吸血鬼日记第一季所有插曲 第一季; 【原声音乐】 1 Closer To Love -- Mat Kearney 2 I Got A Round(吸血鬼日记插曲) -- The Vampire Diaries3 Gravity (吸血鬼日记 插曲) -- The Vampire Diaries 4 Chances -- Five for Fighting 5 Off Track -The Features 6 This Is Beautiful -- Tyrone Well 7 Cut 割掉爱 割掉伤痛 吸血鬼日记插曲 -The Vampire Diaries 8 Come Back When You Can 吸血鬼日记插曲 -The Vampire Diaries 9 Yet -- Switchfoot 10 Sleep Alone 吸血鬼日记插曲 寂寞女声 -- The Vampire Diaries 11 BOOM -Anjulie 12 Say (All I Need).mp3 延续出 Apologize 不一样的风格 -OneRepublic 13 I m A Lady -- Santogold 14 I m Not Over -- Carolina Liar 15 Shadows Of Ourselves -- Thievery Corporation 16 all we are -Matt Nathanson 17 Brightest Hour -- The Submarines 18 Temptation 诱惑 Moby 音乐天堂杂志推荐曲目 -- Moby 19 Down Down 吸血鬼 日记插曲 感人 -- The Vampire Diaries 20 kids -- MGMT 21 siren song -- Bat For Lashes 22 Back To Me -- The All-American Rejects 23 Running Up That Hill -Placebo 24 Thinking of You.. -- Katy Perry 25 Consoler of the Lonely -- The Raconteurs 26 Help I am Alive -- Metric 27 Hang You From The Heavens -- The Dead Weather 28 White Lies -- death. 29 I am An Animal -- Neko Case 30 Heavy Cross -- The Gossip 31 Never say never -Fray 32 All the same to me--Anya Marina(为小镇纪念日挑选小姐,在男女对跳的舞里的歌 曲) 33 It is what it is


第一集: 1:Sara BareillesAnd One Republic - Come Home

2:Piano Tribute Players - How to Save a Life

3:Gemma Hayes - Out of our hands

4:Hurts - Wonderful Life

5:Mads Langer - The River Has Run Wild

第二集:1. "Animal" by Neon Trees. Elena 和 Bonnie 讨论 Katherine

2. "Geraldine" by Glasvegas. Elena 和 Bonnie 准备嘉年华

3. "Currency Of Love" by Silversun Pickups. Damon 和 Stefan 观察 Tyler 和 Mason 的腕力比赛

4. "The Ladder" by Andrew Belle . Caroline 在嘉年华与 Matt 相遇

5. "All This Time" by OneRepublic. 片尾曲

第三集: 1. Meiko "Under My Bed"

Matt 去 Caroline 家,但是 caroline 不能见光

2. Lifehouse "In Your Skin" Stefan 尝试劝服 bonnie 帮 caroline 做个戒指.

3. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour "Fantasy Friend Forever"

4. The Duke Spirit "Send A Little Love Token"

5. Stars "Changes" Caroline 向 matt 道歉

6. A Fine Frenzy "Ashes And Wine" matt 与 Caroline 分手

第四集: 1. Haydn "Quartet For Strings In C Major, Emperor" 暂缺 (一个纯配乐)

2. Collide "Rock On"

3. Ballas Hough Band "Together Faraway"

4. Howls "Hammock"

5. Goldfrapp "We Radiate"

6. Tyrone Wells "Time Of Our Lives"

7. Sara Bareilles "Breathe Again"

第五集: 1. The Smashing Pumpkins “The Fellowship” – Available on The Vampire Diaries: Original Soundtrack October 12th

2. Trent Dabbs “Counting Sleep” –

3. Athlete “Superhuman Touch” –

4. The Rifles “Sometimes” –

5. The Fast Romantics “Cool Kids” –

6. The Naked And Famous “Punching In A Dream” – Unavailable

7. Sky Ferreira “Obsession” –

8. Title Tracks “Steady Love” –

9. New Politics “Yeah YeahYeah” –

10. The Pass “Colors” –

11. Kris Allen “I Need To Know”

第六集: 1. The Script "This Love"

2. The Black Keys "Tighten Up"

3. The Temper Trap "Science Of Fear"

4. Athlete "Wires"


第七集:1. Cruel Black Dove "Love My Way" (Psychadelic Furs Cover)

2.Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill (Feed Me Remix)

