Unit 1
一、英译汉 1.It was a pleasure to receive your letter of 2nd and to learn that you are making plans for your Mr.Chadwik to visit our country in October. 有幸收到阁下 5 月 2 日来函,得悉阁下正计划安排维克先生于 10 月访问我国。 2.If Mr.Mike so wishes we can also introduce him to some of our sister corporations with whom you may like to do business. 要是迈克先生想同我们兄弟公司洽谈业务,我们也可为他引见。 3.Please let us know the time of your arrival. We will then arrange to meet you at the airport and drive you to your hotel. 请告诉我们你到达的时间,届时安排去机场迎接并驾车送你到宾馆。 4.We used to import machines from England but now we wish to establish business relations with you. 我们过去通常从英国进口机器,但现在想同你们建立业务关系。 5.I am making for Mr.Brown to have a discussion with Director Wang. 我即将安排布朗先生和我公司的王经理会谈。 6.It gives us a great pleasure to introduce to you by this letter Mr.Ma,a manager of HongKong Huarun company. 我们十分高兴地通过刺心向你介绍香港华润公司的马经理。 7.We should regard it as a personal favor if you would give him some beneficial advice and experience,and will be always happy to reciprocate. 如蒙你给他提供一些有益的建议和经验,我们当将感同身受,并将给予报答。 8.Our handicrafts have met with a favorable reception in the USA and Canada. 我们的手工艺品在美国和加拿大深受欢迎。 9.Please accept our thanks for the very pleasant time we spent during the weekend at your home. 上周末我们在你处度过了愉快的周末,请接收我们的谢意。 10.For your information,in our trade with customers,we always adhere to the principle of equality and mutual benefit. 兹奉告,我们在同客户进行贸易时,一贯保持平等互利、互通有无的原则。 二、汉译英 1.很高兴收到你关于商务信件格式资料的请求。 I was happy to receive your request for information about business letter formats. 2.能在新的商务函授课程准备上给阁下提供帮助甚感荣幸。 I am glad to be able to help you in the preparation of your new business correspondence course. 3.如不能清晰地表达,就不可能在商界取得成功。 There is no success in the business world for someone who is unable to express himself or herself clearly. 4.良好的沟通能力是商界成功人士的关键所在。 The ability to communicate well is a key attribute of the successful business executive. 5.感谢阁下 5 月 13 日的来函,在信中阁下问及鄙人对有效沟通能力在商界重要性的意见。 Thank you for your letter of May 13,in which you asked for my views on the importance in the business world of the ability communicate effectively. 6.无论信息自身多么坚强有力,只有当信件的信息传递无误才能生效。

No matter how strong and powerful the message is in itself ,it can be effectively only if the letter which conveys the message is faultless. 7.应当使用明了的语言,以使收信人能理解商务信函。 Comprehended language should be used in order for business correspondence to be understood by the recipient. 8.事情越是急迫,信息越是要一而再、再而三地仔细检查。 The more urgent the matter is,the more carefully the communication should be checked and rechecked. 9.如果贵方能与我方合作,我们将十分感激。 It will be greatly appreciated if you will give us your cooperation. 10.商务信函应当始终包含收信人或者公司的姓名和完整的地址。 Business letters should always contain the name and complete address of the person or organization for whom the letter is intended.

Unit 2
一、汉译英 1.根据我们在澳大利亚销售园林工具的经验, 我们相信这些产品将很快在你方市场上成为畅 销品。 Judging from our experience in marketing our garden tools in Australia,we are rather confident that they will soon become quick-selling products in your market. 2.我们的丝绸以质量好著称。丝绸是我们的传统出口商品之一。丝绸女衫色彩鲜艳、设计美 观,在国外很受欢迎,需求量一直都很大。 Our silk is known for its good quality. It is one of our traditional exports. Silk blouses are brightly colored and beautifully designed. They’ve met with great favor overseas and are always in great demand. 3.我公司作为纺织品进/出口商已有多年。我们的产品质量好,价格合理,在世界上享有极高 的声誉。 We are an importer/exporter handling textiles for many years. Our products have enjoyed a high reputation in the world for their good quality and reasonable price. 4.关于我们的财务状况、信用及声誉,你们可以向香港银行,或者我们的当地商会或咨询社 进行了解。 Concerning our financial position,credit standing and trade reputation,you may refer to Bank of Hong Kong,or to our local Chamber of Commerce or inquiry agencies. 5.我已看过上次你在信中所附的目录和小册子,对贵公司的出口产品有了一些了解。我对你 们的丝绸女衫颇感兴趣。 I’ve gone over the catalogue and the pamphlets enclosed in your last letter. I’ve got some idea of your exports. I’m interested in your silk blouses. 6.我公司是中国最大的电器用品进口商,谢谢贵公司 8 月 3 日来函,我们才十分愿意与贵公 司建立直接贸易关系。 We are the leading(greatest)importer of electric goods in China. Thank you for your letter of August 3. It’s our pleasure to establish direct business relations with your company. 7.我们从驻贵国的中国大使馆商务参赞处得知贵公司是纺织品的主要出口商, 并获悉贵公司

有意同我公司建立业务关系。 We have obtained your name and address through the Commercial Counsellor ’s Office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in your country and understand that you are the largest exporter of textiles and would like to establish business relationship with us. 8.如果你对我们的产品有兴趣,请尽快通知我方。一旦收到你方具体询盘,即寄送报价单和 样品。 Please let us know immediately if you are interested in our products. We will send you our price list and samples as soon as we receive your specific enquiry. 9.目前我们对各种各样的帽子、手套和袜子感兴趣,如贵公司能寄来商品目录、商品样品和 价目表,我们将不胜感激。 At present,we are interested in all kinds of caps,gloves and socks and shall be pleased if you will send us the catalogue,samples and price list. 10.为使你方对我方各种款式的毛毯有一初步了解,今航寄我方目录、价格表和一些样品仅 供参考。 In order to give you some idea of various qualities of woolen blankets we carry,we have pleasure in airmailing you one catalogue,a list of prices and some samples for your reference. 二、英译汉 1.Your company has been kindly recommended to us by the chamber of commerce in London,Britain as one of the leading exporters of cotton textiles in your country. 承蒙英国伦敦商会的介绍,获悉贵公司是贵国主要棉纺织品进口商。 2.On the recommendation of your chamber of commerce,we have learned with pleasure the name and address of your firm. We wish to inform you that we specialize in the export of Chinese textiles and shall be glad to enter into business relations with you on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. 经你方商会介绍,我方欣悉贵公司的名称和地址。我公司专营中国纺织品出口,很乐意在平 等互利的基础上与贵公司建立业务关系。 3.We’d like to express out desire to establish business relations with you on the basis of equality ,mutual benefit and the exchange of needed goods. 我方希望能在平等、互利、互通有无的基础上与贵公司建立业务关系。 4.The Bank of China has recommended your company as being interested in establishing business relations with a Chinese company for the purpose of exporting various products of your country and importing Chinese manufactured goods. 中国银行向我们介绍,贵公司有兴趣和中国公司建立贸易关系,以便出口贵国产品,进口中 国货物。 5.Our purpose is to explore the possibilities of developing trade with you. Of course to respect the local custom of buying country is one important aspect of China’s foreign policy. 我们的目的是和你们探讨一下发展贸易的可能性。 当然尊重买方国家的风俗习惯是我中国贸 易政策的一个重要方面。 6.As you know, our corporation is a state-operated one. We always trade with foreign countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. Establishing business relations between us will be to our mutual benefit. I have no doubt that it will bring about closer ties between us. 我们公司是国有公司, 我们一向是在平等互利的基础上进行外贸交易, 我们之间建立业务关 系将对双方有利。我相信业务关系的建立也将使我们之间的关系更为密切。 7.We’ve come to know your name and address from the Commercial Counselor ’s Office of the

