Module 4 Sandstorms in Asia Period 4 Integrating Skills Ⅰ. 阅读下列句子,理解并识记黑体部分单词,在括号内写出其汉语 意思 1. This chemical acts as an acid in our experiment. ( 化学药品 ) 2. We should protect the environment from pollution. ( 环境 ) 3. The ice will melt when the sun shines on it. ( ) 融化 4. The new law will reduce pollution of the rivers. ( ) 5. Recycling of rubbish costs money and requires sp污ec染ial equipment. ( ) 6. Naturally we were concerned for him when we heard of the回ac收cid利en用t. ( ) 担心的 有部分课件由于控制文件大小,内容不完整,请联系购买完整版 7. There wasn’t enough evidence to prove him guilty. ( 根据 ) 8. The task is so urgent that it allows of no hesitation. ( 紧急的 ) 9. She often complains that he is dishonest. ( 抱怨 ) 10. Don’t worry. Your voice sounds absolutely fine. ( ) 绝对地 Ⅱ. 补全短语 1. have a bad effect _o_n_ 2. _ta_k_e_ in 3. ____ out give 4. __ a nutshell 5. lionok _______ 对……有坏影响 吸收 放出;发出 简言之;概括地讲 浏览 6. be __t_h_r_o_u_g_h_ about 关心;担忧 7. havceodnicfefricnueldty __ _____ sth. 做某事有困难 8. ____ away in doing 拿走;解除 take 9. _co_m__p_l_a_in_ about 10. if _p_o_ss_i_b_le_ 抱怨 如果可能的话 Ⅲ. 读The Green Movement选择正确的答案 1. How is the garbage dealt with in Germany? A. The garbage is thrown away. B. The garbage is burned. C. The garbage is buried. D. The garbage is recycled, if possible. 2. When did the “Green” movement begin? A. In 1970. B. In the 1970s. C. In the 1960s. D. The passage doesn’t tell us. 3. Which of the following statements is NOT the responsibility of the “Green” movement? A. To get governments to think seriously about the environment. B. To collect information about how industry is damaging the environment. C. To give information of damaging environment to newspapers. D. To stop the pollution activities. 4. According to the passage,which of the following statements is NOT true? A. All the countries in the world are looking after the environment best. B. The “Green” movement has already spread all over Europe. C. The “Green” movement tries to get governments to think about the environment carefully. D. People in Germany are not allowed to burn too much coal. 1. have a bad effect on对……有坏影响 【读一读?品味语境】 ※Your action will have a bad effect on your children. 你的行为将会对孩子产生坏的影响。 ※The medicine had a good effect on me. 那种药对我有很好的功效。 ※His reply is in effect an apology. 他的答复事实上是一种道歉。 ※The new tax law will not take effect (=come into effect) until next month. 新税法要到下个月才开始实施。 【填一填?自我归纳】 ①effect ②_h_a_v_e_a_n__e_ff_e_c_t_o_n_/_u_p_o_n_ ③______________=take effect come