1.enter into business relations with 与……建立贸易联系 ……建立贸易联系 类 似 的 表 达 方 式 有 : enter into trade relations/relationship with 或 establish business relations with e.g. We are writing with a desire to enter into direct business relations with you.为了与贵公司 建立贸易联系,特致函联系。 2 appreciate v.感谢,感激(可接动名词,不可接不定式) 理解,体会 感谢, ;理解 感谢 感激(可接动名词,不可接不定式) 理解, ; e.g. We highly appreciate your kind cooperation. 我们十分感激你方的合作。 We shall appreciate your giving this matter your serious consideration. 请你方对此事认真考虑,我们将不胜感激。 We shall appreciate it if you will send us a brochure and sample book by air immediately. 如能立即航寄一份说明书和一份样本,不胜感激。 We hope you will appreciate our position. 希望你们能理解我们的处境。 It will be greatly appreciated if you will send us your samples immediately. 如能立即寄来你方样品,我们将不胜感激。 Your prompt reply will be greatly appreciated. 如能尽快回复,将不胜感激。 3. We owe your name and address to the Chamber of Commerce in your country , through whom we learned that you are in the market for silk product. 承蒙贵国商会的介绍,我们得知贵公司想要购买丝绸制品。 4.Your company has kindly been introduced to us by Messrs. Freeman & Co., Ltd., London, England. We shall be pleased to enter into business relations with you at an early date. 英国伦敦的弗里股份有限公司向我们介绍了贵公司。 我们将很高兴能早日与贵方建立业务关 系。 5. We wish to introduce ourselves to you as a state-owned corporation dealing exclusively in silk products. 兹介绍,我们公司是一家专营丝制产品的公司。 6. Silk products are our line. 丝制产品是我们的经营业务。 7. The main products our corporation deals in are silk products. 我们公司经营的主要产品是丝制产品。 8. Please send your samples and pricelist, as well as information about terms of payment and time of delivery. 请将贵方样品和价格单,以及有关支付方式和交货期的信息寄予我方。


9. We invite you to send us details and prices, possibly also samples, of such goods as you would be interested in selling, and we shall gladly study the sales possibilities in our market. 我们邀请贵方将你方感兴趣销售的商品的详细资料和价格发送给我们, 如果可以, 将样品也 发送给我们,我们将很高兴地研究其在我方市场上销售的可能性。 10. We shall thank you to let us know your trade terms, and forward samples and other helpful literature, with a view to getting into business in the near future. 考虑到在不久的将来与贵方进入业务关系, 我们将感谢贵方让我们知晓贵方贸易条款并将样 本和其他有用的商品说明书之类的印刷品寄交我们。 11.appeal to the most selective buyer 吸引最挑剔的买主 12.Please quote us for the goods listed on the enclosed inquiry sheet, giving your prices CIF Shanghai. Please also state your earliest delivery date, your terms of payment, and discounts for regular purchases. 请向我们报出列在被附上的询盘表上的货物的上海到岸价格, 并且请说明你方对于常规购买 的最早交货期、支付条件和折扣。 13. We were pleased to know from your letter of 24th July of your interest in our products and enclose the catalogue and price list giving the details you asked for. Also enclosed you will find details of our conditions of sale and terms of payment. 我们很高兴地从你方 7 月 24 日的来信中获悉,你方对我们的产品感兴趣,附函的目录和 价格单给出了你方要求的详细资料。你方也将看到我们的销售条件和支付条件被封入在内。 14. We are making you the following offer, subject to your reply reaching here within five days. 根据你方在 5 天之内到达这里的回复,我们做如下的报价。 15. Thank you for your letter of December 23 asking us to offer you 10000 metric tons of the subject wheat for shipment to Singapore and appreciate very much your interest in our products. 感谢你方 12 月 23 号来信, 要求我方报盘运往新加坡的 10000 公吨标题小麦, 十分感谢你对 我们产品的兴趣。 16. We take pleasure to enclose our offer No. UE-1109 you’re your consideration. The price we quoted is on FOB Tianjin basis instead of on either FAS Tianjin or CIF Hong kong basis and that our offer will be valid until August 31,2007. 我方很高兴向你方报盘,编号为 UE-1109。我方所报价格是 FOB 天津的价格,而不是 FAS 天津或是 CIF 香港的价格,我们的报价在 2007 年 8 月 31 日之前有效。 17. Unless otherwise stated or agreed upon, all prices are without any discount. 除非另有说明或规定,价格一律没有折扣。 18.We have the pleasure of placing an order with you for 15000 dozen blouses at US $260