Chinese Embassy in London. 我们从中国驻伦敦大使馆的商务参赞处得知你们的名称和地址。 8.We are now avail ourselves of this opportunity to write to you with a view to entering into business relations with you. 现在我们借此机会致函回公司,希望和贵公司建立业务关系。 9.We’ve never had any difficulties with our Chinese partners, and we’d like to make as many new contacts as we can. 和中国同行公式从来没有困难,希望今后我们之间尽可能多地建立新的关系。 10.In order to acquaint you with the textiles we handle,we take pleasure in sending you by air our latest catalogue for your perusal. 为了使贵方对我方经营的纺织品有所了解,特航寄我方最新目录,供细阅。

Unit 3
一、汉译英 1.你能寄给我们一份胶靴的目录,连同告诉我们付款方式吗? Could you please send us a catalogue of your rubber boots together with terms of payment? 2.为了对我们的橙子询价,那家日本公司的一名代表访问了我们。 To make an inquiry about our oranges,a representative of the Japanese company paid us a visit. 3.既然我们已经对你们产品询价,可否尽快给予答复? Now that we’ve already made an inquiry about your articles,will you please reply as soon as possible? 4.兹奉上我公司新的产品目录和常用皮革样本,仅供参考。 We are sending you a copy of our latest catalogue for your reference,together with samples of some of the skins we regularly use in the manufacture of our products 5.7 月 16 日来函已收到。的戏贵公司对我们的产品有兴趣,实感荣幸。 Thank you for your enquiry of 16 July. We are pleased to hear that you are interested in our products. 6.若质量好且价格适合我方市场,我们愿考虑签署一项长期合同。 If your quality is good and the price is suitable for our market,we would consider signing a long-term contract with you. 7.本公司亦制造多种系列精美的皮带和手套,贵公司如感兴趣,可参看产品目录中所刊登的 插图。 We also manufacture a wide range of fine leather belts and gloves in which you may be interested. They are fully illustrated in our catalogue. 8.看到我们的产品,相信也会同意我们的产品用料上乘、手工精巧,能吸引最有鉴赏力的买 主。 When you see them,we think that you will agree that only the best quality materials are used,and that the high standard of workmanship will appeal to the most discriminating buyer. 9.为促进双方业务往来,另寄上样品以供参考。 In order to promote business between us,we are sending you samples by separate mail for your reference. 10.务请在本月底将你方的空调目录和最低报价寄到我公司。

Please send us your catalogue and lowest quotation of your air-conditioners. These should reach us by the end of this month. 二、英译汉 1.We are one of the largest department stores here and believe there is a good market in our area for moderately priced goods of hand-made artificial leather bags. 我公司是本地最大的百货公司之一,深信价格适中的人造革手提包在本地会有良好的销路。 2.We are interested in securing a certain quantity of Chinese Cotton Piece Goods, as specified below, for which you are requested to make an offer. 我们希望获得下列一批中国棉布,请报盘。 3.We shall be very much obliged if you will quote us the price for this model and any others that you think would suit our requirements. 若能开报此种型号和其他适合我们需要型号的价格,我们将不胜感激。 4.We found that one of your goods is to our satisfaction, so we now post its picture back to you. Would you please inform us in detail of its price, terms of payment and terms of shipment? 我方看中你们产品中的一种, 现将其图片寄还。 请详报该产品的价格、 付款方式及装运条件。 5.Please send us details of your products including size,colors,the lowest price and samples of different qualities of material used. 请寄送产品的详细资料,包括尺寸、颜色和最低价格,并附寄用各种质料制成的样品。 6.We hope you would quote us the most reasonable price. As we have a large population in our country,if the goods are sold well, we are sure to place regular orders with you. 希望得到贵方最合理的报价。 我国人口众多, 如果销路好, 我方一定会成为贵方的稳定订户。 7.Seeing your ad in Family Life we become interested in your silver wares of court styles. Please give your prices,delivery date,terms of payment,and discounts for regular purchases. 我们看过贵公司登在《家庭生活》杂志上的广告,对你们的宫廷银器感兴趣。请贵方提供价 格、交货日期、付款方式及所能提供的定期购货折价。 8.If your quotations are suitable and the quality proves good,we’ll be pleased to invite your representative over for detailed discussion. 如果报价合理并能证明质量上乘,我方将邀请贵方的代表过来详谈。 9.We have learned from Smith Company of Birmingham that you manufacture a range of high-fashion handbags in a variety of leathers. We are very interested in your products. 从伯明翰史密斯公司获悉贵公司制作了一系列款式新颖皮革手提包。我们对其非常感兴趣。 10.Would you please send us a copy of your computer catalogue with details of your prices and payment terms? We would find it most helpful if you could also supply samples. 恳请惠寄计算机目录、价格表和付款方式细则。如能提供样本,不胜感激。

Unit 4
一、汉译英 1.为了使生意成交,我们荣幸地给你们一个优惠报盘,以我方落实为准。 In order to start a concrete transaction between us,we take pleasure in making you a special offer,subject to our final confirmation. 2.很遗憾,你方报价比任何厂商所报高得多,我方无法接受。

Unfortunately the prices you quoted are much higher than any other manufacturers. We can’t accept it. 3.对这批数量大,以现金支付的货,如你方能从价目表中,再给些折扣优待,当不胜感激。 We shall be glad if you will quote us the best discount off your price list for cash for this quantity. 4.针对你方 5 月 3 日的询盘,现寄上与你来函要求相似的墙纸样品一宗。 In reply to your enquiry of May 3rd,we are sending you herewith several samples of wall paper closely resembling what you want. 5.我公司付款为交货后 3 个月内支付现金。1 个月内付清货款者,可打 5%折扣。 Our terms are cash within three months of date of delivery,or subject to 5 per cent discount if paid within one month. 6.你将发现,我公司对贵方的报价所给予的优惠是前所未有的。 You will find that we have given you the best terms unprecedented in our business. 7.如果你方认为这一报盘可以接受,即 E-mail 给我们,以便我方确认。 If you find the offer acceptable,please E-mail us immediately for our confirmation. 8.我方已另封寄给你方样品及三本商品小册子,请查收。 Under separate cover,we have already sent you our samples and 3 brochures. 9.如果你将我们的价格与其他制造商比较,你肯定能发现我们的价格非常优惠。 If you compare it with the offers of other manufacturers you will no doubt find our price is very favourable. 10.谢谢你方 8 月 2 日的询价,现随函寄上你方所需的目录和价格表。 It’s a pleasure to receive your August 2nd and we are enclosing the catalogue and price list you asked for. 二、英译汉 1.We have made offers recently,most of which are below 100U.S. Dollars. Moreover, we’ve kept the price close to the costs of production. 我们最近的报价大多数都在 100 美元以下。再说,这已经把价格压到生产费用的边缘了。 2.If we can receive your order within the next 10 days,we will make you a firm order at the prices quoted. 如果贵方订单在 10 天之内到达,我们将按之前的价格做实盘报价。 3.The price we quoted is on FOB Shanghai bases instead of CIF Hongkong bases and our offer will be valid until August 31. 我们的价格是 FOB 上海而不是 CIF 香港,且有效期至 8 月 31 日。 4.We’d appreciate it very much if you let us know what discount you can grant us if we give you a large order of your products. 若我方向你们大批订货,请告知能给予多少折扣,不胜感激。 5.We have reduced the price to the limit. We regret,therefore,being unable to comply with your request for further reduction. 我方价格已降到极限,故无法满足你方进一步降价的要求。 6.Unfortunately we can’t accept your offer. The prices you offered are much higher than those of other manufacturers. 很遗憾,我们不能接受你方报盘。你方报价比其他厂商所报高得多。 7.We must stress that this offer is valid for seven days only because of the heavy demand for the limited supplies oh this carpet in stock. 本公司必须强调,此报盘有效期仅七天,因为地毯的存货有限而需求量很大。


