peppa pig第一季字幕 1-13

1.Muddy puddles
This is my little brother, George. This is Mummy Pig. And this is Daddy Pig. Peppa pig. Muddy Puddles. It is raining today. So, Peppa and George cannot play outside. Daddy, it's stopped raining. Can we go out to play? Al right, run along you two. Peppa loves jumping in muddy puddles. I love muddy puddles. Peppa. If you jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots. Sorry, Mummy. George likes to jump in muddy puddles, too. George. If you jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots. Peppa likes to look after her little brother, George. George, let's find some more puddles. Peppa and George are having a lot of fun. Peppa has found a little puddle. George has found a big puddle. Look, George. There's a really big puddle. George wants to jump into the big puddle first. Stop, George. I must check if it's safe for you. Good. It is safe for you. Sorry, George. It's only mud. Peppa and George love jumping in muddy puddles. Come on, George. Let's go and show Daddy.

Goodness me. Daddy. Daddy. Guess what we've been doing. Let me think... Have you been watching television? No. No. Daddy. Have you just had a bath? No. No. I know. You've been jumping in muddy puddles. Yes. Yes. Daddy. We've been jumping in muddy puddles. Ho. Ho. And look at the mess you're in. Oooh... Oh, well, it's only mud. Let's clean up quickly before Mummy sees the mess. Daddy, when we've cleaned up, will you and Mummy Come and play, too? Yes, we can all play in the garden. Peppa and George are wearing their boots. Mummy and Daddy are wearing their boots. Peppa loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles. Everyone loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles. Oh, Daddy pig, look at the mess you're in. It's only mud. I'm Peppa Pig. This is my little brother, George. This is Mummy Pig.



Mr. Dinosaur is Lost.

George's favourite toy is Mr. Dinosaur. DineDine SawSaw. George loves Mr. Dinosaur. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. Sometimes, George Iikes to scare Peppa with Mr. Dinosaur. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Eeek. Too scary. At suppertime, Mr. Dinosaur sits next to George. I beg your pardon. Was that you George, or was it Mr. Dinosaur? DineDine SawSaw. At bath time, George shares his bath with Mr. Dinosaur. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Goodnight, Peppa. Goodnight, Mummy. Goodnight, George. And goodnight, Mr. Dinosaur. Grrrrrrrrr. When George goes to bed, Mr. Dinosaur is tucked up with him. George's favourite game is throwing Mr. Dinosaur up in the air... Wheeeeeee. ...and Catching him when he falls back down. Wheeeee. Peppa and Daddy Pig are playing draughts. I win, Daddy. Oh, WeIIDine Sawdone , Peppa. Whhhhaaaaaaaaaaa. George? Whaaaaaaaaa. George, what's the matter? DineDine SawSaw... George, have you lost Mr. Dinosaur? George has lost Mr. Dinosaur. Don't worry George. We'll find Mr. Dinosaur. It's a job for a detective. Daddy, what is a deDine SawteChDine Sawtiff? A detective is a very important person Who is good at finding things. Me. Me. I'm good at finding things. Alright. Peppa is the detective. George. I am the deDine SawteChDine Sawtiff.

I will help you find Mr. Dinosaur. Maybe the detective should ask George some simple questions. George? Where's Mr. Dinosaur? Whaaaaaaaaaa. George does not know where Mr. Dinosaur is. The detective could try and guess where Mr. Dinosaur might be. I know. I know where he is. George always has Mr. Dinosaur ith him in the bath. So Mr. Dinosaur is in the bath. Mr. Dinosaur is not in the bath. Oh. I know. I know where Mr. Dinosaur is. George always has Mr. Dinosaur in his bed at night. So that's where he is. Mr. Dinosaur is not in George's bed. Oh. Maybe we should try the garden. Yes, the garden. I was going to say that. Where is Mr. Dinosaur? Mr. Dinosaur is very hard to find. Oh. Mr. Dinosaur isn't anywhere. George? You do love to throw Mr. Dinosaur in the air... I wonder if this time you threw Mr. Dinosaur just a bit too high. There he is. There he is. I saw him first. WeIIDine Sawdone, Peppa. You really are a very good detective. DineDine SawSaw. Grrrrrrrrrr. George is so happy to have Mr. Dinosaur back again. Wheeeeeeeeee. Maybe it isn't a good idea to play with dinosaurs near trees. DineDine Sawsaw.