per dozen CIF New York, based on your catalogue No. 66 of December 25. 我们很高兴按你方 12 月 25 日第 66 号目录向你方订购 15000 打女士衬衣,每打 260 美元, CIF 纽约价。 19. With reference to your letter of 4th December, we have pleasure in informing you that we have booked your order for 2000 alarm clocks. We are sending you our S/C No. 100 in duplicate, one copy of which please sign and return for our file. 据贵方 12 月 4 日来信, 我方很高兴通知贵方 2000 台闹钟订单已确立, 现送我方第 100 号回 复一式两份,一份签字后请寄回,以便我方保存。 20.make use of 使用,利用 使用, e.g. We should make use of the chance. Any citizen can make use of the public library. in duplicate 一式两份 in triplicate 一式三份 e.g. The phrase is frequently used in letter of credit. Applications must be made out in triplicate. 申请书必须填写一式三份 21. We have been doing business with you in the basis of cash against documents (CAD) for over a year and would like to change the payment by 30-day bill of exchange, documents against acceptance. 我们以凭文件支付现金的方式和贵公司交易已经超过 1 年以上, 今后希望能变更为收到交货 文件以 30 天汇票支付的方式支付。 22.have no alternative but to cancel the contract 除了取消合同别无选择 23.have no alternative but to do 除了……别无选择 除了…… ……别无选择 e.g. Since your price is too high to be acceptable we have no alternative but to place our order elsewhere. 24. in two equal monthly lots 分两个月等量 in a single lot 一批 e.g. We are pleased to say that we are agreeable to your request for shipment in two equal monthly lots. 25.The term of payment are by confirmed, irrevocable letter of credit in our favor, available by draft at sight, reaching us one month ahead of shipment, remaining valid for negotiation in China for another 21 days after the prescribed time of shipment, and allowing transshipment and partial shipments. 付款条件是保兑的、不可撤销的信用证,凭即期汇票,前一个月寄达我方装运、在中国议付 有效,另一个 21 天的装运日期后,允许转船和分批装运。


26.We shall open through a bank an Irrevocable Sight Letter of Credit to reach you 10 days before the month of shipment, stipulating that 50% of the invoice value available against clean draft at sight while the remaining 50% on Documents against Payment at sight on collection basis. 我们应通过银行开立不可撤销的即期信用证,装运月份前 10 天内到达你处,按发票金额的 50%,以清洁的即期汇票支付,其余 50%以托收方式下即期付款交单。 27. Since there is no direct steamer sailing for your port, we would request you to amend your L/C to allow transshipment. 因为没有驶往你港的直达轮,我方要求你方修改信用证,允许转船。 28. The packing must be seaworthy and strong enough to stand rough handling. 包装必须适合海运,足够牢固,经得起野蛮搬运。 29. We must make it clear that with the different packing materials the packing expenses will be different. 我们必须说清楚:采用不同的包装材料,包装费会不一样。 30. Please remember to stencil “KEEP DRY” “DO NOT TURN OVER” and other necessary marks on the cartons. 请记住在纸箱上涂刷“保持干燥”“请勿翻转”及其他必要的标记。 、 31. The goods will be ready for shipment by the end of this month, please inform us the name of the chartered ship and its date of arrival at our port earlier. 