? 特殊句式在高考中的考查重点: 强调句 1.强调句型用于强调陈述句; 2.强调句型用于强调一般疑问句; 3.强调句型用于强调特殊疑问句; 4.强调句型用于强调 not…until…句型; 5.强调句型与状语从句、定语从句、祈使句的混合考查。 替代 1.do/does/did 替代动词; 2.so 和 not 分别代替肯定和否定的从句. 省略 1.主语的省略; 2.谓语或谓语的一部分的省略; 3.宾语的省略; 4.不定式的省略; 5.宾语从句和状语从句中的省略; 6.虚拟条件句中 if 的省略。 倒装句 1.部分倒装; 2.完全倒装 3.常考的几个重要句型: So +be/情态/助动词+主语 Neither+be/情态/助动词+主语 So +adj/adv …+that … Neither …, nor … Not only …, but also … Not until … 2011全国卷I 22 Try____ she might, Sue couldn’t get the door open. A. if B. when C. sine D. as 2011全国卷I 28 Only when he reached the tea-house ______it was the same place he’d been in last year. A. he realized B. he did realize C. realized he D. did he realize 2011福建卷29 —It’s nice. Never before____ such a special drink! —I’m glad you like it. A.I have had B. I had C. have I had D. had I 2011湖南卷32 Only after they had discussed the matter for a few hours _______a decision A. they reached B. did they reach C. they reach D. do they reach 2011四川卷15 Was it on a lonely island ______ he was saved one month after the boat went down? A. where B. that C. which D. what 2011 陕西卷 23 It is not how much we do but how much love we put into what we do______benefits our work most.

A. who B. which C. that D. what 2011重庆卷28 I told them not everybody could run as fast as you did, ______ ? A. could he B. didn’t I C. didn’t you D. could they 2011重庆卷32 —Have you seem the film Under the Hawthorn Tree? — Of course, I have. It was in our village _______ it was made. A.that B.where C.when D.which 2011湖南卷35 It’s not what we do once in a while ______ shapes our lives, but what we do consistently A .which B. that C. how D. when 2011全国卷II13 Jane won’t join us for dinner tonight and . A. neither won’t Tom B. Tom won’t either C. Tom will too D. so will Tom 2011江苏卷33 It sounds like something is wrong with the car’s engine._______ , we’d better take it to the garage immediately. A. Otherwise B. If not C. But for that D. If so 2011辽宁卷33 _____ a strange plant! I've never seen it before. A. Which B. What C. How D. Whether 2011上海卷 30 It doesn’t matter if they want to come to your party, _______? A. doesn’t it B. does it C. don’t they D. do they 〖10 全国Ⅰ〗I have seldom seen my mother _______ pleased with my progress as she is now . A. so B. very C. too D. rather 〖10 安徽〗It was from only a few supplies that she had bought in the village _______ the hostess cooked such a nice dinner. A. where B. that C. when D. which 〖10 湖南〗John’s success has nothing to do with good luck. It is years of hard work has made him what he is today. A. why B. when C. which D. that 〖10 江苏〗—I have tried very hard to find a solution to the problem, but in vain. w_ —why not consult with Frank? You see, _________. A. great minds think alike B. two heads are better than one C. a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush D. it’s better to think twice before doing something 〖10 江苏〗—Is everyone here? —Not yet……Look , there_______ the rest of our guests! A. come B. comes C. is coming D. are coming 〖10 四川〗If you have a job, yourself to it and finally you’ll succeed. A. do devote B. don’t devote C. devoting D. not devoting 〖10 四川〗We laugh at jokes, but seldom about how they work. A. we think B. think we C. we do think D. do we think 〖10陕西〗John opened the door . There _____ he had never seen before. A. a girl did stand B. a girl stood C. did a girl stand D. stood a girl 〖10 浙江〗The experiment shows that proper amounts of exercise, if regularly, can improve our health. A. being carried out B. carrying out C. carried out D. to carry out