3. Polly Parrot
Peppa and her family are visiting Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig. Granny Pig! Grandpa Pig! Ganggy Ig! Baba Ig! Hello, my little ones. Come inside, We have a surprise. What is it? We have a new pet. Can you guess What it is? Dine-saw? No, it's not a dinosaur. Come and see. Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig have a pet parrot. Peppa, George, this is our pet parrot. She's called Polly. Pretty Polly. Pretty Polly. Oooh. WoW. I'm a clever parrot. I'm a clever parrot. Mummy, Why does Polly copy everything that Granny says? That's what parrots do. I'll show you. Hello, Polly. Hello, Polly. What a sweet little parrot! What a sweet little parrot! Come on, everyone, tea time! Peppa, George. Come on! There's chocolate cake! Coming, Granny! Peppa and George love eating chocolate cake. But today, they are in a hurry to get back and play with Polly Parrot. Finished! What noisy little ones you are! Granny, please, can we leave the table and go and see Polly Parrot? Are sure you've completely finished your cake? Off you go, then. Hurray!

George, say something to Polly. George is a little bit shy. Hello. Hello. Peppa and George are really enjoying playing with Polly Parrot. I'm Peppa Pig! I'm Peppa Pig! George, say something. Peppa and George are pretending to be parrots. I'm Polly Parrot, Peppa is thinking of something else to say to Polly Parrot. I'm a noisy parrot! I'm a noisy parrot! Peppa, George, have you been playing with Polly? Yes, Granny. Polly is such a sweet parrot. Yes, Granny. I'm a clever parrot. I'm a noisy parrot! I'm a noisy parrot! Ohh! Oh, my word! I'm Peppa Pig. This is my little brother, George.


4. Best Friend.
Peppa is waiting for her best friend, Suzy Sheep. HeIIo, Suzy! Baaaa! HeIIo, Peppa. Suzy Sheep has come to play with Peppa. Peppa loves Suzy. Suzy loves Peppa. They are best friends. Peppa, why don't you and Suzy go and play in your bedroom? Yes, Mummy! George wants to play, too. Peppa and Suzy love playing in Peppa's bedroom. So does George. No, George. This game is just for big girls. Go and play with your own toys. Peppa and Suzy want to play on their own. I'm a tiny little fairy princess! I'm going to wave my magic Wand... and turn you into a frog! George doesn't like playing on his own. George wants to play, too. No, George! I'm playing with Suzy... You'll have to play somewhere else. George wants to play with Peppa. He feels a bit lonely. George, I need some help!! I'm making chocolate chip cookies!! Someone needs to lick out the bowl. George likes helping Mummy make cookies. But he likes playing with Peppa more. Baaaa! I want to be a nurse! I want to be a doctor. But who's gonna be the sick person? GEORGE!!! Peppa and Suzy love playing doctors and nurses. So does George. Peppa listens to George's chest.

Now, George, take a big breath in... then cough. Mm, I think your heart's a bitloose... ...I'II put a plaster on it. Baa! Open wide, please. Suzy takes George's temperature. Oh, dear, you're very, very hot. I think you have to stay in bed for three years. Daddy Pig has come to find George. Oh, no! What's Wrong With George? Don't Worry, Daddy. It's only a game. George is our patient. Oh, I see. Can the patient have a visitor? Just for a little While. He might get tired. Cookies!!! Yes, they're for George. They're his medicine to make him feel better. Um, excuse me, doctor, Can you help me? I have a sore tummy. That tickles! I can hear it rumbling. I think you're hungry, Daddy. Then I think I need lots of cookies to make me better. And me! And me! And me! Baa I'm Peppa Pig. This is my IittIe brother, George.


5. Hide and Seek
Peppa and George are playing hide and seek. It is George's turn to hide. He must quickly find somewhere to hide before Peppa finishes counting! One... two... three...four... five... six... seven... George has found somewhere to hide, eight... just in time! nine... ten... Ready or not. Here I come! Peppa has to find where George is hiding. Found you! Peppa has found George. George, I could see you too easily. Now it is Peppa's turn to hide. One... erm... three. I'II help George to count. One... two... three...four... five...six... seven... eight...nine... ten! Okay, George, open your eyes! George has to find Where Peppa is hiding. Oh. Peppa isn't hiding under the table. George, have you thought of looking upstairs? Peppa isn't under the bed. What was that strange noise? Peppa isn't behind the curtain. There is that strange noise again! What can it be? Whee ! George has found where Peppa was hiding. George found me! Now it's Daddy's turn to hide! Oh, I think George should have another turn. But George isn't very good at hiding... I'm sure he'll be better this time.

