(2) Thomas Adams discovered bubble gum ( 泡 泡 糖 ) in the 1870s. He was an American. He wanted to find a use for chicle( 糖 胶 树 胶). Chicle is a Spanish word for sticky water that comes from one kind of Mexican tree . Mr Adams wanted to make rubber from chicle. Mr Adams worked in his home while he tried to find a way to make the chicle stronger. Hisson, H oratio, also helped him now and then. One day, young Horatio began to chew the chicle while he watched his father work. It did not tast e very good, but Horatio enjoyed chewing it. Then the young boy began to blow bubbles with the new chicle which his father had made. Mr Adams had discovered bubble gum by accident. Mr Adams gave up trying to find a way to make rubber from chicle. Instead , he wanted to try and sell the new gum that he had made. He thought other people might like the taste too. He began to see his new kind of chicle as candy. In no time, children everywhere began chewing bubble gum. 1. Where was Thomas Adams from ? A. Canada B. The United States C. Europe D. England 2. Who was Horatio Adams? A. Thomas's father B. Thomas's wife C. Thomas's brother D. Thomas's son 3. What was Thomas Adams trying to make ? A. A new kind of rubber . B. A new kind of chicle. C. A new kind of candy. D. Electric light. 4. Why did Thomas Adams want to sell bubble gum ? A. His son enjoyed chewing it . B. He thought many people would like it. C. He could not make strong rubber from chicle. D. all of above 5. Which of these sentences is not true? A. Horatio helped his father. B. Thomas Adams made rubber from chicle by accident. C. Horatio was the first person to chew bubble gum. D. Thomas Adams never made rubber.

【1】 But Parbati doesn?t catch elephants just for fun. “My work,” she says, “is to rescue man from the elephants, and to keep the elephants safe from man.” And this is exactly what Parbati has been doing for many years. Increasingly, the Indian elephant is angry: for many years, illegal hunters have attacked it and its home in the jungle has been reduced to small pieces of land. It is now fighting back. Whenever wild elephants enter a tea garden or a village, Parbati is called to guide the animals back to the jungle before they can kill. Q:For Parbati, catching elephants is mainly to A. get long lasting excitement . B. keep both man and elephants safe

C. send them back to the jungle

D. make the angry elephants tame

【2】 Parbati hasn?t always lived in the jungle. After a happy childhood hunting with her father, she was sent to boarding school in the city. But Parbati never got used to being there and many years later she went back to her old life. “Life in the city is too dull. Catching elephants is an adventure and the excitement lasts for days after the chase,” she says. Q:Before Parbati studied in a boarding school, ______________. A. she spent her time hunting with her father B. she learned how to sing love songs C. she had already been called an elephant princess D. she was taught how to hunt tigers 【3】After World War Ⅱ, the population of most large American cities decreased; however, the population in many Sun Belt cities increased. Los Angeles and Houston are cities where population shifts(转移)to and from the city reflect the changing values of American society. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, city residents (居民) became wealthier. They had more children so they needed more space. They moved out of their apartments in the city to buy their own homes. They bought houses in the suburbs(郊区). Q:Why did American city residents want to live in the suburbs after World War Ⅱ? A. Because older American cities were dying. B. Because they were richer and needed more space. C. Because cities contained the worst pare of society. D. Because they could hardly afford a live in the city. 【4】Fashion designer Angela Barnard, who runs her own fashion business in London, said older women were much more affected by celebrity(名流) style than in previous years .She said, “When people see stars such as Judi Dench and Helen Mirren looking attractive and fashionable in their sixties, they want to follow them. Older women are much more aware of celebrities .There?s also the boom in TV programmes showing people how they can change their look, and many of my older customers do yoga to stay in shape well in their fifties. Q:What can we learn about old women in terms of fashion? A. They are often ignored by fashion designers. B. They are now more easily influenced by stars. C. They are regarded as pioneers in the latest fashion. D. They are more interested in clothes because of their old age. 【5】 Every day we experience one of the wonders of the world around us without even realizing it. It is not the amazing complexity of television. Nor the impressive technology of transport. The universal wonder we share and experience is our ability to make noises with our mouths, and so transmit ideas and thoughts to each other?s minds. This ability comes so naturally that we tend to forget what a miracle(奇迹)it is. Q:According to the passage, the wonder we take for granted is A. our ability to use language B. the miracle of technology .

C. the amazing power of nature

D. our ability to make noises with mouth

【6】ECP has created national standards for healthy, environmentally (环境方面) clever and affordable homes which are called, the Green Communities Standards. These standards include water keeping, energy saving and the use of environmentally friendly building materials. Meeting the standards increases housing construction costs by 2%, which is rapidly paid back by lower running costs. Even the positioning of a window to get most daylight can help save energy. Q:What is an advantage of the buildings meeting the Green Communities Standards? A.Lower running costs. C. Less air to be lost in hot days. B. Costing less in construction. D. Better prices for homeless people.


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