〖10 江西〗Not until he left his home ______ to know how important the family was for him. A did he begin B had he begun C he began D he had begun 〖10 重庆〗At the meeting place of the Yangtze River and the Jialing River______, one of the ten largest cities in China. A. lies Chongqing B. Chongqing lies C. does lie Chongqing D. does Chongqing lie 〖10 湖北〗Only if people of all the countries are united ________(我们才能解决)the existing problems in the world. (solve) 〖09 安徽〗 a certain doubt among the people as to the practical value of the project. A. It has B. They have C. It remains D. There remains 〖(09 福建〗For a moment nothing happened Then all shouting together. A. voices had come B. came voices C. voices would come D. did voices come 〖09 湖南〗 Every evening after dinner, if not from work, I will spend some time walking my dog. A. being tired B. tiring C. tired D. to be tired 〖09 湖南〗You and I could hardly work together, ? A. could you B. couldn’t I C. couldn’t we D. could we 〖09 江西〗According to statistics, a man is more than twice as likely to die of skin cancer _________ a woman. A. than B. such C. so D. as 〖09 江西〗It was _____ he came back from Africa that wear _________ he met the girl he would like to marry. A. when; then B. not; until C. not until; that D. only; when 〖09 江西〗Some of you may have finished unit one. _____ , you can go on to unit two. A. If you may B. If you do C. If not D. If so 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗省略句的用法。 〖解析〗 If so = If you have done that / so 你们中的一些人可能已经完成第一单元, 如果是这样 的话, 你们可以继续第二单元。 〖09 海南〗The computer was used in teaching. As a result, not only ________, but students became more interested in the lessons. A. saved was teachers’ energy B. was teachers’ energy saved C. teachers’ energy was saved D. was saved teachers’ energy 〖09 山东〗So sudden ________that the enemy had no time to escape. A. did the attack B. the attack did C. was the attack D. the attack was 〖09 陕西〗He must be helping the old man to water the flowers, ? A. is he B. isn’t he C. must he D. mustn’t he 〖09 陕西〗Little about her own safety, though she was in great danger herself. A. did Rose care B. Rose did care C. Rose does care D. does Rose care 〖09 四川〗—I wonder ________ you’ll water this kind of flower. —Every other day. A. how often B. how long C. how soon D. how much 〖09 四川〗Not until I came home last night ________ to bed. A. Mum did go B. did Mum go C. went Mum D. Mum went 〖09 重庆〗Unsatisfied _________with the payment, he took the job just to get some work experience.

A. though was he B. though he was C. he was though D. was he though 〖09 全国Ⅱ〗It is often that human beings are naturally equipped to speak. A. said B. to say C. saying D. being said 〖09 江苏〗—What’s the matter with Della? —Well, her parents wouldn’t allow her to go to the party, but she still _ _ A. hopes to B. hopes so C. hopes not D. hopes for 〖09 上海〗Sally’s never seen a play in the Shanghai Grand Theatre, ______? A. hasn’t she B. has she C. isn’t she D. is she 〖09 辽宁〗It’s the first time that he has been to Australia, ? A isn’t he B hasn’t he C isn’t it D hasn’t it 第一节:单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 21. Of all the subjects, I like ______ physics best because it gives us ______ useful knowledge of things in science. And I long to turn ______ scientist in the future. A. the ; a ; a /;/ 22. If it were not for the fact Mary _______swim, I would take her to the island. A. couldn’t might not 23. Only when _______ possible to settle the problem. A. does the editor come will it be C. has the editor come it will be A. Where is it the place 25. As the light turned green, I stood for a moment, not _____, and asked myself what I was going to do. A. moved moved 26. — I don’t suppose she could have done well in the exam last week,_____ she? — _____, she almost failed to pass the exam. A. could ; Yes couldn’t ; Yes 27. _________ true events, the film follows the life of Braddock, a boxer in New York. A. Being based on Based on 28. —Mom, I can’t see any point in studying hard at all the subjects at school. —Come on, dear. Years of hard work will surely _____ in the future of your career. A. make sure back 29. Women have a long way to go before they achieve full equality with men in the workplace, just _____ is often the case in many countries. B. pay off C. bring back D. pay B. Basing on C. Having based on D. B. has ; No C. did ; No D. B. moving C. to move D. being B. Is that where B. the editor comes will it be D. the editor comes it will be C. Is it where D. Is it B. shouldn’t C. can’t D. B. / ; an ; / C./ ; a ; / D. the ;

24. ______there is enough sunshine and rain that the crops grow well?

