Module 3 My First Ride on a Train
Ⅰ.单句语法填空 1.After his journey from abroad,Richard Jones returned home,______(exhaust). 【答案】 exhausted 2.Shortly after graduation,Johnson had ______ job interview and later became a member of our company. 【答案】 a 3.Ed is short ______ Edward,who isn't short ______ cash. 【答案】 for;of 4.Mr.Brown is more ______ a teacher to us;we consider him as our friend. 【答案】 than 5.The president spoke at the business meeting for nearly an hour without ______(refer) to his notes. 【答案】 referring 6.______(frighten) by the loud cracking noise,she shrank down into her seat. 【答案】 Frightened 7.______ great a place it is to stay in! 【答案】 How 8.What prize do you think you ______(get) in the following competition? 【答案】 will get 9.Briggs will take ______ as general manager when Mitchell retires. 【答案】 over 10.After Jack had sent some e-mails,he ______(start) working on his project. 【答案】 started Ⅱ.用所给短语的适当形式填空 refer to,get off,take off,out of date,be short for,in the distance 1.I saw him get on the flight to Hong Kong and the plane ________ five minutes later. 【答案】 took off 2.WHO ______ the World Health Organization. 【答案】 is short for 3.This dress is a little ______ and I plan to buy a new one. 【答案】 out of date 4.The professor is often ______ as an expert on farming on many public occasions. 【答案】 referred to 5.We have become good friends after the long journey when we ______ the train. 【答案】 got off 6.It was so dark outside that they could see nothing ______. 【答案】 in the distance Ⅲ.完成句子 1.你认为我们班最好的学生是谁?(do you suppose) Who_______________________________________________________ in our class? 【答案】 do you suppose is the best student

Would you mind if I_______________________________________________________?

【答案】 played with you


_______________________________________________________the seat with you?

【答案】 Would you mind if I shared

4.Would you mind ______(带领他们参观)the city Wednesday afternoon?

【答案】 showing them around

5.Failing to pass the driving test again and again,he ________(陷入) despair.

【答案】 abandoned himself to

6.We ______(缺少)water but could hold out for another day.

【答案】 were short of


1.I was out of town at the time,so I don't know exactly what it happened.________

【答案】 what→how 或去掉 it

2.The bird came to the window,but I moved suddenly and was frightened it away.________

【答案】 去掉 was

3.Which companies was she referring when she spoke of competing firms?________

【答案】 referring 后加上 to

4.His career had been taken off by the time he was only ten.________

【答案】 去掉 been

5.What we are short is time and workforce.________

【答案】 short 后加上 of

6.Who do you think be the best student in your class?________

【答案】 be→is









【连句成篇】 (将以上句子连成一篇 50 词左右的短文)






Last year , an expert who I knew rode a camel

through a big

desert.The_journey_was_frightening_and__exhausting.Later I interviewed him in a ceremony.He said he liked the

unique scenery and felt very happy.He told me if I wanted to know more,I could refer_to his trip journal.