8.We have pleasure in attaching our price list for your reference and we would ensure prompt delivery as soon as we receive your order. 我们十分高兴地附上价格表供你方参考。一旦收到你方订单我方将立即发货。 9.If you can let us have an idea of the quantity you are going to order,we are willing to consider offering a more liberal discount. 如果贵方能让我们知道订货数量,可考虑给予更优惠的折扣。 10.In order to start a concrete transaction between us,wo take pleasure in making you a special offer,subject to our final confirmation. 为了使生意成交,我们荣幸地给你们一个优惠报盘,以我方最后确认为准。

Unit 5
一、汉译英 1.请在你地区尽力推销这种产品。 Kindly do your best to promote the new product in your area. 2.关于申请参加广州交易会一事, 我们正在与有关当局联系。 一俟申请获准, 当即通知你方。 With regard to your application for attending the Guangzhou Fair,we are contacting the relevant authorities and shall inform you as soon as the application is approved. 3.按照你方要求,我们把样品另行邮寄你处。 As requested,we are sending you the samples under separate cover. 4.我们的手提打字系轻质硬合金制造,故携带方便,经久耐用。 Our portable typewriter is made of light hard alloy,being convenient in carrying and durable in use. 5.你方需要的那种老式花样已没有存货,我们今天已寄给你方一件最新式样的样品,如果你 们认为可以使用,我们可以立即供应现货。 The old design you require is no longer available from stock. We have today sent you a sample of the latest design and if you consider it suitable we are in a position to supply the goods immediately from stock. 6.你 11 月 15 日来信收到,谢谢。货号 2112 电扇我们歉难推销,因为你方价格太高,买方 无意还盘。 While thanking you for letter of Nov. 15 concerning electric fan Art. 2112,we regret being unable to promote sales as your price is too high to interest buyers to make a counter-offer. 7.由于所需的品种目前无货供应,我们想推荐下列库存产品,可以即装,我们这一推荐是照 顾到双方利益。 Since the required articles are not available,we would like to recommend the under-mentioned products,which can be supplied from stock or prompt shipment. This recommendation is made in the interest of both parties. 8.我喜欢这种款式而不是那种款式。 I prefer this style to that one. 9.试销订货会使你们相信我们产品的品质。 A trial order would convince you of the excellent quality of our products. 10.我们公司专营化工品进口业务。

We specialize in the import of chemicals. 二、英译汉 1.This item,being quite popular,will also command a ready sale in your market. 由于该款产品广受欢迎,你方市场势必销售火旺。 2.Our stocks now include a wide range of first-class personal computers at very attractive prices. 我们的货源中有各种一流的个人电脑,价格十分诱人。 3.In views of the large demand for this commodity,we would advise you to work fast and place an order with us as soon as possible. 鉴于该产品有很大的市场需求,我们建议你方尽速下单。 4.We should be glad to receive further enquiries from you for prices and samples. 我们将乐于收到你方有关价格及样品的进一步询价。 5.May we expect a trial order from you while prices are so greatly in your favor? 价格如此之低,能否得到你方试销订单? 6.If you require constant supplies,we will hold special stocks for you. 若你方经常需要供货,我们可以为你特地保留存货。 7.If you are likely to require any of them during the next three months,we advise your placing the order now as prices are rapidly rising. 你方若可能在 3 个月内需要任何一种此类货物, 我们建议你方现在下单, 因为价格上涨很快。 8.Under separate cover,we have airmailed samples of our new articles for your reference.These new articles are moderate in price and excellent in quality. 我们另由航空寄上新品种的样品供你方参考。该产品价格公道,品质极好,我们认为尽早推 销对你方有利。 9.We understand that you are manufacturers of optical instruments and should like to know whether you can supply microscopes of various kinds for universal use.If so,please send us your full-range catalogue with price list for our consideration. 我方获悉你方为光学仪器制造商, 我们想了解你方是否能提供通用性的显微镜。 如果可以的 话,请邮寄我方全套产品目录,包括价格,以供我方参考。 10.If required,further further details will be gladly given to assist you in your sales effort. 如有需要,我们将乐于向你方提供进一步详情,以助你方销售。

Unit 6
一、汉译英 1.贵方给的 10%的现金折扣,我方非常满意并愿向贵方定期订购。 We’d like to say than the 10% cash discount is quite satisfactory and wo intend to place regular orders with you. 2.感谢你方 5 月 20 日的报价,这是我们 10 只宫灯的正式订单。 Thank you for quotation dated May 20th. And this is our official order for 10 palace lanterns. 3.感谢贵方 3 月 10 日发来的报盘及彩色产品目录。我们很乐意向贵方订购下列产品,详见 附件第 287 号订单。 Thank you for your quotation of March 10 and the illustrated catalogue. We take pleasure in enclosing our Order No.287 for the following items.