A. as they _______. A. had just been dreaming C. just dreamt

B. it

C. what

D. that

30. In this experiment, they are wakened several times during the night, and asked to report what B. are just dreaming D. have just been dreaming

31. Recently the hospital has imported ________ they call a scanner, ______will be used to examine patients' internal organs. A. what, that which, what 32. This information allows businessmen to keep _______ of their list of goods by showing which items are being sold and how fast they are moving. A. sight A. to; for B. sign B. of; to C. touch C. for; to D. track D. to; of 33. The devotion _____ too much time _____ sports leaves too little time for studying. 34. --Journalists have to work very quickly in order to __________. --I know. I like that. It's very challenging. A. meet their deadlines both ends meet 35. We missed our train, and _________ the next train was delayed, ________ we had to wait for two hours. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m A. on top of that; so C. what was worse; however B. as a result; then D. because; therefore B. earn a high salary C. avoid being fired D. make B. that, which C. what, which D.

第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) Scientists find that hard-working people live longer than average men and women. Career women are ___36___ than housewives. Evidence shows that ___37__ are in poorer health than the job-holders. A study shows ___38___ the unemployment rate increases by 1%, the death rate increases correspondingly (相应地) by 2%. All this ___39__ one point: Work is helpful to health. Why is work good for health? It is because work keeps people busy, __40___ loneliness and solitude (孤独). Researches show that people feel __41__ and lonely when they have nothing to do. Instead, the happiest are those who are ___42___. Many high achievers who love their careers feel that they are happiest when they are working hard. Work serves as ___43___ between man and reality. By work, people __44_ each other. By collective activity, they find friendship and warmth. This is helpful to health. The loss of work __45__ the loss of everything. It affects man spiritually and makes him liable to (易于)___46__. __47__, work gives one a sense of fulfillment (充实感) and a sense of ___48_. Work makes one feel his value and status in society. When ___49__ finishes his writing or a doctor successfully __50___ a patient or a teacher sees his students ___51__, they are happy __52__. From the above we can come to the conclusion ___53_ the more you work, __54___ you

will be. Let us work hard, __55__ and live a happy and healthy life. 36. A. more healthier 37. A. career women 38. A. that whenever 39. A. comes down to 40. A. / 41. A. happy, interested 42. A. busy 43. A. a river 44. A. come across 45. A. means 46. A. success 47. A. Besides 48. A. disappointment 49. A. a worker 50. A. manages 51. A. raise 52. A. in a word 53. A. that B. healthier B. the busy B. whether B. equals to B. off B. glad, joyful B. free B. a gap C. weaker C. the jobless C. that though C. adds up to C. in touch with D. worse D. the hard-working D. since D. amounts to D. away from

C. cheerful, concerned D. unhappy, worried C. lazy C. a channel D. empty D. a bridge D. watch over D. matches D. disease D. Yet D. apology D. a manager D. deals with D. increase D. beyond words D. /

B. come into contact with C. look down upon B. stands B. death B. Nevertheless B. achievement B. a farmer B. controls B. grow B. without a word B. which C. equals C. victory C. However C. regret C. a writer C. operates on C. rise C. at a word C. what B. lonelier and weaker

