1、 (非常有戴云范文模式) Nowadays, with a growing concern about education, there is a heated discussion on whether a serious and strict teacher is more effective than a humorous and easygoing one. Some people agree with the statement, arguing that a strict teacher has the power to regulate students. However, from my perspective, I believe that a humorous and easygoing teacher brings more efficiency on education because they are able to teach better and ignite the spark of learning in students. First of all, a teacher who is easygoing and full of humor is more likely to give a better lecture to the students. It is reasonable that a humorous teacher has the tendency to make use of more effective patterns, such as simile and analogy, in order to guarantee that the students grasp his or her ideas, unlike a serious and strict teacher who may only teach students according to the text book literally. What's more, with genes of humorous sense, these teachers probably are aware of when they need to attract the students' attention and how. For example, knowing when they ought to tell a joke to introduce the topic is among their abilities. I still remember my chemistry teacher in high school told us a short story in life to introduce the topic in almost every class, such a story about acid rain for the carbon dioxide. After the story, we were all attracted by the lesson and had a better understand. In sum, a humorous teacher possesses the ability to give better lectures than a serious and strict teacher. Furthermore, among the advantages brought by an easygoing instructor is the bridge constructed between students and teachers. It is universally acknowledged that an easygoing and humorous are more likely to be loved by his or her students. Between the teachers and students arises trust, which is hardly built up between teenagers and a serious teacher. According to a recent survey conducted by a institute on education, nearly 87% of high school students state that they tend to talk with their easygoing teachers, rather than their strict parents or other teachers, to seek relief on their personal issues. This survey demonstrates that between easygoing teachers and students, there is more possibility to build up a constructive rather than a destructive connection. In addition, with this trust, students are more willing to obey their easygoing instructors so that they could acquire helpful advice from them. Then without any doubt, all this trust and connection contributes to an effective education, which cannot be brought by a strict teacher. Admittedly, a serious and strict teacher may offer some minor benefits towards students. For example, with their strict instruction, students who are easy to obey them probably educate themselves with strict command. Meanwhile, they may have less possibility to be corrupted. While,

competing with the advantages provided by a humorous and easygoing teacher, as I demonstrate above, a serious and strict instructor may be lack of efficiency. To conclude, although a teacher with serious and strict instruction perhaps bring about some minor advantages, I still maintain that a teacher who is easygoing and humorous is more effective since they provide better lectures and constructive connection with students. 3、The best way to improve the quality of the education in a country is to increase teacher's salaries When talk about how to improve the quality of education, people find it hard to come to consensus due to diverse personal experience and conflicting values. Some people hold that increasing teacher’s salaries is an appropriate method. But I kind of disagree with this point of view. There are a couple of reasons to name. On one hand, the quality of the education can not be probably measured. (可插入教育的定义,小西的)Some might simply consider the paper marks as the final judgment while ignoring the overall development of the children. We send our children to school not only to exercise their brain but also their body and sense of beauty. As an old saying goes “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. I, myself, is an appropriate example. If I study all day without doing any physical exercise, my performance will drop and will catch a cold imminently. (引用例子的句子可以再优化) On the other hand, even if there is a scientific way to measure it, the critical thing, I think, matters most is the teacher’s responsibility. If a teacher has not intend to devote himself to this sacred occupation, no matter how much money you give him, there is never going to be a change. So what we have to concern about more is the attitude. Take my teacher Tony for example, he used to spend almost two hours explaining a complex math problem to us until we all full comprehend it. Due to his devotional effort, we all behaved very well in the last final exam. (口语什么的, 不用改,先背了用) Admittedly, increasing teacher’s payment will in some extent improve their working efficiency. But what we have to pay more attention to the children’s capability of comprehending. Because the lowest part of the bowl is the decisive one. To sum up, basing on the discussion and exportation I have given above,

it may be safe to draw the conclusion that quality of the education in a country has no direct relation to the increasing of teacher's salaries. 写的超好:

8、It is often not a good thing to move to a new city or a new country because of the lose of old Friends Nowadays, there are an increasing number of people who move to a new city or a new country instead of staying in the same place all the life. Some people claim that it is not good to do so because of the loss of old friends. However, it is not right to overstate the relationship between the place and friends. So I hardly agree with this statement. Admittedly, long physical distance would have an impact on our contacts with our old friends to some extent. After moving into another city or country, we have no access to meeting our old friend face to face, shaking hands and giving a hug to each other. However, this could not stop me from keeping in touch with our friends. With development of the advanced technology, mobile phone, MSN and G-talk makes it possible for one to make a contact with some friends instantly. Besides, intercity train and airplane, witnessing the great progress in transportation, could help people go from one country to another in few hours. In this case, without living in the same city or country, we also can communicate with each other and meet our old friends and we would not lose them.。 Meanwhile, moving into the new city or country brings us a majority of advantages. Firstly, this broadens our horizon by living in unfamiliar country so we are exposed to culture and custom which are totally different from ours. For instance, we could taste different kinds of traditional food in the new city or country, exchange information with native either in dialect or foreign languages. Secondly, by living in another place,

we would be given first-hand experience. No matter how many pictures you have seen and how exact TV program you watched about that city or country, they are less instructive than go to that in only one city or country by yourself. Lastly, we would meet new friends totally from different backgrounds. Sharing different experience with each other and learning strong points from each other would be of interest to and of valuable use to all. So we can properly come to the conclusion that it would be good to move into a new city or country. All in all, we find it hardly possible for us, after moving to a new city or country, to lose our old friends but get more than before.

2、 (整体不是很好,局部借鉴) I am optimistic that through my studies and continued hard work I will be able to find a job that will provide my future family and me with financial security. We should be able to afford the necessities of life, such as a modest home, enough food to nourish us and keep us in good health, as well as education for our children. Hopefully, I will find myself in the fortunate situation where I can decide between a high-paying job with long hours and a lower-paying job with shorter hours. I would choose the job with the lower salary and greater personal time without hesitation, because my family and friends are the most important things in my life. Time is the greatest investment I can make into the relationships with my wife and my children. A marriage is not just a decision one makes but a promise that one keeps. In order to do so one has to be there for the other person and share moments of joy as well as times of difficulty. Nowadays, too many relationships wither away as the partners are unable to work out their problems or bond through meaningful experiences. Personal careers become too important and family time becomes a rare occurrence. The absence of one parent, due to professional career or divorce, can have a very negative effect on a child's development. The child might question his value to father or mother (depending on which one is continually absent) and develop low self-esteem. Without the presence of either or, worse, both parents, the child will be more likely to make bad decisions as he is lacking proper guidance. And there is one point should also be mentioned, i.e. neither expensive toys nor fancy clothes can compensate for this. Lastly, I can derive more pleasure from spending time with my friends Lastly than I ever could from driving a sports car or taking luxury vacations.

The inner peace and balance that I enjoy from their company are invaluable to me. Also a million dollars in the bank would be worth nothing if I Also, didn't have the time to enjoy these riches with my friends. Every graduated students who have just leave from school must face a rough question: Finding jobs. Which job is the most suitable to you?Which career has a good future?Which place is the best choice to you?such those problems surounds young students,if a job that gives you a high-paying but you need work a long time,or a low-paying with much more spare time is in front of you,which will you choose?To me,i will be take the later as my option. Firstly,even if the wage is too low for me,i have enough time to enjoy my life.Life is short,not will all the people lived in the world surpass e100 years.If we are bounded by money,by every little thing,we have much time to obeserve the world and appreciate how beautiful it is,it is so pity!If only the low paying could help me deal with the common life,i think i would like accept it.In my spare time,i can watch my favorite movies,share everything,whatever it is sad or happy,with my friends,we can sit in a corner of the coffee house,ingnite a small candle and experience the peace atomsphere and delicious cookies.Or i can wake up naturely at weekend without considering how much work are waiting for me to fix,i will raise many beautiful plants on my window,every morning pushing it i will see the good scenary and take a breath with fresh air,look,life will be not restraind by the quick steps,though i can afford an expensive appartment or a luxury car,it is important for me to enjoy every valued moment in my life. Secondly,people need a good rest when they are working for a long time,after all people are not robots,who are needless of eating and resting.In order to earn money or high-paying,people will sarcrifice the mojority of time for the monotone jobs,it is not worthy to do.Long working hours is harmful for health.What is meaning for common person?Earning a lot of money or companying with family,i believe a great number of people definitely will mAke a right decision,with family.All people who love you and care about you hope you can be healthy all the time,so give yourself to have a good rest,don't calulate how much you will lose if you don't go to work. Finally,low-paying job exchange much more free,that means people can do many things that they like,even the thing is another job.In my friends circles,John is a good example,daytime he is an ordinary bookseller in a little bookstore,recommend various books is his duty,seemingly it is a little funny,but long time facing piles of books without a person talks with you,it will become a boring thing.However when the night coming,John will stay at home to creat his own books!He is good at

