石景山区 2012—2013 学年第一学期期末考试试卷 二、听对话和独白,选择正确答案。 (共 12 分,每小题 1 分) 请听一段对话,完成第 5 至第 6 小题。 5. How much does a T-shirt cost? 6. What does the boy buy? pencil-box. 请听一段对话,完成第 7 至第 8 小题。 7. What’s the

matter with the woman? A. She has a cold. B. She hurts her head. C. She worries too much. A. ?60. A. A pencil. B. ?40. C. ?30. C. A

B. A T-shirt.

8. What does the doctor advise her to do? A. Have a good rest. B. Eat some nice food. C. Take some medicine.

请听一段对话,完成第 9 至第 10 小题。 9. Which bus is right for Sue to take to the sports centre? A. No. 10. B. No. 18. C. No. 25.

10. When will the two speakers go there? A. On Wednesday. B. On Thursday. C. On Saturday.

请听一段对话,完成第 11 至第 13 小题。 11. What’s the possible relationship between the two speakers? A. Classmates. B. Sister and brother. C. Teacher and student.

12. What does the boy’s mother think of his hobby? A. She doesn’t care much about it. it. C. She thinks he spends too much time on it. 13. What do you know about the boy? B. She is proud that he does well in

A. He does very well in his maths. B. He will finish high school next year. C. He often does his homework on the bus. 请听一段独白,完成第 14 至第 16 小题。 14. What is Lucy doing? A. Introducing her art lessons. B. Advertising her painting works. her painting experience. 15. Why doesn’t she go to a full-time art college? A. She can’t afford it. B. She loves her job so much. for a car. 16. What can we learn from the talk? A. Painting is just a hobby for Lucy. B. Lucy painted pictures in 5 countries. C. Lucy paints 3 days a week as she works. 三、听独白,记录关键信息。 (共 10 分,每小题 2 分) About the Camping Trip When to meet: 17. at 7:30 next ______ morning Where to meet: 18. ______ the school What to bring: ? 19. one bag, a ______, warm clothes and swimming things; ? 20. pocket money for ?______ a day ? go swimming; ? 21. visit Southport and ______ there. C. She is saving money C. Sharing

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