人教版必修五 Unit2 The United Kingdom Reading


Can you name the capital cities of the countries of the UK?
Wales Scotland

London 伦敦

Edinburgh 爱丁堡

/>Edinburgh 爱丁堡 Northland Ireland Belfast Belfast 贝尔法斯特 贝尔法斯特
Cardiff 加迪夫 London 伦敦

Fast-Reading What is the text mainly about?
A. A introduction to the United Kingdom about its development. B. A introduction to the United Kingdom about its culture. C. A introduction to the United Kingdom about its foundation and development based on geography, history, politics, and culture etc.

Divide the passage into three parts and write down the main idea of each part.
Part 1 (Para 1-3) How the UK came into being? _____________________________ Part 2 (Para 4): England is divided into 3 zones. _____________________________ Part 3 (Para 5-6):

_______________________________ The cultural importance of London.

Part 1---the UK
Which countries make up the UK?

England, Wales,

Northern Ireland.

Part 1---the UK


, complete the form

In the 13th Century In the 17th Century

Wales was linked to England. ______
England and Wales were joined to Scotland __________.

Southern _________ Ireland broke away and In the early _________ Ireland joined with Northern 20th England Scotland _________, Wales and _________ Century the United Kingdom to become ____________________.

How UK was formed

In the 13th century AD

Wales is usually assumed (被 认为是) to be part of England.


in 1603

Get Ireland connected to form the United Kingdom

Northern Ireland

Only Northern Ireland joined with Britain to become the United Kingdom

Part 1---the UK

the United Kingdom
Union Jack
Later, Great Britain + Northern Ireland 17th century AD, England + Wales + Scotland

Great Britain England

the 13th century, England + Wales. first only England

3.Do you know the similarities and differences among the 4 countries.
the same areas

currency and international relations

educational and legal the different areas systems, football teams for competitions

Part 2England

England is the largest of the countries and it is divided into three zones.
the North of England the Midlands

the South of England

Part 2-England
Most population settled in the South of England ___________________. Most of the large industrial cities are in the North and the Midlands ____________________________. Nationwide, many cities have football teams and are not large ____________________________.

Exe.3 North: Leeds, York, Manchester, Sheffield Midlands: Coventry, Birmingham South: Reading, London, Brighton, Plymouth

Part 3--London
◆Why did capital London become the cultural center of England? There are a lot of historical treasure in London. ◆Why are there so many historical treasures in London? London has been influenced by some invaders.

The greatest historical treasure in London:
Museums art collections buildings
ports castles

parks theatres


Para 5--Invaders

In the England history, there has been the Roma four sets of invaders. They are: ________, the Anglo-Saxons the Vikings _______________, ____________, the Normans ___________.

What did they leave?

towns and roads

Anglo-Saxons: Language and government

the Vikings: Influence the vocabulary and place-names of the North

the Normans:
Castles and words for food

Which group of the invaders did not influence London?

? The Vikings ??


United The full name of England is the ________ Kingdom ________ of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. England It consists of four parts, they are __________, Scotland Wales Northern Ireland __________, _________ and ________________. People always think ______ is a part of England. Wales The flag of the UK is called the __________ ______. Jack

The four countries have different __________ educational

and ______ _______ as well as different legal systems
_________ ______. ________ is the largest of the football teams England four countries and it is _______ ____ three parts. divided into South Most of the people settled in the ________, but most of the large industrial cities in the _________ and the North The capital of the ______. Midlands UK is ________, it has many great places of London interest.


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