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The origin of the June 1 children's day
Children, also known as "June 1 International Children's Day," the annual June 1, the world of children's festivals. November 1949, the Women's International Democratic Federation council meeting held in Moscow. China and other countries and representatives of countries and anger exposed the imperialist reactionaries kill and poison children. In order to protect the world's children to survival, health and education, to improve the lives of children. The meeting decided in the annual June 1 International Children's Day. The International Children's Day (ICD) is celebrated in numerous countries, usually (but not always) on June 1 each year.

一、合唱 《歌声与微笑》 二、英语诗歌朗诵 《kids》 三、表情模仿秀 四、教师代表才艺展示 五、祝贺儿童节优秀英语短信展示 六、礼物大放送

请把我的歌带回你的家 请把你的微笑留下 请把我的歌带回你的家 请把你的微笑留下 明天明天这歌声 飞遍海角天涯 飞遍海角天涯 明天明天这微笑 将是遍野春花 将是遍野春花

When you have a kid whatever your goals are for your life you're so willing to put him ahead before all your goals sometimes even give up your dreams for his needs but you'd consider yourself lucky indeed being in love with someone in this wide world so deep let me experience what love,giving,and voluntary sacrifice are about After all of the things I've done for him who changed my whole world dramaticly I come to understand what a complete life is like.

Children's expression is one of the world's most clean things, it represents the inner depths of the most real idea

教师代表才艺展示 Talent show (一) Man can conquer nature.

A gentleman with a superior man makes untiring endeavour.
注: untiring [?n'ta??r??] adj. 不知疲倦的;不屈不挠的;坚持不懈的 Endeavour [?n'dev?; en-] vt. 竭力做到,试图或力图(做某事) vi. 竭力;企图

教师代表才艺展示 Talent show (二) God rewards those who work hard ! Only a well-prepared person can get the opportunity.


I wish little mind older kids happy 61! Indulge yourself, do not! Adults know that you usually installed very hard! Holidays, and want to eat eat hand in hand, I would like to wet the bed on the bed-wetting, no one cares who is on the bite! Happy Children's Day! 祝岁数大心眼少的小朋友们六一快乐!放纵一下吧,别憋着啦! 知道你平常装大人挺辛苦!过节了,想吃手就吃手,想尿 床就尿床,谁管就咬谁!儿童节快乐! 注: Indulge [in'd?ld?] vt. 满足;纵容;使高兴;使沉迷于… vi. 沉溺;满足;放任 install [in'st?:l] vt. 安装;任命;安顿

Bless all the world in our children a happy Children's Day On this day, let us return to childhood every adult with the most sincere sentiments of the most pure heart of a happy Children's Day! Happy holidays! 在我们祝福天下所有的孩子儿童节快乐的这一天,也让 我们每一个成年人回到童年,用最纯真的情怀、最纯 洁的心灵过一个快乐的儿童节!节日快乐!

注:sentiment ['sentim?nt] n. 感情,情绪;情操;观点;多愁善感

Ignorance was young, had rash juvenile; silent over the years in the fingers, when the Children's Day walk in the street, realized that the past does not look back. Expenditure of red wine, for this does not belong to our holiday cheers! Happy Children's Day! 曾经年幼无知,曾经莽撞少年;岁月于指间无声滑过,当 儿童节走在街头,才意识到过去的日子不回头。开支红 酒,为这不属于我们的节日干杯!儿童节快乐! 注: Ignorance ['ign?r?ns] n. 无知,愚昧;不知,不懂 juvenile ['d?u:v?nail, -nil] adj. 青少年的;幼稚的 Expenditure [iks'pendit??] n. 支出,花费;经费,消费额


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