英语:Module4 sandstorms in Asia-Reading课件(外研版必修3)_图文

1 They are starting a campaign ________(运动) against smoking.
process 2 Do you know the chemical________(过 程) involved in the change? 3 The weatherman has forecast _______(预报) it will be fine tomorrow.

4 We are trying our best to fight against all kinds of pollution ________(污染). 5 She tried hard to provide a proper ____________(环境) for her child. environment

6 The meeting went on in a good atmosphere ___________(气氛). 7 We have enough evidence (证据) to give _______ him. 8 Your mother is really _________ (关心) concerned about you.

9 She took a knife along with her for her protection own_________(保护). 10 He ___________(抱怨) that the office complained was not businesslike.

fast reading :

Read and try to find the answer to the question .
How many parts can this article be divided into ?
Part I (para 1) : major disaster in Asia- standstorm Part II (para2-5) : discription cause influence suggestion Part Ⅲ (para6): measures

Read the articles carefully and answer questions.

1.What happened terrible Jianbo 1.He experienced a to Ren sandstorm. when he was a child in the desert? 2.Because climate changes and people cut down trees and dig up grass, land 2.Can youdesert, then desertification becomes explain why the happens. desertification happen?
3.Traffichappens to slowly because the 3.What moves very traffic when thick dust makes it difficult to see. sandstorms take place? Why? 4.Experts advise people not to go out. If 4.What shall people do if a cycling in the sandstorm, one had sandstorm mask. better wear aarrives?

Decide if the following sentences are True or False .

mass 1.A government campaign has been started to help solve the sandstorm problem. 2.The winds in a sandstorm can sometimes prevent you from seeing the sun. 3.Northwest China is the sandstorm centre in Central Asia. part of 4.The Chinese Central Weather Station can only forecast a sandstorm some months weeks before it arrives. 5.It is frightening to be cycling in a sandstorm. 6.The government is planting trees to the east west of Beijing to prevent the desert coming nearer.


cycle (v)



forecast 1. to ride a bicycle

process situation


2. someone who knows a lot about a particular subject expert 3. things that happen one after another , and have a result process 4. someone who lives in a particular town or country citizen 5. very small bits of dirt or earth , on the ground or in the air dust 6. to continue to live after a difficult or dangerous survive situation or event forcast 7. to say what will probably happen 8. everything that is happening at a particular time situation

Complete the sentences
1) The winds in a sandstorm can sometimes prevent you from seeing the sun _________________________ ? 2) When Ren Jianbo was living in Inner Mongolia he experienced a terrible sandstorm ? _____________________________ ? 3) Sandstorms in China appear to have increased desertification. ? because of _____________ ? 4) Cutting down trees and digging up grass can cause deserts and sandstorms to increase ? ____________________________ ? 5) The government is planting trees to the west of prevent the desert coming nearer ? Beijing to ___________________________



1 Weather experts have f________ orecast another big sandstorm in a week’s time. 2 It’s f__________ to be outside in a sandstorm. rightening 3 I was in a big storm. Luckily, we all s_______. urvived



4 There’s a lot of d____ on the flood. ust
5 Sandstorm is a long p_______ that rocess take many years. 6 Many Beijing c______ cycle to yclists work.