The Main Difference Between My College Life And My Middle School Life

The Main Difference Between My College Life And My Middle School Life It is generally accepted by college students that the main difference between middle school and college life lies in the degree of independence. As for me, I prefer the more independent life in university for the following three reasons. First and foremost, since the very day I entered the university, I have learned to live on my own and cultivated the habit of solving problems by myself. Without parents company, I have learned to arrange my daily meals for myself, wash clothes, set financial plans and make decisions relying on myself. Besides, college life is academically different from that in middle schools. Teachers in university only give students due guidance at due time, which renders college students more freedom to set academic goals. What’s more, we can choose any courses we are interested in and the teachers whose teaching styles are to our preference. Last but not least, we enjoy more free extracurricular time. We can make good use of the free time to broaden our views and make more friends. In conclusion, I am leading a life that is quite different from that in middle school, and I enjoy more independence in university. To the freshmen, I would suggest they devise various methods to adjust themselves to such an independent lifestyle sooner.