Unit 9-3 language
Words Phrases


Words & expressions

1. on the go (Para. 1) 是成语: “忙个不停,四处奔走,跑来跑去.” 1. Her children keep her on the go all day. ? 2. We can’t keep small children still; they are always on the go.

2. New functions are being added to the phones. (Para. 2) add…to… 把 … 加上 / 到 … If you add 100 to 1, you get 101. add to 增加,加强

A little sugar will add to the taste.
add up to 总计, 一共. 不能用于被动语态。 His whole education added up to no more than one year.

added to our difficulty in 1) The heavy rain ________ finishing the project. 2) The expense this month has added up to 200 yuan. ___________ add sugar ___ 3) Please ____ to the milk. Add up the numbers and tell me your 4) _______ result. 5) The head teacher expressed his adding that we were so satisfaction, _______ smart and creative.

Fill in the blanks.

3 . remind vt. 提醒;使想起 (Para. 2) : tell sb. to remember 1. If I forget, please remind me. 2. Please remind him to take his medicine tomorrow. 3. He reminded me that I hadn’t written to mother.

remind sb. of sth.(使某人想起某事) 1.The play reminds me of the war years 2.This song reminds him of his childhood

4. appointment


(Para. 2)



I have an appointment with my

boyfriend this afternoon.

a blind date

5. allow sb. to do sth. (Para.3)
Sb. be allowed to do sth. ? 我父母允许我用手机. My parents allow me to use the cellphone.

I am allowed to use the cellphone by my parents.

6. If a phone starts ringing in the classroom, teachers and students are disturbed and can't work. (Para. 3)

disturb 扰乱,搅动,妨碍,打扰,一 般用作打扰别人正常的心理 / 生活,扰乱 阻断”之意,也可指“插嘴”。 Try not to disturb them when they are working.

原来的状况。而 interrupt 一般指“打断,

They were interrupted by the noise.


7. I don’t dare to use the phone in school,… (Para. 3) =He daren’t use the phone…

mod. v.


Do you dare to ask him? =Dare you ask him?

spend主语须是“人”, spend on sth./spend (in)doing sth. ? cost 主语须是“物”或“事”,侧重于“花费” 的代价。 ? take主语一般是“一件事”,表示“(做)某 事占用/花费了……。” ? pay主语是人, “支付”,pay(sb)…for sth.
? ? ? ?

8.spend/cost/take/pay (Para. 3)

这本书花了他一美元。 算出这道数学题花了我十分钟的时间。 他支付给售货员5美元来买这件礼物。

9. stay in touch with sb “与某人保持联系

= keep/be in touch with sb (Para. 4

get in touch with sb. 与某人取得联系

lose/be out of touch with sb.

10. No matter无论,不管,后面跟疑问词 引导的从句. (Para. 4) no matter what=whatever no matter where=wherever No matter where you go, you’ll find new friends.=wherever you go,

you’ll find new friends.

Whatever he says , we can’t believe him.= No matter what he says, we can’t believe him.


Are the sentences correct? No matter what you say is not ×
important now.

Whatever you say is not important now. 2. No matter what happened ,he √ would not mind. Whatever happened, he would not mind. 3. I will buy no matter what I like. × I will buy whatever I like.

11. call for(Para. 4)
a. This problem calls for prompt (迅速 的,及时的)solution. (需要) b. I'll call for you at 7o’clock. (邀约,相当于 collect ) c. Please call for help when you are in danger. (为争取…而叫喊)

12. in case /in case of 假使, 免得,以防万一. ? in case (Para. 4)

? ? ? ?

In case he comes, let me know. Please remind me of it again tomorrow in case I forget. It may rain, you’d better take an umbrella in case. in case of In case of fire, ring the alarm bell.

13 . throughout prep. 遍及, 贯穿(可以 用来修饰时间及地点) adv. 到处,彻头彻尾 a. It snowed throughout the night. b. The disease spread throughout the country. c. The house is painted white throughout.


throughout, all over all over 意为“在遍及......的各部 分”,只接表示地点的名词。 They came from the country all over the world.

Difficult sentences
1. I'm on the bus, I should be home in about ten minutes. in about ten minutes “ 在十分钟内 ” 在 英语中表示“在将来的多少时间内”一般 用 in 而不用 after. I'll finish my homework in one hour.

2. Cell phones.. make it possible for us to talk to anyone from anywhere.

The chairman thought ____ necessary to invite Professor Smith to speak at the meeting. A. that B. it C. this D. him

3. Modern cell phones are more than just phones - they

are being used as cameras and
radios, and to send e-mails or surf the Internet.

a. more than 这里意思是“不仅仅是” He is more than a scholar.


She is more than clever.
她不仅仅聪明。 (可能还很漂亮…)

Translate the sentences.

1. The travel to Beijing is more than sightseeing. 2.He has more than twenty yuan with him.

b. be used to do 是use sth to do 的被动语态。 Camera is used to take photo. be used for可和 be used to do 互换。 Camera is used for taking photos. be used as “被用来作为......”, as 是介词。
The old building is being used as a factory.