3. Digital Daggers "Head Over Heals" (Tears For Fears Cover)

4. Morning Parade "Under The Stars"

5. Joel & Luke "People Change" - just as long as a live version, but the quality is good

6. Kaskade Feat. Dragonette "Fire In Your New Shoes"

7. Tawgs Salter "Brave"

第八集:1.Sleeperstar --- I Was Wrong

2. TvOn The Radio --- Wolf Like Me

3. Editors --- Blood

4. Andrew Belle ft Erin McCarley --- In My Veins

5. Cruel Black Dove --- Love Song

6. Afters ---Ocean Wide

7.Dragonette --- We Rule The World

第九集:1. Atomic Tom - You Always Get What You Want

2. David Gray - A Moment Changes Everything

3. Pete Yorn - Precious Stone

4. Matt Duncan - Puritan Heart

5. Free Energy - Light Love

6. The Pass - Trap of Mirrors

7. Ben Harper - Amen Omen

第十集:1.Kat Graham -- Only Happy When It Rains

2.Joel and Luke --- Love's To Blame

3.Rie Sinclair --- No Way Out

第十一集:1. Ra Ra Riot - Shadowcasting

2. Goldhawks - This Time Next Year

3. The Drums - Let's Go Surfing

4. Agent Ribbons - I'm Alright

5.Superchunk - Everything At Once

6. Land Of Talk - Quarry Hymns

7. Howie Day - Longest Night

第十二集:1、Anberlin - Impossible 2、 The Daylights - The Last Time 3、 Broken Bells - The Mall & Misery

4、Stars - Take Me to the Riot 5、 Telekinesis - Country Lane 6、 Death Ships - I Like It Alot 7、 TV on the Radio - DLZ

第十三集:1. Adele "Do not You Remember" 2. Alex Band "Only One" 3. Hurts "Stay" 4. Natasha Bedingfield "Strip Me" 5. Ryan Star "Losing Your Memory

第十四集:1 .Free Energy - All I Know - 320 kbps 2 . Smith Westerns - All Die Young 3 .Ladyhawke - Manipulating Woman 4. Kyler England - You Wait For Rain 5. Matthew West - Family Tree 第十五集:1 Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks 2 Pet Lion - When I Grow Old 3 The XX - Islands - 320 kbps 4 The National - Lemonworld 5 The Airborne Toxic Event - Happiness Is Overrated

第十六集:1. Angel Taylor - Epiphany

2. S.O.Stereo - I'll Take the Bullet 3.1 Eternal Flame - Candice Accola (Caroline) with S.O.Stereo 4. S.O.Stereo - Hello Miss Heels

5. James Morrison ft Nelly Furtado - Broken Strings

第十七集:1. Piano Tribute Players - Halfway Gone. Caroline 问 Lockwood 太太 Matt 哪儿去了; Stefan 和 Elena 和 Caroline 说他们会帮忙寻找 Matt.

2. Snow Patro - Give Me Strength. 片尾

第十八集: 1. Patrick Stump - Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia) 2. Kula Shaker - Hush 3. The Mamas and the Papas - Dedicated to the One I Love 4. Trent Dabbs - Last Kiss 5. The Birthday Massacre - I Think We're Alone Now 6. The Manhattans - I wannaBe (Your Everything) 7. The Dollyrots - Dream Lover

第十九集:1. Foster The People - Helena Beat 2. Doves - Compulsion 3. Lykke Li - Get Some

第二十集:1. Cheyenne Marie Mize - Not 2. The Vaccines - Wolf Pack

第二十一集:1 . Birdy - Skinny Love

第二十二集:1. Ingrid Michaelson - Turn To Stone 2. Days Difference - Speakers 3. Girl Named Toby - Holding A Heart 4. Levi Kreis - I Should Go

第三季 E01 The Civil Wars --Barton Hollow Trent Dabbs --Means To An End Martin Solveig and Dragonette --Hello The Kicks --Hawk Eyes Walk The Moon --Anna Sun Location Location --Starpusher

E02 Delta Spirit --Parade Portugal The Man --Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now) Smith Westerns --Still New The Joy Formidable --A Heavy Abacus

E03 Gloria's 1920's Band - St. James Infirmary Gloria's 1920's Band - My Sweet Hunk O' Trash Pink Frost - You Should Know Snake!Snake!Snakes! - We Come Out At Night The Elliots - Blood Call Nerves Junior - Kale

E04 Aidan Hawken - Wanna Be Sure 【很好听的一首】 Yeah YeahYeahs - Phenomena Portugal. The Man - Floating (Time Isn't Working My Side)

E05 TV On the Radio - Will Do elekinesis - Please Ask For Help Ida Maria - 10,000 Lovers

E06 OK Go - This Too Shall The Gods Of Macho - Black Iron Lung Young The Giant - My Body Arctic Monkeys - Brick By Brick Cults - Rave On The Kills - Satellite

E07 The Airborne Toxic - EventChanging Empires - Hitchhiker Michael Johns &The Ontic - Come On Come On NursesFever - Dreams

