高中英语 Module4 Sandstorms in Asia Reading and Vocabulary说课必修5_图文

Module 4 A Teaching Plan for Sandstorms in Asia

Lecturer: Wei Zhenyan Pingyuan No. 1 Middle School

I. Analysis of the teaching material
1.Analyze the character and status of this lesson : 2.Teaching key points: 3.Teaching difficult points:

II.Analysis of the students
III. Teaching aims 1.Knowledge aims:
2.Ability aims:

3.Emotion aims:

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VI.Teaching methods and learning methods
? Teaching methods: 1.Creating specific situation method 2.The active exploration method 3.Deductive induction method ? Learning method: 1.Communicative learning method 2.Role-playing method
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V.Teaching procedure
I have divide the whole class into 5 parts (40') 1. Pre-reading(3') 2. Prediction(1') Part One: Skimming (3') 3.While-reading Part Two: Scanning (5') Part Three: Careful reading(10') Retelling(3') Group Work:interview (6’) 4.Post-reading Group Work: Discussion(5') Summary(2') Self-assessment(1') 5. Homework(1')
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Ⅰ. Pre-reading
? Enjoy a short video then ask the students to answer these questions. Before watching the video, please look at the following questions. Purpose : 1)to lead in the topic 2)to arouse students interest 3)to give students' visual information

Answer these questions:
(1)What is happening? (2) What is the cyclist wearing and why? (3) What do you think happens to traffic in this situation? Why? (4) If you were a weather expert, what would you advise people to do in this situation?

Ⅱ. Prediction
The passage is about sandstorms in Asia. Look at the title and picture in the text. Can you predict what the passage will tell us?

purpose : to develop students ability to guess the content of the passage.

Ⅲ. While-reading Part One: Skimming 1. The structure of the passage structure should be: A: ① B. ②③④⑤ ⑥ A t ①② ③④⑤ ⑥ C. ① ② ③④⑤ ⑥

purpose : to develop students' fast reading skill and hep them master the structure of the passage.
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2. Match each part with its main idea.
Part One A: Sandstorms --- a major disaster for many Asian countries. B: the government is planting trees to prevent sandstorms coming nearer. C: the description, places, causes and effects of sandstorms as well as weather experts’ advice on sandstorms.

Part Two

Part Three

Part Two Scanning
? Decide whether the following statements are true or false.
1. Northwest China is the sandstorm center in Central Asia. (F) 2. Sandstorms begin in desert areas. (T) 3. Sandstorms in China appear to have decreased in recent years. (F)

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? 4. Desertification is only because people cut down trees and dig up grass. (F) ? 5. The Chinese Central Weather Station can’t forecast a sandstorm some weeks before it arrives in Beijing. (F) ? 6. The desert is 250 kilometers away to the west of Beijing. So there is no need to take some measures. (F)

purpose : to develop students' ability to quickly find
and analyze detailed information.

Part Three Careful reading
Answer the following questions
1. What are sandstorms? 2. Where do sandstorms occur often? 3. Why have sandstorms increased in China? 4. Who appear in this text? 5. When sandstorms happen, what the weather look like? 6.How can the sandstorms be prevented?

Purpose : to help students get the detailed information about sandstorms and further understand the article.

Ⅳ. Post-reading
? Retell the text by filling in the blanks. Sandstorms are strong, dry winds that carry ______. They are often____ thick sand so that you cannot see the sun, and the wind is sometimes strong enough move sand ______to ______. dunes

Purpose : 1)to help the students master the words phrases and sentences related to sandstorms 2)prepare for speaking.

? Northwest China is _____ of the part sandstorm centre in Central Asia. Sandstorms begin in ______areas. desert process Desertification is a _______that happens when land becomes desert because of climate changes and because ______ people ______ down _____trees and _____ dig cut _____ grass. up ? Sandstorms sometimes affect _____Beijing. Citizens wake _____ ______ an orange _____ up to sky and strong winds that _______the cover city in a thick, brown-yellow______. dust

? The Chinese Central Weather Station can ______a sandstorm some weeks forecast before it arrives in Beijing, but the strength the storm sometimes _______of surprises ________ people. ? The desert is only 250 kilometers away to ______the west of Beijing. In order to ______it coming nearer, the prevent government _______has planted more than 30 billion trees and plans to ________ continue planting for the next five years.

? Work in groups to prepare an interview . One of the two partners acts as an interviewer from CCTV-9, and the other has experience in the sandstorm. You can start like this A: Excuse me, I’m the reporter from CCTV, and could you spare me a few minutes? I’d like to ask you several questions on sandstorms. B: Absolutely. Go ahead.

Ⅴ. Interview

purpose : 1) to introduce sandstorms 2)to put what they have learned into use

Ⅵ. Discussion
As a senior high student, what should we do to
prevent sandstorms?

purpose : to arouse students' awareness of protecting our environment.

Ⅶ. Summary

What have you learnt from this passage?

Purpose : to help students summarize and consolidate what they have learned.

Ⅷ. Self-assessment(自我评价)
How do you feel now? A: very confident C: need improvement
评价内容 1.I can introduce sandstorms to others without difficulty. 2. I can find the structure of a passage quickly. 3. I have realised that we should protect our environment.
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B: confident D:unconfident 评价等级 A B C D





Purpose: To help students assess themselves.

Ⅸ. Homework
Designing a poster that encourages people to look after the
environment. Structure of a poster: Part 1: Heading Part 2: A picture

Part 3: More information

? VI. Evaluation of effects ? VII.Blackbard design Module 4 Sandstorms in Asia

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