4. The answer seems to be that we have a need to stay in touch with friends and family no matter where we are or what we are


have a need to do sth. “有必要做 某事” 也可用 need to do sth. need 在这里作名词表示 “需要,要 求” 。

相关词组: meet / satisfy one's needs 满足某人的需要 according to one's needs 根据某人的需要

The Present Continuous Passive Voice

be + being + done

Find the sentences using present continuous passive voice in the text.

Sentences in the text 1. Words and images are being sent throughout the world. 2. … They are being used as cameras and radios, … 3.New functions are being added to the phones. 4.They are being used everywhere – sometimes where they shouldn’t.

现在迚行时的被动语态基本用法: 1.表示现在正在迚行的被动动作。 e.g.

Mary is being interviewed now.

---What’s the matter?

---My car is being repaired now.

2. 表现阶段正在迚行的被动动作。

The disease is being studied at present by scientist.

The life of the panda is being studied at present . 生活环境。


The Present Continuous Passive Voice
? They

are collecting money for the project.

Money is being collected by them for the project.

Is /are being + 过去分词

Change into the Passive Voice.
1. They are building a new supermarket near our school. A new supermarket is being built by them near our school. _____________________________. 2. Mum is cleaning the room now. is being cleaned by mum now. The room_______________________. 3. Mary is sending a gift to Mike. being sent a gift by Mary. Mike is __________________. A gift is being sent by Mary to Mike.

Change into Passive Voice.
They are building a computer centre for the students. 2. The parents are taking good care of their baby. 3. They are adding new functions to the phones.

Change into general questions.

A computer centre is being built by them for the students. Is a computer centre being built by…?
Their baby is being taken good care of by the parents. New functions are being added to the phones by them.
Are new functions being added to the phones …?


Is their baby being taken good care of by…?

Change into special questions

1.They are building nine parks. (How many) parks are being built?
2.They are interviewing Mike for the job.

(Who)is being interviewed by them for the job? 3.Some students are spending 200 yuan on their cellphones. is being spent by some (How much)
students on their cellphones? 4.George is sending e-mails to his friends.

(What) is being sent by George to his friends?

1. -Have you moved into the new house? -Not yet. The rooms ____. A. are being painting B. are painting C. are painted D are being painted D.

2. A new cinema _____ here.
They hope to finish it next

A. will be built B. is built C. has been built D. D is being built

3. Selecting a mobile phone for personal use is no easy task because technology _____ so rapidly. A. is changing A B. has changed C. will have changed D. will change

4. The building _____ now will be our dormitory. A. build C. built B. being built B D. building

5. It is said that pandas _____ in our country year after year. A. are being disappeared B. B are disappearing C. will be disappeared D. will disappear

Change them into the Passive Voice.
1. The students clean the room every day. ? 2. Children often sing this song. ? 3. She gave me a present. ? 4. He told me to wait here for him. ? 5. Mary is taking care of the children. ? 6. They will set up a new school in the village. ? 7. We are going to visit the History Museum. ? 8. I have posted the letter. ? 9. You can’t see the stars in the daytime. ? 10. You must do all the exercises.

Integrating skills

Language points

1. It is the year 2374 and the machines have taken over. take over意为“接受”、“接 管”。 Who will take over the work now that Jim has left?

2. They have to make electricity for the machines, repair them

when they break down, and do
everything Q12 tells them to.

障时迚行修理,惟Q12 的命令是从。

break down意为“(车辆)抛锚;中止; 分解;(身体)累跨”等。 The peace talks are said to have broken down. 据说和谈破裂了。 The car broke down halfway to the camp. 车子在去营地的半路上抛锚了。

Food is broken down by chemicals.
化学物质引起食物转化。 If Tim keeps working like this,

he will break down sooner or


3. Q12 can not be defeated by force. 武力是不能战胜Q12的。 1)defeat, win和beat“战胜;击败;赢” defeat广泛用于各方面, 表示“击败”对方,宾语是人; beat常用于游戏或比赛中,表示“击败对手” win的宾语必须是game, war, prize, race, battle等类名词。


Our hopes were defeated.
谁在赛跑中获胜了?我获胜了. Who won the race? I won. 在乒乓球方面我可以轻而易举地战胜他。 I can easily beat/defeat him at table tennis.

2)force用作名词,意为“力、力量、 武力”。其复数形式常指“军队;兵 力”。

1. You must use force to open that bottle. 你必须用力打开那个瓶子。

2. 小偷用暴力夺走了老人的钱。
The thief took the money from the old

man by force.
3. 维和部队已经抵达那个国家。

The peace-keeping forces have arrived
in that country.

force还可以用作动词,意为“强迫、迫 使”,其宾语补足语可以是不定式、介词 或副词。如: The thief was forced to tell everything to the police. 那个小偷被迫向警察交代一切。 He forced the window open.


4. Instead the students have decided to come up with a

peaceful solution.
相反, 学生们决定要想方设法和平解决. come up with “ 提出(建议);找到 (答 案, 解决办法) ”。

1) 那时他想不出一个好答案。 He couldn’t come up with a good answer at that time. 2) 那就是你想出的最佳方案吗?

Is that the best solution you can
come up with?

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