drawing,cartoon,comic and many interesting events that happend on himself,he expresses his thoughts and ideas by drawing,it is a real happy time for him.Lately,what will happen?Right,his own handing cartoon book apears in the bookstore and is so popular.That means much more spare time will inspire people to find some funny things and the potential. Lowing-paying is nothing,finding real you is the most important way to enjoy life.

Currently, watching movies become an integral part of the modern life. Some one argues that only worth watching movies teach us something about real life. However, we do not have a clear definition of the term worth watching movies. If we define that term as both movies which reflect human nature, history and make people thinking and entertainment movies which help people relax, I will argue that not all of the worth watching movies can teach us something about real life. First, it is inspiring to watch Forrest Gump in which describes the struggle of a man with an IQ of 75 and a pair of deformed legs when he was young. Although he suffered from these unfair destiny, he always stays optimistic and has a colorful life including being a member of a football team in his university, joining in the Vietnam War, representing the US to play ping-pong in China and so on. He has a catchphrase that life is like a box of chocolate, and you will never know what you are going to get. Second, some movies make people think a lot and bring some original ideas. For instance, The film, The Matrix, describes a future in which reality as perceived by humans is actually the Matrix: a simulated reality created by sentient machines to pacify and subdue the human population, while their bodies' heat and electrical activity are used as an energy source. After watching the Matrix, Some fans of the movie begin to try to collect evidences that we are in a simulated world as described in that movie. Fun, isn't it? However, there are also some worth watching movies that try to help people relieve stress rather than some educational purpose. For example, Kongfu Panda teaches us no more than that the good will always defeat the evil or you can success if you really try. But, it is fun to see a cute panda who always makes mistakes. These entertaining movies provide a temporary escape for viewers who may be tired because of either high-pace jobs or haveay study tasks. When it comes to relieving stress, nothing is better than big laughs. In conclusion, both entertaining movies which intend to bring merement to the viewers and some movies which contain serious discussions about

human nature or provide some creative ideas are worth watching movies. But, not all of them can teach us something about real life. 5、 With the economic developing, world becomes busy and crowded. Then everyone has a harder life than before. Nowadays, there is a heat debate that we should not expect people to be polite to others. General speaking, I disagree with this statement strongly. For students, it is very important to be polite to others. Students should learn the value and principle of our society, especially in the primary school, thus it can improve the ability to solve the problems in groups and obtain the interpersonal and communication skills, which are important for their future career. So I think it is urgent for teachers to teache the polite that talking to other frequently and helping others happily. * c b: k& _# t$ m8 I( b3 l For doctors, it is very important to be polite to others. Facing with patients doctors should be more polite than any other careers. Only by this way, can he know the diseases successfully. What's more, it can reduce the patients' pressure and keep them calming down. It is helpful for patients to recover from it. u5 }3 V. Q% [- L: d - a5 c- D3 i6 I For businessman, polite is a skill that may increase the selling and almost the most important of them. Bill Gates, the founder of the Microsoft, always keep a smile on his face, and make speech just like face to face, so he may do a great for the company. Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Co, is also very polite to others. When the Apple company pulish new product, he always stand on the stage with a jeans and a unforgerttable speech about the new of the product. So a great number of Apple's fans follow him, buy the new one as soon as it is being sold.- U! g! \5 W z. y" `0 ?! k For politicians, police is the basic requirment. when doing the vote campaign, they always huge people exaggeratedly. After being elected to be the president of the country, he must still keep smil and listen to people carefully, otherwise, he may fail in the next election. To some extent, politicians are the man that must be polite to others all the time. ( u0 q2 D5 A ^ Although the world becomes busy and crowd, there are still a lot of people are being expect to be polite to others and also a large number of people should be expect to be polite in the future, thus it can improve the health of our society and make everyone in the world owned a happy life. So I disagree with the statement that we should not expect to be polite to others.-

