年中考英语试题分类汇编( 专题二? 2010 年中考英语试题分类汇编(130 套)专题二?词汇运用 考点一、单词拼写 考点一
(2010 江苏省宿迁市 A) 根据句意及所给中文提示或英文解释,写出句中所缺单词。每小 每小 题 1 分) 46. My neighbours are very ▲ (友好的) to us. 47. Do you ▲ (同意) with what I say? (冬季) last year. 48. We had a very cold ▲ 49. Are you ▲ (有空的) this evening? 全品中考网 50. I can’t ▲ (买得起) to go to the 2010 World Cup. 51. The tourists had no c ▲ but to wait for the next bus. 52. Tom is a ▲ (a good sense of humour) boy, so everyone likes him. 【答案】46.friendly 47.agree 48.winter 49.free

50.afford 51.choice 52.humo(u)rous (2010.江苏省无锡市.B 根据句意和汉语注释,在答题卡标有题号的横线上,写出单词的正确 形式,每小题 1 分) 6.Sometimes ______________(深厚的) feelings are hard to put into words. 7.Mr Wang was busy,but he_____________ (坚持) on seeing me off at the airport. 8.Will you join us in the _____________(讨论)about the teenage problems. 9.You can cross the road in____________(安全)when the traffic lights turn green. 10.In the morning taking a walk and _____________(呼吸)some fresh air are good for your health. 答案: 6.deep 7.insisted 8.discussion 9.safety 10.breathing (2010 .河北省卷 Ⅹ. 词语运用,计 5 分) 81. It’s a good habit to brush our teeth t a day. 82. We need eleven (play) for our soccer team. (sun) day it is today! Let’s go to the park. 全品中考网 83. What a 84. Steven (参加) the school dancing club last year. 85. How can you type and talk (同时)? 【答案】81,twice 82 players 83 sunny 84 joined 85 simultaneously (2010.江苏省盐城市 根据句意和提示写出单词,完成句子。计 10 分) 56.We are planning to go on a t________to Expo 2010 Shanghai during the coming holidays. 57.The h________you climb,the more beautiful view you will see. 58.S_________,it is very difficult for giant pandas to survive in the wild. 59.The three-D film Avatar w________an Oscar for its amazing photography on March 8,2010. 60.—I love English ,but I’m not good at it. --Really ?Don’t worry.Perhaps you need to p________speaking it more. 61.The soldiers coming to help people in Yushu county are also ________(英雄)in my mind. 62.(既然)_________you agree with me,let’s start together. 63.—You look slimmer and healthier than before. --Yes,I_________ (更喜欢)sweet snacks to vegetables before. 64.No one can achieve anything without ___________(努力). 65.You mustn’t put the medicine __________(在……以内) children’s reach.

【答案】56~~80 trip[travel] effort[s] within

higher sadly won practise heroes since preffered

(2010 江苏省南京市,四、填空 A)根据括号中所给的汉语写出单词,使句子意 思 完整正确,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为 46-50 的相应位置上。 46.He likes to stay at home and help his mother do the housework on ________ (星期 天). 47.Nanjing topped the list of the happiest cities for __________(教育)in China in 2009. 48.Look at the children on the playground.They are flying kites ____________(愉快 地).Let’s join them. 全品中考网 49.As people grow more green-minded ,more of them take actions to reduce__________(他们的)carbon footbrints. 50.The Greenery Theme Park in Hexi New Town is a good ____________(地方)for people to enjoy different plants.
【答案】46 Sunday 47 education 48 happily 49 their 50 place (2010·江苏省扬州市,四,5)根据句子意思 ,用括号中所给汉语提示或英语单

词的适当形式填空。在答题卡标有题号的横线上,写出空缺处所填单词的正确形 式。 (每空一词) 46.Shirley has been use to _____her get pet dog after dinner.(带……散步) 47.The moonlight is shining on the little girl ________the window.(穿过) 48.Madame Curie ____the x-ray machine.(发明) 49.Please sit ______.There are plenty of seats here.(任何地方) 50.This is one of the most expensive______on the market. (字典)
【答案】46.walk 47.through 48.invented 49.anywhere 50.dictionaries

(2010·湖北省黄冈市,四,6)根据括号内的汉语提示,完成句子。 (每空一 词)

81.Jane’s father speaks English well.He can make himself___________(理解)when he travels all over the world. 82.Some students may be nervous in big exams .It’s helpful for them to take a deep_________(呼吸) 。 83.They were _____________(挖)holes to plant trees when we got to Yingtai Park. 84.The students in Class One all felt ___________ (兴奋的, 激动的) about the trip to Mount Lu. 85.In __________(纪念)of the people who lost their lives in Yushu earthquake,people place flowers beside a building destroyed. 86.In China ,when people meet you for the first time,he or she always __________ (握,摇)hands with you warmly.






(2010·浙江省湖州市,六,9)B 根据首字母或所给的中文提示,写出空白处各单

词的正确形式,每空只填一词。 67.Trees turn green and flowers come out in s_________. 68.Mark got a new bike from his uncle on his ___________(第八)birthday. 69.She wants to be an actress when she ___________(长大)up.

70.Betty wants to j___________the Chinese club to improve her Putonghua. 71.We need some yogurt,two____________(西红柿)and some honey to make the salad. 72.Bill is the captain of our school basketball team.And he is the____________(最 高)of us all. 73.Excuse me ,sir,but you are not ____________(允许)to smoke here. 74.As a_____________(记者),he meets lots of people every day. 75.A strong earthquake _________________ (发生)in Yushu,Qinghai province on April 14 th,Over two thousand people died in it.
【 答 案 】 67.spring 68.eighth 69.grows 73.allowed 74.reporter 75.happened 70.join 71.tomatoes 72.highest


思完整、语法正确。 26.When I saw him,he was walking ________his school. 27.Al l the guests arrived at the party but the host didn’t _______up. 28.On Sunday school is usually___________and students have one day off. 29.Gold is a kind of much-loved_______,so everyone like it. 30.Yesterday Tom_________me some money and I return it to him today.
【答案】26.towards 27.show 28.empty 29.metal 30.lent

(2010 山东省潍坊市 五、词汇考查 ,满分 7 分) 1. November is the e_________month of a year. 2. Lakers will play a _________Rockets in the NBA match tonight. 3. Lingling,Betty and I enjoyed o__________at the party last night. 4. Dragon Boat Festival is one of the Chinese t___________festivals. 5. F____________,the soldiers arrived at the village after a few days’ long walk. 6. If there’s something wrong with your teeth, you’d better go to see a d________. 7. Many teenagers would like to s_________their photos or articles with others on the Internet. 【答案】 1.eleventh 2.against 3.ourselves 4.traditional 5.Finally 6.dentist 7.share
(2010.浙江省衢州市 五、词汇运用 A.根据短文内容和所给中文提示,在空白处填入单词, 每空限填一词,计 10 分)全品中考网 EuroDisney was opened in 1992 in Paris . It is one fifth the size of the 56 (城市),It is the world’s 57 (最好的) theme park . About 50 million visitors come 58 (来自) abroad to see Mickey and Donald catch 59 (年). So it makes a lot of money and many friends ! But EuroDisney had a 60 (艰难的) time at its beginning . Some people in Paris 61 (相 信) that the park would influence their culture in a bad way . And a bout 3.000 French 62 (工人) stopped their jobs at the park bccause they felt it 63 (错的) to speak English while working . Later people began to 64 (喜欢) it . Many people who have been to the park 65 (返回) with their friends . Now it is even more popular than the Eiffel Tower . 【答案】56 city 57 best 58 from 59 year 60 hard 61believed 62 workers 63 wrong 64 like 65 return (2010 年上海市 D 在短文的空格内填入适当的词,填其内容通顺,每空格限填一词,首字母 已给 14 分)


A survey has been published which shows that British people don’t like their neighbours very much.80% of the people who took part in the survey feel that their neighbours h_92_pay attention to others’ feelings.25% don’t talk to the people who live next door and 10% don’t even know their names.In fact,one million people in Britain would like to m_93_because they don’t get along well with their neighbours. According to the survey,the b_94_problem is noise.Many of the complaints about noise came from people who live in flats and old houses.These places often have thin walks which can’t s_95_the noise from next door. The other main problems are disagreements(不和)about car parking spaces,and old people complaining about the young.Some disagreements last a l_96_time.In one case,people who live in the same building haven’t talked to each other for fifteen years.Sometimes the disagreements end in violence.In one of the worst cases,a mam killed a neighbour because he kept larking in “his space.’ Another survey shows that 90% of the neighbours never share a meal,80% have never had a drink t_97_ and 20% have never even spoken .However,when neighbours become each other’s f_98_,they are often ready to offer help,as we can see in many parts of the world. One solution to such problems is to talk about them with a professional organization and,if necessary,to sign a written agreement.Now people can get this service in more and more towns. 答案:92 hardly 93 move 94 biggest 95 stop 96 long 97 together 98 friends (2010·江苏省扬州市,六,10)根据短文内容和首字母提示,在下文空格处填入

