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一.单选题 1.Though the work is very hard, he doesn’t want to_______easily. A. give in B. give up C. give away D. give over

2. .Mr. Smith will give us a talk on computers_______next week. A. at times B. sometime C. sometimes D. some times

3. We should pay attention to_______ the teacher carefully. A. listen to B. listening C. listening to D. listen

4. If we don’t study hard, we will _______in our class. A. take the lead B. fall behind C. be the first D. be successful

5.As a student, I can’t afford_______ a new mobile phone. A. buy B. buying C. to buy D. bought

6.The doctor has devoted most of his time to _______ the patients. A. look after B. looking after C. looks after D. looked after

7. — Did you enjoy the outdoor training yesterday? — No, not at all! I was_______ dead after so much hard training. A. as good as B. as well as C. so good as D. so well as

8. The railway_______ Qinghai to Tibet is the longest plateau (高原) railway in the world. A. connected B. connects C. connecting D. is connected

9. We may meet all kinds of difficulties in the future, but we should be confident enough to ______any challenge. A. put on B. get on C. take on D. try on

10. — It’s dangerous to walk across the street carelessly. — You’re right. We can’t be _______careful while crossing the street. A. so B. very C. too D. more

二.填写适当的单词 1.Su Ning is ready to take on new ______________(挑战)any time. 2.Liu Hao always works to high _____________(标准),but he’s modest and easy to work with. 3.Su Ning started to work for the _______________________(销售部)in a big company five

year ago. 4.Fang Yuan is always willing to work ____________ (额外的;附加的)hours. 5.She has ___________(把?贡献,把?专用于)most of her time to her work.

三.完形填空 It is very____1______ to know yourself. In fact, it ____2___ a lifetime for most people. Too ____3___ people worry more about “image (声誉) ” and “face” than they do about really knowing their own ____4_____. 5 yourself means accepting (接受、 承认) yourself and

not worrying excessively(过分地,非常地) about what other people think. Know yourself and be yourself! This is the key _____6_____a happier life. 1.A. easy 2. A. took 3. A. many 4 A. personality 5. A. Knows 6. A. for B. difficult B. have taken B.much B. character B. Knew B. to C. necessary C. will take C.more C.energy C. Knowing C. as D.kind D. takes D.most D.colours D.have known D.like

四. 任务型阅读;请根据对话材料内容,完成文后各题 JESSIE: FLORA: JESSIE: The music next door is too noisy. 1.That is annoying! 2.Why don’t we complain about it? OK. Let’s go.

(Jessie and Flora Knocked at the door. Stella opened it.) FLORA: Look, I’m sorry to bother you about this, 3.but could you that music?

It’s too noisy. STELLA: Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you could hear it. JESSIE: FLORA: we found it difficult to stay in the house. The noise was terrible. I can’t even think with that.

STELLA: sorry. I didn’t realize it was bothering you. Are you going to rest? JESSIE loud. No, we have to study for the coming exam. We hope you don’t play the CDs so


Sorry, I won’t do it again.

But I think what the house needs is better

soundproofing(隔音). FLORA: 太). Yes, you’re right. I’m afraid we have to talk about it with the landlady(房东太

请回答下列问题 1. 句中划线的词义是 A.令人愉快的 B.使人生气的 C. 使人惊讶的 D.令人兴奋的

2.写出同义句 _______

________ complaining about it?

3.选择适当的词语填在句中横线上. A.. turn on B. turn up C. turn off D. turn down

4.对句中划线处提问 _______ do you have to ______ for the coming exam? 5. 根据对话回答: Is it right or wrong to make noise? ______________________________.

参考答案 一. BBCBC BBBC 二. 1.challenge 2.standard 3.sales department 4.extra 5.devoted 三. BBAACA 四. 1. B 2. How about / What about 3. D 4.What ; do 5. It’s wrong

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