Group Table Name Check Table T333 TWPR T300 T301 T331 T302 T320 T340D T322 T331L T334E T311 T311A T307 T334P Stock LAGP LQUA LEIN

Table Description WM movement types Profile for value-based inventory management Warehouse Warehouse type Warehouse storage type control Warehouse section Assing IM to warehouse number Warehouse default values RM Movement Types for Clearing Inventory Storage Classes Allowed per Storage Type Storage Unit Type Check Definition of WM Groups Cross-Reference WM Group for Documents Storage Unit Types Storage Bin Type Search

Wareohouse storage bin Quants Storage unit header records

Physical inventory LINV Inventory data per quant LINK Inventory document header in WM LINP Inventory document item in WM Transfer requirement and order LTBK Transfer requirement header LTBP Transfer requirement item LTAK WM transfer order header LTAP Warehouse transfer order item LUBU Posting change document

Trans. Id