英语四六级听力 60 个必考习语详解
一、across 1、表方位。 Let’s go to the restaurant across the street and get something to eat. 让我们去街对面的餐馆买些吃的。 2、表动作,穿越。 You must go across the bridge and then turn right. 你必须先过桥,然后再往右拐。 二、age 1、年龄。最一般的表达。在此不赘述。 2、衰老。 the aging people = the old people 现代社会出现越来越严重的 aging problem(人口老龄化问题)等。 三、all 1、shake all over 浑身颤抖 2、all of a sudden 突然地 All of a sudden, I remembered her name. 我突然想起了她的名字。 3、by all means 一定 I’ll come by all means. 我一定会来的。 4、all night long 整晚 My present neighbor plays piano all night long. 我现在的邻居整晚都弹钢琴。 四、apply 这里我们详细串联一下在听力考试中涉及到的与求职相关的短语。apply for(申请),这是 工作的第一步;既然要申请,必然需要递交 letter of application(求职信),只要你足够 confident about yourself,就有可能获得 job interview(工作面试)的机会。 是否能够 give a good impression(留个好印象)给主管,那就得看你个人造化了。有些工 作岗位会 require much traveling, (要求经常出差)还有些工作, 做不了多久就会希望 find a way out(找到出路)。 五、as 1、作为,当作。 I am working as his teaching assistant. 我作为他的助教进行工作。 2、as…as 就像……一样 I’ve heard that he is as well-known as Johnson herself. 我听说他跟约翰生本人自己一样著名。 I don’t think it would be as boring as working in an office. 我并不认为这会跟在办公室工作一样枯燥。 It wasn’t as easy as I had thought. 这不像我想的那么简单。

It’s not as bad as it looks. 这并不像看上去的那么糟糕。 Is that optional course as hard as everybody says? 那个选修课真的就像每个人说的那样难吗? 3、as far as I know 据我所知 As far as I know, whether there’ll be such a trip is yet to be decided. 据我所知,是否有这么一趟旅行尚未决定。 As far as I know, he works until midnight every day. 据我所知,他每天都工作到半夜。 4、as well 也 If the weather is this hot tomorrow, we may as well give up the idea of playing tennis outside. 如果明天温度还是这么高,我们也可能放弃到户外进行比赛的主意。 5、as soon as 一……就,尽快 I will do that for you as soon as I have fixed the machine. 一修好机器我就会尽快为你完成那个工作。 六、awfully 非常地,相当地。在口语中用于表程度的比例十分高。 awfully nervous 相当紧张;awfully cold 相当冷;awfully sorry 十分抱歉 Tom looks awfully nervous.汤姆看上去相当紧张。 I am awfully sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.十分抱歉。我不想伤害你的。 七、be bound to 肯定,注定 The movie starts in 5 minutes and there’s bound to be a long line. 电影还有 5 分钟就开始了?现在那里肯定排着长队。 八、be tired of 厌烦。当一个人感到厌烦的时候,也是最容易 lose one’s temper(生气)的时候。 I’m tired of movies about romantic stories. 我已经彻底厌烦了电影中的浪漫故事。 九、be worn out 1、筋疲力尽,这个表达不太正式,多用于口语。 I’m usually worn out at the end of the day. 在一天快结束时我时常觉得很累。 2、破旧不堪。 My soles were worn out after a long time trip.经过长时间的旅行,我的鞋底已经破旧不堪。 十、better 1、’d better 最好是 I’d better read one of the articles for the class. 我最好还是为上课读篇文章准备一下。 I think you’d better find another partner. 我想你最好还是另找一个搭档吧。 2、make it better 让……更好

I’d rewrite the last two paragraphs to make it better. 我已经重写了最后两段以使它更 好。 3、be better 更好些 I told you it would be better for you if you took fewer courses during the first semester. 我告诉过你如果你在第一个学期少选一些课程会比较好一些。 十一、bill 1、账单,买单。 I will pay the bill this time because last time you did it. 这次我来买单,因为上次是你。 2、提案。 We all passed the bill on yesterday’s board meeting. 在昨天的董事会上我们全票通过该提案。 3、纸币。 Here’s a 10-dollar bill. Give me two tickets for tonight’s show please. 这是一张 10 美元的纸币,请给我两张今晚演出的票,谢谢。 十二、book 1、书。本意,简单名词。 2、预定,订购。 be booked up 被预定空了;booking office 售票处 All the morning flights have been booked up. 所有明早的飞机票都预定光了。 十三、briefing 1、简介。会议之前,总要有一个项目叫做 Give a briefing. Mrs. Lung’s briefing seems to go on forever.Lung 女士的简报似乎没完没了。 2、news / press briefing 新闻发布会 十四、change 1、改变,更改。这是该词的基本意思,看两个例子回顾一下。 I’d love to see a different type of movie for a change. 我想换换口味,看场不同类型的电影。 I’ll have to get my ticket changed. 我必须得更改我的票。 2、零钱。这是在口语中经常使用的意思。 Two tickets and here’s a dollar forty cents change. 这是两张票以及一美元四十美分的找零。 Jane, do you have some change? I have to make a call on the payphone. Jane,你有零钱吗?我想在公用电话亭打个电话。 十五、check 1、检查。基本意思。check our baggage 检查行李 Could you check for me who borrowed it? 你能帮我查查是谁借走了吗? Did you check the power plug and press the play button? 你是否检查了电源插头并按了播放键了呢?