54. A. the lonelier and weaker C. happier and healthier 55. A. study well good B. studying well

D. the happier and healthier C. study good D. studying

第三部分:阅读理解(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) A JIUQUAN, Gansu Province, Sept. 6(Xinhua) ---- China’s manned spacecraft Shenzhou-7 will be launched at an appropriate time between Sept. 25 and 30 from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwestern Gansu Province, a spokesman said here on Saturday. The mission will accomplish the first spacewalk by Chinese astronauts. “All the major systems involved in the launching are now in the final preparation. The main tests for the spacecraft, the Long-March II-F rocket, suits for the space walk and a satellite accompanying the fly have also been finished, ” said the spokesman. In addition, the ground control system is fully prepared, including the launch site, the landing site, and the communication for observation and control. When Shenzhou-7 enters its orbit, one of the three taikonauts will conduct a space walk, said Zhao Changxi, a senior scientist with the project, earlier. According to Zhao, cameras would be fixed outside and inside of the ship for live broadcasting of the space walk.

While the last mission of Shenzhou-6, with a crew of two, was aimed at several days of manned flight, this time the task might be more stringent as one of its main goals is the space walk. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m Earlier reports said a crew of six astronauts had been chosen for the mission, with three manning the spacecraft and three substitutes. China successfully put two manned spacecrafts into orbit in 2003 and 2005 respectively, becoming the third country to send an astronaut into space after the United States and the former Soviet Union(now Russia). 56. What is the main idea of the passage? A. Shenzhou-7 is better equipped than the last two spaceships. B. Shenzhou-7 will be more successful than the last two launches. C. All the systems involved in the launching have been prepared. D. China is ready for the launching of Shenzhou-7. 57. We can learn from the passage ________. A. This will be the third time for Chinese astronauts to have a space walk B. Three of the six astronauts chosen for the mission will walk in space C. The space walk will be live broadcasted on TV D. Everything has been prepared except communication system 58. The underlined word”stringent”most probably means A. challenging B. encouraging B Tight-lipped elders used to say, “It’s not what you want in this world, but what you get.” Psychology teaches that you do get what you want if you know what you want and want the right things. You can make a mental blueprint of a desire as you would make a blueprint of a house, and each of us is continually making these blueprints in the general routine of everyday living. If we intend to have friends to dinner, we plan the menu, make a shopping list, decide which food to cook first, and such planning is an essential for any type of meal to be served. Likewise, if you want to find a job, take a sheet of paper, and write a brief account of yourself. In making a blueprint for a job, begin with yourself, for when you know exactly what you have to offer, you can intelligently plan where to sell your services. This account of yourself is actually a sketch of your working life and should include education, experience and references. Such an account is valuable. It can be referred to in filling out standard application blanks and is extremely helpful in personal interviews. While talking to you, you could-be employer is deciding whether your education, your experience, and other qualifications, will pay him to employ you and your “wares” and abilities must be displayed in an orderly and reasonably connected manner. When you have carefully prepared a blueprint of your abilities and desires, you have something tangible to sell. Then you are ready to hunt for a job. Get all the possible information about your could-be job. Make inquiries as to the details regarding the job and the firm. Keep your eyes and ears open, and use your own judgment. Spend a certain amount of time each day seeking the employment you wish for, and keep in mind: Securing a job is your job now. C. interesting D. moving