适当的词使 短文完整。 A Bag of Kindness “Boys and girls,tomorrow I want you to bring a cup of macaroni (通心粉) our for craft class,OK?”There w_66_from my teacher rang in my mind all evening.I was afraid of the next day because I knew we had no macaroni at home.Living in an alcoholic(嗜酒的)family,we never had too much of anything e_67_beer bottles. I went home after school.Where could I find nacaroni?I knew that the local bottle shop gave ten cents for a beer bottle,so I decided to sell some bottles to get money for macaroni. I started to c_68_the bottles.After selling those bottles,I earned eighty cents.Although I did my b_69_,I still had no macaroni for my craft class. “Were’t you l_70_when I asked you to bring it,John?”my teacher asked. I went red in the face.I didn’t know what to say and other children started laughing.Then a little girl,Rosalyn,who sat beside me turned to me and said, “You can have some of m_71_.”She offered a bag of macaroni to me.The k_72_in her eyes made me cry and I ran out of the room. I n_73_took her macaroni or thanked her for her bag of kindness.However ,I foten think about Rosalyn and the way she turned to save me t hat day.I used to spend a great deal of my life complaining and keep kind people like Rosalyn a _74_,After that class,I c_75_.I am grateful to all the people like Rosalyn that made this world a better place to live in.
【答案】● A) (2010·广西省定西市,二,5)根据句意及所给汉语意思写出所缺单词。


6. I usually have a piece of (面包)and some milk for breakfast. (浇水)the flowers twice a month. 7. You need to 8. They planted many trees (在……之间)the two buildings. 9. Don’t always depend on others. You can do it by (你自己). 10.He was as (聪明的)as a monky. 【答案】6. bread 7. water 8. between 9. yourself 10. clever∕bright∕smart (2010·广西省梧州市,IV,10) 根据所给的首字母、音标或中文提示,写出单词,每空只填一词。 76.In China,students go to school from Monday to F_____________. 77.The boys like reading.They often b___________books from the school library. 78.It was so dark that we couldn’t see the road c___________. 79.My shoes are too old,I want to buy a new p___________. 80.Th radio says it will be_____________/’s An /tomorrow. 81.Please don’t ___________/’war/about Jim.he can take care of himself. 82.My uncle was born in __________(六月),1968. 83.His _______________(梦想)is to be a doctor. 84.Hurry up,or we will _____________(错过)the school bus. 85.An unhappy home ____________(环境)can affect a child’s behavior. 【 答 案 】 76.Friday 77.borrow 78.clearly 79.pair 80.sunny 81.worry 83.dream 84.miss 85.environment


(2010·湖北省十堰市,VIII,5) 根据汉语提示,完成下列句子,每空词数不限。 76.I’d like to collect ____________(邮票)because they are interesting. 77.On Friday,many students are ____________(困倦的)after a long week of classes. 78.______________(无论什么)you do,don’t miss this exhibition. 79.Potato chips _______________(发明)by mistake in 1853. 80.Could you tell me when Sue and Jack are ___________(结婚)? 【答案】76.stamps 77.sleepy 78.Whatever 79.were invented 80.married (2010·贵州省铜仁市,四,5)i.根据括号里所给的汉语写出英语单词。答案书写于答题 卡卷 II 各小题规定的位置。 81There are many __________(乘客)waiting for train at Tong ren Railway Station every day . 82 Song tao has developed into a ________(美丽的)city . 83 I really love the song because it ________(听起来)wonderful . 84 On April 14,a serious earthquake ________(发生)in Yu shu Qing hai. 85 He enjoys ________(说)English . 【答案】81.passengers 82.beautiful 83.sounds 84.happened 85.speaking (2010·广西省桂林市,六,5) 86. Boys and girls, please take out your (钢笔) and write down the new words. 87. --- How about this (红色的) skirt? --- It’s vey nice. I will take it. 88. A girl from a primary school in Guilin was very (幸运的) to get a free ticket to the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. (接受) a present, you must use both hands. It’s a traditional custom in 89. When you


China. 90. The villagers (庆祝)the Dragon Boat Festival by having a dragon boat race las t Wednesday. 【答案】81. big 82. cat 83. open 84. teacher 85. fast 86. pens 87. red 88. lucky/fortunate 89. accept 90. celebrated (2010·湖北省荆门市,四,4)(每空限填一词) 77. Robert enjoys ____▲____(收集) stamps . And now he has 300 of them. 78. She will be the ____▲____(第五个) to speak at the meeting. 79. I am really sorry I was late. I just __▲_____(错过) the early bus this morning. 80. Nancy is __▲___(在楼下). Go and find her yourself. 【答案】77. collecting 78. fifth 79. missed 80. downstairs (2010·山东省莱芜市,六,10)阅读短文,根据短文内容及首字母提示,在空白处填入 一个适当的单词。 Do you like animals? Do you want to keep animals? Yes, many people like animals and want to keep a lovely animal as a (71) p_____. It's a pity that they don't have a suitable place to keep them. However, keeping fish may be the best choice. Why keep them? People keep dogs and cats because they enjoy their friendship. Fish can not be friendly, but they have beautiful shapes and colors. It's a pleasure to watch as they swim (72) i_____ their tank (水槽). What do they need? 全品中考网 First of all, the fish need a suitable(合适的)tank, and you must fill the tank(73)w_____ suitable water. It is also good for (74) t_____ to have a few water plants in the tank to keep the water pure (纯净) Putting a few snails (蜗牛) in the tank is a good (75) i_____. They will . keep it (76) c_____ What about feeding them? There are many kinds of fish food (77) t_____ you can get in the shops. Most are suitable for all kinds of fish. You should feed your fish only(78) o_____ a day. It is important not to give them (79) t_____ much food. Just give them as much as they can (80) e_____ up in about 15 minutes. This will keep them healthy. 【答案】71.pet 76.clean 77.that 72.in 73.with 74.them 80.eat 75.idea




76. If a Chinese lives in a f________ country , be or she is called an overseas Chinese . 77. Why didn’t you do your homework ? Students are s_________ to do their homework , you know . 78. I have been playing volleyball for bours . Now I’m so tired and t_______ . Could you get me some water ? 79. It’s not p________ to look amund when you are speaking to others . 80. Most people agree that eating fruits and v_________ is good for health . 【答案】76.foreigh 77.supposed 78.thirsty 79.polite 80.vegetables (2010·贵州省铜仁市,四,5)ii. 根据句意和空缺处所给首字母写单词。答案书写于答题 卡卷 II 各小题规定的位置。 86 New Year is a traditional f______for Chinese people. 87 There are t________months in a year. 88 She often borrows books from the school l________. 89 It is very h _________in summer. 90 He was late for class because he m _________the first bus . 【答案】86.festival 87.twelve 88.library 89.hot 90.missed (2010·广西省桂林市,六,5)请根据所给首字母或中文提示,写出单词在句中的正确形 式。每空只能填一词,将单词完整地写在答题卡上。 81. My brother’s schoolbag is small, but Jim’s is b . 82. Look! That is my lovely c . It’s running after a mouse. 83. Please o the door and come in. . She teaches English well. 84. Miss Qin is a good t 85. Don’t ride your bike too f in the street. It’s very dangerous. (2010·江苏省连云港市,四,5)根据句意和汉语提示,在空白处填入适当的单词 46.—I like this camera! Is it yours? ---Yes,I _____________(花费)1,200yuan on it last year. 47.---How often do you play badminton with your classmates? ---________(一次)a week. 全品中考网 48.—I am worrried I’m getting fatter. ---You should eat _________(少)food and do more exercise. 49.Having many___________(帮手)makes a task easier. 50.Huaguo Mountain has become the ___________(象征)of Lianyungang. (2010 福建三明. ) A 完成句子,根据句意,用括号内所给词组的适当形式填空。 (每小题 2 分) 61.—Would you mind felching me Guide to China? --Of course not.I’ll do it __________(立刻) 62.It’s snowing outside,you’d better___________(穿 上)your overcoat when you go out 63.I___________(过去常常)collect stamps,but now I am not interested in trary more 64.____________(到目前为止)our government has taken measures to protect the environment. 65.Liu Xiang _______________(参加 )the 2008 Beijing Olympics,but it’s a pity that he didn’t win a gold medal. 答案:61.at once 62put on 63 used to 64 So far 65 took part in (2010·青海省,宁夏,六,5) 71. There are about two _______________ (百)students playing on the playground.

