Unit 20 New Frontier
?Lesson 1 Futurology

Step1 Let’s look into our future
Have you ever thought about your future? What will you become and what will our life be like in the future?
Energy-saving car

When the area is flooded, the house can float on the water!

You may wash you clothes without water, but with air. And the clothes can be put on just after washed!!

Half-human half-robot

Human with modified genes

Would you like to have a memory chip put into your brain?

Step 2 Fast- reading
Now let’s read a passage and see how futurologists think about the future. Read the article and choose the best title for it.
From the Past to the Future
The Future Business
Tomorrow’s world
A Perfect Future

Step 3 Read to learn

How many predictions did the writer find?

Read the text and complete the table.


What are predicted?

1.very soon

3.by the year 2020 longer life

When? 1.very soon
2. in the next few years 3.by the year 2020

What are the predicted? computer instructions life-size video screens
powerful computers

4. by the year 2030 longer life

5.by the middle of the century

new species

6.by the end of the century

new home in space

Step 4 Language study
Part A. Scan the text , find the time phrases and pay attention to the tenses of the sentences.
over the centuries; in 10,50,even,1000 years’ time; this weekend; in the next few years; by the year 2020/ 2030; by the middle/ end of the century; at nine o’clock on Saturday morning.

Read and find a mistake in each sentence.

1. What will the world be like in ten yyeeaarr’ss’ time?

2. In the next 4 years’ , I will be studying in the


3. In this weekend, we will have a party.

4. Since the years, scientists have studied

different meanings of gestures in different

cultures. Over

5. We will be having a meeting at 7o’clock in

Wednesday morning.


6. We will have finished learning Lesson 20 at

the end of the week.


Part B.

Match the words with the meanings.


science( branch of learning) of

------------------------the future


know beforehand or in advance


say or tell in advance


the front part of the arm


science of the physical life


pay in advance

What does prefix fore- mean? And what about pre-? What about the suffix -logy?
Guess the meanings of these words: forecast, ecology, prefix, sociology,
prerecorded, forehead.

Step 5
Pair work: Tell each other about your future prediction. See whose prediction is going to / will / may / might happen.

Step 6 Learn to draw conclusions
What will the world be like in 10 years’ time? In the next four years, I will be studying in the university.
I am afraid I will be back after 10 o’clock. Last night, he arrived home after 12 o’clock. They got married in 1990, after two years (two years later) , they had a baby.

in +一段时间 表将来一段时间以后
after +具体时间(点) 可表将来某时以后, 也可表过去某时以后
after + 一段时间 表过去的一段时间以 后 实战演练: 1. 5 年后我将做什么?
2. 我毕业于1990 年, 5 年后我当了律师.

By the year 2030, I will have become an old lady.
By the age of ten, I had already learned English for three years.
by + 将来时间, 常用于将来完成 时的句子中
by + 过去时间, 常用于过去完成 时的句子中

1. 到今年年底, 她将已经出国2 年了. 2. 到他12 岁时, 他已经写了一本书.
By the end of this year, she will have been abroad for two years.
By the age of 12, he had already written a book.

1.do sth for a living 靠做某事谋生
make a living by doing sth. / live by doing sth.
She sells flowers for a living. She makes a living by selling flowers. She lives by selling flowers.

2. handy : a. clever with hands a handy man 手巧的人 b. convenient, useful
A good toolbox is a handy thing to have in the house.
come in handy 迟早有用

c. Not far away, available for use
Always keep a first-aid kit handy.
手旁要常备急救箱。 at hand He lives close at hand. The examination is__________.
on hand We have some new shoes on hand. I have no money _____.