全新版第二版综合 B2U6-C Part I Listening Comprehension ( 10 minutes )

Section A Directions: In this section, you will hear ten statements. Numbers 1 to 6 are based on Text A while the rest are based on Text B. Each statement will be read ONLY ONCE. Listen carefully and decide whether each statement is true or false.

1. A) T B) F Script: Taking her own car to the mechanic frequently, the author learned how to fix a car. 正确答案: B 2. A) T B) F Script: She applied to the summer project because she wanted to earn some engineering credits. 正确答案: B 3. A) T B) F Script: It is commonly believed that when you are good at something, it comes easily to you. 正确答案: A 4. A) T B) F Script: While in college, the author worked as hard as the boys in her class, to get good grades.

正确答案: A 5. A) T B) F Script: The author's childhood dream was to get an undergraduate degree and become a part-time journalist. 正确答案: B 6. A) T B) F Script: Knowing that his wife had left her job, the author's husband became very worried because he couldn't support the family by himself. 正确答案: B 7. A) T B) F Script: After quitting her job, immediately, the author was filled with the mixed feelings with anxiety and a sense of hopefulness. 正确答案: A 8. A) T B) F Script: During the first semester, the author was completely adjusted to college life. 正确答案: B 9. A) T B) F Script: Under the big pressure of work and school, the author was almost broken sometimes but she never cried. 正确答案: B 10. A) T

B) F Script: Looking back over her decision to quit her job and go to college, the author felt that she could take control of her life again. 正确答案: A

Section B Directions: In this section, you will hear a passage three times. When the passage is read for the first time, you should listen carefully for its general idea. When the passage is read for the second time, you are required to fill in the blanks with the exact words you have just heard. Finally, when the passage is read for the third time, you should check what you have written.

Kelley had worked as a legal (11)_________________ , but she had an accident and became paralyzed, and that changed her (12)_________________ on life. She decided to take distance education courses for opportunities to find another (13)_________________ . Distance education allowed her to (14)_________________ the education with her growing family. Distance education also gave her an opportunity to (15)_________________ her own goals. Although distance education was hard work, thinking of her children helped (16)_________________ . Kelley finally succeeded in obtaining her (17)_________________ degree, and planned to study for a master’s degree. She hoped to work in counseling to help (18)_________________ or disabled people. Kelley’s (19)_________________ is a good example, showing (20)_________________ of online learning on our lives. Script: Kelley had worked as a legal assistant, but she had an accident and became paralyzed, and that changed her outlook on life. She decided to take distance education courses for opportunities to find another career. Distance education allowed her to balance the education with her growing family. Distance education also gave her an opportunity to pursue her own goals. Although distance education was hard work, thinking of her children helped make it worthwhile. Kelley finally succeeded in obtaining her bachelor's degree, and planned to study for a master's degree. She hoped to work in counseling to help injured or disabled people. Kelley's experience is a good example, showing the great impact of online learning on our lives. 正确答案: assistant 正确答案: outlook

正确答案: career 正确答案: balance 正确答案: pursue 正确答案: make it worthwhile 正确答案: bachelor's 正确答案: injured 正确答案: experience 正确答案: the great impact

Part II

Reading Comprehension

( 25 minutes )

Section A Directions: In this section, there is a passage with several blanks. You are required to select one word for each blank from a list of choices given in a word bank following the passage. Read the passage through carefully before making your choices. Each choice in the bank is identified by a letter. You may not use any of the words in the bank more than once.

At the end of my junior year of high school, I 21 a summer program designed to 22 girls in engineering. The six-week program was free, and students were given college credit and a dorm room at the University of Maryland. I 23 to the program, not because I wanted to be an 24 , but because I was craving 25 and wanted to get out of my parents' house for six weeks. I was accepted to the program and I earned six engineering 26 . The next year I entered the university as an engineering major. Five years later I had a degree and three 27 job offers. I can't help shuddering when I hear about studies that show that women are at a 28 when it comes to math. They imply that I am somehow 29 . I'm not, but I do know that if I hadn't stumbled into that summer program, I 30 be an engineer.

A) independence B) as if C) decent D) credits E) grades F) wouldn't G) engineer H) ambition I) heard about J) straight K) disadvantage L) abnormal M) interest N) proper O) applied 21. ______________________ 正确答案: I 22. ______________________ 正确答案: M 23. ______________________ 正确答案: O 24. ______________________ 正确答案: G 25. ______________________ 正确答案: A 26. ______________________ 正确答案: D 27. ______________________ 正确答案: C 28. ______________________ 正确答案: K 29. ______________________ 正确答案: L 30. ______________________

正确答案: F

Section B Directions: There are several passages in this section. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). You should decide on the best choice.