首先摆明观点,这篇来讲一般都是不同意,然后批判性的讲,但是要有倾向性。 不一定要三个观点,不是说所有的话题都要用三论点,你看 og 的作文标准就知 道,5 分和 4 分的作文基本上都不是 3 论点的,而是四分段,主体就两段,这样 更能阐述清楚你的观点,把观点深入彻底的说下来比你面面俱到而不全面好的 多。我刚考过,作文 29。 我觉得这篇文章用两个论点足以,重点是要用例子来佐证。例子简单就行,不求 深刻,但求易懂,生动。 frist and foremost,能给别人带来好的感受, 也能让自己有好的心情, 何乐而不为! 面对如今令人无法透吸的生活压力,大家虽然是陌路人,彼此不相识,有着不同 的目标。但是礼貌是素质的表现,特别是大学生要有素质,这不仅是你一个人的 事情,更是关系到你的学校。 中间加一个例子,如果想不出可以编,let's assume。老外来中国,能给老外带 来好的感觉,再加些细节。

furthermore.中国是文明古国,自古讲究礼仪文明。我们一代一代传承下来,不 能把老本丢掉了,虽然如今是 21 世纪,但是好的习惯和方法是古今都受用的。 举例子,古代现代都行。 进一步阐述 last but not least.这里可以说下最后总结 from all factors i delibrated above, it's not difficult to come into a conclusion that xXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 国内旅游还是国外旅游 It should be obvious that people tend to travel around when they are on vocations than before. Some people opt to travel in their own country. While, others like travelling abroad. When I face the option I will undoubtedly choose to have a trip at home. First of all, there may be language or culture barrier to communicate with foreigners when we travel abroad. Needless to say, if you want to travel abroad you had better know the language there. Of course you can take a translator with you. But it is indeed unconvinient if there is always a person following you wherever you go. In addition, you may have some culture conflicts with the native there since you are just a tourist. For example, if you are used to using folks to take dishes, you maybe uncomfortable to see Indian eating food by hands. And you probably have a bad appetite during the whole trip in India. Second, since you are a foreigner you can not fully understand what you have seen when you travel abroad. Take my friend Lily as an example. She travelled to England last month. Arriving London, she was tottally disappointed. What she had seen were the old theatres and museums and he did not like them at all because she had no idea about the history and culture there. What a pity! It is a waste of both time and money. But it would not happen when you travel in your own country.

Finally, travelling at home can make us have a strong sense of pride. When we travel in our own countey we may be addicted to the natural spectacle, surprised by the diverse customs and impressed by the history of our country.When we are back, we would be more willing to work hard to contribute to our country. In sum, we safely draw the conclusion that people benefit more from travelling in their own country than travellig in a foreign country. We all know that we can not deeply understand what we have seen in a foreign country as tourists, coupled with the language or culture barrier. So I will not hesitant to choose to travel at home.

when 写得不错,但不模式化 when it comes to the issue whether rewarding good people and punishing bad people through movies and TV shows , there is a lot of controversy. If I were asked this question ,I totally disagree with this statement and in the I following essay I will provide my evidence to support my opinion . First and foremost. The most vital work should both movies and televisions done is show all the audiences what is the reality of every story and new, then arouse people’s thoughts about this truth. On the one hand, the director should give sufficient evidences to describe the issue which wanted to discuss. On the other hand , for directors, they’d better take a objective attitude towards the films or news which they want to describe. In addition. Actually our society don’t have a real principle to judge a person who is good or bad. It means that it is hard to choose who can be punished or rewarded.Another issue is that if someone have done a good thing but not get many rewards. What will he do? After several times later, he may posit that it is useless to do good things. On the other side, a child had punished when he/she first time make this fault. How did he think? He may consider that it is unfair and even lose his confidence in the future. Last,but also important.some typical examples of good people have been rewarded and bad people have been punished also can show on the TV or cinema .It may warn some criminal that they should obey the law. To sum up, due to the analysis above, we can safely make the conclusion that movies and television should not always show us that the good people need to be rewarded and bad people should be punished. Even though we should report the positive side of one thing. Therefore, both movies and televisions should be respect the truth. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Movies and televisions should always show audience good people are being rewarded and bad people are being punished. Movies or television has undeniable influence to our daily life and the whole society. What kind of role will it play to society in general?