Close your eyes and start counting. One... two...three... Oh, dear. Peppa will easily find George. four...five...six... George! Come over here... seven...eight... nine... ten! Ready or not, here I come! Oh, George isn't hiding under the table! But George always hides under the table! Have you thought of looking upstairs? I know where he is! George is in the toy basket. Oh. George is not in the toy basket! Where can he be? Peppa can not find George anywhere. Daddy? I can't find George anywhere. Oh, dear, I wonder where he can be. Actually, I think there's something about George in this newspaper... Whee... George! Found you! Oh, George! That was a good place to hide! George was hiding behind Daddy Pig's newspaper all the time! I'm Peppa Pig. This is my little brother, George.



The Playgroup

Peppa and George are going to the playgroup. It is George's first day. George, are you looking forward to the playgroup? Daddy, maybe George is too small to go to my playgroup? He'll be fine, Peppa. There'll be you and Mr. Dinosaur there to keep him company. Grrr! Dine-Saw! But I want to play with the big children! Not George and his toy dinosaur. Oh dear, Peppa doesn't Want George to go to her playgroup. We're here! Daddy, are you sure George is big enough? He'll be fine. Alright, he can come. Bye bye. Madame Gazelle looks after the children at the playgroup. Hello! This is my Iittle brother, George. Hello, George. Baa! I Wish I had a little brother like George. Really? Hello! I'm Danny Dog. Woof woof! Is that a dinosaur? It's just a toy dinosaur. Grrr! Dine-Saw! Brilliant! Woof woof! Dine-Saw! Grrr! Aaaaaggghh! Dine-SaW! Grrr! Aaaah, reaIIy scary. That's brilliant! George is my brother. He's brilliant. Peppa is proud of her IittIe brother, George.

ShaII we show George how we paint pictures? George is not very good at painting. WeII, maybe you could heIp him? Yes, I'm very good! I wiII show him how to paint a flower. George, today I'm going to teach you how to paint a fIower. First, you paint a big circIe. No, George, that's the Wrong color. Now you paint the fIower's petals. George! That's the Wrong shape! Now you paint the stalk and the leaves. Perfect! George, you've done it all wrong! Now what do we have here? I've painted a fIower. That's very good, Peppa. And George has painted a dinosaur. Grrr... Dine-SaW! Woof! BriIIiant! I think George and Peppa's pictures shouId go on the Wall. Hurray! Peppa, you must be very proud of your little brother. Yes, I am. It is home time and the children's parents are here to pick them up. Can George come next time? Yes, and he can paint us another lovely picture. And what wiII you paint next time, George? Dine-Saw! Grrr! Another dinosaur picture? Well maybe you can show us all how to paint a dinosaur? Woof! Brilliant! Yes! BriIIiant! Bri-y-ant!


7. Mummy Pig at Work
Mummy Pig is working on her computer. Daddy Pig is making soup for lunch. Daddy? Can We go and Watch mummy on her computer? Yes, as Iong as you don't disturb her. She has a Iot of important work to do today. Thank you, Daddy! Mummy Pig has a lot of important work to do. Mummy. Can George and I sit on your lap and watch you work? Yes, if you both sit quietly. Peppa and George love to watch mummy work on the computer. Mummy? Can We play that computer game, ''HappyMrs.Chicken''? We can play ''Happy Mrs. Chicken'' later. But now I have to Work. Mummy? Can We heIp you Work? No, Peppa! You mustn't touch the computer. And George, you mustn't touch the computer, either. Yes, George. You mustn't do this. Peppa, stop! Sorry, Mummy. I was just showing George what not to do. Oh, dear. The computer is not meant to do that. Daddy Pig! Daddy Pig!! What is it, Mummy Pig? Daddy Pig, can you mend the computer? Err... I'II finish the Iunch whiIe you mend the computer. Err... Right. you are, Mummy Pig, but I'm not very good with these things...