59. What do the elders mean when they say, “It’s not what you want in this world, but what you get.”? w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m A. You’ll certainly get what you want. C. You should be dissatisfied with what you have. yourself. 60 A blueprint made before inviting a friend to dinner is used in this passage as ________. A. an illustration of how to write an application for a job B. an indication of how to secure a good job C. a guideline for job description because ______. A. that is the first step to please the employer B. that is the requirement of the employer C. it enables him to know when to sell his services D. it forces him to become clearly aware of himself C Diet Coke, diet Pepsi, diet pills, no-fat diet, vegetable diet… We are surrounded by the word “diet” everywhere we look and listen. We have so easily been attracted by the promise and potential of diet products that we have stopped thinking about what diet products are doing to us. We are paying for products that harm us psychologically and physically(身体上). Diet products significantly weaken us psychologically. On one level, we are not allowing our brain to admit that our weight problems lie not in actually losing the weight, but in controlling the consumption of fatty, high-calorie, unhealthy foods. Diet products allow us to jump over the thinking stage and go straight for the scale(秤)instead. All we have to do is to swallow or recognize the word “diet” in food labels. On another level, diet products have greater psychological effects. Every time we have a zero-calorie drink, we are telling ourselves without our awareness that we don’t have to work to get results. Diet products make people believe that gain comes without pain, and that life can be without resistance and struggle. The danger of diet products lies not only in the psychological effects they have on us, but also in the physical harm that they cause. Diet foods can indirectly harm our bodies because consuming them instead of healthy foods means we are preventing our bodies from having basic nutrients(营养成分). Diet foods and diet pills contain zero calorie only because the diet industry has created chemicals to produce these wonder products. Diet products may not be nutritional, and the chemical that go into diet products are potentially dangerous. Now that we are aware of the effects that diet products have on us, it is time to seriously think about buying them. Losing weight lies in the power of minds, not in the power of chemicals. Once we realize this, we will be much better able to resist diet products, and therefore prevent the psychological harm that comes from using them. 62 From Paragraph 1, we learn that ________. A. diet products fail to bring out people’s potential diet products B. people have difficulty in choosing D. a principle for job evaluation 61 According to the passage, one must write an account of himself before starting to find a job B. It’s no use dreaming. D. It’s essential to set a goal for

C. diet products are misleading people products

D. people are fed up with diet

63. One psychological effect of diet products is that people tend to _____. A. try out a variety of diet foods foods C. pay attention to their own eating habits diet 64. In Paragraph 3, “gain comes without pain” probably means ______. A. losing weight is effortless C. diet products bring no pain D Free and secure accommodation, no bills and even the odd home-cooked meal. It sounds like the perfect living arrangement for cash-strapped students. Two mothers believe they have devised a way for struggling students to save on accommodation costs when they leave home to study at university. Kate Barnham and Amanda Flude have launched Student Swaps, an online accommodation forum (论坛) for parents and students, in advance of the introduction in September of £3,000 higher education top-up fees. Their website says, “The principle behind Student Swaps is to enable students to literally swap (交 换) family homes.” The website will hold a database of students who would like to swap and link them with suitable matches. So those from one town / city could swap with those from a different town / city. The site describes itself as offering a “cost-free accommodation alternative… at a time of growing student debt”. There is no charge for the service at the moment but Ms Barnham and Ms Flude intend to introduce a £10 annual fee if it becomes established. However, the National Union of Students (NUS) has warned that, while the scheme may sound appealing to struggling freshers, it lacks any formal regulation. Veronica King, NUS vice-president of welfare, said, “The fact that this scheme has even been suggested is evidence to the high levels of debt students now face on graduation.” Recent research has shown that students are more likely to live at home in coming years, in a bid to cut down on the cost of a degree. “This is worrying, as it may mean that students choose their university on the basis of where it is, rather than because it offers the best course for them. It also means students will miss out on what is for some a key part of the student experience-living away from home.” 66. A “cash-strapped” student means one who __________. A. lacks money C. is careful with money A. To provide cheaper accommodation for students. universities. C. To help students spend less on accommodation costs. D. To let students exchange ideas B. prefers to stay at home D. wants to change cash B. To let students stay close to their B. it costs a lot to lose weight D. diet products are free from calories D. watch their weight rather than their B. hesitate before they enjoy diet

65. Which of the following shows the structure of the passage?

67. What is Kate Barnham and Amanda Flude’s purpose of launching Student Swaps?

freely online. 68. What can students do on Student Swaps? A. They can find students to exchange homes with. B. They can make friends with students from a different city. C. They can borrow money to pay for their higher education. D. They can voice their opinions against the rising cost of a degree. 69. Now many students would prefer a university _________. A. which can give them free accommodation homes C. which offers the best courses meals 70. What would be the best title for the passage? A. High Cost Troubles University Students in UK. B. Students Swaps is Welcomed by Students in UK. C. Two Mothers’ Good Intention to Help Students in UK. D. Website Helps Students Live at Someone Else’s Home. D. which can offer home-cooked B. which is not far away from their



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