Ⅰ.Translate the following sentences into Chinese:

1.This corporation is specialized in handling the import business of textiles. 本公司专营纺织品的进口业务

2.We wish to introduce ourselves to you as a state-operated corporation dealing ex clusively in light industrial products.


3.We send you by separate airmail a brochure on the various kinds of electronic pr oducts now available for export.


4.Your firm has been recommended to us by the Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo, Japan. 日本东京商会已向我们推荐贵公司

5.As requested, we are airmailing to you, under separate cover, a sample each of Art. Nos. 2001 and 2002 for your reference.

按你方要求,兹另封航邮货号,另函寄上每一个样品的艺术。Nos.2001年和2002年,以供你 方参考

6.We can assure you that all your letters will receive our immediate attention.


7.We thank you for your letter of September 2 and should like to discuss the possi bility of expanding trade with you.


8.We are convinced that with joint efforts business between us will be developed to our mutual benefit. 我们相信通过双方的努力,贸易往来定会朝着互利的方向发展

9.It will be greatly appreciated if you will give us your cooperation.


10.Your letter of August 27 addressed to the Import Company has been passed on to us for attention and reply. 进口公司8月27日的来信已转交给我公司处理并答复 Translate the following sentences into English : 1. 我们从 中国驻东京大使馆商务参赞处 得知 贵公司的行名和地址,并了解贵 公司是 经营家用电器产品 有经验的出口商 We obtained your name and address from commercial counsellor ’ s office of the Chinese embassy in Tokyo . They have informed us that you are experienced export er in the market for home electrical appliances . 2. 我们的一个客户对你们的新产品感兴趣 One of our customers is interested in your new production. 3. 我们的一个日本客户想要购买中国红茶 One of our customers in Japan wants to be in the market for black tea. 4. 如你所知,我们的外贸政策是 在平等互利的基础上 与各国人民做生意 As you know, our policy is to trade with merchants of various countries on the basis of equality an d mutual benefit . 5. 我们希望你方 尽最大努力 促进业务又增进友谊。 We hope you can try your best to promote both trade and friendship. 6. 谢谢你方来函表示提供服务,我方愿与你方就扩大贸易的可能性进行讨论。

Thanks for your letter about service supply, we are willing to talk about the possibility of promotin g trade. 7. 我们了解到你公司是中国手工艺品的出口商,因此冒昧的写信给你 We have acknowledged that your company is the exporter of Chinese handicraft. 8. 我们相信,贵我双方的业务将 随着时间的推移 而得到发展。 We are sure that business between us will be promoted as time passing . 9. 你方 2 月 15 日函悉,并已转交给了上海分公司办理答复,因为你所询购的商品属于他们 经营范围 Your letter of Feb 15th addressed to us has been passed on to our Shanghai Branch Office for atten tion and reply , as the goods you inquired is within the range of their business activities . 10. 我们是一家在全世界范围内进行进出口业务的贸易公司 We are a trading company handling the import and export business around world.



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