No doubt with the range expanding and the relevant technologies growing more and more sophisticated, movies and television will become even greater and so fascinating that virtually no one can be able to escape. The impact of movies and television is getting bigger. There are too many violent scenes which are gone for on movies. As a result, some people will do the similar activities imitated the movies. One piece of news published by the FBI says 3 robbers kidnapped a manager of a bank in Arizona, then robbed 400,000 dollars. The trick is exactly like the movie Bandits published in 2001. In a way , it is necessary for movies or television to show that crime is punished and virtue rewarded as a leading function. Apparently, it can be seen how movies and television are exercising influence on our young people: they dye colorful-hair regardless of their gender; they wear strange earring and other odd decorations; and they are keen on Marlboros and dirty words. These are the baneful influences brought by some movies and television for the young generation. Although there are critical thinking individuals, they are definitely in minority. Indeed the public in major is lack of skills of critical techniques; therefore they are often led by movies and television. As a result, movies and television can be considered as a tool of education. That the reason why good people should being rewarded and bad people being punished in them. In a nutshell, we have to admit movies or television has great influence on our society. And it should punish villain and reward good to lead a brighter future. It is often not a good thing to move to a new city or a new country because of the lose of old friends Friendship who commits it and who gets the true emotion. Although it becomes more flexible to see each other, true friendship will not change no matter how far the distance is between friends. So the opinion that it is often not a good thing to move to a new city or a new country because of the lose of old friends is not totally true. Purely speaking, moving to a new city or a new country is not a good thing comparatively. It means a new environment people have to adapt to, including a different life style, strange neighbors and even the transportation around your house. But the worst thing may be that people can't see their friends whenever they make a call. It is so convenient that if you forget your key in house, you can go to anyone's home of your friends' instead, where they will treat you as one of their family members if you don’t move. It's warm and touching. Or just like somebody else,

like to do homework with friends together because they live closely. They all become impossible when one day you move out where you stay before. Even though there may have better life, it need long time for people to adapt to and then accept. But, on the other hand, moving to a new city or a new country is just like finding a secret door. Once you step inside, you'll never know what you will find. Maybe different life makes you become more mature. Surprisingly you find yourself have grown up for instance, because you begin to regret quarrelling with your friends before. It is believed that you will talk to your friends with smile for the reason that you discover the importance of friendship when you see him or her next time. In addition, moving to a new place is not so bad as people think. Trying to communicate with unfamiliar people and make new friends is also a challenge for people themselves, especially the introverted ones. Also, having a friend far away from not means the lose of him or her. The other way around, it makes your friendship more valuable. Apparently, seeing friends cannot be as often as you want after moving to a new city or a new country and you have to go through a period lonely time. But it's good for expanding the scale you have seen before and we all believe that old friends will become forever friends. 孩子们是不是应该从事和父母的工作相似的工作。 Work banishes three great evils: vice, boredom and poverty. And as it plays such an essential role in people’s life that everyone should take a deep consideration of what job he/she should engage in. There is a wide-spread belief that children should choose a job similar to their parents’. There might be some justifications for this point of view. Yet generally speaking, one’s choice of career should follow his/her own interest and heart. People who hold that one should choose a job similar to his/her parents’ job believe that in this case parents could provide more experience and guide to their child. Parents, more often than not, possess twenty or even more years of experience in their professions. And because of this, they have grasped a in-depth understanding and appreciation of their careers. They know what to do in a specific career stage to obtain a promotion and increase self-value and the reason behind it. When their child encounters an obstacle during work, parents could draw up a virtually perfect solution for him/her. As a result, one would have no reason why he/she could not become successful in his/her work. Then, you may wonder, should one follow his/her parents’ career without any consideration of his/her own interest? Of course not. My friend Joe