Passage One Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage. Holidays usually help us remember what irritates us most about family. The husband who waits until the last minute to shop. The children who poison cherished family time with bad tempers. The sister-in-law who criticizes the father who complains. This is also the time of year when we are together with people with whom we have long-time conflicts. The black mood that spoils holiday gatherings is a result of having three or four generations under one roof. There is tremendous conflict of values, and you can't negotiate values. The result: Everybody gets their hot buttons pushed, and emotions explode. These hot buttons have familiar labels. — Minimizing: "It's not that big a deal." — Degrading: "You are just a kid; what do you know?" — Blaming: "You always — " — Comparing: "You are just your father." — Judging: "That's the silliest idea I ever heard." — Name-calling: "You are being ridiculous." — And dictating: "I know better. Do it my way." These are the top 10 hot buttons, and during the holidays they get pushed over and over. You even know who is going to say what and when. Nobody wants a blow-up on a holiday, so we ignore and ignore. But those disagreements stay with us and things become worse at the next family gathering. Here are ways to diffuse these emotional moments. Acknowledge the intentions of the speaker: "I know you mean well." Say how you feel. "It hurts me when you make fun of my work." Or give the speaker a face-saving option: "If you are worried that I am not cooking enough food, why don't you bring one of your favorite dishes." Most of the communication is in body language and tone of voice. You need to say it in an open, warm and caring way.

Don't expect every disagreement to be resolved. Sometimes you just need to say, "Let's talk about this again later." You are not giving up or giving in. you are keeping your dignity and moving on.

31. What is the cause of the black mood during family gatherings? A) People have bad-tempered children. B) People live with mean sister-in-law. C) People have been together with old people. D) People have different ideas about lives. 正确答案: D 32. What does "hot button" mean in the passage? A) Something used as a switch. B) Something causing disputes. C) Something arousing anger. D) Something with a high temperature. 正确答案: B 33. When one wants to command others, he will begin with ______. A) "It's not that big a deal." B) "You are just a kid; what do you know?" C) "That's the silliest idea I ever heard." D) "I know better. Do it my way." 正确答案: D 34. Which one is NOT a way to ease a family conflict, according to the author? A) To tell your feeling directly to your family members. B) To admit the good will of your family members. C) To hide your dissatisfaction with a smile. D) To give your family members a chance to avoid embarrassment. 正确答案: C 35.

What is the author's opinion of family conflicts? A) It is difficult to deal with family conflicts. B) Family conflicts can not be resolved. C) It needs compromises to avoid family conflicts. D) Family conflicts can be ignored. 正确答案: C Passage Two Questions 36 to 40 are based on the following passage. Elizabeth's father died when she was nine. Her family was large, and very poor. She struggled for self esteem, but it was difficult when her clothes weren't as nice as the other kids and her new school was still unfamiliar. During a math lesson, Elizabeth stared at the chalkboard and was struggling to understand a concept. With every stroke of the chalk, she became more confused. She had suffered from chronic ear infections (感染), and had missed many days of her fifth grade year. When she finally got the courage to raise her little hand and ask Mr. Thompson how the problem was done, he became very angry. He marched her up in front of the class and told this insecure child that she was "incapable of learning and extremely stupid." This remark plagued (使…困扰) Elizabeth for years. Elizabeth drifted into marriage. After discovering her husband's long time infidelity (不忠), she found herself divorced with three young daughters. She moved back to her home state and tried to pick up the pieces she had left behind. Knowing that she would be the sole support of these children, and having no desire to remarry, Elizabeth started college. Like most good mothers, she wanted the best for her children. She didn't want to deprive them of their mother. She would rise early and stay up late to get every spare minute she could to study. When she received her first "A" she was confused. She thought there must be some mistake. This was Elizabeth, Elizabeth the stupid. When her good grades piled up, she realized for the first time that maybe Mr. Thompson was wrong. She graduated from Brigham Young University, and will soon be receiving her master's degree at California State University in San Bernardino.

