皇家英文 279367752


D1–Do you know what he did all day? --He spent as much time playing as he ____. A. studying B. was studying C. studied D. did studying B3. It is said that land animals _____ from sea animals. A. were developed B. developed C. are developing D. develops D5. ____ made his teacher unhappy. A. Tom came late B. Tom's came late C. Tom's late D. Tom's coming late D16. _____ school, we can get much knowledge. A. Because B. Thanks for C. Thanks with D. Thanks to B18. He talks too much as if he _____ everything. A. knows B. knew C has known D. to know A19. He will come to stay with us for ____ next month. A. some time sometime B. sometime some time C. sometime D. some times B20. This radio program is well worth _____. A. listening B. listening to C. watching D. to listen C25. –How long _____ you ____ the English dictionary? --About half a year. A. have, got B. did, buy C. have, had D. have, bought B30. What do you think _____ him change his mind? A. to make B. made C. make D. making B33. She often offers _____. A. us with some food B. some food to us C. us to some food D. money me C34. Most sharks feed ____ fish and other animals. A. with B. for C. on D. by B39. The king ____ himself from a leaning tree. A. hung B. hanged C. hunged D. hand D40. Jim got up early _____ he caught the early train. A. because B. or C. so that D. until D41. When _____ the PRC ____ do you know? A. did, find B. did, found C. was, found D. was, founded C42. What's six ______ seven? A. multiplies B. multiplying C. multiplied D. multiplied by A46. He watched the game with a _____ look. A. surprising B. surprised C. surprise D. surprises B48. It's very _____ to talk with him. A. worth B. rewarding C. deserve D. pleasure C52. Water must be kept _____ away. A. to run B. runs C. running D. from running C54. Mum, my shoes are _____. Can I have a new pair?

皇家英文 279367752
A. wearing out B. worn C. worn out D. broken out A55. _____! You have a lot of time to go. A. don't rush B don't rush out C. don't look D. don't go D59. We should make a contribution to ______ to environment. A. improve B. improving C. change D. changing B62. Will you please make _____ for me? I must be together with my baby. A. a room B. room C. a space D. rooms C63. The machine must be ____ at once. A. put off B. put on C. put away D. put right C67. No matter ______, you should not give it up. A. what will happen B. what is happened C. what happens D. happen what C68. There is nothing _____ with you. You needn't be worried. A. the wrong B. matter C. the matter D. the problem C73. I will __ until your father comes back home. I have something important to talk with him. A. not wait B. leave C. wait D. not to wait D79. It's great fun _____ the yo-yo. Do you want a go? A. playing B. to play C. play with D. playing with A80. I really don't know what _____ next. Can you help me? A. to do B. to do it C. do D. do it D84.You pen writes _____. Where did you buy it? A. good B. nice C. neat D. well A85. Math, one of the most important subjects, ____ always interested him. A. has B. have C. are D. is B88. All the students _____ when they heard the good news. A. were cheered B. cheered C. are cheered D. cheering C89. Modem can be used for connecting a computer _____ a phone line. A. with B. for C. to D. towards C90. ____ the population by the year 2050?. A. how many will be B. how much will be C. what will be D. what will B92. You must _____ try ____ make mistakes any more. A. not, to B. /, not to C. /, don't D. /, to D95. Last year the boss of a large factory _____ two million yuan to our school. A. gave in B. gave up C. gave back D. gave away C96. I saw him ____ your room when I walked past yesterday afternoon. A. entering into B. to enter C. enter D. enter into B97. I'd like something _____ English. Could you make some for me? A. real B. really C. true D. truly\