E08 Nadine Coyle - Put Your Hands Up The Cadillac Black - I'm Rockin The Cadillac Black - Get Your Buzz On The Cadillac Black - Turn It On Trent Dabbs - Losing Ground The Kicks - Shake It Loose

E09 Only Children - Don't Stop (Bit Funk Remix)

My Morning Jacket - First Light My Morning Jacket - Holdin' On To Black Metal My Morning Jacket - The Day Is Coming

E10 Apex Manor - Teenage Blood The Trigger Codeb - Come On Let's Do It OK!Preview

E11 The Naked and Famous - Punching In A Dream The Daylights - You Are Trent Dabbs - False Alarm

E12 Delta Spirit - Money Saves

E14 Mates Of State – At Least I Have You Sugar and The Hi Lows - Stubborn Lover * Mathclub - Brand New

E15 Civil Twilight - Fire EscapePreview We Were Promised Jet - packsMedicinePreview Dum Dum Girls - Teardrops On My PillowPreview Ume - Rubicon

E16 Gary Clark Jr. - Don't Owe You AThang Gods Of Macho - Let's Dance

Black Daniel - Snakeskin Heart Magic Wands - Black Magic The Features - How It StartsPreview

E17 Telekinesis - Country Lane AWOLNATION - Guilty Filthy Soul The Kills - Future Starts Slow

E18 Yeah YeahYeahs - Shame And Fortune Sleigh Bells - Demons

E19 Civil Twilight - Dying To Be Born ChristelAlsos - When The Light Dies Out Mississippi Twilight - Starting Now The Strange Familiar - Redemption

E20 The Fray - Be Still 很好听 Caro Emerald - That Man

E21 The Gods Of Macho - Reno Middle Class RutStartTo Run Analogue RevolutionLight We Were Promised JetpacksActOn Impulse James Carrington - Ache

E22 Pink - So What Low vs. Diamond - Wasted Shadow Rewind - Airplane Metric - Sick Muse


S04 E18
歌曲: “Why Try”

歌手: Young Summer

時刻: Stefan 和 Damon 的談心對話關於 Elena.

歌曲: “Forget Me Not”

歌手: The Civil Wars

時刻: 餐廳裡面放的歌

Song: “Days Long Gone”

Artist: Don Gallardo

歌名: “Psycho Killer” 歌手: Talking Heads 音乐时刻: Damon 告诉一个男的他将要吸他的血

歌名: “Ask the Angels” 歌手: Dead Sara 音乐时刻: Damon 回想与 Lexi 向另一名女的吸血

歌名: “Loudmouth” 歌手: Cary Brothers 音乐时刻: Damon 闪回

歌名: “Lemon Scent” 歌手: Dead Sara 音乐时刻: Rebekah 告诉 Elena 她们应该联合起来

歌名: “Let's Dance” 歌手: Ramones 音乐时刻: Damon 回想和 Lexi 亲热

歌名: “Heartbeat” 歌手: Kopecky Family Band 音乐时刻: Rebekah 和 Elena 偷了 Damon 的车.

歌名: “Arms and Enemies” 歌手: The Quiet Kind 音乐时刻: Caroline 和 Klaus 把巫师们埋葬.

歌曲: 5 to 9


音乐时刻: Elena 看到 Jeremy 的追悼传单.

歌曲: “Temporary”

歌手: White Rabbits

音乐时刻: Elena 到达啦啦队比赛现场

歌曲: “Lions of Least”

歌手: Pontiak

音乐时刻: Caroline 责骂 Elena 吸啦啦队员血

歌曲: “I Love It” 歌手: Icona Pop 音乐时刻: Elena 开了一个派对

歌曲: Miracle Mile 歌手: Cold War Kids 音乐时刻: Caroline 和 Stefan 看着 Elena 跳舞的时候

歌曲: Professional Griefers 歌手: Deadmau5 音乐时刻: Elena tries to bite Sheriff Forbes.

歌曲: Dance With Me 歌手: Ra Ra Riot

音乐时刻: Damon 告诉 Rebekah 她最好做一个吸血鬼的时候

歌曲: Control 歌手: Garbage 音乐时刻: Klaus 和 and Hayley 厮混的时候

歌曲: Anymore of This 歌手: Mindy Smith and Matthew Perryman Jones 音乐时刻: Caroline 接到 Tyler 的信的时候

歌曲: White on White 歌手: FIDLAR 音乐时刻: Elena 和 Damon 去纽约的时候


Song: “Family” Artist:NoahGundersen Music moment: Elena (Nina Dobrev) burns down the house

Song: “Been a Long Day” Artist: Rosi Golan Music moment: Caroline (Candice Accola) tells Tyler (Michael Trevino) to live his life without her