4.若质量达到我们的期望,我们将在最近向贵方下新订单。 If the quality is up to our expectations we shall send further orders in the near future. 5.我们发现贵公司产品在价格和质量上能使我们的客户满意, 我们给你下列表格中此类物品 的订单。 We find both price and quality of your products satisfactory to our client and we are pleased to give you an order for the items on this sheet. 6.我们确认收到贵方订单,现随函寄去我方的销售确认书一式两份,其中一份请签字,并交 还我方存档。 We hereby confirm acceptance of your order and are enclosing here with our sales confirmation in duplicate,one of which please sign and return to us for file. 7.若贵公司能立马供应 5000 条领带的话,我们现在就下订单。 If you can fill our order of 5000 ties very soon we’d like to place the order with you now. 8.我们希望贵公司能够接受买方设计和尺寸的订单。 We hoped that you can accept the order in the buyer’s design and measurement. 9.11 月份以前发货很重要,以便赶上圣诞节购物潮。 It’s important that the delivery should be made before the beginning of November,in time for the Christmas rush. 10.抱歉无法接受贵方的订货,因为我方目前订单已满,无法给出确切的交货日期。 I am sorry to say that we must turn down your orders as we have full order books at present and cannot give a definite date of delivery. 二、英译汉 1.We are pleased to receive your order of August 8 for TV sets and welcome you as one of our customers. 很高兴收到你方 8 月 8 日定购电视机的订单,欢迎你们成为我们客户的一员。 2.I have received your price-list,and shall be glad if you will send me by rail as early as possible as follows. 价格表已收到,请尽可能迅速以铁路货运下列商品,当不胜感激。 3.I shall be glad to if you will let me have 100 lamps of each of the various sizes,suitable for streets,hospitals,schools and offices. 请送马路用、医院用、学校用,以及办公室用的各种大小适当的灯,一共 100 个,谢谢。 4.I shall be glad if you will forward fifty tons of coal,in accordance with your sample. 请按照贵公司提供的样品供应我公司 50 吨煤炭,谢谢。 5.In reply to your order NO.332 for DVD players,we regret to inform you that we are not in a position to accept it. 兹答复你方第 332 号订单订购 DVD 播放器一事,我们十分遗憾通知你方,目前我们无法接 受此订单。 6.We hope that our handling of your first order with us will lead to further business between us and mark the beginning of a happy trade relationship. 我们希望这首批订单将导致双方更多的业务往来,并标志愉快的贸易关系的开始。 7.Our requirements are now fully covered for some time to come,and we therefore greatly regret that we have to cancel our order with you. 很抱歉由于我司在今后一段时间内,所有货物品已完全够用,因此,不得不取消此次订货, 敬请谅解。 8.We confirm our respects of the 3rd May,and inform you that your consignment has duly arrived.

兹确认我们 5 月 3 日所发函并告知您发来的货物已如期到达。 9.Confirming our letter of last week,we ask you to appoint an early interview with our representative. 兹确认我方上周致贵方函件,请及时约定与我方代表面谈的日期。 10.We are sorry to say that we are completely out of stock of this item and it will be at least six weeks before we get our next delivery but please contact us then. 很抱歉,此类产品无现货。距离我方下次来货至少得 6 周时间。到时请与我方联系。

Unit 7
一、汉译英 1.我方已将 200 包棉花印上“OH”唛头,由“飞碟”轮运载。运费已付,特此告知。 We inform you that we have forward by the “Butterfly”,freight prepaid,200 bales of cotton,marked “OH”. 2.务请使用坚固的木箱装载。木箱必须钉妥,并且以金属绳带扣紧。 Packing in sturdy wooden cases is essential. Cases must be nailed,battened and secured by overall mental strapping. 3.请以 4 寸大小的字体标示唛头,并同时注明毛重和净重。 Kindly stencil our shipping marks in letters 4 inches high,and give gross and net weight on each box. 4.所有的粉末必须以塑料袋装好,装入锡罐内,并以胶带将封盖封妥。 All powders are wrapped in plastic bags and packed in this,the lids of which are sealed with adhesive tapes. 5.请以锡皮防水木箱包装,每件以油布包裹,每三十件装一箱。装运不得迟于 6 月 5 日。 The goods should be packed in tin-lined water-proof wooden cases,each piece wrapped in oilcloth,and 30 pieces packed in one case. The shipment should be made not later than June 5. 6.货物已严格按照要求包装妥当,刷好唛头,以便交第一艘可装货的船只于本月底运出。 The goods have been packed and marked exactly as directed so that they may be shipped by the first ship available towards the end of this month. 7.运到我们口岸的货物必须在汉堡转船,因此你们的包装必须具有适航性,并经得起运输途 中的粗鲁搬运。 As goods to or port should be transshipped at Hamburg,they must be packed in seaworthy cases capable of withstanding rough handling en route. 8.请注意箱子外面要注明“易碎品”及“小心轻放”的标记。 Please see to it that the cases are marked “Fragile” and “Handle With Care”. 9.每套茶具须用透明塑料袋包好,固定在硬质泡沫塑料衬垫里,放在硬纸板箱中,外用尼龙 带加固。 Each tea set is to be wrapped in a plastic-film bag,fixed with hard fermented plastic padding,and put in a carton. Outside,it is to be strengthened by nylon straps. 10.油可以散装,也可以桶装。 The oil can be supplied in bulk or in tins. 二、英译汉


1.Your packing must be strong,easy to handle and seaworthy. 贵方注意,包装必须牢固,易于搬运,且适合远洋运输。 2.The packing mark of this shipment is a triangle,with the initials of our corporation stenciled inside. 该批货物的运输标志为一个三角形,内刷我公司名称缩写字母。 3.Please improve your packing so as to avoid any damage in transit and facilitate the promotion of sales. 希望贵方对包装做些改进,以避免运输途中的损伤,影响销售。 4.Please pack the Men’s Shirts each inside a polythene bag,with a paper box outside,100 boxes to a carton,bound with two plastic straps outside. 请用纸盒包装男式衬衫,每件装一盒,内套一个塑料袋。一百盒装一纸箱,箱外打两道塑料 带。 5.The customers at our end are much satisfied with the quality of your goods. However,they find your packing is not so satisfactory,which makes sale difficult. 此地客户对贵司产品的质量十分满意,但由于包装不够美观,影响了售价。 6.Owing to keen competition,a good commodity also also needs attractive packing to appeal to customers. 由于市场竞争十分激烈,一个好的商品还需一个好的包装,这样才能吸引消费者前往购买。 7.Our usual packing for tea is in cardboard boxes with gunny bags outside,two boxes in a bundle. 我司出口的茶叶包装为夹板箱,外套麻包,两箱一捆。 8.In order to facilitate handling and help customers save on freight,we are going to use cardboard boxes instead of wooden cases for our further shipment. 为方便搬运和节省运费,从下批订单开始,我们将采用纸箱包装代替原来的木箱包装。 9.We’ll give your suggestion our careful consideration and improve the inner packing of our cameras to cater to the consumer. 我方将认真研究贵方的建议,对照相机的内包装进行改进,以适应新的消费潮流。 10.These cartons are well protected against moisture by plastic lining. Garments packed thus are not so susceptible to damage by moisture as those packed in wooden cases. 这些纸板箱用塑料衬里,防潮性能好。因此,衣服装在里面不会像装在木箱里那样容易受潮 而损坏。

Unit 8
一、汉译英 1.请速与银行联系,告知我方开证情况,否则,装运将大大延期。 We would request you to take up this matter with the issuing bank at once and let us know what has become of the letter of credit,otherwise,the shipment may be delayed a great deal. 2.该批货物已准备就绪,将于明天装上“露露”号轮,自神户开航。 The goods are being prepared for immediately delivery and will be shipped from Kobe by the steamer “Lu Lu”tomorrow. 3.关于你方 10000 公吨大米的询盘,我方可分两批交货,2 月份交 5000 吨,其余 5000 吨 3 月份交货,价格按照报价单。我们已经尽了最大的努力了。


