高考英语词汇及解析 G-H
G 1.gain n.收益,获利 v 获得,赚得,赢得 gain knowledge The clock gains. He gained10kg in weight. No pains, no gains. 2. ●gathervt vi 聚集,采集 gathering n. gather breath/gather courage/gather strength She gathered a crowed around her. A crowed of people gathered around her. The train was gathering speed. 3.◎generous adj. 慷慨大方的 It s ~ of you to lend me the car. be ~ to sb 对某人慷慨 丰盛的 a ~ meal. generosity n. 4.getv 成为,得到,到达 Mother often gets me to wash the dishes. The machine broke down. Can you get it working? I am going to get my bike repaired. You got it. Hard work can get you somewhere. get sth across to sbget along with get down to doing get rid of get round get away with get away from get on 6.giftn 赠品,礼 a birthday gift have a gift for a man of many gifts ◎gifted = talented 有天赋的 a ~ student 7. give v 递给,付出,给予 give out/up/away/in/off 8.◎glory n. 荣誉,光荣,赞美 It s a great glory to die for our country. glorious adj. 9. go v 去,走,到 n 尝试 All the money he got went in books. The story goes that there was a mean landlord named ZhouBapi. Where does the book go? There is five minutes to go./There is a long way to go. gohungry/thirsty/mad/bad/wrong have a go 试试 be on the go 忙碌 10. good adj nhave a good time doing a good few books a good many books give sb a good beating as good as 和…一样好,几乎 be good at English be good for one’s health be good to sb do good to sb=do sbgood It is no good doing 11. ◎grasp vt.抓牢, 抓紧 He suddenly ~ my arm. 理解, 领会 He ~ d what I said.

12.●grateful 感激的,感谢的 I’m so grateful for all your help. She was grateful that he helped him a lot. 13. ◎greedy adj. 贪婪的 It’s ~ for you to take so money. 贪图权利 be ~ for power 14.greetv 招呼,迎接,入(耳) ,触(目) ,扑(鼻) greet sb with a nod 点头示意 greet the New Year 迎接新年 A sweet smell greets the nose.香气扑鼻 15.growvt vi link.v 成长,变得 He grew tall./old. I grew to like the dog.(grow to do=come to do) a growing number of people 16. ●guarantee 保证 guarantee sb./sth guarantee to do I ~ you a wonderful film. I can’t ~ to work for more than a year. be grateful for/that

guarantee that … I ~ that you’ll love this film. 17. guessv 猜测 What do you guess has happened to him? I guess so./I guess not. You have guessed it. 18. ◎guidance n. 引导,指导,建议 under one’ ~ with one’s help guide v/n. 引导,导游 19. ◎guilty adj. 有罪的 He was ~ of murder. He was found ~ . I feel ~ of what I did. 32.guitar. H 1.habit n 习惯 form/develop the(a) habit of be in the(a )habit of fall/get into the(a) habit of 2.handv 传递 n 手, 指针 have a hand in give/lend sb a hand hand in /out/down from hand to hand on the one hand…on the other hand… 3.◎handle n. 把手 the ~ of the door vt.处理, 应付 I have no idea how to ~ the children. 4.●handy 便利的,顺手的 It’s quite a handy little tool. I always keep my gun handy just in case. 5.hang vt vi 绞刑,上吊,悬挂 hang one’s head in shame 含羞低头 hang curtains hang out/up 6.happen v 发生,碰巧 What happened to her? It so happened that I had no money with me.

I happened to have no money with me. 7.hardly 几乎不 Hardly does she go home. Hardly had he got home when it began to rain. 8.◎harm 危害 n do (no) ~ to sb/sth sb/sth 9. harvestn.



A heavy snow promises a good harvest.瑞雪兆丰年

get in the

harvest 收庄稼 10.hatev. hate to do/ doing I hate it when people cry. 11. havev.○ 1 have (got) to 2 have on 穿着(表状态,无进行时态) ○ He had a red jacket on. ○ 3 have sth done 让别人做某事/ 主语遭受…