72. The mother is _______________(自豪的)of her son, because he is very successful in his work. 73. There are many kinds of English _______________ (字典) this bookstore. You can choose in the one you like. 74. Look at the photo _______________(仔细地) ,and you will find our teacher. 75. Would you mind _______________(打开)the window? We need some fresh air. 【答案】71. hundred 72. proud 73. dictionaries 74. carefully 75. opening

(2010·江苏省镇江市,四,10) B)根据句意及汉语提示,写出各单词的正确形式,每空一词。 41 ? Lily ? s parents are both doctors while _________(我的) are both teachers. 42 ? As Zhenjiang citizens, we’re all _________ (骄傲) of Xijin Ferry (西津古渡). 43 ? It’s not easy for those superstars to face _________(无穷无尽的) interviews and doubts. 44 ? To make our world a better place, we need to _________ (保护) those endangered wild animals. 45 ? One day in 1966, Armstrong _________ (设法完成) to bring the spacecraft down into the Western Pacific Ocean after cutting the flight short. 【答案】41 ? mine42 ? proud43 ? endless 44 ? protect45 ? managed (2010·浙江省杭州市,八,10)根据下列句子及所给单词的首字母,在答题纸上按题 号写出各单词的完全形式(每空限填一词) 。 71. Be careful. There is a wine b_______ on the table. You might break it. 72. The number after twenty-nine is t________. 73. Have you e________ been to the Great Wall? 74. It’s dangerous to d________ a car after you get drunk. 75. Your parents are your f________ and mother. 76. If a dream comes t________, it actually happens. 77. W________ is the coldest season of the year. 78. When snow f________, it comes down from the sky. 79. It’s best to water plants either e________ in the morning or late at night. 80. We don’t go to the c________ much for movies because we have a video. 【答案】 bottle 72. thirty 73. ever 74. drive 75. father 76. true 77. Winter 78. falls 71. 80. cinema 79. early (2010·浙江省卷,五,10)A.根据短文内容和所给汉语提示,写出短文空白处各单词的 正确形式。每空限填一词。 Chen Huan:Glad to meet you,Mr Zhu. Welcome to Yiwu TV Station to tell your (故事)of doing business. 56

Mr Zhu: Thank you. I’d like to say something that happened thirty years ago.


Chen Huan:At that time,you didn’t have Mr Zhu:Right. So I 58


(足够的)ood to eat.

(去)out to do business to make money by exchange

sweets for chicken feathers,old shoes and so on.I had to get up very 59 (早)every morning and travel a long way on Chen Huan:It must be a special experience for you. Mr Zhu:Yes. During that time,I was’ often tired and hungry to eat.,especially on those 62 61 (没有)anything 60 (脚).

(寒冷的)winter nights…dut now 63 (工人).

everything is better. I own a big factory with hundreds of

And I can 64 (卖)my products to the world in a modern market. I’m sure my business will be better and better in the future. Chen Huan:How moving! Hard work makes a successful businessman. You’re really a great example for the 【答案】56.story/stories 61.without 62.cold 65 (年轻的)people in Yiwu. 58.went 59.early 65.young 60.foot


63.workers 64.sell

(2010·浙江省东阳市,五,10)全品中考网 阅读短文,请根据所给中文正确拼写单词,使短文意思完整。每空限填一词。 One night a hotel caught a fire , and people in it ran out in their night clothes . _66 (幸运地) ,nobody was 67 (受伤). Two men stood outside and looked at the fire. “Before I came out,” said one, “I ran into some of the rooms and found a lot of money. People don’ think of money when they’ _68 (害怕的) t re .When _69 (任何人) leaves paper money in a fire, the fire burns it. So I took all the bills that I _70 (能够) find. No one will be poor _71 (因为) I took them.” “You don’t know my work, ” said the 72 (另一个). “What is your work?” “I’m a policeman.” “Oh!” cried the 73 (第一) man. He thought _74 (迅速地) said, “And do you and know my work?” “No,” said the policeman. “I’m a writer. I’m always telling 75 (故事)about things that never happened.” 【答案】66.Luckily 67.hurt 68.afraid/frightened 69.anyone / anybody 70.could 71.because 72.other 73.first 74.quilkly 75.stories


(2010·甘肃省兰州市,八,5)A) 读句子,根据汉语提示补全单词。 86. We should pay more ______(注意) to our living environment. 87. Students are taught to help and ______(尊重) each other in schools. 88. The local ______(政府) has taken actions to call on people to plant trees. 89. Thank you for giving us so many good ______(建议)。 90. So far, we’ve ______(成功) in saving thousands of people in danger. 【答案】86. attention 87. respect 88. government 89. suggestions 90.succeeded
(2010·山东省滨州市,六,2.5)根据句意及首字母或汉语提示,填写句中所缺的单词。 76. There are __________________ (较少的) apples in this basket. I prefer that one. 77. Both of my best friends were born in ________________ (十月). 78. We are often told not to be __________________ (紧张的) in the examinations. 79. On my ________________ (第九) birthday, I got a computer from my aunt. 80. The camera was one of the greatest _________________ (发明) in the 19th century. 【答案】76. fewer 77. October 78. nervous 79. ninth 80. inventions (2010·江苏省苏州市,三,10)根据下列句子及所给汉语注释,在答题卡上标有题 号的横线上,写出空缺处各单 词的正确形式.每空只写一词. 41.Please ▲ (切)me a piece of cake. 42.He has always been a big 43.Charlie tried to ▲ (迷)of Michael Jackson.

▲ (使平静)the frightened children. (有礼貌的)of you to serve yourself without asking. (允许)in this restaurant. (燃烧)? 全品中考网 (牙齿)are just coming through.

44.It wasn’t very ▲ 45.Smoking is not ▲ 46.Is the fire still ▲

47.The baby’s first front ▲

48.Phone me ▲ (今晚)when you get there. 49. ▲ (幸好),she was in when I called. (明显的)that she was not going home. 45. Allowed 46. burning 47. teeth

50.It was ▲

【答案】 cut 42. 41. fan 43. cam. 44. polite 48.tonight 49.Luckily 50.obvious

考点二 考点二、词形填空
(2010 年上海市 VI 用括号中所给单词的适当形式完成下列句子每空格限填 一词。 共 8 分) 57.Joanna received many_______when graduating from middle school.(gift) 58.Alex is _________years old and is taken good care of in the kindergarten.(fourth)

59.Whose school uniform is that on the chair,yours or________?(my) 60.It was _________for human begins to predict weather in the past.(difficulty) 61.There is a beautiful _________on the wall in each room of my house.(paint) 62.You need to explain your opinions quite____________when having a debate.(clear) 63.Let’s hope that all our troubles will_________soon.(appear) 64.The local people are ___________that the whole nation are helping them rebuild the town.(thank) 【答案】57 gifts 58four 59 mine 60difficult 61 painting 62 clearly 63 disappear 64 thankful (2010 江苏省宿迁市 B) 根据句意,用括号中所给单词的适当形式或句子的语法要求填空。 每小题 1 分) 53. Playing too many computer games is ▲ (harm) to you. 54. We should speak to the old man ▲ (polite). (tooth) does a dog have? 55. —How many ▲ —Sorry, I have no idea. Let’s search on the Internet. 56. A computer is ▲ (expensive) than a TV set. 全品中考网 (today) newspaper? 57. Have you read ▲ 58. I ▲ (not go) to bed until my mother came back at ten last night. ▲ ▲ (return) the comic book to the library at once. (be) a singer since she left the school.