As to your enquiry for 10000 tons of rice,we can supply in two lots: 5000tons for February shipment and the other 5000 tons for March shipment,at the price quoted in the sheet. This is the best we can do. 4.我们获悉你们可生产高质量的合金钢。能否告诉我们能在下月供应的数量? We are told that you are in a position to supply alloy steel of high quality. Could you tell us what quantity you can offer for delivery next month? 5.我们不能更早装运,因为本星期内没有船到你们到你们港口去。 We are unable to effect an earlier shipment,because there is no ship sailing to your port this week. 6.我方报盘如下:报钢材 5000 公吨,规格按照我方的目录,价格每公吨 192 美元,FOB 汉 堡,2009 年 9、10 月装船。 The order is as follows: 5000M/T steel,specifications as shown in our catalogue,at US $192.00 per M/T FOB Hamburg,shipment Sept./Oct.2009. 7.像化肥这一类的大宗货得由卖方安排仓位,这对我们双方都很方便。 For bulk goods such as chemical fertilizers it’s the sellers who arrange the shipping space. That will be of much convenience for our both sides. 8.你方应在合同规定的装运月份 30 天前,将合同号码、货物名称、数量、装运口岸和预计 货物到达装运口岸的日期电传我们。 As stipulated in the contract,you should inform us by fax,30 days before the month of shipment,of the contract number,name of the commodity,quantity,loading port and the estimated date when the goods will reach the port of loading. 9.我们所租的船只按期到达装运口岸后,如果你当不能按时备货装船,就应负担我方所遭受 的损失。 If you can’t get the goods ready by the time the ship chartered by us arrives at the port of loading,you will be responsible for the losses thus incurred. 10.第 431 号合同规定,2000 台洗衣机于 2008 年 12 月交货,可是迄今为止未听到你方任何 有关发货的消息。我方顾客急需此货,务请你方在合同规定的期限内交货。否则,我方只好 向你方提出索赔并保留取消合同的权利。 We refer to Contract No.431,under which we decided 2000 sets of washing machines would be delivered in Dec. 2008. Up till now we have not heard any news about delivery from you. Our clients are in urgent need. Please see to it that you should deliver the goods within the time stipulated in the contract, or we will have to lodge a claim and reserve the right to cancel the contract. 二、英译汉 1.In order to catch up with the selling season,please arrange for shipment upon receipt of our L/C and cable us the Shipping Advice. 为赶上销售旺季,你方一旦收妥我方开出的信用证,请安排即装,并请尽快电告装船通知。 2.We take pleasure in informing you that the 1000 cases of canned pork under Order No.CF1001 have been shipped on board s.s.”Dong Feng”,which is due to leave for Tokyo on or about the 30th of this month. 兹乐意告知,CF1001 号订单项下 1000 箱罐装猪肉已装“东风”轮,定于本月 30 日左右开 往东京。 3.The about-mentioned order is prepared especially for the Christmas season. Please see to it that you effect shipment on time and advise us of the name of the vessel,the time of departure and the approximate time of arrival so as to enable us to arrange for unloading and selling.

上述订单传系为圣诞节准备,务必按时出运,并及时告知船名,启航日期及预计抵港日期, 以便安排销售。 4.We are sorry that we are unable to advance shipment due to our heavy commitment. Please cooperate to extend the dates of the shipment and validity of the L/C to May 15th and 30th respectively with transshipment and partial shipment allowed. 由于在手订单甚多,提前交货歉难满足。请配合将信用证装船期和有效期分别展至 5 月 15 日和 5 月 30 日,并准许分批装运和装船。 5.Much to our regret,your amendment to the L/C hasn’t reached us yet though the goods are already ready for shipment. Please expedite it so that we can book shipping space and arrange for shipment. If not,you are responsible for any loss thus arising. 我们很遗憾至今未收到你方修证,我方早已备妥货物。请抓紧办理以便我方预定舱位、安排 装运。否则,一切由此造成的损失由你方负担。 6.We knew that this is the first transaction we have concluded,and any delay in shipment will hinder our future cooperation. 此系双方达成的首笔交易,因此延误装运将会影响双方今后长期业务合作关系,务请注意。 7.As our client is in urgent need of the goods,we hope you will advance the time of delivery from August to July. 由于客户要货很急,我司要求你们合作,将订单的交货期从 8 月份提前至 7 月份装运。 8.We knew that our request for advancing the shipment would cause you inconvenience,but we hope you could understand our position and try your best to meet our requirement. 我们料到,提前装运的要求会使你们感到不便,但希望你们会理解我们的处境,并尽量满足 我们的要求。 9.We learn from the shipping agent that steamers for Hamburger due to sail before the end of May have been fully booked up. The best we can do is 10th June. 我们从船公司获悉,5 月底前前往汉堡的舱位已订满,最早装运时间为 6 月 10 日。 10.We would ship the goods by direct steamers if possible. It is our duty to try every possible means to satisfy the need of our customers. 只要有可能,我们就将货物装直达船。尽量满足客户的要求是我们的职责。

Unit 9
一、汉译英 1.以保兑的、不可撤销的、以我方为抬头的信用证付款。 Payment is to be made by a confirm,irrevocable Letter of Credit to be opened in our favor. 2. 抱歉,由于你方信用证开证延期,我们不能于 2 月的船期装运。请尽快解决此事。 We regret that we could not ship the goods by a February vessel only because of the delay of your L/C. Please attend to this matter with all speed. 3.鉴于你方经常订购且量大,建议开具以我方为抬头的循环信用证,这样既减少麻烦又节约 开支。 Your purchase being regular and numerous,it would be advisable for you to open a revolving L/C in our favor,thereby saving trouble and expenses. 4.随函附上支票一张,金额为 2300 美元,以支付欠你方的佣金。

We enclose a check for US $2300 in payment of all commissions due to you. 5.请用信用证付款,由你方在交货前 15 到 20 天期间开出,其有效期到货物装船后 15 天截 止,以便我方准备好所有装运单据提交银行议付。 Please open the L/C 15 to 20 days before the date of delivery,and it should be valid until the 15th day after shipment so that we can get all the shipping documents ready for presentation and negotiation. 6.由于来自工厂方面的不可预见的困难, 非常遗憾, 我方无法按你方信用证规定的装期发运。 如你方能将信用证展至 11 月 15 日,装运期展至 11 月 30 日,则不胜感激。 It is a matter of regret to inform you that we failed to effect shipment as per the date of shipment in the credit owing to some unforeseen reasons in the factory. We would be much obliged if you could extend the dates of shipment and validity to Nov.15 and 30 respectively. 7.请修改 AC-3 号信用证,数量为 2000 公吨(卖方有权增减 5%) ,允许部分装运和转船。 Please amend L/C No.AC-3 to read:quantity:2000 metric tons(5% more or less at Seller ’s option) and partial shipment and transshipment allowed. 8.该信用证授权你公司于发货后按发票金额向我方开立 30 天期票。 You have authority to draw on us at 30 day’s against this credit for the amount of your invoice upon shipment of the goods mentioned. 9.你公司 22/56 号发票项上由于我方将应付金额 5500 美元错看成 5000 美元,少付了 500 美 元,甚歉。 We apologize for the underpayment of US $500 on your Invoice No.22/56 due to a misreading of the amount due as we regrettably read the final figure as US $5000.00 instead of US $5500.00. 10.经核对,发现你方装运单据与信用证有一处不符,即:发票金额包括 5%佣金,而信用证 中未曾规定。 Upon checking your shipping documents,we found one discrepancy,i.e.,the invoice value includes 5% commission,which is not mentioned in the letter of credit. 二、英译汉 1.In view of our long-standing and good business relations,we accept,as an exceptional case,payment by D/P after sight. Please expedite your order. 鉴于双方长期良好的业务关系,我们破例接受远期付款交单。请速下订单。 2.In order to promote sales of your products at our end,please accept payment by D/P at 90 days’ sight. 为促进贵公司产品在我地的销售,请优先考虑接受信用证见单 90 天付款的支付条件。 3.Please note that our terms of payment are by confirmed,irrevocable L/C payable by draft at sight against shipping documents. 请注意,我方支付条款是保兑的、不可撤销的,即跟单信用证。 4.The Letter of Credit must reach the seller 30 days before the time of shipment stipulated in the contract and shall be valid for negotiation in China until the 15th day after the date of shipment. 信用证需要在合同规定的交货月前 30 天开到卖方,在装船后 15 天内,在中国议付有效。 5.Please be informed that the goods under Contract No.ST790 have been ready for quite some time. Please have the Letter of Credit opened with the least possible delay and advise us of the number of the L/C, otherwise we are sorry for being unable to catch s.s.”Red Star” due to sail to your end at the end of June. 兹告 ST790 合同项下货物早已备妥,请速开证,并告证号。否则我方歉难赶上 6 月底开往 贵地的“红星”轮。