Oh, thank you, Daddy Pig! Daddy Pig is going to mend the computer! Hmm. Hmmm. Hmm. Um. Maybe if I just switch if off... And then switch it on again... Daddy Pig has mended the computer! Hurray, Daddy! Yes, I am a bit of an expert at these things. Daddy? Can We play that computer game, ''Happy Mrs. Chicken?'' Maybe you should ask Mummy Pig. Mummy said that we could play it later. WeII, that's okay, then. But I don't know where the disc is. Yippeeee! Now, it's my turn! Now, it's my turn! What on earth is going on? Well, I see that the computer is working again. I'm Peppa Pig. This is my littIe brother, George.


8. Camping!
Peppa and her famiIy are going camping. I Iove camping. We're here. Hurray! Peppa, George, this is the tent I had When I Was a IittLe boy! Daddy? HoW are you going to make that into a tent? Don't Worry, Peppa! I'm an expert at camping! Mummy Pig, put the tent on the poles, please. That's it! Easy as pie! Oh! Do these pegs do anything? Of course! I forgot about the pegs! The pegs hold the tent up. There! The tent is a bit Iittle. It was big enough for me When I was a boy. But it does look a bit small now.. That's because you've grown a bit since you were a boy, Daddy Pig! And your tummy has grown the most of all! TaIking of tummies, We shouId cook supper! Yes! Yes! First, We have to collect sticks to make a fire. Yipee! Peppa and George are helping Daddy Pig collect sticks for the campfire. George, I'll pick up the sticks and you can carry them. Collecting sticks is fun! Good. That's enough sticks. That's a splendid campfire!

Now I'll Iight it. Here are the matches. We don't need matches! Daddy, how can you Iight it without matches? I'm going to make fire the old way, by simply rubbing these two sticks together! Daddy Pig is rubbing the two sticks together to light the campfire. Where is the fire, Daddy? NearIy there... Hurray! Easy as pie! Now we can heat up the tomato soup. Ahhh! Listen to the sounds of nature! What is that sound? That is the sound of crickets chirping. What is that? That's an owl. Look! There it is! WoW... And What's that noise? Oh, I'm not sure. It's Daddy's tummy! My tummy rumbling is one of the best sounds of nature! It means it's time to eat! I Iove tomato soup! So do I! There's another one of Daddy Pig's sounds of nature! Eh? What? Come on, children, into the tent, it's bedtime. We won't allfit in! The tent is too Iittle! It will be fine! In you go! Move further in, Mummy Pig!

Daddy, you're too big for the tent! Never mind, I'd rather sleep outside anyway. Goodnight, Daddy Pig! Goodnight, Daddy! Night! Night! Goodnight, everyone! Mummy Pig, Peppa and George are sleeping in the tent. Daddy Pig is sleeping outside, under the stars. Ahh! I Iove camping! SIeeping in the open air with the stars above me! Maybe this Wasn't such a good idea after all...brrrrrr It is morning. Daddy! It was lovely and cozy in the tent! Oh... Where's Daddy? Daddy Pig has gone! Poor Daddy Pig. He must have been cold and wet. And now where is he? What's that sound? It sounds like snoring! Daddy Pig! What? Daddy, you're safe! Of course I'm safe! I'm an expert at camping! I slept in the car. Silly Daddy! I Iove camping!


9. Gardening!
Peppa and George are playing at Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig's house. Grandpa! Catch! Catch! What's this? Dine-SaW! Grrrrr! A dinosaur! Grandpa, What are you doing? I'm planting these seeds. Seeds? What do seeds do? Seeds groW into plants. I just make a Iittle hole and put the seed in. Then I cover it with earth and water it. Everything in my garden grows from tiny seeds like these. Even the big apple tree? Oh! Yes! This tiny seed... wiII grow into a little apple tree, like this. Oooh. And that Iittle apple tree will growinto a big appIe tree like this. Ouch! Mmmm ! And inside this apple are more seeds. To make more apple trees! ExactIy! Grandpa! Grandpa! I lant to plant a seed! Would you like to plant a stralberry seed? Yes, please! This seed will grow into a lovely strawberry plant. First, make a Iittle hole. Then I put the seed in and cover it with earth. Shall I water it for you? No! No! I want to water it. Good! Now we wait for it to grow. Peppa and George are waiting for the seed to grow. It's not doing anything! You wiII have to be patient, Peppa. It Will take a long time to grow. Peppa! George! It's time to go home. But we're waiting for my strawberry plant to grow! I wanted strawberries for teas. Don't worry, Peppa. Next time you come,

