小六上重点知识综合复习整理 秀恩教育_图文


二、听听力,选出正确的答案。 1. Where did the accident happen? A. in Great street. B.in Green street. 2. What accident did Xiaogang have? A. A car accident. B. A bike accident. 3. What problem did he have? A. He broke his left leg B. He broke his right arm. 4. Where is the hospital? A. Behind our school. B. Beside our school 三、再听一遍,给下列句子排顺序。 ( )He rode on the left of the street. ( )He fell off his bike and broke his right arm. ( )This morning Xiaogang went to work by bike. ( )The police took him to the hospital next to our school. ( )But he didn’t keep to the rules. ( )So he had an accident in Great Street. 四、听录音,给下列的动物排序。

1. The________lives in China. It eats bamboo. 2. The_______likes eating fish. It likes eating mice, too. 3. The_______runs fast. It eats grass and vegetables. 4. The panda is_________________the polar bear. 5. The panda is_________________the rabbit. 6. The rabbit is_________________the polar bear. 7. The polar bear is much__________________the rabbit. It is the biggest of the tree animals. 五、听录音,判断正误。正确的打钩,错误的打叉。 第一篇 ( )1.The girl’s name is Lena. ( )2.She is an American girl. ( )3.She is from Africa, and she is 13 years old. ( )4.She can go to school every day. ( )5.She gets up at seven o’clock in the morning and starts working. ( )6.She rides into town and sells fruit in the street. ( )7.She often dreams of studying at school! ( )8.She wants to have her own little shop one day. 第二篇 ( )1.Samshaad is twelve, she is from India. ( )2.She gets up at five o’clock in the morning. ( )3.She helps her mother in the garden and feed fish. ( )4.At, eight o’clock, she walks to school. ( )5.In her class, there are forty children. ( )6.There are many bookshops or libraries around her home. ( )7.Books are most precious things for her. 第三篇 ( )1.Lena is from Ghana in Africa. ( )2.She is fourteen years old. ( )3.She gets up at five o’clock and then starts working with her father. ( )4.At half past eight, she gets on her bike and rides into town. ( )5.She sells bananas and apples in the street. ( )6.Sometimes some old boys take her fruit and run away. Then Lena is unhappy. ( )7.She dreams to have her own little shop one day. 第四篇 ( )1.Mark is from Western Australia. ( )2.He is 12 years old and he lives on a farm. ( )3.He can go to school every day. ( )4.Every morning, he gets up at five o’clock. His classes on TV starts at eight. ( )5.Once a week, his teacher comes to the farm and studies with him. ( )6.Mark has got a horse called Sprinter, he often rides around the farm. ( )7.He doesn’t love his horse. 第五篇 ( )1.Jimmy is 12, he is from the US. ( )2.His parents came to Hawaii from China ten years old. ( )3.He gets up at half past eight. ( )4.School starts at nine. ( )5.He goes to school by bike every day. ( )6.Jimmy dreams of playing in the American national football team one day. ( )7.His most precious thing is a football.

单选题,根据问题选择合适的回答。 ( )1、How was your summer holiday? A. I am fine. B. It was great. C. Yes, it was. ( )2、How is the weather? A. It is sunny. B. It is ten. C. It is red. ( )3、What’s the weather like? A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, it does C. It ’s windy. ( )4、Excuse me, where is the post office? A. I am Tom B. I am ten. C. Take the second left. ( )5、Which school does Mary Chen go to? A. the Lake school B. She goes to school everyday. ( )6、How many pupils are there in Mary’s class? A. Yes, there are. B. No, there aren’t. C. Forty-two. ( )7、What new subjects will she have this year? A. Yes, she will. B. She will have a new pet. C. Drama and History. ( )8、What does she write about her Drama teacher? A. She is a nice teacher. B. Yes, she does. C. No, she doesn’t. ( )9、Do the pupils like their teachers? A. Yes, they do. B. No, they doesn’t. C. Yes, they did. ( )10、What do they like doing in English? A. Yes, they do. B. No, they don’t. C. They like saying chants. ( )11、What is the capital of the US. A. New York B. London C. Washington DC. ( )12、Where is the Big Ben and the Tower Bridge? A. the US B. China C. the UK ( )13、Does Changjiang River run across the city from west to east? A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, it does C. Yes, it can. ( )14、When is Thanksgiving? A. In October B. In November C. In December C. Her school is great fun.

( )15、Did he______his left arm? A. broke B. breaking C. break ( )16、What______your mother do? ——She is a teacher. A. do B.does C.is ( )17、We will______two new subjects this year, History and Drama. A. have B.has C.had ( )18、Did you have_______accident when you were eight? A. a B.an C./ ( )19、What’s the matter with you? A. My knee hurts. B. I am from China. C. My favourite subject is P.E ( )20、Does it_______other animals? A. eat B.eats C.eating ( )21、_______it got four legs? A. Have B.Has C.Had ( )22、I enjoy_______to music, so CDs are most precious things to me. A. listening B. listen C.listened ( )23、What______the children______on Halloween? A. does, do B, do, does C. do, do

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Our English class ___________our class___________are twenty-three_______________:twelve girls___________eleven boys. ___________year our___________is Mrs Navarro. Most pupils in_________class like________ _____________. Three collect stickers, four collect_____________ and six_____________football pictures.___________pupils have_______________. Our classroom_______________great and______________like our_______________teacher. members vegetables together Thanksgiving holiday sweet potatoes fourth turkey

The______________Thursday in November is a_____________in the United States. It ’s________________. On this day, all the_____________of a family come________________and have a big dinner. People usually get________________,___________ ____________and other__________________. my was I to on my broke in doctor holiday the plaster in went put

When______ ___________ __________ __________ ________Spain, I_________ ________arm. I__________ ___________ ___________hospital. The_________ __________ ___________arm__________ __________. 习作练习:根据范文,仿写作文,要求不能雷同。 第一篇:我最珍贵的东西 My most precious thing. I’m Nancy. I live in Wuhan, China. I get up at half past seven every day. Before I go to school, I feed my rabbit. My rabbit is very cute. It is most precious to me. 第二篇:我的一次意外事故 My accident. When I was eight, I had an accident with my bike. I broke my left arm. And a broken bottle cut my right leg. My mom put a bandage around it. I was in hospital for one week. 第三篇:我最喜爱的动物 My favourite animal. My favourite animal is cow. It has got four legs. It lives on a farm. It eats grass. It can give us milk. I like it very much.