6.Please amend the until price in the L/C to read US $ 45.50 per carton and the total amount to read US $ 45500. 请把信用证单价修改为每箱 45.50 美元,总金额修改为 45500 美元。 7.When establish the Letter of Credit,please add the clause to read “10% more or less both in quality and in amount allowed” to facilitate us to prepare the goods and effect shipment. 开证时请加上“数量与金额允许有 10%上下”的条款,以方便我方备货、出运。 8.Please see to it that the L/C stipulations are in exact accordance with the terms of the contract to avoid unnecessary amendments,which will probably result in delay shipment. 请严格按照合同条款开证,以避免不必要的修证,从而导致延误船期。 9.As a usual practice,we only accept payment by L/C, so we are much regretted for being unable to entertain your request of payment by D/P. 我方通常惯例只接受信用证付款方式,故歉难考虑贵方付款交单付款方式。 10.If at any time the total value of goods sold exceeds the amount of US Dollars 150000.00. Party A shall remit the total sum in US Dollars to Party B within one month’s period of time. 在任何时候,如实际累计金额超过 15 万美元,甲方应在该日期后的一个月内将货款汇付乙 方。

Unit 10
一、汉译英 1.请为这些货物投保一切险和战争险,保险金额为发票价值的 110% 。 Please cover insurance on these goods against All Risks and War Risk for 110% of the invoice value. 2.我方的保险条件是由卖方按发票金额的 110%投保一切险和战争险。 Our terms of insurance are to be effected by the sellers for 110% of the invoice value against All Risks and War Risk. 3.根据你的要求,我们已为你方货物投保至目的地。 According to your request,we have insured your shipment to the final destination. 4.如果客户没有明确指示,我们一般投保水渍险和战争险。 Generally we cover consignments against WPA and War Risk in the absence of the definite instructions from our clients. 5.保险使用的货币一般与信用证中的相同。 It is the general practice that the insurance be covered in the same currency as in the letter of credit. 6.如果你希望我们投保特殊险别,则要收取额外保险费。 If you desire us to insure against a special risk,an extra premium will have to be charged. 7.保险费率岁保险范围变动而不同,如需增保其他险别,额外保险费由买方支付。 Since the premium varies with the extent of insurance,extra premium is for buyer ’s account if additional risks be covered. 8.保险费连同运费合并在发票金额之内。 Premium will be added to invoice amount together with freight charges. 9.一接到保险人的保险凭证,我们就立即寄给你方。

Insurance Certificate will follow as soon as we receive it from the underwriters. 10.一旦发生损失,你可以在货物到达 60 天内,向你方保险代理人提出索赔。 Should any damage be occurred,you may file a claim with the insurance agent at your end within 60days after the arrival of the consignment. 二、英译汉 1.We wish to cover the consignment against All Risks,including breakage and pilferage. 我们希望为货物投保一切险,包括破碎险和盗窃险。 2.Please arrange to insure from warehouse the following consignment. 请为以下货物安排仓至仓保险。 3.This consignment is to be covered under our “Open Cover” terms. 该批货物按预约保单所列条款投保。 4.Following your instructions,we have insured the consignment against All Risks and War Risk for 110% of the invoice value. 我们已根据贵方指示按发票价值的 110%为货物投保一切险和战争险。 5.We shall arrange insurance on the usual terms and the certificate of insurance will be sent to you through our bankers, along with the bill of landing and other shipping documents. 我们将按通常条件办理保险,保险凭证将连同提单及运输单据一起通过我方银行寄至贵方。 6.The People’s Insurance Company of China enjoys a high prestige in settling claims promptly of seeking the truth from facts and fairness and reasonableness. 中国人民保险公司本着实事求是、公正、合理的原则做到迅速理赔,享有很高的声誉。 7.If the insured makes any claim knowing the same to be false or fraudulent as regards amount or otherwise,this policy shall become invalid and all claim thereunder shall be forfeited. 若被保险人故意虚报保险金额或其他项目,则该保单无效,并丧失索赔权。 8.The Seller shall arrange marine insurance covering W.P.A plus T.P.N.D. and War Risks for 120% of the invoice value,and provide for claims,if any,payable in London City in U.S.currency. 卖方应按发票金额 120%投保水渍险、附加偷窃、提货不着险和战争险,若索赔,在伦敦以 美元支付。 9.If broader coverage is required,the extra premium will be for buyers’ account. 如果要求投保更多的险别,额外保险费将由买方负担。 10.As you would hold the policy,we should be grateful if you would take the matter up for us with the underwriters to ensure indemnification. 由于贵方持有保险单, 如果你们能代我们与保险商进行交涉以确保获得赔偿, 我们将十分感 激。

Unit 11
一、汉译英 1、我们在此行业经验丰富,现提出担任你方在该地区的经理。 With rich experience in this line,we would like to offer to act as your agent in this area. 2、不知贵方是否愿意考虑我们做你们产品在我国的销售代理的申请。 We wonder if you would consider our application to act as an agent for sale of your products in our country.