the seed wiII have grown into a plant. And We wiII have strawberries! Yes. Come on, Peppa. Bye bye, Grandpa. Bye bye, strawberry. Grandpa Pig looks after Peppa's strawberry plant. After many days, Grandpa Pig finds a tiny plant growWing. Day by day, the plant grows bigger and bigger. Then one day, Grandpa Pig finds something very special. Strawberries! Grandpa! We're back! Peppa and George have come to play again. Grandpa! Grandpa! Did my plant grow? Yes! Look! Oooo! Strawberries! Thank you, Grandpa! Grandpa, can We plant something eIse? Yes! Now, it's George's turn to choose. Yes! You choose, George. Choose... a carrot! Grandpa, I think George wants to grow a carrot. George, WouId you like to grow a carrot? No! What Would you Iike to grow? George has thought of something he wants to grow. Dine-Saw! George Wants to grow a dinosaur tree! SiIIy George! Dinosaurs don't grow on trees. Dine-saW. Grrrrr.... I'm Peppa Pig. This is my Iittle brother, George.


10 bicycles
It is a loveIy, sunny day, and Peppa and George are riding their bicycles. That's a fine pumpkin, Daddy Pig! Daddy Pig is very proud of his pumpkin. Pumpkins are the onIy thing I can grow. ProbabIy because I Iove pumpkin pie! Come on, George. Danny, Suzy, Rebecca! Peppa and her friends, Danny Dog, Suzy Sheep and Rebecca Rabbit,are riding their bicycles. George is riding his tricycIe. He's going so sIowly. Let's race to Daddy Pig's pumpkin. If We race to Daddy's Pumpkin, We have to be very careful not to bump into it. Daddy Would be very sad if the pumpkin got broken. Don't Worry, Peppa.. Race you! Peppa and her friends are racing to Daddy Pig's pumpkin! Hey! Watch out for my pumpkin!! Hurray! Peppa! Look out! Daddy's Pumpkin!!!! Sorry, Daddy! Look at George! He's going so slowIy! George is still riding a baby bike! Yours is a baby bike, too, Peppa! You've still got stabilizers! I can ride without my stabilizers. Me, too. And me. Let's ride up the hill again! Are you coming, Peppa? No, I think I'll stay here. See you later! Bye! Peppa wishes she did not have stabilizers on her bicycle. Daddy, I don't want stabilizers anymore. Do you think you can ride without them? Yes. AIright, Peppa. Let's take them off. Daddy Pig is taking the stabilizers off Peppa's bicycle. Are you sure you want to ride without stabilizers? Yes!

You've never done it before. I can do it. I can! I can! Arrgh! It's not funny! Riding without stabilizers is not easy. WouId you like some help, Peppa? Yes, pIease, Daddy. Alright. Ready... Steady... GO! Don't Iet go, Daddy! Don't worry. I've got you. You're doing really well, Peppa. HoId on, Daddy! Just keep peddling. Peppa is riding on her own, Without stabilizers! Daddy! You let go! You've been cycling on your own for ages. Have I? You're really very good at it! Am I? Oh, I can do it! Look at me! Look at me! I can ride my bike properly. Danny! Suzy! Rebecca! Look! I don't need my stabilizers anymore! Look at me! Race you to Daddy's pumpkin! Wheeeee! Peppa, look out my pumpkin! I'm going to win! Peppa isn't looking Where she is going! Wahhhh! Oops! Oh, dear, Peppa has squashed Daddy Pig's pumpkin! Sorry I squashed your pumpkin, Daddy. Never mind the pumpkin. The important thing is that you are okay. In future, you really must look where you are going. I promise I will, Daddy. Good. Anyway, now the pumpkin is broken, I can make it into pumpkin pie! I Iove pumpkin pie! And because Daddy Pig's pumpkin is so big, there wiII be enough pumpkin pie for everyone! Hurray!



12. snow
Peppa and George are very excited today. It is snowing outside! Mummy! Can we go and play in the snow? Yes, but it's very cold outside, so you must wrap up warm. Hurray! And don't forget to wear your hats, and scarves and gloves. It is very cold outside. Peppa and George must wear their hats...and scarves... and gloves. Come on, George! Peppa and George are making footprints in the snow. Peppa and George Iove making footprints in the snow! Oops! Oh, dear It's not funny! George, let's play snowballs! Peppa has made a snowball. Peppa and George are having a lot of fun. George, come back, you Iittle piggy! Arrgh! Oh, dear. Maybe this game is getting a Iittle too rough. Sorry, George. George! Let's build a snowman! Peppa and George are making a snowman. First, they make the body. George, this is the snowman's body. Now, they make the snowman's head. Now, he needs arms and eyes and a mouth! George has found some sticks for the snowman's arms.