59. You need 60. My sister

【答案】53.harmful 54.politely 55.teeth 56.more/less expensive 57.today’s 58.didn’t go 59.to return 60.has been (2010.江苏省盐城市 根据句意完成句子。计 5 分) 66.Smoke from those big factories is __________(harm) to the villagers nearby. 67.When the fire happened ,the firemen hurried there and carried the children to_______(safe). 68.It is well _________(know) that the Beijing Olympics in 2008 was a great success. 69.His fans rushed towards him _________(short) after the match. 70.To keep a lamp _________(burn),we have to keep putting oil in it. 【答案】66-70 harmful safety known shortly burining (2010.江苏省无锡市.四、词汇运用 A)根据句意,在答题卡标有题号的横线上, 写出括号 内所给单词的适当形式,每小题 1 分) 1.It takes ____________(little)time to go there by underground than by bus. 2.Many_______________(butterfly) have round marks on their wings that look like eyes. 3.Last night it rained ____________(heavy)in the southern part of the city. 4.There’s not much______________(different)in price between the two mobile phones. 5.Thank you for your ___________(value) help and practical advice. 答案: 1.less 2.butterflies 3.heavily 4.difference 5.valuable

(2010 江苏省南京市 四、填空 B)根据句子意思,用括号中所给单词的适当 形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为 51-56 的相应位置上。 51.You can’t watch TV until you finish ________(do) your homework. 52.Most parents don’t think it is __________(health) for children to stay up too late night. 53.At present,our spacecraft are too slow to_________(carry)people to Mars. 54.The tunnel under the Changjian River makes it much__________(easy)to get to

Pukou District than before. 55.It is said that many___________(America)teenagers will come to watch the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing. 56.—Mum,today is your day,the Women’s Day.Here are some _________(flower)for you. --It’s very thoughtful of you.Thanks ,Kitty. 全品中考网 【答案】 51 doing 52 healthy 53 carry 54easier 55 American 56 flowers
(2010.江苏省无锡市.五、动词填空 用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空,并将答案写在答题 卡标有题号的横线上 ,每小题 1 分) 1.The Great Wall as well as the Palace Museum ___________(attract)lots of tourists from abroad every year. 2.If those wild animals can’t find enough food,they__________(die) or have to leave their habitat soon. 3.The law of gravity____________(discover)by Isaac Newton about 350 years ago. 4.You must try your best to stop him___________(make)the same mistake again. 5.As soon as he came into the office,he____________(shake)hands with every one of us. 6.Since last August,the old lady__________(have)bad headaches three to four times a month. 7.By 5.30 yesterday afternoon he____________(finish)writing the laboratory report. 8.Bangkok ,the capital of Thailand,____________(know) as the “City of Angels’. 9.We should do everything we can _____________(protect)the environment. 全品中考网 10.Jack said he_____________(return)the two books to the library in a week. 答案: 1.attracts 2.will die 3.was discovered 4.making 5.shook 6.has had 7.had finished 8.is known 9.to protect 10.would return / was going to return

(2010.四川省内江市 动词填空 ,满分 10 分) 用所给动词的正确形式完成短文,并将答案依次填在短文后面相应的横线上。 Dear Zhang Lin, How’s it going?I__81__(have )some problems at school.I find it difficult to work in the evening and I can’t concentrate on anything at the moment.I spend most of my time _82_(listen)to records or watching TV instead of doing my homework .The other students in my class_83_(be)much better than me .I have the following problems as well. I can’t always take down the important things my teacher_84_(say),because I write too slowly, She _85_(tell) me that I’m falling behind my classmates in my studies.I’m not good at _86_(write)and I usually hand in my homework late because I won’t do it until the last minute.So I often have to find different excuses_87_(let)my teacher know why I haven’t done the homework.I’m sure I_88_(get) through my final exam in January. I’m now so far behind the other students that I don’t know how I can _89_ (catch)up with them.Last week,when my teacher _90_(help)me with my homework ,she found so many mistakes,which made me more upset. Could you please give me some good suggestions? Yours, Wei Hua. 【答案】81. have 82. listening 83.are 84. say s 85. tells

86. writing 87. to let 88. will get 89. catch 90. helped (2010 山东省潍坊市 六、词汇应用 ,满分 13 分) During the Second World War,John’s family didn’t have a washing machine.Therefore,_1_(keep) clothes clean became a problem for them. Before long ,a family friend decided -2_(join) the army and his wife was going with him.John’s family told them that they could take care of their furmiture while they were away.To the _3_(family)surprise,the frind suggested they should use his Bendix washing machine. “It would be better for it to_4_(use),rather than sitting _5_(quiet),”he said. Young John helped with the washing ,and he developed a deep love of the old,green Bendix._6_(Late),the war ended and the family’s friend returned .When he came to take the machine away.John became very sad.His mother saw this and said to _7_(he), “Son,you must remember that machine didn’t belong to us in the _8_(one)place.It was a gift for us to be able to use it for such a long time.So ,instead of _9_(be) sad about the loss,let’s be grateful that we _10_(be )able to use it at that time.” We have all experienced loss:loss of people and things.However ,if we see the thing we _11_(lose)ad a gift that we were given for a time,maybe the sad _12_ (momory) will change into _13_(thank )ones. 【答案】1.keeping/to keep 2.to join 3. family ‘s 4.be used 5. quietly 6. Late r 7.him 8.first 9.being 10.were 11.have lost 12. momories 13. thankful
(2010·河南省,五,10)阅读短文,从方框中选择适当的词并用其正确形式填空,使短 文通顺、意思完整。请将答写在短文后相应题号的横线上。每空限填一词,每词限用一次。 方框中有两个词是多余的。 dirty with have always time they large want speak lesson first drop

After a quick breakfast, I went into the lecture hall in a hurry. famous teacher was 66 to A the students.He was holding up a $100 bill.Then he said to the three hundred students,“Who would like this $1 00 bill?” The students put up 67 hands at once. Then he said, am going to “I give this $100 bill to one of you,but 68 ,let me do this.”He made the bill into a ball.Then he said. “Who 69 it now?” The hands went back into the air.“Well,” he said,“what if I do this?” and he 70 it on the floor and stepped on it.He picked up the 7l bill and said.“Who still wants it?” Hands went back again into the air. “My friends,”? he said, “you have learned a valuable(有价值的) 72 today. matter what No I did to the $100 bill! Many 73 in our life,we are dropped and stepped on.We feel as if we are worth nothin9.But remember, no matter what 74 happened to you,you will never lose your value:You are 75 valuable to those people who love you.Your value doesn’t come from what you do or whom you know, but who you are.’’ 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 【答案】66 speaking 67 their 68 first 69 wants 70 dropped 71 dirty 72 lesson 73 times 74 has 75 always (2010·山西省,VII.,5)阅读下面短文,写出括号中所给单词的正确形式,使短文意思


完整。 Dear Dad , The day before yesterday was Father’s Day .I couldn’t celebrate it for you because Iwas busy taking the high entrance exam . But I have said “I love you , Dad !” in my heart many times . You are an ordinary (普通的) man ,but in my eyes ,you are the 71. (great )father in the world .Every time I have trouble ,you always give me advice and help me out . I remember once I (fail) in a competition ,and I felt very upset . Instead of complaining , you just said to me 72 . 73._ (quiet) , “It doesn”t matter . A real man must learn to face many failures (失败) in life bravely .Cheer up !” Dad , I am not going to buy you anything as a present because I don’t think it express my thanks to you .I’ll try my best to get good 74 . (grade) think that is the best present .I (get). I’m sure I won’t let you down . You are looking forward to 75 . Hope my dear dad is healthy forever . 【答案】71.greatest 72.failed 73.quietly 74.grades 75.getting (2010·福建省晋江市,四,10)(B) 遣词造句:根据提供的图画和提示词,写一个符合图 意的完整、正确的句子。(10 分) 91. 92. 93

there ,be. under 94

enjoy, climb 95

play, now

make, tomorrow 【答案】91. There are some flowers under the tree. 92. The monkey enjoys climbing the tree. 93. He is playing computer games now.

brush, twice

94. We will make a snowman tomorrow./Shall we go to make a snowman tomorrow?/Let’s go to make a snowman tomorrow……全品中考网 95. You should brush your teeth twice a day./The boy brushes his teeth twice a day. (2010·新疆省阜康市,六,5)用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空 1. Please call me if you have any problems __________(work)out. 2. Marie Curie received the Nobel Prize __________(two)during her life time. 3. I think it is __________(danger)for children to be close to wild animals. 4. The old man has been ___________(die)since three years ago. 5. I know only one of the ___________(visit),how about you? 【答案】1.working 2.twice 3.dangerous 4.dead 5.visitors


(2010·陕西省,四,10) 用所给单词的适当形式完成下列句子。 1. Lots of ___________(foreign)come to visit the old town every year. 2. Don’t mind _____________(offer)your help to others whenever necessary. 3. He works in the ____________(big) computer company in the world. 4. There are ______________(hundred)of people dancing at the square after supper. 5. My mother was ___________(water) flowers in the garden when I came back. 6. She is proud of _____________(she)for not giving up easily. 7. The boy sat down excitedly because he answered the difficult question ___________(correct). 8. Everybody likes to ask him for help because he often _____________(come)up with good ideas. 全品中考网 9. It is a good habit to brush your ____________(tooth)after each meal. 10. Many school things were ___________(send)to Yushu last month. 【答案】1.foreigners 2.offerring 3.biggest 4.hundreds 5.watering 6.herself 7.correctly 8.comes 9.teeth 10.sent

