Presentation: What is your ideal job in the future?

A job interview

How to ensure the success of your job interview?

Now le

t’s enjoy a job interview from a movie called “ The Pursuit of Happiness”.

A quiz (Pre-reading)
1) Before an interview, you should not be late for the interview.


2) You can wear casually for an interview. smartly 3) Before an interview, it is better for you to prepare good answers to the questions which might be asked.

4) During an interview, you should avoid making eye contact with the interviewers. make

5) In an interview, you must listen to the questions carefully and not ask any questions. ask F 6) After an interview, you can send a Thank-you letter to the company, in order to allow you to have advantages over other candidates. T

Fast reading : Structure 1 2 Para ___-___: Introduction 3 11 Para ___-___: Body/Tips 12 Para ___: Conclusion 3 parts of an interview Para 3-7 _________________ Before the interview Para 8-10 During the interview _________________

Para 11 After the interview _________________

Careful reading : tips for interview success

Read carefully and find tips for a

successful interview. List them on a piece
of paper in no more than five words.

Before the Interview: (6 tips)

During the interview: (3 tips)
After the interview: (1 tip)

Before the Interview:

Find information about the company


Consider interviewers’ questions
Practice interviews with a friend


Be confident
Leave good first impressions


Arrive on time

During the interview:

Be enthusiastic (smile while shaking

hands, make eye contact)
Use body language properly ? Listen and answer questions carefully

After the interview: ? Write a thank you letter.

Activity: a simulated job interview

An English teacher is wanted... Changjun High School Tel: 0731-88888888 Web: http:// www. cjsyedu.com

A job interview

HR manager Three interviewees

Useful expressions
HR manager: Why do you want to be an English teacher in our school? Could you tell me what salary you expect? What are your greatest strengths ? …… Interviewee: I’m quite willing to start with a small salary. These experiences all rapidly expanded my knowledge of English . It is a perfect time to convey my interest and enthusiasm. ……


Preparation / Discussion The interview

3’ 4’



Make your judgment according to the tips.
? ? ? ? ? ?

? ?


Find information about the company. Consider interviewers’ questions. Practice interviews with a friend. Be confident Leave good first impressions. Be on time. Be enthusiastic. Use body language. Listen and answer questions carefully. Express thanks to the company.

Appearance Interviewee 1
Interviewee 2 Interviewee 3





“This is not only a gesture of politeness, but also a final chance to sell yourself to the company”. (L55-56) What should we do to sell ourselves for a good price in five or seven years? Chance favors only the prepared mind.

Finish the handout.


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