Is this the watch you have repaired? She had her bag stolen. 4 have sb do 让某人去做某事 Who do you have type the letter? ○
5 have something / nothing to do with…与..有/没有关系 ○ 6 have sb doing…使某人做某事/ 与 cannot/won’t 连用表示不能容忍… ○ I have my students listening attentively. 我使学生们听得入神. I can’t have people arriving late all the time. 我不能忍受人们总是迟 到. 12. head1) n.○ 1 use your head 动动脑筋○ 2 hold one’s head high 趾高气扬 3 from head to foot/ toe 从头到脚○ ○ 4 hit sb. on the head 击中某人的头 2) v. head for sp.朝某处走去 13. health n. healthy adj. in good / bad health keep healthy ~ diet 14. hear v. ○ 1 hear about / of 听说○ 2 hear from 收到某人的来信 3 hear sb. do/ doing 听到某人做了某事/听到某人正在做某事 ○ 15. heart n.○ 1 learn sth. by heart 记住○ 2 lose heart 灰心,泄气 3 lose one’s heart to sb.倾心于某人○ ○ 4 heart and soul 全心全意 5 from the bottom of one’s heart 由衷的 ○ 16. heavy adj. heavily adv. ○ 1a heavy smoker 烟瘾极大的人 2heavy rain/ traffic 大雨/交通繁忙○ ○ 3 rain heavily 17. height n.○ 1at a height of 30,000 meters 2 It’s about 2 meters ○ 2 help sb out of 帮 ○

high/ in height. 18. help n. / v.

○ 1 help sb. (to) do/with sth.

助..摆脱… 3 can’t help doing 禁不住做… ○ ○ 4can not help but do 不得不做某事 5 help oneself to sth. 随便用… ○ ○ 6 with one’s help 19.◎helpful adj. be very ~ = be of great help 20.◎hesitate vt. ~ to do sth hesitation n. without

hesitation 21.high 1) adj. at a high / low price in a high voice in high spirits 2) adv.与 highly 的区别○ 1high 表示具体的含义 “高高地 ” fly high in the sky/ jump high 2highly 表示的是抽象的含义 “高度地” a highly developed country ○ think / speak highly of 22. historyn. ○ 1 in history 在历史上○ 2 the history of America 美国的历 史 3 have a long history / have a history of… ○ ○ 4 make history 创造 历史 23. hit (hit , hit) 1) v. ○ 1撞击打 hit sb. on the head 2袭击 ○ An earthquake hit there. 3突然想起 An idea hit/ strike/occur to me. ○ It suddenly hit me that……. 2) n.受欢迎的/引起轰动的人或物 He is a real hit. // a hit song 24. hold- held-held ○ 1 catch / get / take hold of 抓住拿着 2 hold a meeting 举行会议 ○ hold one’s breath 屏住呼吸 hold office/ the position 任职 hold sb. prisoner 监禁某人 hold one’s head high 趾高气扬 hold together (使…)团结 一致 3 hold on 别挂断;稍等,等着;坚持住,挺住 ○ hold up 支撑; 延误,耽搁;抢劫;举出例子,提出…作为榜样

An accident is holding up traffic. She’s always holding up her children as models of good behavior.
hold on to 抓住不放;保住…不出卖 hold back 拦阻;向某人隐瞒(from sb.);抑制,控制

She managed to hold back her anger/ tears.
hold out 坚持,维持;伸出手,递出东西; hold out my hands 4容纳 The plane holds about 300 passengers. ○ 25. honor 1) n.荣誉,光荣○ 1 in honor of 为了纪念向某人表达敬意 2 It’s an honor for sb. to do sth. ○ 2) v. honor sb.给某人荣耀 The president honored us with a personal

sb. be honored… 感到荣幸 I was honored to have been

mentioned in his speech. 26. hope 1) n. in (the) hope of…/ that clause. 抱着…的希望 He went abroad in the hope of earning a lot of money.

2) v.○ 1hope to do sth.

② hope so/ I hope not.

○ hope for… 期待着… Hope for the best, prepare for the worst 3 4I hope that you are well./ I wish that I were a bird. ○ 27 ◎host n。主人 hostess 主持人 ~ of the TV show 东道主 ~ country vt.主持,主办 ~ the party/meeting/Olympic games 28.hostess n. host actor actress waiter waitress god goddess 29.◎hug v. hugged hugged They put their arms around each other and hugged. The track hugs the coast for a mile. (有一段距离紧挨某物) n. He stopped to receive hugs and kisses from the fans. He gave her mother a big hug. 30.◎humor n. ----humourous adj. n. I can’t stand people with no sense of humor. They failed to see the humor of the situation. v. she thought it best to humor him rather than get into an argument. 31. ◎hunt v. a. lions sometimes hunt alone. / whales are being hunted and killed. b. she is hunting for a new job. c. police are hunting for an escaped criminal. hunt sb down hunt out 32.hurry 1) v. hurry sb. /sth. up 催促某人 hurry up 快点,赶 快 2)n. in a hurry 赶快 33.hurtvi./ vt. hurt one’s feelings/ leg; be badly hurt

My leg hurts.

Where does it hurt?你哪疼?


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