(2010·湖北省荆门市,四,6)(每空限填一词) 71. Mind your table manners. It is ____▲_ (polite) to talk with your mouth full. 72. Miss Wang speaks English with excellent ___▲___ (pronounce). 73. Tony is badly ill. We are all ____▲__ (care) about his health. 74. J___▲_ is the first month of the year. 75. If you try your best, I’m sure you can a__▲_____ your dream one day. 76. Pandas’ favorite food is bamboo l__▲_______. 【答案】71. impolite 72. pronunciation 73. caring 74. January 75. achieve 76. leaves (2010·广西省定西市,二,5)用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. It’s (real)cold today. 2. This (write)writes lots of interesting stories for kids. 3. Many people don’t enjoy (live)in big cities. 4. I am in my (three)year in this middle school. 全品中考网 5. As we all know,the weather in southwest China is (dry)than any other time in history 【答案】1. really 2. writer 3. living 4. third 5. drier (2010·山东省莱芜市,五,10)阅读下面短文,用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空 (必要时可加情态动词或助动词) 。 I am John.I am l7 years old,and I live in England.My father works in a horse-riding school. have been riding since I 61) _____ (be) I ( six. go horse-riding every Saturday. I Now, I can ride quite well.I often(62) _____ (spend)all Saturdays at the riding sch001.I help to get the horses ready.I also help the new students. Look, there are some people (63) _____ (train) horse-ridin9. The girl named Xinyi (64) _____ (walk)the horse around(遛马)and getting ready to get onto the horse.She is from


China.She looks beautiful.She(65) _____ (study)here three times.Last time,I helped her move up and down at the same time as the horse(随着马动的频率) .while we were learning how to jump the horse,suddenly she fell off the horse and(66)_____(hurt)her knees badly.I felt sorry that I(67)_____(not help)her at that time.I thought she wouldn’t come this Saturday. my surprise。 came again! What a brave girl! Last month, (68)____(invite) To she she to come to England for a fashion show. said she was glad to have the chance to come here and She she enjoyed herself. Oh,Xinyi is riding towards me.全品中考网 “Hi,Xinyi! You’re great! I have never seen such a brave girl like you.” ‘Thanks. John! I am leaving for Beijing tomorrow.Thanks for helping me these days.I will never forget the exciting experience.I(69) _____ (share)it with my friends.” “I hope(70) _____ (meet)you soon.” 【答案】61.was 65.has studied 69.will share 62.spend 63.training 64.is walking 68.was invited

66.hurt 70.to meet

67.couldn’t help

B)阅读短文,然后从短文括号中所给词的适当形式填空。 Climbing the highest mountains in the world is not an 78 (easily) job. have to fight You bad weather,illness and fear.But Jordan Romero,a thirteen-year-old boy from America,will climb 79 (Asia) highest mountain,Mount Qomolangma.He will set out this month. 80 (He)parents and helpers will climb with him.He plans to take 81 (second)months for his climb. “I'm ready.But if I don't reach the top 82 (successful),I'll try next time, ”he said. Jordan has already climbed the highest mountains of six other continents(洲).If he 83 (get)to the top this time,he will become the youngest person to climb the world's highest mountain. 【答案】78.easy 79.Asia’s/Asian 80.His 81.two82.successfully 83.gets

(2010·江苏省镇江市,四,10) A)根据句意,用括号中所给单词的正确形式填空,每空一词。 36 ? So far, I have ? to made a (decide) about where to go for the coming summer holidays. 37 ? This year it has rained so (heavy) in South China that lots of problems are caused. 38 ? When we walked past the playground yesterday, we found him (lie) on the grass, enjoying the sunset. 39 ? Jack is busy preparing for a party to celebrate his sister’s (twelve) birthday. He wants to give her a big surprise. 40 ? —On April 14th, an earthquake hit Yushu and destroyed its (beautiful) completely.

—It’s a great pity. 【答案】36 ? decision37 ? heavily38 ? lying39 ? twelfth40 ? beauty (2010·广东省,五,5)根据下列句子及所给单词的首字母写出所缺单词。在填写答 卷时,要求写出完整单词。 (每空只写一词) you so much. 66. When will you come back, Dad? I m 答案:miss 67. After the examinations, I need to take a good r . 答案:rest . 68. The concert last night wasn’t very good. Before it ended, the theatre was almost e 答案:empty 69. There weren’t enough chairs in the meeting room, so some of the students had to s on 答案:stand for her. 70. Tomorrow is my cousin’s birthday. I’m going to buy a g 答案:gift 全品中考网

(2010·甘肃省兰州市,八,10)B) 91. The old should be spoken to ______(polite). 92. My family lives in the ______(center) park of the city. 93. He is too ______(care) to pass the final exam. 94. Poetry is a beautiful way to express ______(think) and feelings. 95. Children’s ______(expect) ideas often surprise the adults. 96. Betty is often seen ______(help) the old man with his housework. 97. He prefers ______(take) part in the public activities rather than stay at home alone. 全品中考网 98. They ______(agree) with each other, so they argued for a long time. 99. Animals are our friends, so ______(protect) them is our duty. 100. You have ______(award) a scholarship to study violin at our School of Music. 【答案】91. politely 92.central 93. careless 94. thoughts 95.unexpected
96. to help 97. to take 98. disagreed/didn’t agree 99. protecting 100. been awarded

考点三 考点三、选词填空
(2010.江苏省盐城市 B 用 方框中所给词语的适当形式填空,使短文正确、通顺、连贯(每 词限用一次)计 10 分)

although, call, first, go riding, in differentshapes,inside,real,relax,town,watch watch although,call,first,go riding,in different shapes, inside, real, relax, town,
I’ve just go back from my holiday !It’s the _71_holiday that my family have taken in these two years ,so we were_72_excited.My dad’s sister lives in Guilin,so we stayed with her for two days and then we went to Yangshuo for a week.Yangshuo is such an attractive little_73_and there’s so

much to do! First we hired bicycles and _74_into the countryside to a place_75_Moon Hill.When we got there,we hiked all the way to the top and the views were beautiful .The landscape around Yangshuo is amazing.The mountains stand _76_and reach for the sky.That evening we went out on a boat on the Li River to _77_the fishermen using birds to catch fish.Those birds are so well trained! The most exciting thing we did in the next few days was to go caving .There was a river in the cave so we could hear the sound of running water _78_we couldn’t always see it.Deep _79_the cave it was so dark that I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face!To tell the truth,I felt quite_80_when I was in the open air again!

【答案】71-80 first really town went riding called in different shapes watch although inside relaxed (2010 江苏省南京市 C)根据对话内容,从下面方框中选择适当的单词或短语填 空,使对话内容完整正确,并将答案填在答题卡标号为 57-61 的相应位置上。 all kinds of famous looking at smiling answered

A:Hi,Tony! Where were you yesterday evening? B:I was at home.I was doing my homework. A:I called you dozens of times but no one _57_. B:I didn’t hear the phone.Oh ,my father was watching TY all evening .Why did you call? A:I wanted to talk to you about something.I was reading an English book. B:Were you reading a story? A:Yes.It’s about a girl called Alice and _58_ strange animals and people .Alice was sitting with her sister by the river.Then a while rabbit ran past her.It was very out of breach and it was _59_ a watch. B:Ah,I know!Was there a King and a Queen? A:Yes,the Queen was playing in the garden and the King was sitting on the grass. B:And a cat? A:Yes,it was sitting in a tree and it was _60_. B:And was there a Mad Hatter,a March Hare and a mouse? A:Yes,they were having a tea party.Do you know the book? B:Yes,I do.It’s a very_61_story:Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ,Every boy and girl in Britain has read it:The rabbit was running because it was late.Then Alice fell down the rabbit hole… and went into their strange world! 【答案】57 answered 58 all kinds of 59 looking at 60 smiling 61 famous
(2010.浙江省衢州市 五、词汇运用 B.用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,每词限用一次。 计 5 分) travel , wonderful , below , minute , rise 66. Night temperature usually falls _____ zero in winter here . 67. Take the bus , and you will get to the university in five ______. 68. All of the children had a _____ school trip to the mountain .