3、我们想与你们签订一份关于你们产品的为期 3 年的独家代理协议。 We would like to sign a sole agency agreement with you on your products for a period of three years. 4、我们正在努力扩大交易额以取得独家代理的资格。 We are trying to build up a large turnover so as to qualify for sole agent appointment. 5、很高兴你们准备让我们做你们产品的总代理。 We are pleased that you are prepared to appoint us as your general agent for your products. 6、作为你方代理,我们将不遗余力地在我们的市场上推销你们的产品。 As your agent we shall spare no effort to promote the sale of your products of other origins. 7、作为我方的独家代理,你们不能经营其他产地的相同或类似产品。 As our sole agent,you are to handle the same or similar products of other origins. 8、作为在中国的独家代理,你们代理的地区将会很广。 As a sole agent in China,you are to cover a very large area. 9、你们必须通过大量的广告和促销活动向顾客进行宣传。 You have to do a lot in advertising and promotion to let the customers realize that. 10、你们必须每三个月向我们提交我方产品的市场报告。 You will have to forward us every three months a market report on our products. 二、英译汉 1.Since we have worked well together and have built up a strong working relationship,we would like you to entrust us with the sole agency for your products in China. 我们之间合作融洽, 建立了良好的业务关系, 我们希望你们能将你们产品在中国的独家代理 权授予我们。 2.Since you are not represented here in this country,we would like to offer our services as your sole agent,handling your export trade with this country. 由于你们在我国没有代理机构,我们愿作为你们的独家代理,办理你们向我国的出口业务。 3.To push the sale of your products,we offer to be your sole sales agent in Britain,as we have been in the line for more than 20 years and have good connections with the wholesalers and retailers at home. 我们从事这一行业已有 20 多年了,在国内同该行业中的批发商和零售商都建立了较好的业 务关系,我们愿做你们在英国的独家销售代理,从而推销你们的产品。 4.We can provide first-class reference,and have adequate storage facilities and well-situated showrooms;you will find us a qualified agent. 我们可以提供一流的资信证明,而且仓储设施充分,样品陈列室地点好,你们会发现我们是 合格的代理。 5.We shall do our best to help promote your products if you appoint us as your sole agent. 如果贵方指定我们为你们的独家代理,我们一定尽力推销你们的产品。 6.As the sales volume of our products in your market is limited,we are thinking of appointing a local agent to help push the sales. 由于我方产品在你们市场的销量不大,我们考虑在当地指定一名代理,以促进销售。 7.We are ready to appoint a sales agent. Would you please let us know what yearly sales volume you can guarantee? 我们了解了你们的业务状况,请告知贵公司能保证多大的年销售量。 8.Having investigated your business standing,we decide to grant you the exclusive selling right for our products.

我们了解了你们的业务状况,决定将我们产品的独家销售权授予你方。 9.It seems premature for us to discuss the question of agency at the moment. Let us take up this subject at a future date when we are well acquainted with each other. 我们现在讨论代理问题时间还不成熟,让我们在将来彼此充分了解之后再谈论此事。 10.If you want to extend our agency agreement for another two years,you must guarantee an increase of 8% in the annual turnover. 如果你们想将我们之间的代理协议再延长两年,那么你们必须保证年销售量增加 8% 。

Unit 12
一、汉译英 1.感谢你方 5 月 30 日的来信,心中说到我们错发了你方 256 号订单的货物。 Thank you for your letter of May 30 in which you said that you had receive a wrong delivery to your order No.256. 2.检验报告表明实际到达货物的重量与发票重量相差 35 吨。 The inspection report shows a difference of 35 tons between the actual landed weight and the invoiced weight. 3.我们检查货物时惊讶地发现它们的质量不如原先的样品。 Upon examining the goods,we discovered to our surprise that they were inferior in quality to the original samples. 4.对于货物质量低劣所招致的损失,我们必须要求赔偿。 We have to ask for a compensation to cover the loss incurred as a result of the inferior quality of the goods concerned. 5.检查发现,将近 20% 的包装破损,很显然这是不正确包装所致。 It was found upon examination that nearly 20% of the package had been broken,obviously attributed to improper packing. 6.对于延误给我们造成的损失,我们要求你们负责。 We have to hold your responsible for any loss that may occur to us through the delay. 7.经过认真调查,我们估计损坏的可能是运输或卸货过程中粗暴搬运造成的。 After going into the matter carefully,we estimate that the damage might be due to rough handling in transit or during unloading. 8.我们建议先对货物进行检验,如果证实你方估计准确,将立即给予赔偿。 We propose to have the goods inspected first. If the inspection confirms the accuracy of your estimate,compensation will be allowed at once. 9.撤销合同所造成的一切损失应由贵公司承担。 We asked you to cover any loss which might be caused as a result of the cancellation of the contract. 10.这是我方所能做出的最大让步。如果你方不能接受我们的建议,那么我方希望通过仲裁 解决。 This is the maximum concession we can afford. Should you not agree to accept our proposal,we would like to settle it by arbitration. 二、英译汉


1.Unless you can supply us with the best quality in every case,we shall have to fill our requirements elsewhere. 如果贵方不能每次向我方供应优质货物,我方只好从别处订购以满足需求。 2.Yet the latest lot,to our regret,is too serious to be overlooked so that we find we must file a claim on you. 但令我方遗憾的是,最近一批货物问题严重,不容忽视,我方必须向你方提出索赔。 3.They attribute the damage to the effects of dampness during the long sea voyage. 他们把损失归咎于货物在长途海运中受潮。 4.Would you send someone with my consignment as soon as possible and at the same time pick up the wrongly delivered goods? 你方可否尽快派人送来我方所订货物并取回错发货物? 5.May I point out that your contract with us did have a clause stating that delivery dates would be met unless unforeseen circumstances arose? 我想指出的是,我们的合约中有这样一条规定:若出现不可预见的情况,交货日期可推迟。 6.We are still without your advice of dispatch of the cameras;we are receiving urgent requests from customers and you will understand that this delay places us in an awkward position. 我们仍未收到你们的照相机装船通知。 由于客户催货迫切, 你们可以理解装运延误是我们处 境尴尬。 7.This is the third time this mistake has occurred and we are far from satisfied with the service you offer. 这一错误已是第三次出现,我方对你方提供的服务深感不满。 8.This is the first time you have to complain. We would certainly solve the matter to your satisfaction. 这还是第一次让贵公司提出异议,我们一定解决问题,让贵方满意。 9.In view of our friendly business relations,we are prepared to meet your claim for the short weight. 鉴于我们之间的良好业务关系,我方拟接受你方关于货物重量短缺的索赔。 10.With mutual efforts,this case has been settled amicably and we shall remit to you an amount of $500 in compensation for the loss arising therefrom. 该问题经过双方努力已经以友好方式解决,我方将向你方汇款 500 美元以赔偿损失。

Unit 13
一、汉译英 1.我们迄今犹未收到有关你方订货的装运要求。我们只得取消已订的舱位。 (传真) Having received on instruction from you regarding the shipment of your order,we have now been compelled to cancel the shipping space already booked. 2.你方 12 日电传获悉,因录像机价比你方竞争者约高 7%,用户对此不感兴趣。如能降价 on10%,可能达成交易。市场呆滞,希按我方建议价重新报盘,谨此问候。 (电传) TH YTLX 12 VIDEO SET ABT 7 PCT HIGHER THAN UR COMPETITORS. ENDUSERS UNINTRSTD. IF U REDUCE BY 10 PCT TRANSACTION MAY BE CONCLUDED. MKT DULL,HOPE OFR AGAIN AT SUGGESTED PRICE.RGDS.

