heard the smoke alarm beeping. Lubeck padded down the stairs barefoot and opened the door to the basement, and flames exploded out. Lubeck fled back upstairs to call 911 from his bedroom, but the phone didn?t work. Lubeck realized he was trapped.“I started panicking,”he says. His daughter and young granddaughters, who lived with him, were away for the night. No one will even know I?m home, he thought. His house was three miles off the main road and so well hidden by pines that Lubeck knew calling for help would be fruitless. Up a hill about a third of a mile away lived Lubeck?s closest neighbors, Jeremie Wentworth and his wife. Wentworth had been lying down, listening to the radio when it occurred to him that the sound was more like a smoke detector. He jumped out of bed, grabbed a cordless phone and a flashlight, and headed down the hillside toward the noise. He dialed 911 “Is anyone there?” he called out as he approached the house. Wentworth knew that Lubeck lived in the house. Then he heard,“Help me! I?m trapped!”coming from the balcony off Lubeck?s bedroom. “I ran in and yelled,‘Don, where are you?’Then I had to run outside to catch my breath.” After one more attempt inside the house, he gave up and circled around back. But there was no way to get to him.“I shined the flashlight into the woods next to an old shed and noticed a adder,”says Wentworth. He dragged it over to the balcony and pulled Lubeck down just as the second floor of the house collapsed. Wentworth and Lubeck don?t run into each other regularly, but Lubeck now knows that if he ever needs help, Wentworth will be there. Lubeck still chokes up when he tells the story.“I was alone,”he says.“Then I heard the most beautiful sound in my life. It was Jeremie.” 64. According to the text, Lubeck . A. stayed calm in the fire B. couldn?t find a safe way out C. lived on the first floor D. called for help in the fire 65. How did Wentworth help Lubeck escape? A. He called 911. B. He went upstairs and took Lubeck out. C. He put out the fire D. He used a ladder and pulled lubeck down.

66. Which of the following factors was not mentioned in the text that almost caused Lubeck?s life? A. He was living in his wood home alone that night. B. The storm was too heavy and the fire was too fierce. C. He lived far from the main road and was surrounded by pines. D. He was too frightened to escape from the danger. 67. What does the text mainly talk about? A. A near neighbor is better than a distant cousin. B. A good way to get a narrow escape. C. God helps those who help themselves. D. Blood is thicker than water. D The practice of students endlessly copying letters and sentences from a blackboard is a thing of the past. With the coming of new technologies like computers and smartphones, writing by hand has become something of a nostalgic(怀旧的) skill. However, while today's educators are using more and more technology in their teaching, many believe basic handwriting skills are still necessary for students to be successful—both in school and in life. Virginia Berninger, professor of educational psychology at the University of Washington, says it's important to continue teaching handwriting and help children acquire the skill of writing by hand. Berninger and her colleagues conducted a study that looked at the ability of students to complete various writing tasks-both on a computer and by hand. The study, published in 2009, found that when writing with a pen and paper, participants wrote longer essays and more complete sentences and had a faster word production rate. In a more recent study, Berninger looked at what role spelling plays in a student's writing skills and found that how well children spell is tied to how well they can write. “Spelling makes some of the thinking parts of the brain active, which helps us access our vocabulary, word meaning and concepts. It is allowing our written language to connect with ideas.” Berninger said. Spelling helps students translate ideas into words in their mind first and then to transcribe (转 换) “those words in the mind into written symbols on paper or keyboard and screen,” the study said. Seeing the words in the “mind's_eye” helps children not only to turn their ideas into words, says Berninger, but also to spot (发现) spelling mistakes when they write the words down and to correct them over time. “In our computer age, some people believe that we don't have to teach spelling because we have spell checks,” she said. “But until a child has a functional spelling ability of about a fifth grade level, they won't have the knowledge to choose the correct spelling among the options given by the computer.” 68. What makes writing by hand a thing of the past? A. The absence of blackboards in classrooms. B. The use of new technologies in teaching. C. The lack of practice in handwriting. D. The popular use of smartphones. 69. Berninger's study published in 2009 ________. A. focused on the difference between writing by hand and on a computer B. indicated that students prefer to write with a pen and paper C. found that good essays are made up of long sentences D. discussed the importance of writing speed 70. Which of the following best shows the role of spelling? A. Spelling improves one's memory of words.