69. I heerd the ______ news that there was an accideid on wall street this morning . 70. The river _______ again aften the storm yesterday . 【答案】66 below 67 minutes 68 wonderful 69 traveling 70 rose (2010·湖北省武汉市,五,10)先阅读短文,然后用下面方框中所给的单词或短语填空, 使全文在逻辑上正确。 (提示:选项中有一个是多余的。 ) habit / result / talk to / get over / sorry / mad I’d like to tell you a story about my best friend Jane. Last week in school we had a big fight, and she didn’t (71) me. It all started when she asked me if she could copy my homework. I asked her why she wanted to do that, and she said that she had forgotten to do hers. I said I didn’t think it was a good idea. I said it would start a bad (72) and she should do her own work. She got really (73) at me and said she didn’t want to be my best friend anymore. I said that was OK and that I was sure she would (74) it. And she did. Yesterday she told me she was (75). She said it was much better if she did her own work. 【答案】71. talk to 72. habit 73. mad 74. get over 75. sorry (2010·福建省晋江市,四,5)(C)综合填空:根据短文大意选择方框内的单词并用其正 确形式填入空白处,使补全后的短文意思通顺,语法正确,结构完整.(5 分) walk way without prevent easy

Trees are useful in three important 96 .The most important way is that they provide man with food , wood and other products. Trees provide food not only for man, but also for animals. 97 trees, many animals could not live on the earth. It’s not 98 for man to live on the earth, either. The second important way is that trees give us shade(树荫). On a hot summer day, people are eager to have a rest under the shade of a tree after 99 a long way. You can imagine how important the shade of a tree is to man and animals. The third important way is that trees help to 100 droughts and flood. However, in many parts of the world, man hasn’t realized it. He has cut trees down in large numbers. In the end, he finds that he has lost the best friends he had. 【答案】96. ways 97 Without 98.easy 99. walking 100. prevent


(crowd ,nine,beside,pick,knife) 31.We’re in the _________ grade now.And we will have a very important exam in June. 32.In Britain people not only use__________to cut things,but also use them to have meals. 33.—Bob,have you _________up your things on the floor? --Not yet,Mum.I am still busy with my homework. 34.On weekends,the supermarkets are usually ________with people. 35.—Excuse me,would you tell me where I can buy some shampoo? --Sure._________the post office,there’s a small supermarket.






(2010·浙江省湖州市,六,3)A 选择方框内的单词完成下列句子,使句子通顺、

正确。每词限用一次 (luckily, environment,realize ,angry,believe,hobbies) 61.It started to rain during the trip.__________,I brought my umbrella. 62.Mary stayed out too late last night.That made her mother very_________. 63.We should do our best to protect the __________. 64.Can you ___________it?I went to Disneyland and met Jackie Chan! 65.Her____________are dancing,collecting stamps and playing the piano. 66.Today,more and more people begin to _____________the importance of saving water.
【答案】61.Luckily 62.angry 63.environment 64.believe 65.hobbies 66.realize


51.The Chinese government has made great contributions t o the ______of the world’s high speed railway.(develop) (true) 52.It’s _______possible that robot teachers will be popular in schools some day. 53.Simon is such a _______person that no one believes him.(honest) 54.This is the _______and thinnest of all the e-books in the world .(light). 55.Our planet,Earth,is becoming more and more crowded and ________.(pollute)
【答案】51.development 52.truly 53. dishonest 54.lightest 55.polluted

(2010 四川省成都市 五、A 从下面方框中选出与下列各句中画线部分意思相同 或相近,并能替换画线部分的选项。 计 4 分)
A.around B.found C.boring D.provided

26.The speech was so dull that it made most of us sleepy. 27.Lin Fei goes to school at about 7 every day. 28.At that time Town Cinema was the cheapest ,but it had the friendliest service. 29.Sarah discovered that it was important for a flight attendant to speak English well.
【答案】26 C 27A 28 D 29 B

(2010 四川省成都市 三、短文填空。每小题 1 分,计 10 分) (cook ,dark , finish , high , lead , light , luck ,map ,sign ,sure, surprise ,worry) It was already late when we started for the next town,which according to the _1_was about fifteen miles away on the other side of the hill.There we felt_2_that we would find a bed for the night.Soon _3_fell after we left the village,but _4_,we met no one as we drove fast along the narrow road that _5_to the hill.As our car climbed _6_,it became colder and the rain began to fall,making it difficult to see the road. After we had travelled for about twenty miles,there was still no_7_of the town which was marked on the map,we were beginning to get _8_.Then,the car suddenly

stopped .A quick examination showed that we had used up the gas.Although we had little food with us,we diceded to spend the night in the car. Our meal was soon _9_, and then I tried to go to sleep at once,but John,who was a poor sleeper,got out of the car after a few minutes and went for a walk up the hill.Soon he found,in the valley bellow,the _10_of the town we were looking for.We at once pushed the car to the top of the hill.In less than a quarter of an hour ,we were in the town.

1. 6.

2. 7.

3. 8.

4. 9.

5. 10.
6.higher 7.sigh

【答案】1.map 2.lucky 3.darkness 8.worried 9.cooked 10.lights

(2010·山东省聊城市,四,10) 阅读下面短文, 从所给单词中选出适当的单词, 并用其正确的语言形式填在标有题号的空白 处。 (每空一词) (exercise big get when child size inside clear arrive outside what make) Dogs are very good pets.They are very friendly to people and very beautiful,too.Most dogs get on well with_6_and their parents.Others are good watchdogs because they cry loudly when a strange person_7_ When you buy a dog,an important thing to think about is its_8_--buy a small dog if your home is small and a _9_one if your is larger.Many people don’t know -10_to feed their dogs.Dogs eat almost anything!They like meat,rice and lots of other things.You can buy lots of food which is _11_for dogs in shops.Don’t let your dog eat too much.Always leave some _12_water for your dog.It can _13_thirsty very quickly,especially in summer. Remember that dogs need _14_.You should take it for a walk every day.Don’t keep your dog _15_all day. 全品中考网 【答案】 6.children 7.arrives 8.size 9.bigger 10.what 11.made 12.clear 13.get 14.exercise 15.inside 全品中考网 (2010·湖北省十堰市,VIII,10)阅读下面的短文,用括号中所给单词的正确形式填空, 每个单词限用一次。 (important ,disabled;cheer;like;specially;send;deaf;pleasure;show ;because) Dear Miss Hu, I’d like to thank you for _81_money to “Animal Helpers”,an organization set up to help _82_people.For sure you have helped make it possible for me to have “Lucky”,who has filled my life with _83_. “Lucky ”is a _84_trained dog for the disabled.It is a good name for him _85_I feel very lucky to have him.Being blind, _86_,unable to use my hands easily are the challenges I face. “Lucky”helps me open and shut the doors ,carry things and even answer the telephone.He _87_me

up a lot . I’ll send you a photo of him if you like,and I could _88_ you how he helps me too one day.And I thank you again for surpporting “Animal Helpers”.It is _89_that this organization does not run out of money.Your donation is greatly appreciated and the money is well used to help disabled people _90_me. Best wishes, Liz Smith 【 答 案 】 81.sending 82.disabled 83.pleasure 84.specially 85.because 86.deaf 87.cheers 88.show 89.important 90.like (2010·福建省福州市,Ii,5)根据中文提示,用所给词组的适当形式填空,每空一词。 (每小题 1 分,共 5 分) 81.Look! Some kids are __________ __________(放风筝)on the beach. 82.Mrs.Brown is always __________ ___________(对……严格要求)her child in the study. 83.Nowadays ,more and more people like going to work _________ ____________(步行) 84.Let’s remember our friendship and keep our dreams alive__________ __________ (永 远) 85.On National Day,___________ ____________(成千上万)people go to Tian’anmen Square and watch the national flag go up. 【答案】81.flying kites 82.strict with 83.on foot 84.for ever 85.thousands of

(2010·福建省福州市,i,5)用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空。 (每小题 1 分,共 5 分) nine friend tourist easy beat

76.Our neighbors are always _________to us. 77.You can find the Captital Stadium on the map _________. 78.Today is Tony’s __________birthday.Let’s go to celebrate it. 79.A lot of ___________love going to Beijing for their holidays . 80.My favorite football team was __________in the Cup Final. 【答案】76.friendly 77.easily 78.ninth 79.tourists 80.beaten

(2010·黑龙江省哈尔滨市,五,5)先阅读 A、B 两篇短文,然后根据题目要求及所给语 境完成下列四项任务。 (A)(2010·哈尔滨)






Regent’s Park is the largest grass area for sports in London. It’s also the second largest park in the city. It opens at 5:00 a.m. all the year around, but the closing time ____66_____, depending on the season. Regent’s Park has a lake, several public gardens, some sports grounds and three ___67______ playgrounds. Queen Mary’s Garden inside it is famous for ____68____ of beautiful


roses. In the north of Regent’s Park is the London Zoo. It’s ___69____ than any other zoo in the world. People can play many sports in Regent’s Park, including tennis and ___70_____. People can go boating on the main lake and enjoy a picnic in the park, too. There will be sports events of the London Olympic Games in Regent’s Park in 2012. 任务 1: 用方框中所给的适当形式填空,是文章通顺,连贯,合理。 (每空一词,每词限 用一次) 【答案】66.changes 67.chilren’s 68.thousands 69.older 70.running

(2010·山东省菏泽市,五,10)阅读下面短文,根据短文内容用方框内所给词语的 适当形式填空,使短文语义完整。(请你一定要注意词语的形式变化!)