货物到本月底可备好等待装运,请尽早通知我方所租船船名和抵达我港口日期。 32.Much to our regret, we cannot ship the goods within the time limit of the L/C owing to the unforeseen difficulties on the part of mill. 由于厂方预料不到的困难,在信用证规定的期限内装运货物已不可能,甚歉。 33. Since the premium varies with the extent of insurance, extra premium is for the buyer’s account, should additional risks be covered. 因为保险费随保险范围的不同而不同, 如果买方要求投保附加险, 额外的保险费则应该由买 方负担。 34.We shall refund to you the premium upon receiving your debit note or you may draw on us at sight for the amount required. 我们收到你方借项清单后返还保险费,或者你方按所付金额向我方开出即期汇票。 35.Insurance is to be effected by the sellers for 110% of the invoice value against All Risks and War Risks as per the relevant Ocean Marine Cargo Clause of the People’ s Insurance Company of China, dated January 1st,1981. 由卖方根据中国人民保险公司 1981 年 1 月 1 日颁布的《海洋运输货物保险条款》按发票金 额的 110%投保一切险和战争险。 36.Please see to it that the above-mentioned goods should be shipped before the 15th May and the goods should be covered for 150% of invoice value against All Risks. We know that


according to your usual practice, you insure the goods only for 10% about invoice value, therefore the extra premium will be for our account. 请注意上述货物必须确保于 5 月 15 日前装船。保险须按发票价格的 150%投保一切险。我 们知道按照你方一般惯例你方只按发票价格加成 10%投保,因此额外保险费由我方负担。 37. We enclose herewith a list of goods to supply you from prime sources at the lowest possible prices.P45 我们在此装入一份出场的最低价格的商品目录供你方参考. 38. To give you a general idea of the silk products now available for export, we enclose a brochure and a price list. Quotations and sample books will be airmailed to you upon receipt of your specific inquiry. 为了让贵方对我方现在可供出口的丝质产品有个一般性的了解,我们随含附上一个小册子和 一张价格单.我们在收到贵方具体询盘后会将报价单和样本簿以航空邮件的形式寄给贵方. 39. The profit margin for these products is so thin that any price reduction would make business transactions pointless.P85 这些产品的利润很薄,任何降价都会使生意失去意义. 40. We regret to inform you that we cannot accept your offer , as we are obtaining the same quality from other sources at a price 6% lower than yours. 很遗憾,我们不能接受你们的报盘,因为我们从别的渠道获得的对类似质量产品的报价比你方 的低 6%. 41. Draft must be accompanied by a full set of original clean on board marine Bill of Lading made out to order ,endorsed in blank, marked freight prepaid.P108 汇票必须附有全套正本清洁的以装船提单,空白抬头并空白背书,注明运费预付. 42. With regard to terms of payment ,we regret being unable to accept documents against payment. 关于支付方式,我方歉难接受付款交单. 43.Shipment will be effected subject to an advanced payment amounting 30% to be remitted in the seller’s favour by T/T, and the remaining part on collection basis, documents will be relessed against payment at sight. 装运货物系以即期信用证规定的电汇方式向卖方提交预付金 30%为前提,其余部分采用托收, 凭即期付款交单. 44.agree with 与……相一致 ……相一致 agree on 同意……协议 同意…… ……协议 45. in on way to blame 绝不责怪 In no way to 绝不 e.g. Such discrepancies are in no way to be considered a criterion for our future supplies. 46. The goods are to be packed in wooden cases containing 20 dozen each. P134 货物用木箱包装,每箱 20 打. 47. Our packing will prove satisfactory in every respect to your customers. 我方包装将在各方面使你方客户满意. 48. Please advise us 30 days before the month of shipment of the contract number, name of commodity, quantity, port of loading and the time when the goods reach the port of loading.p143 请在装船月份前 30 天将合同号、货名、数量、装运港以及货物到达装运港的时间通知我公 司。