广东省2013届高考英语一轮复习选修模块7 unit 20-1 New Frontiers《 Lesson 1 Futurology》课件(北师大版)

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1. electronic adj. 电子的 This dictionary is available in electronic version. 这本词典有电子版。

The firm is Britain’s main producer of electronic


electronic music 电子音乐
electronic organ 电子琴 electronic computer 电子计算机 electricity n. [U] 电,电流 electrician n. 电工

①electric指直接以电作动力、由电产生的、发 电的、使用电的或用于导电的,被修饰的物体 本身可带电。作此意讲时,只用作定语。如: an electric bell 电铃;an electric current 电流; an electric fan 电扇;electric light 电灯光,电灯。


如:electrical science 电气科学;

an electrical engineer 电气工程师;
an electrical fault 电力故障。

用electric, electrical, electronic填空 1. There are many ____________ products in the electronic supermarket. 2. The killer was put to death in the __________ electric chair. 3. All the ____________ work is done by George. electrical 4. Please connect the two ______________ wires. electric 5. He buried himself in an ______________ book. electronic

2. conflict ①n. 冲突,争执,矛盾 come into conflict 发生冲突 conflict with sb. / sth. 与……有分歧 The government has done nothing to solve the conflict over workers’ pay. 政府未采取任何措施来解决工人工资问题引 起的冲突。

I don’t wish to come into conflict with her on the matter. 我不想和她在这件事情上有分歧。

②v. (两种思想、信仰、说法等的)冲突、抵触 These results conflict with earlier findings.

If so, your points of view are bound to conflict

with his.

1. 你的请求与我的职责相抵触。 Your request conflicts with my duties. _____________________________________ 2. 中国法律与国际法律之间有分歧吗? Do Chinese laws conflict with any _____________________________________ international laws? _____________________________________ 3. 这两个室友经常闹矛盾。 The two roommates often come into conflict. _____________________________________

3. take over 接手,接替,接管;控制 The firm has been taken over by an American conglomerate.

Has the party been taken over by extremists?


take after sb. 与某人像 take care 小心 take off 起飞 take on 流行 take in 收留;欺骗 take on sth. 呈现某个样子 take up 填满,占据;从事 take…by surprise 让……大吃一惊,突然袭击 take sth. for granted 想当然,认为某事是当然的

He was homeless, so we took him in. 他无家可归,所以我们收留了他。 Don’t trust that man; he’ll take you in if he gets the chance. 不要信任那个人,他一有机会就会欺骗你。 The old factory has taken on a new look. 这家老厂已呈现出新面貌。

Many young men want to take up writing. 很多年轻人想从事写作。 It is taken for granted that everyone is equal before the law. 法律面前人人平等被认为是理所当然的。

1. Helen always helps her mother even though going to school __________(占据) most of her day. 2. Miss Smith is leaving to get married and Miss Jones will __________(接管) the class.


1. takes up

2. take over

4. give away 赠送;分发,颁发;错过/失去(机 会等);泄露(秘密),出卖(某人); (婚礼中)交给 He gave away a part of his income to his needy friends. 他把收入的一部分送给经济困难的朋友们。 They’re giving away free glasses at the supermarket. 他们在超级市场免费赠送玻璃杯。

The headmaster gave away the prizes.

Don’t give away to the public when we will


( A )1. Don’t mention that at the beginning of the story, or it may _____ the shocking ending. A. give away B. give out

C. give up

D. give off

请指出下列各句中give away的意思 2. The bride was given away by her father. (婚礼中)交给 _______________ 3. The old teacher gave away all his books to the school.______________ 捐献 4. He gave away the list of Party members to the enemy.______________ 泄露

5. turn to 求助于;查阅 turn to sb. / sth.=go to sb. / sth. for help 向某人/某物寻求帮助、指教 I tried to stand on my own two feet rather than turned to my parents. 我设法自立而不求助于我的父母。 The ice turned to water.冰化成水。 He turns to his notes for the exact figures. 他从笔记里查找确切的数字。

1. 心情不好的时候,他总是借酒消愁。
When he was unhappy, he would turn ____________________________________ to alcohol. ____________________________________ 2. 那孩子向母亲寻求安慰。 ____________________________________ The child turned to his mother for ____________________________________ comfort.

6. spread ①vt. 张开;铺开;延伸;蔓延;传播(过去时 及过去分词均为spread) The bird spread its wings and flew away. 鸟儿展开翅膀飞走了。 The trees were spreading their branches to the light. 这些树的树枝都向有(阳)光的地方伸展。

②n. 伸展;蔓延;传播

The spread of the branches on this tree is ten feet.

1. Papermaking began in China and from here it spread _________to North Africa.(spread, develop)
develop 2. He says his country wants to ___________ its

traditional friendship with China.(spread, develop)

3. 然后他们把地图在桌上铺开。
Then they spread the map on the table. ______________________________________ If I tell you this secret, don’t spread it around. ______________________________________

4. 要是我把这秘密告诉你,可不要把它传出去了。

5. 医生努力制止疾病的蔓延。
Doctors try to stop the spread of diseases. ______________________________________

7. in conclusion 总的来说 In conclusion, I should like to thank all those who have worked so hard to bring about this result. 最后,我要对所有辛勤劳动因而取得这次成 果的人们表示感谢。 In conclusion, I’d like to say how much I’ve enjoyed staying here. 最后我想要说我在这里过得有多愉快。


in a word; in short; in brief等。
come to / draw a conclusion 得出结论 In the end, they came to a conclusion that Tom hadn’t told the truth. 最后,他们得出结论,汤姆没有说实话。

1. 总之,这不是个好主意。 In conclusion, this is not a good idea. _____________________________________

2. 总的来说,政府应该调查这次事故的前因后果。 In short, government should look into _____________________________________ the causes and effects of the accident. _____________________________________

8. permit ①vt. 允许,容许;使……有可能性 Permit me to say a few words. 请允许我说几句话。 Time permitting (=If time permits), we will come and see you. 时间允许的话,我们会来看你的。

②n. 许可证 Have you got a permit to fish in this lake? 你有在这湖中钓鱼的许可证吗?

permission n. 允许;许可

with sb.’s permission 经某人许可 without sb.’s permission 未经某人许可

May I have permission to leave early? 可以让我早点走吗? If you want to leave the class, you should ask for the teacher’s permission. 如果你要离开班集体,应该得到教员的许可。

1. 他们未经许可擅入此地。 without permission They entered the area ____________________. 2. 要是天气允许,我们今天下午去滑雪。 We will go skating this afternoon,
weather permitting ___________________.

3. 未经那位农民的许可,我们不允许在这里宿营。 We are not allowed to camp here
without the farmer’s permission ____________________________.

4. 请允许我给你提一些建议。
Permit me to offer you some advice. ______________________