is a case from which you can see that one/s interest is more important than the guidance from parents. Joe’s father is a doctor in a big hospital. Working in the hospital for nearly 30 years, his father enjoys a tremendous reputation for his skills and experience. Even since Joe was a child, his parents had decided Joe’s job when he grew up. So when Joe went to college, his parents chose Medical science for him, totally neglecting Joe’s own interest, music. Having graduated from college, Joe was arranged in the same hospital as his father’s. My friend was smart and quick to learn. And everyone in the hospital believed that Joe would grow to a doctor as famous as his father. However, when Joe was at his second year in the hospital, he could not bear any more. He quarreled with his parents and moved to another city. He applied a musical school and declared an end to his career of doctor. And later, he realized that even though he had wasted 4 years in college and another 2 in hospital, he is happy with his guitar and piano now. During one’s life, there are numerous choices we have to face. And some could be determined by others , while some should be decided by oneself. Work accompanies almost one’s whole life, thus it is better to be determined by oneself.

government Do you agree that the government should support the scientific research even there’s no practical 2011-06-09 19:19 There will often spring up a heated discussion as to whether or not the government should pour money on unpractical scientific research. Some people think it would be a waste of money. As far as I am concerned, however, the government should put money on the non-practical scientific. To begin with, doing research on science contributes to other fields though the research itself is unworthy. When combined with engineering, for example, the research will make sense. Doing research on the structure of the fish, scientists acquire the knowledge that the body of the fish is generally streamlined. As a result of the research, this discovery can apply to the production of the cars. Nowadays, many cars are streamlined just like the framework of the fish. In this way, the research on science does meaningful rather than unpractical.

Secondly, some scientific researches have little visible shocking gravity at first, but the merits will obvious in the future. Science is the subject that hard to predict and conjecture. For instance, Hawking, an inspiring figure, insists on researching the "black hole", which may does not make sense when it comes to our daily life. But a great many people still believe

that this theory will has a significant influence on people's life sooner or later. The non-practical research promotes a number of coworkers with Hawking to risk the unknown field.

Admittedly, researching on science has one or two disadvantages. It will cost lots of money and will not benefits people instantly, while the government can turn to those prominences for help. For example, the government can ask some distinguished capitalists for assistance. By supporting them with money, those advocates can establish an organization to help ambitious scientists. In this way, government can release its pressure and pour a relatively less amount of money on scientific research. To sum up, doing scientific research is necessary even though it may does not make sense now. However, in the long term, doing research on non-practical research allows the society to make more progresses. Should school child be limited on the hours of watching TV program and movie?

As the development of technology, there are more and more people who like to watch TV or movies, especially children in school. So it comes to a condition that some parents prefer to limit their children’s hours of watching TV. From personal perspective, it is really necessary for them to do it. No doubt that children are the most fascinated and fond of watching movies and television. After they finish the day’s homework, eat, talk to their friends, they need a little excitement in their lives and they find excitement at the movies. By going to movies, they can escape their own lives, share other people’s emotions, and imagine themselves as someone else. they like to live vicariously. However, I believe that the problems can outnumber the advantages that movies and TV take to children. Today’s movies are filled with violence, sex and other unhealthy factors. This easily influences children. They like it and they want to be the people of the movies in the real life. For instance, the fondness of children to watch fighting games on television bears testimony to it. They would like to be the fighter as well, this trend towards violence tends to show up at schools, where they start to take danger to their classmates. Moreover, children is in the important period of choosing their careers

and direction of life, and they are easily accept other ideas and opinions, so some media including violence and misleading words like the constantly running television advertisements, greatly influence the choice of their career in the future. For examples, many children have their model in the mind, such as movies stars, rock singers and basketball players. As the fans of these models, they will waste a lot of time on watching TV and movies for them, of course, there are pretty many children want to be the person like them. That situation will have a bad effect on the decision of children. Taking into account of all the factors I give above, we may safely draw the conclusion the it is fair to limit on children hours of watching TV and movies. Independent : Should all school teachers be required to attend courses every 5 years to update their knowledge? Nowadays, at the information era, the updating rate of knowledge is becoming so fast that even every day there are new theories discovered. People intend to study continuously, in order to follow the new discoveries and inventions. Therefore, some people strongly recommend that teachers should take courses every five years to update their knowledge. In my view, it is quite necessary for teachers to do so, because it could help them to improve themselves and be more qualified to teach students. Taking courses regularly helps teachers to improve themselves. As the old saying goes that, "It is never too late to learn". Each person should make lifetime-learning as his or her long-term plan regardless of his or her occupation. So the teachers should take courses purposely to improve their teaching methods, and to learn from other excellent teachers. It is necessary requirement for a responsible teacher to update his knowledge for the sake of students. Teacher is a very special occupation. Its mission is to transfer knowledge to the next generation. If the knowledge the teachers acquire are out of use, how can the students be thought well. Moreover, a wide range of knowledge is the symbol of a good teacher, so he can rise the students' interests to some fields of science. The responsibility a teacher burdens demand the endless learning. Last but not the least, updating knowledge is necessary for some kind of teachers, such as teachers in the university. Teachers in the university not only teach students professional knowledge, but also do some researches. Researchers must follow the newest discoveries in the academic field. Updating knowledge helps them keep competitive, it is more than requirement and responsibility.