歌曲: “Another Girl” 歌手: Wild Belle 時刻: Stefan 在 Rebekah 身邊起來, 想要逃開的時候

歌曲: “99 Luftballons” 歌手: Gothic Sluts, Inc. 時刻: Bonnie 在吹氣球的時候 歌曲: “Lovesong”

歌曲: “Wanted Dead or Alive” 歌手: Bon Jovi 時刻: Stefan 在緬懷 Lexi 的時候

歌曲: “If You Were Here” 歌手: Cary Brothers 時刻: Stefan 和 Rebekah 在玩 Breakfast club 滑動的時候

歌曲: “Maneater” 歌手: Bird and the Bee 時刻: Rebekah 在挑裙子去舞會的時候

S04E 11
曲目: “Sleep Alone”

歌手: Two Door Cinema Club

時刻: Stefan 裸上半身和 Bex 聊天的時候

曲目: “Missing”

歌手: The xx

時刻: Bex 告訴 Stefan 愛是黯淡的的时候

曲目: “Skin”

歌手: Zola Jesus

時刻: Stefan 告訴 Elena 當他不再愛她的時候她不會再看見他的時候

曲目: “16 Years”

歌手: Phantogram

SE04 10
曲目: “Shooting the Moon” 歌手: Mona 时刻: Caroline 和 Stefan 聊天, 当他在 Mystic Grill 喝酒的时候

曲目: “Go Right Ahead” 歌手: The Hives 时刻: Damon 听着 Elena 的语音留言, Jeremy 和 Matt 对打的时候

曲目: “New York” 歌手: Snow Patrol 时刻: 当 Elena 告诉 Damon 她爱他的时候 (这首插曲原本是打算放在第三季第 10 集 DE 第一吻的时刻, 但是后来改变了主意, Holding on and letting go 那首歌也很好听 ~)

曲目: “Nothing Will Ever Change (This Love of Mine)” 歌手: Jimmy Jules 时刻: Klaus 站在一群正在转化的吸血鬼中间的时候

歌曲: “Take You to the Mistletoe” 歌手: The Kicks 歌词: Don’t you know it’s cold outside, so I think you should come in close

歌曲: “O Holy Night” 歌手: Cary Brothers 时刻: Tyler 和 Hayley 聊天, Klaus 屠杀的时候

歌曲: Christmas Wrapping 歌手: The Waitresses

歌曲: “Christmas Song” 歌手: Ravonettes 时刻: Tyler 的妈妈担心他不能高中毕业的时候

歌曲: “Christmas Treat” 歌手: Julian Casablancas

歌曲: “Jingle Bells” 歌手: Sugar &The Hi Lows 时刻: Klaush 和 Stefan 讨论杀人的时候

歌曲: “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” 歌手: Digital Daggers 时刻: Klaus 和 Carol Lockwood 谈话的时候

歌曲: “Oblivion” 歌手: Bastille 时刻: Elena 吻 Damon, Bonnie 和 Jeremy 说再见的时候

Song: “Let's Go” Artist: Matt & Kim Music moment: Pageant prep

Song: “Little Deschutes” Artist: Laura Veirs

Music moment: Pageant dancing

Song: "Ain't Fair" Artist: DeapVally Music moment: Hayley does some sire bond breaking

Song: "Ordinary World" (Cover of Duran Duran) Artist: Vitamin String Quartet Music moment: Hayley messes with the Miss Mystic Falls crown

Song: “Falling Slowly” Artist: Vitamin String Quartet (cover of The Swell Season) Music moment: Klaus and Caroline flirt

Song: “Kiss Me” Artist: Ed Sheeran Music moment: Damon and Elena have sex


歌曲: “The Thread of the Thing” 歌手: Fay Wolf 时刻: Damon 和 Elena 聊到 Stefan 的时候

歌曲: “Same Ol'” 歌手: The Heavy

时刻: Hayley 用酒来悼念 Dean

歌曲: “Bedroom Eyes” 歌手: Dum Dum Girls 时刻: Klaus 告诉 Caroline 他不会让 Tyler 伤害她的时候

歌曲: “Away Frm U” 歌手: Oberhofer 时刻: Caroline 告诉 Klaus 她在分散他的注意力

歌曲: “It's Alive” 歌手: A Fine Frenzy 时刻: Matt 告诉 Damon 一些关亍 Professor Shane 的事

歌曲: "Walking Blind" 歌手: Aidan Hawken and Carina Round 时刻: Stefan 和 Elena 分手的时候

? ? ? ? Daughter - Smother Yeah YeahYeahs - Tick Cat Power - Keep On Runnin' The Album Leaf - The Light