Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre — A Beautiful Soul

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? curate n 牧师 strangle vi 被勒死 stilited up 踩高跷 drift n 趋势 sting n 刺 salutary adj 有益的 respite vi 缓解 gnaw v 折磨

? ? ? ? ? ? ? delineate vt 描绘 graceful adj 优雅的 dwell vi 居住 blacksmith n 铁匠 lame adj 跛的 parlour n 客厅 reside vt 居住

Theme-----Collision of soul
Argue About St.John ? Mr.Rochester: jealous,offended, inferiority complex about his disability,sensitive,concerned

? Jane Eyer: feelings,

provocative,tentative,has a delicate




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Jane Eyre

Discussion Jane Eyre: point of view, setting and characterization ? Significance of characterization and different interpretations A Brief Biography 3) In 1842...