As is known to us, teachers stand right in the forefront of acquirement of the ever-updating knowledge. In order to improve themselves, teach students better and even do their researches better, teachers should take courses every five years to update their knowledge. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Children should play sports only for fun, children should not attend competitions. Playing sports is a common activity not only in china, but also spread everywhere of the world, for children to spend copious amounts of time playing and practicing. There is much discussion as to whether sports is a sort of thing only need to receive fun. The exports want to figure out what is the concern of sports; what’s the precious sprite of it? I think playing sports with others exactly as a war, winning a game just like smash your enemies. So to win the sports is the key to true joy. First and foremost, competition is one chief lesson for today’s generation. Therefore, sports could become the vehicle for children suit future’s competitive society. It would be impossible to think that one would win a game all the time when they first start playing it. This is especially true for sports which need proficient skills, tactics experiences and cooperation. During the match, undergo the feeling of winning or failure. It improves the joy and proud mood when one side wins the game difficultly. Losers never feel good after sports, no matter any kind of way to lose. Children do not acquire happy since the result of a match appeared. However, playing against the top players of a game and losing is an honor, not a disappointment. The competition inspired them practice harder, play smarter and cooperate even closer. Secondly, competition doesn’t equal to sadness. Contrary, it’s a road lead to fun. The entire individuals in one group fight for a goal, this process would become the most enjoyable part. We had seen many case that failure evoke improve, victory boost further strive. For instance, people enjoy the process of playing a game because of the social aspects. Playing a game, especially a long, enduring game like chess is a bonding experience. Competitive games are great for bonding with other people, which make them improving the social experience, in addition to having fun. Last reason, I certainly believe sports’ essence is competition. Lots of animals learn from their more experienced peers to gain skills such as hunting, foraging or evading predators. They seem other peers as prey

and fight to each other for fun. The sports can be regard as the training ground for our generation. In, conclusion, I strongly believe that games are fun because of the competition element. I can be fun even if I am not the winner. But the important is sports need a goal that impels every hope to catch it. Sports is very popular among children. At weekend, it is quite usual to see many children playing football, basketball, tennis etc. on the ground. They play it for fun, exercise, and to keep healthy and relax themselves. But some parents worry their kids would get hurts in the fierce movement, and forbid children to attend competitions and contests. In my opinion, children should not play sports only for fun, but should also attend competitions and contests. Sports in competitions and contests bring children more fun. There are big differences between fun sports and contest sports. When children are playing contests, they concentrate more and try their best to play the game well. This will return gives the players more pleasure, whether they win or not. Just be careful enough, they can avoid injury. Sports in contest require awareness of rules and spirit of teamwork, which will help children to grow better both physically and mentally. If children want to win the game, they have to know the rules better, and cooperate with their partners better. Only by this way can they achieve success. The situation in contest sports is more like the real situation in society. The job market is very competitive, and in every field there will be the professional rules. The children playing more in contest sports will adapt the future earlier and better than those who do not. More over, sports contest among children is contributive to the nation's sports development. Many talented children were chosen through the contest, and they may become the future sports star. Taking ping pong as an incident, there are countless children in China trained to play ping pong. That might be the reason why the level of ping pong in China is better than any other country in the world. And also that is why some nations approve to promote children's or teenagers' sports league. Truly, children may get hurts through fierce sports contest. But if they are careful enough, it will rarely happen. And sports in contest bring them more fun, and even help them to grow better both physically and mentally. It improves the sports development as well. That is the reason why I recommend children should also attend competitions.



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