Abstract Language proficiency scale,which is also called language proficiency standard,is a series of descriptions of learner’S language ability.The study of a language competence scale has on history of nearly sixty years.Foreign studies have reached a language competence scale mature stage,while mostl, focus on the d me methods metllo(is researches in l China oonding g nid n op mostly setOCUS rr oc na procedures of developing foreign language proficiency scales or the advantages and disadvantages of the strategic scales.With regard to English writing concentrated on competence(EWSC),researches mostly the investigation and analysis of the application of writing strategies,few explore the English writing strategic competence from the perspective of language proficiency scale.At present,China’S constructing China standards this thesis whose whose research is Ministry of Education is committed to this background comes out of English,under is subj ect to Chinese middle school students and research purpose explore how to construct English writing strategic competence scale for middle school students. Based on Bachman’S Communicative Language Ability(Bachman,1 996) and Hays&Flower’S 1 98 Cognitive to Process Theory two of Writing(Hayes&Flower, are 1),this thesis attempts answer questions:1)What the dimensions of the are EWSC scale for Chinese middle school students?2)What the 1evels of the EWSC scale for Chinese middle school students?To 万方数据 probe into the above questions,we take the following research procedures: First,we collect related descriptors from foreign language proficiency scales, the curriculum standards,teaching materials at home and abroad,foreign syllabuses,domestic testing outlines and Chinese periodical literature by way of we literature review.All make edition on together l 56 original descriptors are collected.Then, these descriptors by deleting,combining,rewriting, translating etc.under the guidance of the five principles namely positiveness, a definiteness,clarity,brevity and independence,and a three—element model.As is the classification of of result,95 descriptors on remain.What comes next descriptors.Based the Cognitive Process Theory Writing(Hayes& Flower,1 98 1),we divide the 95descriptors into three dimensions and define the planning strategy,translating strategy and reviewing strategy with reference to the strategic competence in communicative language t