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Workbook LISTENING Page 48 1. Before you listen , look at the map on the right. It shows some of the places in the world where English is spoken as an official language. Guess what this listening is about. Listen to the tape and see if you are right. 2. Listen to the tape again. Work out the name of each student’s country and find the hints that help you identify them. Speaker1 Speaker2 Speaker3 Speaker4 Country name Hints script I live in South Asia. My country is thousands of years old and now has more than a billion people. Unlike many other countries. Our people speak a lot of languages. So we use English, which we got from British rulers hundreds of years ago. Of course, we have our own way of using English. Well, I live on a huge green island in western Europe. Hundreds of years ago, my people spoke a very different language from English. Then the British rulers came. Now the old language is spoken in only a few villages in the western part of my country. My country has more than 7000 islands. Some of them are very large but most of them are quite small. Hundreds of years ago, the Spanish rulers changed the way live. Much later, the American rulers taught their own kind of English in our schools. Nowadays, we speak a kind of English that borrows words from American English but is mostly our own. My country is very small. In fact it’s really a city. It is in southeast Asia and is very rich. People come from all over Asia to do business here. Today , you c

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