东师大学英语(一)高起专 15 秋在线作业 3 试卷及答案 一、单选题(共 40 道试题,共 100 分。) 1.He _____ on this essay for twenty minutes but he _____ only a hundred words. A. has been working/has written B. is working/writes C. has worked/has been writing D. works/is writing 正确答案:A 满分:2.5 分.5 2.Your application will be considered ______ your file is completed. A. as quickly as B. as soon as C. as fast as D. as early as 正确答案:B 满分:2.5 分.5 3. “ When did you go to work ” “ As soon as they came, we ______ to work.” A. went B. were going C. had gone D. go 正确答案:A 满分:2.5 分.5 4.The librarian insists that Dana take ______ books from library before she returns the dictionary she borrowed last month. A. no B. many C. not many D. no more 正确答案:D 满分:2.5 分.5 5.On hearing the news that her father died, she ______ tears. A. burst out B. burst in C. burst into D. burst forth 6.Everything on the earth ______ all the time. A. is changing B. is changed C. has changed D. has been changed 正确答案:A 满分:2.5 分.5 7.The country’s wealth comes chiefly from its many ______. A. herd of cattle B. heard of cattles C. herds of cattle D. herds of cattles 正确答案:C 8.Beginning in the late 19th century, the _______ rise in the productivity of England was just ______ less than Germany and the U.S. A. year?slightly B. yearly?slight C. yearly?slightly D. year?slightly 正确答案:C 满分:2.5 分.5 9.It is fitted with a small transformer, by means of ______ the voltage of the currency can be adjusted. A. whom B. which C. what D. that 正确答案:B 10.I ______ his face when he opened the letter. A. should like you to see B. would have liked you to be seen C. should like you to have seen D. would like you to see 11.Any one can join the club, ______ A. can any one B. can’t any one C. can’t they D. can they 正确答案:C 12.The gas works ______ near the city. A. is B. are C. were D. be 正确答案:A 满分:2.5 分.5 13.The policemen put the criminal ______. A. in a iron B. into a iron C. in irons D. into a pair of iron 正确答案:C 14.There are ______ that I can’t finish them. A. so long assignments B. such long assignments C. long assignments D. so very long assignments 正确答案:B 满分:2.5 分.5 15.This cake is delicious, but I can’t eat ______. A. some B. no C. any D. much 正确答案:C 16.John can play chess better than ______ else. A. the one B. no one C. any one D. another 正确答案:C 17.He was eager to make some extra money, since during these years he could hardly live on his_______. A. li