Peppa has found some stones for the snoWman's eyes and mouth. This is his face. Now the snowman needs a nose. Peppa has got a carrot, to make the snowman's nose. The snowman looks very happy. But maybe he is bit cold. The snowman needs some clothes to keep him warm. George has found some clothes to keep the snowman nice and warm! The snowman is wearing his hat... and scarf... and gloves. Mummy! Daddy! Come and look! Mummy Pig is wearing her hat and scarf and gloves. That is the best snowman I have ever seen! Daddy Pig looks quite coId. He isn't wearing his hat and scarf and gloves. Daddy, Why aren't you wearing your hat and scarf and gloves? I don't know where they are! I can't find them anywhere. I think I know where Daddy's hat, scarf and gIoves are... Daddy Pig's hat and scarf and gIoves are on the snowman! Oh!


13 flying a kite
It is a bright, sunny day. Peppa and her family are in the park. They are going to fly a kite! George is going to fly the kite first. George runs as fast as he can. But the kite won't fIy. George! You're doing it all wrong! You didn't run fast enough. Now, it's my turn! Peppa runs as fast as she can. But the kite still won't fly. The kite won't fly if there isn't any wind, no matter how fast you run. Oh! We'll just have to wait, until the wind picks up a bit. Oh! Look, it's getting windy! Now that it is Windy, the kite can fIy! The wind is quite strong now. The wind is very strong now! George! Wahhh! Peppa! Thank you, Daddy Daddy Pig fIies the kite. Hurray! Higher, higher! Daddy pig flies the kite very well. Wow! Yes, I am a bit of an expert at these things Watch out for the trees! You might get the kite stuck in one. Don't worry; I know what I'm doing. Oh, dear. Daddy Pig has got the kite caught in a tree. Oh, no! Hmmm! Don't worry, George.

Daddy will get the kite down. Hurray! Err... yes. CarefuI! There's a big muddy puddle! Peppa and George Iove to jump in muddy puddles. Can We jump in the puddle? Please! No. I don't want you covered in mud. Ohhhhhhhhh... Stand back, children. Please be careful, Daddy Pig! I know what I'm doing. PIease be carefuI! Just a bit further, Daddy! Daddy Pig, you are much too heavy for that branch! Nonsense! I know exactIy how heavy I am. There! Hurray! Daddy Pig has rescued the kite! Whoa! Oh, dear. Everyone is covered in mud. It's onIy mud. LuckiIy, Daddy Pig hasn't hurt himseIf. And the kite is out of the tree! Hurray! Mummy... Now that we are all muddy, can We jump in the puddle? I suppose so. After all, you can't get any muddier... And I think Daddy Pig is going to be doing the washing... Oh! Peppa and George love jumping up and doWn in muddy puddles! Mummy and Daddy love jumping up and down in muddy puddles. Everyone loves jumping . Jumping up and doWn in muddy puddles up and down in muddy puddles! is just as much fun as flying the kite!


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Peppa Pig第一季:秘密 - [2] 【原版英语动画粉红猪小妹】Peppa Pig 第一季:秘密 第一季: 原版英语动画粉红猪小妹】 所属:沪江英语 难度:容易 作者:沪江英语 ...

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Peppa Pig s1-12 snow - 小猪佩奇第一季第十二集中英文字幕... Peppa Pig s1-12 snow_英语考试_外语学习_教育专区。小猪佩奇第一季第十二集中英文字幕 ...

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Pepper pig 第一集字幕及指导_幼儿读物_幼儿教育_教育专区。pepper pig 是英语...peppa pig第一季字幕 1-... 25页 2下载券 粉红小猪妹Peppa pig第四......

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儿童英语 英音 字幕使用方法: 1、将字幕文件压缩包...13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 ...peppa pig目录 8页 5下载券 peppa pig 第一季18...

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粉红猪小妹第一集字幕 Muddy Puddles_一年级英语_...文档贡献者 zlhy721128 贡献于2018-11-13 ...1页 免费 Peppa pig粉红猪小妹01 ... 暂无评价...

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peppa pig 第一集单词 - 1、narrator 叙述者;解说员 2、r