东师大学英语(一)高起专 15 秋在线作业 2 试卷及答案 一、单选题(共 40 道试题,共 100 分。) 1.The purpose of the official inquiry is to ______ the true facts leading to the loss of the ship at sea. A. come at B. come for C. come into D. come over 正确答案:A 满分:2.5 分得分:2.5 2.It’s pay-day, and they’re waiting ______. A. for paying B. to be paid C. to be paying D. to have paid 正确答案:B 满分:2.5 分得分:2.5 3.To get my traveler ’ s check I had to ______ a special check to the bank for the total amount. A. make for B. make out C. make off D. make up 正确答案:B 满分:2.5 分得分:2.5 4._______ all the difficulties and discomforts, they went on working at the design. A. Because of B. In proportion with C. As a result of D. In spite of 正确答案:D 满分:2.5 分得分:2.5 5.Bill did not hear the telephone because he was completely ______ his reading. A. absorbed for B. absorbed by C. absorbed on D. absorbed in 正确答案:D 满分:2.5 分得分:2.5 6.Her answer is not acceptable, and ______. A. neither am I B. either is mine C. neither is mine D. mine is neither 正确答案:C 满分:2.5 分得分:2.5 7.His score on the exam was ______ to qualify him for a graduate program. A. too good B. well enough C. as high as D. good enough 正确答案:D 满分:2.5 分得分:2.5 8.Neither Tom nor his parents ______ at home. A. is B. are C. has D. was 正确答案:B 满分:2.5 分得分:2.5 9.Not long ago, a person who I know every well was ______ an accident. A. related to B. included in C. involved in D. subject to 正确答案:C 满分:2.5 分得分:2.5 10.She is a fine singer, ______ her mother used to be A. like B. that C. as D. which 正确答案:C 满分:2.5 分得分:2.5 11.Her politics ______ neither conservative nor liberal. A. is B. are C. was D. has been 正确答案:B 满分:2.5 分得分:2.5 12.He was brave;_____ soldiers fought so bravely in that battle. A. no others B. no another C. no other D. not other 正确答案:A 满分:2.5 分得分:2.5 13.______ do you believe is not about to support our plan A. Whom B. Who C. Whomever D. Which 正确答案:B 满分:2.5 分得分:2.5 14.The Smiths ______ their breakfast when the morning post came. A. had B. has been having C. are having D. were having 正确答案:D 满分:2.5 分得分:2.5 15.He didn’t know French, ______ made it difficult for him to study at a university in France. A. that B. as C. this D. which 正确答案:D 满分:2.5 分得分:2.5 16.The teacher expects us to do all the exercises, to study the spelling list and to get our paper ______ time. A. in B. on C. at D. by 正确答案:B 满分:2.5 分得分:2.5 17.On no account ______ to anyone. A. my name must be mentioned B. must m