3.关于信用证 1178 号的修改书,我已与此间银行联系,据告仍未收到,请向你方银行查询, 并速电复。 (电传) RE AMDMT TO L/C 1178,V HV CONTACTED BNK HIR WHO INFMD US THA IT STILL HAS NOT BEEN RCVD.PLS CHECK WZ YR BNK N RPLY ASAP. 4.我方 11 月 22 日电传未获答复。货已备妥。但未收到信用证。请立即电告你方何时及经过 哪家银行开出。 (电传) ROT NOV22 HV RCVD NO RPLY. GDS R RDY BUT L/C STILL UNRCVD. PLS TEL IMM THEN N THRU WHICH BNK U OPEND L/C. 5.我 456 号报价单,3%佣金不能接受,甚憾。建议改为 1.5%。星期五中午电复有效。 (电传) RE OUR QTN 456, 3 PCT COMM RGRET CANT ACPT. SUGST CHANGE TO 1.5 PCT, SBJ TO RPLY HIR FRI NOON. 二、英译汉 1.OWG TO LATE ARRV OF UR LC,IMPSBL CATCH DRCT STEAMER DESJGNATED. CAN ONLY SHP GDS BY FIRST AVLBL STEAME FRYR PORT NEXT MNTH. REGRET INCONVENIENCE. (telex) 因你方信用证迟到, 难以赶上所指定的直达轮, 仅能将货物装于下月驶往你港的第一艘便轮, 对你造成不便深感遗憾。 2.YT JUNE TKS. WL REPLY UR ORDR WHN DETAILS RCVD. MATERIAL COST GOINGUP. PLS ADV IF MOR ORDRS FLWG.(telex) 谢谢你方 6 月 8 日来电,收到详情后再答复你方订单。原料费用上升,请告随后是否还有更 多订单。 3.WELCOME MR SCHMIDT N MR JEPPENSEN VISIT BEIJING FR TECHNICAL SERVICE 10TH SEPT. 20-. PLS CONTACT OUR CONSULATE IN HOUSTON. TEN WORKING DAYS AHEAD OF SCHDL FR 30 DAYS VISA APPROVAL KINDLY LET US KNOW FLT NO.N DATE OF ARVL RGDS.(telex) 欢迎密斯特先生和杰布逊先生于 20-年 9 月 10 日来京进行技术服务。请按计划提前 10 个工 作日与我驻休斯顿领事馆联系获准 30 天的签证事。请告知航班号及达到日期。致意。 4.YTLX SEPT 10 SEWING MACHINES. PLS BE ADVD GDS R READY NV INTEND SHP BY SSTSINAN SLG LONDON SEPT30. PLS RUSH LC REACHING HERE BFR 15 OTHWS SHPT WL BE DELAYED AS ANOTHER VSL WL ONLY BE AVLBL AFTER ONE MNTH. BEST RGDS.(telex) 你 9 月 10 日有关缝纫机额电传已收到。 兹告知货已备妥, 拟装 9 月 30 日驶往伦敦的济南轮。 请速开证在 15 日前到达我方,否则将延误装期,因下条船只能过一个月才能租到。致意。 5.We sincerely recommend you to accept our proposal as our stocks are getting lower day by day,and we are prepared to allow you a 2% discount on the above rate.(fax) 我们真诚地劝告你方接受我们的建议, 因为我们的库存逐日在减少。 我方愿在上述价格上给 予 2%的折扣。

Unit 14
一、汉译英 1.在谈判过程中,美方提出为该工厂购买各种设备,这将会增加产量,提高质量和效能。

During the negotiation,the American partner has offered to purchase various equipment for the factory,which will increase its products,improve its quality and rise its efficiency. 2.六个月后进口商寄来一份销售月报表,总计划成本 50000 美元。 Six months later the importer sent us a monthly account of sales showing a total US $50000. 3.我们已空邮寄售商品的形式发票,注明你们推销商品应定的价格。 For the goods consigned to you we have airmailed a pro forma invoice showing prices at which the goods shall be offered for sale. 4.如你方能将投标期限延长两个月至 8 月 15 日止,我方将不胜感激。 We would be most grateful and feel it great honor if you would be good enough to entertain our wish for the extension of the deadline by two months up to August 15. 5.兹通知,ABC 贸易公司将于 8 月 15 日上午 9 点开标购买 5000 公吨 2006 年产一等小麦, 12 月份交货。情报大连离岸价和纽约成本加运费价。 We wish to inform you that the ABC Trading Co. Intends to purchase 5000 metric tons grade No.1 wheat, 2006 crop, for December shipment through open tender at 9.00 a.m. on August 15,2006. Please send us your firm bid on FOB Dalian and C&F New York as soon as possible. 6.据悉,贵公司准备就开发渤海石油进行投标。 We were told that your company is prepared to call for a bid for offshore oil exploration in the Bohai Sea. 7.投标前我们需要了解招标条件的细节。 Before submitting the bid,we need to know all the details about the conditions for the bid. 8.随函附上我公司同某美国公司所签补偿贸易协议副本一份,供参考。 For your information,we enclose a copy of our compensation trade agreement with an American firm. 9.你公司对 JB989 复印机的效率进行了示范,给了我们很深的印象,现提出租赁 5 台 JB989 型号的复印机。 We were very impressed with the performance of your copier at the demonstration and wish to lease 5 JB989 Copiers. 10.我方将另函寄送正式寄售合同一式两份,请签署后退回,以便会签。 Our formal consignment agreement in duplicate will be sent under separate cover. Please sign and return for counter signature. 二、英译汉 1.If you agree to our proposal of a barter trade,we will give you chemical fertilizer in exchange for your wheat. 如果你方同意易货贸易的建议,我方将用化肥与你方交换小麦。 2.The bid may be sent to:International Tendering Department,China National Technical Import Corporation, Erligou, Xijiao,Beijing, China 100044. 标书可以寄到北京西郊二里沟中国技术进口公司国际招标部。邮政编码:100044. 3.We have studied your proposal to receive a trial delivery of our silk garments on consignment 4.We have received your counter sample of the children’s coat but find the stitches are not so good as what we expected,which we feel can be easily solved if you use our machine Model BG-234. 我方已收到你方对应童上衣样品,发现缝制不理想。如果使用我们的 BG-234 型缝纫机,相 信此问题会很容易克服。 5.The cost of the 100 machines will be advanced by us and can be repaid by you by installments,plus freight and interest at xxx per annum.

100 机器的货款我方可事先垫付,你方可分期偿付货款和运费,我们每年收取 xxx 的利息。 6.The fees of assembly for each set are RMB 200,not including insurance premium. 装配费用为每台人民币 200 元,不包括保险费在内。 7.The arrangement will be for a trial period of twelve months and we shall pay you a commission of 5% on the next value of all sales against orders received through you. 本和约定为 12 个月试用期。你放佣金以你方公司所接订单净值的 5%计算。 8.Importation of advanced technology from aboard is a very effective way, a short cut, to boost our technological progress. This is also one of the aims of China’s open policy. 从国外引进先进技术是促进技术进步的有限方法, 是一条捷径。 这也是中国开放政策的目的 之一。 9.There are several ways of selling manufactured goods to foreign buyers. A manufacturer may sell direct to wholesalers. He may also set up his own offers or companies abroad. Alternatively he may sell to an export merchanting house. A third possibility is for the manufacturer to appoint foreign agents. 向外商出售制成品的方式有很多。制造商可以直接出售给批发商或在国外设办事处或公司。 他们也可以将或卖给出口商。第三种可能性是由制造商指定外商做代理。 10.Please be advised that we have established our L/C against the Contract No.67SD8356. We hope you can arrange the shipment by the first available steamer early next month. Should you fail to effect shipment in time according to the contract, our factory would run short of raw materials and production would come to a stop. We could not stand the loss. 兹告知我们已对 67SD8356 号合同刚刚开立了信用证。 我们希望你们用下月初第一艘可利用 的轮船安排发运。假如你们未按合同及时交货的话,我们工厂将会原料短缺,并造成停产。 我们不能承担这一损失。




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外贸英语函电课后答案_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区 暂无评价|0人阅读|0次下载|举报文档外贸英语函电课后答案_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。清华大学出版社 第二版 ...