36. The reason why Elizabeth stared at the chalkboard was that ______. A) she had ear infections and could not hear very well B) she was still overwhelmed by the death of her father C) too much homework had made her tired and sick D) what the teacher wrote was beyond her understanding

正确答案: D 37. Mr. Thompson can be best described as a teacher who was ________. A) dull and stupid B) impatient and cruel C) strict with his students D) incapable of making himself understood 正确答案: B 38. We can learn from the passage that Elizabeth started college because she ______. A) was not a very responsible mother B) needed to be able to support her children C) knew she could achieve great success in college D) wanted her children to have an educated mother 正确答案: D 39. Why was Elizabeth confused when she got her first "A"? A) Because she believed that it was a mistake. B) Because she had not studied hard enough. C) Because she felt hurt by other people's comments. D) Because she did not trust her teacher. 正确答案: A 40. Elizabeth's case shows that _______. A) people can overcome a negative self-image through hard work B) a student can achieve great success even though he or she is stupid C) people who suffer a lot are more likely to work hard and succeed in the end D) poor children can also receive the best education and rise high in life 正确答案: A

Part III

Vocabulary and Structure

( 10 minutes )

Directions: There are a number of incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence.

41. ________ cows were descending into the valley. A) A plenty of B) A herd of C) A bundle of D) A butch of 正确答案: B 42. She told us the ________ story of her 134 days lost in the desert. A) credible B) incredible C) credited D) incredibly 正确答案: B 43. The two leaders greeted each other with every ________ of good feelings. A) sign B) indication C) signal D) indicator 正确答案: B 44. American justice works on the ________ that an accused person is innocent until he or she is proved guilty. A) state B) assumption C) premise D) suppose 正确答案: C

45. Most children in Britain are educated at the public ________. A) charge B) pay C) expense D) cost 正确答案: C 46. We are very ________ about what we let the children watch on TV. A) elective B) choosy C) selective D) elect 正确答案: C 47. The old lady said that she used to hate all that travel and wanted to get re-married and ______ after her first failure in marriage. A) sets up B) lived nearby C) fed on D) settled down 正确答案: D 48. The model that Andy built corresponded in every ______ to the real warship. A) specific B) manner C) side D) detail 正确答案: D 49. Benjamin Franklin strongly ______ as the national bird because of its predatory nature. A) objected the eagle to be chosen B) objected the eagle being chosen C) objected to the eagle to be chosen

D) objected to the eagle being chosen 正确答案: D 50. She felt embarrassed that she was the only one of her class who ______ classic music. A) couldn't help knowing B) didn't know any better than C) didn't know the first thing about D) knew better than 正确答案: C 51. ______ breaks the law will be punished. A) All that B) No matter who C) Anyone D) Whoever 正确答案: D 52. Most children in Britain are educated at the public _______. A) charge B) pay C) cost D) expense 正确答案: D 53. Children are very curious __________. A) at heart B) from the beginning C) by nature D) at birth 正确答案: C 54. This room is partly _________ with a few old bedstands. A) furnished

B) beautified C) decorated D) provided 正确答案: A 55. We _________ see a horse carriage now because almost all people use cars or buses. A) merely B) rarely C) frequently D) invariably 正确答案: B 56. You would think that with all the money I make, I could at least have a ______ place to sleep. A) deceit B) decease C) decent D) delete 正确答案: C 57. Our house was so close to the railway that you could feel it ______ every time a train went by. A) shrink B) shuffle C) shatter D) shudder 正确答案: D 58. El Nino is caused by ______ amounts of warm water in the Pacific Ocean. A) abnormal B) insane C) normal D) sane 正确答案: A

59. I was desperately unhappy in that job, but had to ______ and stay smiling for the sake of my children. A) bite my tongue B) bite my teeth C) grit my teeth D) grit my tongue 正确答案: C 60. An ______, for example someone from another school district, should evaluate the teachers. A) outsider B) outer C) insider D) inner 正确答案: A

Part IV


( 10 minutes )

Directions: Translate the following sentences into English (with the given words or phrases).



________________________________________ 正确答案: My younger sister knows a lot about dance, but she doesn't understand / know the first about football. 62. 他根本没有显露自己的任何情感。 ________________________________________ 正确答案: He gave no indication of his own feelings at all. 63. 日本是一个发达国家,但是谈到自然资源时,它则是一个比较贫穷 的国家。

________________________________________ 正确答案: Japan is a developed country, but when it comes to natural resources, it is relatively poor. 64. 我的工作时间比较灵活,因此我经常能到世界各地旅游。 ________________________________________ 正确答案: Owing to my flexible working time, I am often able to travel around the world. 65. 我们对员工的挑选是非常严格的。 ________________________________________ 正确答案: We are very selective about our employees.


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