2、登机台。check-in counter Is this the check-in counter for Flight 914 to Los Angeles? 这是飞往洛杉矶的 914 号航班的登机台吗? 3、询问。check on it 问问看 Maybe I should call to check on it. 也许我应该打个电话问问看。 4、支票。 Sign the check. 签这张支票。 十六、copy 1、一本,一份。a copy of 口语中经常使用。 I’d like to buy a copy of Professor Franklin’s book On American Culture. 我想买本富兰克林教授写的关于美国文化的书。 Would you like a copy of professor Smith’s article? 你想要份史密斯教授的文章吗? 2、复印。简单动词。 Could you copy this article for me?你能为我拷贝一下这篇文章吗? 十七、count 1、数数。 She is counting the days. 她每天都在数着日子。 2、指望。count on 依赖 We’ll have to count on good weather. 我们不得不指望一个好天气。 十八、cover 1、封面。hard cover 精装书,与 hard back book 同意。另外,每个娱乐杂志的封面都免不了 会有一位漂亮时尚的 cover figure(封面人物)。 The hard cover is on sale for the same price as the paperback this week in the bookshop. 在书店,这些精装本与平装本价格相同。 2、读完,完成。 I think we’ve covered everything. 我认为我们完成所有事情了。 I just covered a few chapters which interested me most. 我只读完了自己最感兴趣的几章。 十九、crossword puzzle 纵横字谜,一种填字游戏。既可以 entertain oneself(自我娱乐),也是一种不错的智力训练。 This is not a game. It’s only a crossword puzzle that helps increase my vocabulary. 这不是游戏。这只是可以帮助我提高单词量的一种纵横字谜。 二十、drama 戏剧。这是一种西方的艺术形式。四级听力中曾经多次出现。其他的艺术形式还有 TV play(电 视剧),soap opera(肥皂剧),concert(音乐会)……

Some people just can’t seem to appreciate real-life drama. 有些人似乎不愿意欣赏真实生活的戏剧表演。 二十一、drop drop by 1、拜访。 I wonder if you can drop by tomorrow evening. 我想知道你能否在明晚过来。 2、载人一程。 I’m going home, but I can drop you at the supermarket. 我要回家,但我可以载你到超市。 drop it 忘掉,放弃 We can drop it this time. But don’t do it again. 这次我们可以算了,但下次不要再犯。 I have to drop it this time. 我这次不得不放弃。 二十二、drunk driving 酒后驾驶。在四级听力中出现,一般都是作为 traffic accident(交通事故)的主要原因之一。 I think it’s high time we turned our attention to the danger of drunk driving now. 我认为这是我们必须重视酒后驾驶的危险性的时候了。 二十三、expect 愿意“期待,期望”。 Nobody expects you to be a superstar. 没有人指望你会成为超级明星。 引申意思为“等待,预期”。 The lecture was much more difficult to follow than I had expected. 这个演讲比我预期的要难懂多了。 Mr. Smith is expecting you at 3 o’clock. 史密斯先生等待着你三点钟到来。 二十四、extremely 使用频率非常高,不亚于 very,这个东西 extremely expensive。 The speech the blind girl gave this evening was extremely moving. 今晚那个盲的女孩的演讲非常感人。 二十五、film 1、电影。最常见用语。 2、胶卷。 ran out of film 胶卷用完;a roll of film 一卷胶卷;develop the film 冲洗胶卷,说成 wash 就完蛋了。 3、拍摄。 film the river bank 拍摄河岸景致

二十六、gains and losses 得与失。 Think about the gains and losses before you make the decision. 在你做出决定之前,一定要好好想想得与失。 二十七、give 1、give sb a ride 请某人搭便车 Could you give me a ride to school tomorrow? 你明天能载我一程去学校吗? 2、give sb a hand 帮助某人 Can you give me a hand, Mike? 麦克,你能帮我一下吗? 3、give sb a ring 打电话给某人 I need to give Mum a ring and tell her I will not be back for dinner. 我要给妈妈打电话告诉她不回去吃晚饭了。


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