A tourist was traveling alone in the desert (沙漠). After two weeks his car stopped (66) , so he started walking. He was lost and had no water. It was very hot and he became very (67) After five hours he saw a small tent. There was a woman in it. The tourist said to her, . “Water. Please (68) me some water.”

“I’m sorry. I haven’t any water. I only sell ties (领带),” the woman replied. The tourist had to walk on, and became more thirsty. Two hours later he came to (69) tent with an old man in it. “Water. Please sell me some water.” “I’m sorry. I haven’t any water. I only sell ties,” the old man replied. The tourist put his (70) back into his pocket and walked on. He was very, very thirsty (71) a tall man in front of it. The tall

and tired. One hour later he arrived at a third tent. There

man said, “Do you want to buy a tie? I have a lot of beautiful ties.” “No! No! No!” (72) the tourist, “I need water. Please sell me water!”

“I’m sorry. I only have ties,” said the tall man. The tourist fell to the ground (73) started to crawl (爬). Half an hour later he saw a

large, expensive-looking hotel. He crawled to the door and took out all his money. He said to the doorman, “Water! I will pay £100 ___ (74) a glass of water.”

The doorman looked at him and said, “I’m sorry, sir. You can’t come into the hotel ___ (75) you are not wearing a tie.” 请将答案写在下面的横线上: 66.__________ 67.__________ 68.__________ 69.__________ 70.__________

71.__________ 72.__________ 73.__________ 74.__________ 75.__________ 【答案】66. working 67. thirsty 68. sell 69. another 70. money 71. was 72. shouted 73. and 74. for 75. if (2010·湖北省荆门市,四,10)B. 选择适当的词(组)并用其适当形式完成短文。每个 词(组)只使用一次,其中有两个是多余的。


between, at once ,

how, he ,

truth, that ,

courage , stay ,

cry, which, later , what

A father was really worried about his son, who was sixteen years old but had no _▲86_ at all. So the father decided to call on a monk (修道士)to train ▲87_child. The monk said to the boy’s father, “You should leave your son alone here, I’ll make him into a _▲88_man within three months. However, you can’t come to see him during this period.” Three months_▲89_, the boy’s father came. The monk arranged a box match _▲90__the child and an experienced boxer. Each time the fighter struck the boy, he fell down, but __▲91_the boy stood up, and each time he was knocked down again, then the boy stood up again. After several times, the monk asked, “What do you think of your child?” “▲92_ a shame (羞愧)!” the boy’s father said. “I never thought he would be so easily knocked down. I needn’t have him__▲93_here any longer.” “I am sorry ▲94_that’s all you see. Don’t you see that each time he falls down, he stands up again instead of ▲95__? That’s the kind of courage you wanted him to have.” 【答案】 86. courage 87. his 88. true 89. later 90.between 91. at once 92.What 93.stay 94. that 95. crying

(2010·广西省桂林市,六,5)请根据对话内容选择正确的单词,将其适当形式写在答题 卡上。 is fly help whose house Li Hai: It’s windy, Dad. It’s a good day to fly kites. Father: Yes, it is. Oh, look! 76 is that yellow kite? Li Hai: It’s Pingping’s. Father: Pingping’s kite is 77 very high. Li Hai: Oh, no, no! Her kite is falling down. It’s on the 78 now. Father: Have we got a ladder(梯子)? Li Hai: Yes, there 79 one over there. Father: Good. Let’s go and 80 her get the kite down. 【答案】76. Whose 77. flying 78. house 79. is

80. help

(2010·湖北省襄樊市,七,11)先阅读短文,然后根据短文内容从方框内所给的单词中选 择恰当的词(注意词形变化)填入短文空白处,使短文完整、通顺。一词只用一次,一空限 填一词。方框中有两个词是多余的。将能填入空白处的答案写在答题卡上的相应题号后) 。 hungry come hospital see lunch quiet thirsty think miss leave sad eye asleep

It was a hot day during the holiday . My mother and I got on the bus which would take us to my grandma’s village . It was so hot that I felf very 73 . Then I began to think of the sweet watermelons and other fruits in Grandma’s house . I could hardly wait to arrive there and 74 my grandma earlier. It look us one more hour to get there . When we walked into the house , Grandma was busy preparing 75 in the kitchen . I knew from her smile face that she was very glad to see us . She brought out a big watermelon and cut it . It was so nice to eat the watermelon on such a hot day .

After lunch my mother felt and went to bed to have a rest . I asked my grandma to tell me a fair tale . We sat on the bed and she began to tell it . I listened to her 76 . It was not long before I fell 77 . I was dreaming when a terrible sound woke me up . I saw Grandma was lying on the ground . I couldn’t believe my 78 . How fearful a sight was ! I hurried to wake my mother up . We took Grandma to the 79 in a hurry . But it was too late . My grandma’s heart stopped beating(跳动) when we got there . You’ll never imagine how 80 we felt then. Grandma was very well all the time . I had never imagine she would 81 us so soon . That evening I lay in bed alone . Tears ran down my face . I prayed(祈祷) and prayed , wishing my grandma would be able to 82 back. Now several have passed , My dear grandma , where are you? I 83 you so much. 【答案】73.thirsty 74.see 75.lunch 76.quietly 77.asleep 78.eyes 79.hospital 80. sad 81. leave 82. come 83.miss (2010·广西省定西市,四,5)B)选择动词词组,并用其适当形式填空。 go to sleep, learning…by themselves, used up, come ture, be angry with 6. Sometimes,I would my best friend,but not for long. or you will get up late tomorrow. 7. Tom,it’s time for you to 8. The young man all the paper. sooner or later. 9. I think my dream will 10. the students in poor areas are some subjcts . 【答案】6. be angry with 7. go to sleep 8. used up 9. come true 10. learning,by themselves (2010 福建三明. 综合填空,10 分) (invite,different ,work ,in ,popular ,do ,sport ,weekend ,or ,together) American people go to work five days a week.They usually have a two-day _66_which is Saturday and Sunday. One weekends,people spend their time _67_all kinds of things and they do them in _68_ways.Many families enjoy their weekends _69_.They may go shopping ,go for a walk,visit friends,_70_go to church ,They may also _71_friends over and have a party at home. Many American families do _72_on weekendsRunning biking and swimming ate ______during summer ,while skiing and stating are very common _74_winter. The weekend is also a time for American families to _75_in their gardens ,For then.weekends are very busy. 答案:66.weekend 67 doing 68 different 69 together 70 or 71 invite 72 sports 73popular 74 in 75 work (2010 广西南宁九、单词分类(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,共 10 分) 请根据所给句子的意思, 从下面的括号中选出可以填入句子中的单词, 并将其字母标号填在 答题卷相应的位置。 (A.asked .B,mine C.rice D.quickly E.helpful F.hers G.slowly H,kind I.fish J.invited) 76.—What’s for lunch/ --We’ve got _______/__________. 77.Mrs.Turner is a nurse.She is __________/__________. 78.—Oh,my bike is broken.


--Don’t worry.You can use ___________/ __________. 79.Yesterday Linda ___________/ _________me to have dinner with her. 80.Every morning,my grandfather gets up early and walks __________/ _________in the park. 【答案】76 C/I 77H/E 78 B/F 79 A/J 80 D/G (2010 广西南宁十一、选 词填空(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 请根据所给句子的内容,从下面的括号中选出适当的词,并用其 正确的形式填在答题卷相 应的横线上。每空一词,每词限用一次。 (million ,lose ,gold ,sing ,go ,few ,real ,friend,we ,care) 86.—Who’s Jiang Yungrong ,do you know? --Yes,She’s a young ________who sings well. 87.When crossing the mad,we must be___________. 88.Mary is a lively girl and she often makes ___________with others. 89.Tom is looking forward to__________to China because he likes Chinese culture. 90.—Our teacher says we are going hiking next Friday. --___________?Great! 91.The 19th World Cup is attracting _________of football fans all over the world. 92.—Whose exercise books are these? --They belong to___________. 93.—Excuse me ,I’ve got_________here.Could you help me? --Sorry.I’m a stranger here myself. 94.Families in big cities have___________children than they did thirty years ago. 95.On sunny days ,you can enjoy yourself on the _________beaches. 【答案】86 singer 87 careful 88friendly 89 going 90 Really 91 millions 92 us 93 lost 94 fewer 95 golden (2010·青海省,宁夏,七,5)








Our environment is getting(76)_____________ than before. Now more and more people realize that we should do something to help the Earth. Here are the things we can do to help the Earth: We can recycle glass, metal and paper. We shouldn’t throw(77)_____________ in the garbage can(垃圾箱)! We can(78)_____________ instead of driving cars! We should try to (79) _____________ short showers and turn off all the 80) ( _____________ and the TV when we leave the room. All of these things will help the Earth. 【答案】76. worse 77. them 78. walk 79. take 80. lights

(2010·江苏省连云港市,五,20)从方框中选择恰当的词或短语并用其正确的形式填空。 rise, come , choose , win the prize , be on , draw pictures, pay for, struggle with, at the beginning, be used to 56.Time for Africa _______________as the 2010 World Cup song, hasn’t it ? 57.---Jack, coffee or juice ? ---Juice, please. I _________________ drinking it.