B. Spelling ability is closely related to writing ability. C. Spelling benefits the translation from words into ideas. D. Spelling slows down finding exact words to express ideas. 71. What does “mind's eye” in Paragraph 5 mean? A. Window. B. Soul. C. Picture. D. Imagination. E Every year holidays Broughton teams up with Sopraviva Trekking to offer twelve days of unforgettable adventure in a tropical rain forest. Depending on where this year ?s rain forest adventure is located, you may be going to Borneo, Malaysia, Indonesia, or even to the greatest rain forest of them all, the mighty Amazonian forest. You will fly with your fellow adventurers to one of our special base camps at the edge of the forest, where you will be given five days of survival training, and talks on the local wildlife by trained and experienced experts. You will also go on walks which take you deeper and deeper under the forest canopy until on your final night you camp out in the rain forest itself. Then you transfer by bus into the forest itself. If you go on one of the Asian holidays, you will have to walk the final miles to the camp site itself, to avoid disturbing the local ecology. All of the Sopraviva sites have been carefully built to conform with the latest regulations, and to cause the minimal amount of disturbance to the local wildlife. From the camp, you will go on daily walking tours to experience for yourself the beauty and diversity of the forests, and plants and vegetation that can be found nowhere else on the planet. Remember that these adventure holidays take you deep into the wilderness, and they are not suitable for families with young children or for anyone who is not physically able to meet the demands of this kind of adventure. Also remember that in order to preserve the delicate ecological system that you will be walking through ,no more than two dozen guests can stay at any camp at one time, so if you want to go on one of these very special holidays, you will need to book early! 71. If you want to go on the camp, you will first have to . A. attend talks on the local wildlife B. have suvival training C. walk the final five miles D. book beforehand 72. What does the organizer of the camp mainly stress? A . Disturbing the local ecology. B. Preserving the forest environment. C. Private possessions and possible dangers. D. The survival training 73.Go on daily walking tours and you?ll enjoy . A .the wilderness B. the Amazonian forest C. the Asian forest D. the forest canopy 75.Which of the following is true of the holiday camp? A. It is free of charge B. It lasts 12 days. C. It is organized by Broughton. D. It attaches little importance to ecology. (一) [2012· 合肥一模] Society today tells us that automatic pencils are a lot better than manual ones which you have to sharpen every 5 seconds. Maybe this is true. However, there are some benefits from using an oldfashioned traditional pencil which you cannot get with an automatic one. To be honest, it is quite convenient to use an automatic pencil with an easy press on the button. Meanwhile a manual pencil doesn?t enjoy any plus point. But it is sort of strange that manual pencils should be used in standardized tests today. Chances are that the manual pencil

makes the line of grey look nicer. Nowadays, it is always a battle of who has the newest, most hightech gadget (小装置), from pencils, cars to clothes. The newer it is, it seems the more popular it becomes. If you walk around school, you will for sure find at least three out of ten people walking around with the latest iPhone4. If you are one of the luckier ones walking around with the newest Nokia phones, you will get laughed at. Maybe an automatic pencil is better at the moment, but after using it for a while, usually the pencil will break. Most people lose them and don?t remember to carry extra lead (铅芯) to fill them up with, as it sometimes can do so much that it needs a lot of lead. Just like an iphone4 needs to be charged after it has done so much work. As for the manual pencil, the lead will also run out but unlike the mechanical pencil it will last longer. Besides, the automatic pencil and the iPhone4 are more likely to get stolen while the manual pencil along with the Nokia phone will be left alone and most likely returned to you. Title Automatic Pencils 1.________ Manual Pencils? ●The newelgadget like the iPhone4 becomes more 3.________ . ●You will be 4.________ at if using the Nokia phones at school.

People?s 2. ________ towards different hightech gadgets

●We can use the automatic pencil more easily by 5.________ the button. Advantages ●The manual pencil is 6.________ to make the line of grey look nicer. ●The manual pencil can last longer. ●The automatic pencils usually tend to 8.________ after being used for a while. ●People often 9.________ to take more lead 7.____ along to fill the automatic pencil up with. ●10.________ with the manual pencil, the automatic one is more likely to get stolen. 1 . or/vs 2.attitude(s)/reaction(s) 3.popular/fashionable 4.laughed 5.pressing/pushing 6.likely 7.Disadvantages 8.break 9.forget 10.Compared


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