58.If we don’t reduce carbon emission(碳排放)to stop the temperature from ______, there will be more disasters. 59.---What a pity! The film ____________________ for one hour. ---It doesn’t matter. We can see it next time. 60.Tony wants to know how much I_____________this new dictionary just now. 61.---Dad, I’m very nervous because of the ______________ English competition. 62.----Herta Muller is great. She was the winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize for Literature. ----Yes. She’s the 12th woman__________________. 63._________________ of 2010, a 3D film , Avatar was shown all over the world. 64.People in some parts of China_______________________ the serious rainstorms at present. 65.---What were the children doing over there? ----They ______________ to welcome the 41st World Earth Day. 【答案】 56.has been chosen 57.am used to 58.rising 59.has been on 60.paid for 61.coming 62.to win /winning the prize 63.At the beginning 64.are struggling with 65.were drawing pictures (2010·浙江省杭州市,七,10)用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,使短文通顺、正 确、连贯(每个单词限用一次) 。 however notice before also name twice well and worst give

Naming the Baby
Parents always think their babies are very special. They want others to 61 their children. For this reason, they sometimes give their children unusual 62 . They may choose names such as Chelma, Ukiah, Brianna, or Elvira. There are some advantages to this practice. A child who is 63 an uncommon name may feel special from childhood. 64 , sometimes than we remember people with ordinary we remember people with unusual names 65 names. 66 , unusual names can cause problems. They can be hard for teachers and friends to pronounce. They can also be hard to spell, 67 computers may automatically(自动地) change them. For example, Jule may become July. Some people may have a bad impression on an unusual name 68 they even meet the person. 69 of all, other children sometimes don’t like kids with uncommon names. The message for parents is, “Think 70 before you give your child an unusual name.” 【答案】61. notice 62. names 63. given 64. Also 65. better 66. However 67. and 68. before 69. Worst 70. twice (2010·浙江省东阳市,五,5)用方框中所给单词或词组的适当形式填空,每个词限用一 次。 get back polite twelve knife excite 61. Watching a football match can make people feel _________ . 62. The Browns are going to celebrate their daughter’s ________ birthday. 63. His father always ____________ home at 5:00 pm . 64. We should speak to the old ________ .

65.In Britain, people not only use ________ to cut things but also use them to have meals. 【答案】61. excited 62.twelfth 63. gets back 64. politely 65 . knives (2010·浙江省卷,五,5)B.用方框中所给的单词的适当形式填空,每个单词限用一次。






66. Father’s day is on the __________Sunday in June. 67. The traffic during the rush hour is much __________than usual 68. We must learn to look after __________ when we are alone at home. 69. _________is good or our healh. 70. When I got to the op of the high mountain,I could__________walk any more. 【答案】66.third/3rd 67.busier 68.ourselves 69. Swimming 70.hardly

(2010·四川省眉山市,二,10)根据下列短文内容,在短文后的空格处填上一个恰当的 词,使短文完整、通顺。 much , arm , wait, see, when , spend, she, worry , have , grow

Only Mother Love is true love. It gives everybody everything all his life. __71__you are still a baby, mother takes good care of you as much as possible . In your waking hours she always holds you in her 72. When you are ill, she stops her work right now to look after you day and night and forgets about are 74 73 . When you

up day by day, she feels very happy. When you are old enough to go to

school, mother still looks after you all the time. On cold winter days, she always tells you to put on 75 clothes . She always stands in the wind 76 back from school. When you hurry for you

to leave home for school with little breakfast, 78

she always feels 77 about you at home. She usually knows about your study and

much money on your school things. When you do well at school, the brightest smile will be 79 on her face. to her children, not to

Mother is always ready to give everything she 80

receive . What true love that is in the world! We will remember Mother Love for ever. 71. 76. 72. 77. 73. 78.

74. 79.

75. 80.

【答案】71-80 When , arms , hersef , growing , more , waiting , worried , spends , seen , has (2010·山东省滨州市,六,2.5) 71. There was a big fire in the office yesterday. L_________________, all the people were saved. 72. Li Lei is an h__________________ boy, he never tells lies. 73. The West Lake a__________________ thousands of tourists to Hangzhou every day. 74. The apartment is so expensive that Mr. Green can’t a__________________ it. 75. Mom, I’m so h__________________. Can I have something to eat? 【答案】71. Luckily 72. honest 73. attracts 74. afford 75. hungry

小题, 七、动词应用(共 10 小题,计 5 分) 动词应用( (2010·山东省滨州市,七,5)阅读下面短文,用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空。(必要 时可加情态动词或助动词) Henry and Charlie were good friends. They worked in a shop. These days Henry did not come to work, but Charlie did not know why. The shopkeeper said there were too many workers in the shop, so he (81) _______________ (send) some away. Charlie heard of it and wanted to tell his friend Henry about the shopkeeper’s plan. He went to him after supper. When he got there, he (82) _______________ (meet) Henry’s wife at the door. “Henry (83) _______________ (go) out, hasn’t he?” asked Charlie. “No, he (84) _______________ (be) in bed,” answered the woman. “What’s wrong with him?” “He (85) _______________ (not feel) well,” said his wife. “What on earth is happening?” “He (86) _______________ (not fall) asleep the whole night.” Charlie went into the bedroom and saw his friend (87) _______________ (lie) in bed, crying loudly in pain. “Have you seen a doctor, Henry?” asked Charlie. “Not yet,” said Henry, “My wife bought some medicine for me and I took some just now.” “You’d better (88) _______________ (go) to see a doctor. They will help you, I think.” “Sorry, I (89) _______________ (not agree) with you,” said Henry, “Last year I had a terrible stomachache, the doctor cut off part of my stomach. Last week I got a bad toothache and the dentist had my tooth (90) _______________ (pull). God knows what the doctor will do with my head this time!” 【答案】81. was going to/would send 82. met 83. has gone 84. is feeling/doesn’t feel 86. didn’t/couldn’t fall 87. lying (2010·四川省卷,Ⅷ,8) Ⅷ 从下面方框中选出 8 个单词,用它们的适当形式填入短文空格内,使短文意思正确、 通顺。(每词限用一次) 88. go 89. can’t /don’t agree 90. pulled 85. is not


good, what,






nothing, how, necessary

Now lots of parents will buy everything that their children want to have. If they go on with the habit, their children won’t know the money Some parents like to their children will think it 77 78 76 from hard work.

birthday parties for their children. If they keep on doing this, for them to enjoy birthday parties every year. Year after year, 79 birthdays and only remember their own. It is against

maybe they will forget their traditional habits.

Many parents don’t let the children do housework. They think children have only one thing to do. They should study hard and do 80 in their lessons. If parents go on doing this, the

children will only learn to open their mouths to be fed and stretch out (伸出) their arms to be 81 every day. When the children grow up, they will be able to do 83 82 , and they won’t even

find a job. Parents should teach the children start good habits of working by themselves.

to do housework because it can help them

76. __________ 77. __________ 78. __________ 79. ___________ 80. __________ 81. __________ 82. ___________ 83. ___________ 【答案】76. comes 77. hold nothing 83. how 78. necessary 79. parents’ 80. well 81. dressed 82.

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2010 年中考英语试题分类汇编(130 套)考点一、话题作文 (2010 湖南省娄底市) ...2、词数:100 词左右(文章开头已给出,且不计入总词数) 3、参考词汇:appetite...


最新-2018年中考英语试题[130套]分类汇编专题-任务型阅读 精品_中考_初中教育_教育专区。2018 年中考英语试题分类汇编(130 套)专题十?任务型阅读 考点一、回答...


142 评论 0 字号:大中小 订阅 2010 年中考英语试题分类汇编(130 套)专题九?...65. 任务 2:请用适当的词替换(66)处的单词。 66. 任务 3:将(67)的单词...


2010年中考英语试题[130套]分类汇编专题-句子翻译_中考_初中教育_教育专区。2010...汉语提示,用句末括号内 的英语单词完成句子,并将答案写在答题卡上的相应题号...